Toying my sodden pussy and my ass

Toying my sodden pussy and my ass
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Lesbian Story It was Shannon's first day of senior year at school. She was excited to be back at school and see all her friends again. She woke up and went straight into the shower making sure to smell good for her first day back she made sure to soap up her whole body especially her 32D cups. And she made sure to shave her pussy hair because she felt uncomfortable with longer hair.

She had a slim and slightly tanned 5'6 body sunny leone xxx story sex stories 2019 jabardasth black hair down past her shoulders. Her curly hair dripped onto her body as she stepped out of the shower looking around for a towel. She dried off and curled her hair as she always did and found a nice pink thong with a butterfly over her 17 year old pussy. She found a nice flowery skirt and a sexy tank top that showed part of her belly button.

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She put on some deodorant and went on her way to school in her custom pearl painted Chevy Cobalt. She got to school and found her counselor to get her schedule. She found her friend Alice. Alice was a cute blonde with smaller b cups boobs and straight shoulder length hair. She was wearing a white t-shirt and blue bell bottom jeans. The two girls compared schedules and found that they had 2 classes together.

They had chemistry and gym together. They went to their classes and talked to the people they knew. When they got to the gym class they met up and talked until their teacher Mrs. Sullivan came out. The teacher welcomed the all girl gym class back from their summer vacation. She had a school t-shit on with Capri's on. Her short brown hair was pulled back in a bun.

She started telling the class about herself and asked the girls their names and a little about themselves. Before the class ended she told all the girls to bring their bathing suits the next day so they could start their swimming section. Mrs. Sullivan said anyone interested in trying out for swimming could sign up after class. Shannon was always a good swimmer and decided to try out. She also begged Alice to sign up with her even though Alice wasn't much of a swimmer but still good. They both sign up and were told try-outs would be held after school the next day.

Lucky for them gym was their last class of the day. The girls went out to lunch and then to the store to pick out some new bathing suits. Shannon found a nice light blue two piece while Alice couldn't find one she liked. After a while Alice picked out a two piece that she thought was ok. She didn't care much what it looked like since she only planned on wearing it for swimming. After cute babe shows off ass and gets fucked at the pawnshop hardcore big dick they changed into their suits for swim practice.

Alice and Shannon were the only two in the locker room so neither of them worried too much about what they looked like. Shannon noticed when Alice's pulled down her underwear and starred for a second.

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Shannon knew that she was a lesbian for a while after she saw a porn magazine lying around. Her pussy got wet as she thought about touching her friend's ass. Alice turned around and Shannon acted as if nothing happened. She asked Shannon if she thought she was a good swimmer. Shannon Smiled and said "I know you will make the swim team". Alice noticed Shannon's boobs were really big and her nipples stuck out. Shannon blushed and asked what she was looking at.

Alice said "I never notice how big you were" and Shannon said she never really cared how developed she got. The girls finished getting ready and went out to the pool. They touched their toes in and the water felt fairly warm.

While they waited they swam around in the pool with permission of Mrs. Sullivan. They were able to swim around for about 10 minutes. Shannon saw that Alice's nipples were hard and started to stick out through her suit. She knew that her pussy was starting to get wet too. The girls swam laps as auditions for the swim team. Shannon was the fastest swimmer there. Next it was Alice's turn, she swam fairly fast but barely made it onto the team.

When bigtitted babe pov screwed in closeup action big tits and amateur session was over Mrs. Sullivan posted the top 10 swimmers that made it onto the team. Both the girls were ecstatic to see that they made it onto the team.

The two girls headed into the shower and saw that they were the only two in there. They showered next to each other and both girls nipples were big and sticking out. Alice saw Shannon starring at her and wondered what she was thinking. The incident was on both of their minds. They started to talk about it and asked what each of them thought about what had happened. Both of them were shy to tell what they thought. Shannon still wanted to touch her wet friend but did say anything.

Unfortunately for Shannon Alice could tell that Shannon had something on her mind. She kept asking until Shannon told her what was on her mind. Alice was stunned to find out that her friend had thoughts like that about her.

Shannon apologized for thinking that but wanted to try it with her. She asked if they could try touching each other since they were alone.

Alice said yes under the circumstances. Shannon slowly reached out towards her friends perky boobs. She lightly rubbed them in small circles and eventually started playing with her nipples through the suit.

The girls came closer to each other as Alice reached out to her friend's bigger boobs. Shannon liked how Alice squeezed her much bigger boobs. Then, Shannon reached out behind her friends back and undid her top and looked down as it fell to the floor. Both girls starred at the exposed breasts. Alice slowly moved her hands up and down Shannon's back and eventually went into her pants over her ass.

She squeezed her butt cheeks and then Shannon moved her hands into Alice's pants and started squeezing her ass too.

After a few min she pulled the bathing suit bottom down so her friend's ass was exposed. She squeezed a few times then gave her a friendly spanking. Alice was embarrassed to tell that she liked it but whispered it into Shannon's ear.

She then pulled down her pants the rest of the way down and Alice did the same. While Alice took her pants off, swety female tennis player gets pussy sucked took her bra off so both girls were completely naked. Shannon was shocked to realize what had just happened. Shannon kissed Alice's boobs and slowly kissed down her belly to her pussy. When she got down there she gave the pussy a nice licking and licked all over while she rubbed the clit with her fingers.

Alice stroked the top of her friends head as she was being pleasured and moaning. Shannon came back up and told Alice it was her turn. Nervously she went down and started touching the pussy as her friend did to hers. As her friend was licking away at her pussy Shannon reached down and started playing with Alice's hard nipples.

She pulled Alice back up and kissed her passionately and surprisingly Alice didn't pull away, instead she spanked Shannon back. Shannon liked this side of her friend. She asked if Alice wanted to know a secret. Alice said yes. She told her that she had dildos and vibrators hidden away in her room and asked if they could use them. Alice agreed and turned off the water, dried each other off and went to Shannon's house.

On the way hope Alice, still thinking about what had just happened decided to put her hand on Shannon's pants while she was driving home. Shannon smiled and let her do it. When they arrived they noticed that they would be alone. Shannon loved the thought of being completely alone with her friend. They went up to Shannon's room and found the vibrator and gave it to Alice. She studied it over and turned it on.

Shannon took it and started rubbing it against Alice's pants. She jumped at first but liked it. The girls got naked again and started hugging and kissing while their hands explored each others bodies. They lay down on the bed next to each other and Shannon got on top of Alice. She didn't mind since they were having fun. The girls were having a lot of fun playing with each other.

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Shannon looked under her bed and found a strap on and put t on. She took Alice and laid her down on her front w/ her ass in the air. She licked and finger the pussy in front eveline neill wet pussy wet fingers pussy pump her then slowly put the end of the toy inside her friend. Alice liked it and asked her to go faster and faster. Soon, she let out a loud scream since she was being fucked so hard by the toy and then her body started to shake and she came having her first orgasm.

Both of the girls lie down and fell asleep together. They were really comfortable in the bed together and when they woke up they felt hungry and found some food to eat. While in the kitchen the girls were still naked and they found things to put in each others holes. They found a carrot and started to play with it. Shannon bent Alice over the counter and shoved it in her ass and then moved the other end into her own pussy.

The girls moved back and forth into each other. The girls ate the carrot and agreed it was the best tasting one ever. Alice found chocolate sauce and poured it on herself and then some on Shannon. The girls had fun licking all the chocolate off and smeared it all over their bodies.

The girls licked a lot of chocolate off each other and went off to take a shower. They were back to where it all started and had even more fun. They scrubbed every inch of each others bodies and washed off and Shannon took the shampoo bottle and put it inside her pussy she liked the feeling of it. Alice squeezed on the bottle and the shampoo came out inside Shannon's pussy.

Shannon wondered if it felt the same way when a guy dose it. She hoped it did because it felt nice.