Blonde milf flashes big tits to stud before tit fucking him

Blonde milf flashes big tits to stud before tit fucking him
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I had just dropped my sister at school and was on my way home. She got up late so I was still in my night clothes which consisted of a pair of light hip hugger underpants that came up over my bottom just a little.

I had on a spaghetti string belly shirt, and since I wasn't going to be getting out of the car anyway, I saw no reason to get dressed. I had about 10 miles to go to reach my apartment, when my car started making a strange noise and I noticed smoke or something coming from under the hood. I was startled and was on the verge of panicking, wondering what I was going to do. Well, I knew I had to stop the car before it broke down completely.

I pulled off the road onto the shoulder as far away from the other traffic as I could get. I didn't really want to get out of the car because of what I was wearing, but knew I had to. I looked around the car for something I could cover myself with, but found nothing.

Not even a blanket. I slowly got out of the car watching for other traffic. As soon as I thought it was safe, I jumped out ran around to the front and popped the hood. Billows of smoke or steam escaped from under the hood. I could feel the heat from the engine and had to take a few steps back. I had no idea what had happened.

I don't know too much about cars, but I knew this wasn't good. I found a piece of cloth in the trunk to hang on my antenna hoping a highway patrolman would see it and stop to assist me.

I thought I should be safe enough with a patrolman and he may even have a jacket or something I could put on. I waited for what seemed like hours, but was only about 15 or 20 minutes.

A truck drove past and was going so fast, I didn't think the driver saw my flag so I just sat there waiting. A few minutes later, I heard a car pulling up behind me and I looked in my rear view mirror and it was the truck that had just driven past me a few minutes ago.

I didn't want to get out of the car, so I sat there and waited for the driver to walk up to the front of the car. I covered the bottom half of eurobabe in lace stockings gets pounded for some cash body as much as I could with my purse, but it was pretty small so it didn't hide much.

The driver walked up to my door and asked me if I needed help. I couldn't answer him for a minute, because he was absolutely gorgeous!!! Finally, I found my voice and I told him, I didn't know what happened, and I described to him what it did. He went around to the front of my horny girls have fun with a friend and looked under the hood for a few minutes, then came back to my door and asked me to get out so he could show me what was wrong.

He said he might be able to fix it right there, but he wanted me to see before he started doing anything. I told him, I wasn't exactly dressed to be out like that and asked him if he had a shirt or something I could put on. He said he did and went back to his truck and brought me a long sleeve tailed shirt to put on. It smelled like his cologne and was very sexy. I put the shirt on taking in the smell of his cologne which started making me a little aroused then got out of the car and went around to the front so he could show me what the problem was.

I thought I was covered up enough, but the shirt was not quite long enough and the bottom part of my rear end showed and if I bent over, I may as well not have the shirt on at all. But, I didn't know that.

He went to show me what the problem was and I had to stretch over the front end towards the zoe clark do you want to be a voyeur of the engine so I could see. He described to me what he would have to do to try to get my car going and then walked back to his truck to get something to wipe his hands with.

A few minutes later, because I was looking at the area of the engine that he was talking about, I didn't realize he was standing behind me getting a good look at my ass and what little my cunt was showing, stroking his cock through his pants. Next thing I know, he walked up to me and started pressing his monster cock against my ass and moved up and down rubbing his hard cock the entire area of my exposed ass and cunt.

All the while, his cock getting harder and harder until it was rock hard. The shirt I was wearing was showing just a hint of the bottom of my tits and he had noticed that a little earlier, I have fairly large perky tits and my nipples were poking out from the slight chill in the air. When my nipples get hard like that I get a tingling sensation that went all the way to my cunt.

I didn't realize he had seen it all. While he was rubbing his cock against me, he reached his hands up and grasped my tits, caressing and squeezing them and pulling on my nipples making them harder and stick out more.

The hardness of his cock against my ass, made my cunt start throbbing and my clit hard and swollen. He was moaning and his cock was now rock hard and was throbbing as he came closer to his first orgasm.

He was squeezing my tits harder and pulling harder at my nipples as his rubbing got harder and faster. My cunt was aching for his cock. I was wetter and my cunt was throbbing taking me close to my own first orgasm.

He was squeezing my tits so hard now, that it hurt and felt good at the same time. He started moaning louder as he shouted, "Oh Baby, I'm going to cum right now!". I felt his cock pulsating and the wetness of his hot thick cum as he had his orgasm against my ass. When I felt his hot sticky cum, I started having multiple orgasms and they didn't subside until his orgasm had subsided leaving my pants soaking wet with his hot cum.

He moved one hand from my tits and starting rubbing my clit hard red wap com xxx pani nikalna fast making me cum again. After a few minutes, my orgasms subsided and he slowly moved back away, helping me stand up straight. He whispered in my ear, "Next time I'm going to fuck and eat your wet cunt and fuck your ass, if you let me". I told him, "oh yes, I want your cock so bad!" He turned me around and lifted my shirt and slowly sucked on my tits and nipples at the same time watching my muslim spanking first time mia khalifa learn some tips for the next time he encounters a. I through my head back and moaned and hissed in ecstasy.

He stopped after a few minutes and left me hot and wet and breathless. He said, "I'm going to fuck your tits, then I want you good and hot when I take you, so keep playing with that sweet and tits until I finish working on your car." He went to work on my car while I sat in the front seat, playing with my cunt, finger fucking myself and fondling my tits.

I kept pulling at my nipples and my tits. My tits were large enough for me to pull them to my mouth so I could suck and nip at my own nipples. This certainly kept my cunt hot and wet.

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It had gotten pretty warm by that time and he had taken his t-shirt off. I couldn't help noticing his chest and arms. He was muscular, but not too muscular. He had a pretty good tan going on and it appeared that he must work out a few times a week. The jeans he was wearing fit him pretty snug showing his nice ass and outline of his large cock.

He was hot!!! I started rubbing my cunt harder and could hardly wait until he finished my car so we could get started. After what seemed like hours, he came around to my door and asked me to try starting the car. After a few tries, it finally started and he went back to the front to check and orissa indian girlfriend fucked by boyfriend in forest with audio sure it wasn't going to start smoking again.

I was so relieved, I jumped out of my car to the front where he was and through my arms around his neck giving him a big hug and wrapped my legs tightly around his waste. I didn't even realize I had done it. He put his arms around my waste and pushed his cock against my cunt. I pushed back and he became rock hard again. This time he was going to eat me and lick me amazing chicks play with cunts indoors hardcore blowjob fuck me!!!!!

We started looking at each other intently, and he slowly lowered his face to kiss me while we were pushing against each other's groin. It was such a light kiss, I almost didn't feel it.

He kept his lips on mine and kissed me harder. Then he parted my lips with his tongue and started French kissing me.I slipped my tongue in his mouth and found his and started rubbing it feverishly. We were kissing fervently. He was still holding me up in the air and tight against him. He slowly lowered me down to the ground, holding me tight to him so I could feel his hard cock all the way up to my tits.

He was squeezing my ass the whole time, rubbing his fingers in the crack of my ass all the way down to the back of my cunt. Then he picked me up and walked back to his truck. He took me to the back and helped me in onto a sleeping back he had laid out for us. He had already planned on having a fuck session with me! He climbed up into the truck and straddled my chest and grabbed my tits squeezing them together as he slipped his cock between them.

He had precum seeping from his cock and moistened my tits up. Then he fucked my tits fervently, his cock getting harder and hotter and started pulsating. When he came, I felt the hot thick cum as he squirted all over my neck. He told me to open my mouth and he stroked his cock hard and fast squirting that hot delicious cum in my mouth.

He was cumming so hard I barely had time to drink it all in and it flowed out of my mouth down the side of my face and chin slowly traveling around my neck. When he saw his cum seeping out of my mouth, he stuck his cock between my tits and fucked them hard until his orgasm subsided and he finished cumming. Then he sat me up spreading my legs apart and situated himself between them, his groin rubbing against my hot cunt again.

He was so hot and his cock was throbbing. I wanted him to fuck me right there.

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He shook his head no and said, "not yet. I want to eat your wet, hot cunt first, " I said okay in a very shaky voice. He slowly laid me back rubbing his hands down the front of me stopping at my tits and squeezed them hard and pulled my nipples so hard it hurt and felt good. I through my head back and began to moan again, it felt so good!

When he reached my pubic area, he slowly slipped my pants off and spread my legs wide open kissing the bottom of my feet and lifted my legs up and over his shoulder. He started kissing and nibbling at the back of my knees up to the inside of my thighs until he reached my pubic area.

He hesitated asian emo teen babe dp and cum on ass then slowly and lightly started touching my throbbing cunt lips with his tongue. He continued to lick my cunt lips traveling up to my clit which was hard and swollen. He didn't touch my clit but went back to my cunt lips and started licking the other side. He licked slowly and softly. He was driving me wild. I wanted him to lick my clit.

My cunt so wet and throbbing and I wanted him to eat me out and suck and lick my clit. He just kept teasing me with his tongue. Then he took one of his hands and slipped a finger deep in my cunt. I gasped because it felt so good. Pretty soon he had two fingers in deep inside me and then three and he was finger banging my cunt deep and hard, I could hear the sound of my juices, as my cunt became wetter and wetter.

He kept it up until I had a good hard orgasm, then he shoved his warm wet tongue deep into my cunt and licked up all my juices, making me cum more.

I had never experienced multiple orgasms before and this was wonderful. He hadn't touched my clit yet and I wanted him to so bad. He started licking and kissing my cunt lips again and would get close to my clit but would not touch it, and then he started blowing on it.

God I was on fire for him! My body was shaking and my cunt pulsating with multiple orgasms. Then he touched my clit with his warm wet tongue and my body went wild. My orgasms became more intense with each swipe of his tongue against my clit.

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My clit was so hard and swollen and every touch made me hotter. I couldn't control my shaking body. I started lifting my clit up towards his mouth with every touch of his tongue, then he thrust his mouth on my clit and started licking and sucking on it. I was on fire, but in heaven with so hot sex on a beautiful day facial cumshot natural tits pleasure.

He made me have the longest most pleasurable orgasm ever. I was moaning and screaming and hissing as my cunt pulsated. He licked and sucked my clit and brought me to heights I had never known. This was the longest orgasm I had ever experienced. It went on for what seemed like hours, but was only minutes. My orgasm was subsiding little by little but he kept licking my cunt and clit and drank in all my cum.

He stopped licking my cunt and got up on his knees pulling me with him into a sitting position. He pulled me forward and spread my legs further apart, I didn't know my legs could spread that far. He pulled me close enough for him to stick his cock deep inside me and started fucking me, slowly at first, then harder.

He was rock hard and pulsating holding back his own orgasm, that after only a few seconds of being inside my hot, wet cunt, he moaned and hissed with pleasure as his pulsating cock exploded and he squirted his hot load of cum deep inside my aching cunt. It slowly oozed out, making its way to the crack of my ass. He kept pounding me over and over with that monster cock. When his orgasm subsided a little.

He laid me back on the bed of the truck, keeping his cock inside me and grabbed my tits, squeezing and sucking and nibbling my nipples.

He squeezed my tits harder and pulled at my already hard nipples with his lips and teeth. My cunt started getting hot and wet agian and I felt the tingling sensation from my nipples all the way to my cunt.

He started pumping me some more as he was busy with my tits and I had another orgasm. His cock was getting hard again and started pulsating. Then he stopped and pulled his cock out and turned me over on my belly and shoved his cock back in my hot cunt from behind, this time ramming it hard and deep while still squeezing my tits and nipples. I screamed at him to fuck me harder and deeper. He fucked me hard and deep and we both came at the same time, both of us moaning and hissing in pleasure.

I wanted him in my ass, so he started fingering my tight ass to accommodate his large hard cock. When he stuck his cock inside my ass, I gasped at the pleasure and pain I felt. He fucked me slowly until my ass was stretched enough and then he fucked my ass just as hard and deep as he had my cunt.

He enjoyed fucking my ass so much, he started having a long orgasm and squirted what seemed like gallons of his hot sticky cum into my ass. He kept ramming me harder and harder as he was cumming.

Then he took his cock out of my ass and started fucking my cunt again and went back and forth between them both. He kept this up until both our bodies starting spasming with long hot orgasms that lasted for several minutes and we both came. He kept fucking me until our orgasms had subsided then he pulled himself out letting his juices run down my legs and inside my thighs.

He licked my legs and thighs and pussy clean. I did the same with his cock. When we were finished we lesbian babes decided to get completely wet together on the bed of his truck wrapped in each other's arms. We fell asleep for a short time and when we woke up. He looked at me and said he wanted to do that again.

He followed me home and we did it again, this time in my bed. My car never breaks down anymore and we never stop fucking. I was his fuck slut from now on.