Gorgeous coed sluts team up on petes rod

Gorgeous coed sluts team up on petes rod
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CHAPTER THIRTEEN "Jennifer" Thursday, December 21st. Early afternoon A few minutes later, they pulled into the long driveway that led to Jennifer's house. The house was a large white home with two levels above ground and two more hidden underneath. Dave had once asked how many rooms the large Italian villa style home had. Jennifer's only answer was "Too many.

I never counted." Dave stopped the car in front of the front door. The doors opened and his two nieces came running out, followed closely by their mother. Em and Hayley jumped out of the backseat and the four teenagers were soon chattering together, mostly at the same time. Dave circled around the car and stood beside Olivia as they waited for Jennifer to come to them. Dave couldn't help but size up his sister, something he found himself doing to all women since coming into possession of the SLuT formula.

She was tall, standing nearly six feet tall, with long brown hair, the exact same shade as his which was the same as their mother's, and a lean, mean runners body with narrow shoulders and long legs. Even at forty years old, she was still hot. As Jenn got closer, Dave took hold of Olivia's hand and gave it a squeeze, reassuring her. She gave him a quick smile.

Then Jenn was there and throwing her arms around David's neck. "How are you, little brother?" she asked as she squeezed him tightly and then gave him a sloppy wet kiss on the cheek, just stud is fingering vagina hardcore and massage she had been doing for as long as Dave could remember.

Dave returned the hug and then pushed her away. "Olivia, I'd like you to meet my sister, Jennifer Santiago. Jenn, this is Dr. Olivia Barrett." "Doctor?" Jenn said as the two women shook hands.

"Are you by chance a medical doctor?" "No, I'm not," Olivia said, obviously having been asked the question many times before.

"I'm a bio-chemist in the pharmaceutical industry." "Oh, too bad. We could have used a doctor in the family. Megan, Molly, come over here," Jennifer shouted, pulling her twin sixteen year-old daughters away from their conversation with Em and Hayley.

There was a moment's hesitation as the conversations ended and the two girls came over a beautiful woman in webcam shows how she gives pleasure stand beside their mother, one on each side.

Emily and Hayley also came over and took up spots, Emily beside her father and Hayley beside Olivia. The girls, Molly and Megan, looked nothing liked Jennifer. They had taken way too much of their father's ethnic DNA to look like their mother but they were both a couple of lookers. They both had the dark, nearly black hair, common to the people of South America. With the mixture of white and Hispanic, they had what appeared to be naturally tan skin which showed off their flashing green eyes, the only trait they did get from their mother.

Molly and Megan also got their build from Dimitri's side of the family. They were both shorter than Jenn at the same age, neither of them standing more than five foot five. Having seen both girls in bikini's during the summer months when he had brought Em and Hayley over to swim, Dave was very much aware that both Molly and Megan had what he thought of as fat little titties, flat bellies, cute little bubble butts and shapely legs that had given Dave some not-so-virtuous thoughts over the last few years.

"Girls, I want you to meet your uncle Dave's. amateur mom drahuse solo with a dildo Jenn said, looking from Dave to Olivia and back again for confirmation of her chosen word. "Dr. Olivia Barrett. And before you ask, she's not a medical doctor. Dr. Barrett." "Olivia is fine." Jenn smiled and nodded. "Olivia, these are my two daughters, Molly and Megan." Olivia put out her hand and shook the hand of the closest twin, Molly.

Then she shook Megan's hand. "The easiest way to tell them apart is to wait until they take off their shoes," Dave told her, smiling at the two girls. "Molly has a deformed toe nail on both of her little toes." Molly's mouth fell open that her uncle would betray her darkest secret and biggest embarrassment so openly. Dave just smiled and winked at the girl. Olivia, seeing Molly's reaction, laughed.

"Don't worry about it, Molly. My mother had the same problem. It's a pretty common birth defect." "It is?" Molly asked, hopefully. Olivia nodded. This seemed to cheer Molly up. "Okay, let's all help with the bags and we shouldn't need to make more than one trip," Jennifer said and Dave led the group to the trunk of the car and began handing out bags and wrapped birthday presents.

"Who's car is this anyway?" Jennifer asked. "It's Olivia's," Dave explained. "Em's car was too small for all of us, and they all said they'd be horribly embarrassed to be seen in my clunker." "Why are you still driving that piece of junk?

You know, your Lexus is still in my garage." "What Lexus?" Emily lingerie teen garter and panties petite xxx my dad always says that once you open the, looking from her father to her aunt. Jenn laughed. "Your father's Lexus. The one he drove before your parents divorced." "You told me you sold it." "He did," Jenn stated.

"To me. You know I always loved that car. I told him anytime he wants it back, I'll sign it back over to him." Now it was Emily's jaw that was on the ground. "All this time, you could have had your Lexus and you've been driving that garbage can on wheels." "Your mother loves that car almost as much as your aunt does.

If she had known that I had it during the divorce, she would have taken it from me or forced me to sell it. I wasn't going to do either," Dave explained as he loaded Emily's arms up with bags and birthday presents. "Your divorce was finalized the beginning of the year, Daddy," Hayley stated. "I know. I just kept forgetting. The other car works." "It's an embarrassment, Daddy!" Emily shouted over her shoulder as she followed Molly and Olivia, already loaded down with bags, up the sidewalk towards the house.

"Presents go down to the family room," Jennifer yelled after them. Dave and Jennifer, with the last of the bags, were the last two into the house. Dave seeing that the others had just carried the bags right up the stairs, didn't bother to even set the bags down, he and Jenn just kept hold of them and carried their bags right up the stairs also. "I hope it's okay. I put you and Olivia in the same room. If that's a problem." "No," Dave said as they reached the top of the steps.

"I'm sure it'll be fine." Jenn gave David a grin. "So, you are, ummm?" "Yes. Olivia and I are having sex," Dave confessed quietly so the others wouldn't hear. "Good. You needed it. Old man virgin and daddy caught would you poledance on my dick long had it been?" "I'm not going to have this discussion again," Dave told her and passed her in the hallway.

"Do I get my normal room?" "Yes." Dave nodded and turned into the room he always used at Jennifer's house. Olivia and Hayley were already there, gathered around the bed. Hayley turned to Dave as he entered the room. "I can't find my second bag. Never mind," she said with a smile and came over and took the bag Dave had carried up the stairs right out of his hands.

She gave him a thank you smile and left the room with her bag. "I take it this is yours then?" Jennifer said to Olivia. "It's mine," she said and took the bag from Jennifer. "I'll unpack. Why don't you two go catch up or whatever." "We'll be in the kitchen.

If you can't find it, just grab one of the girls or holler real loud," Jenn told Olivia as she and Dave turned and left the bedroom. "She seems nice enough." "She is," Dave told her. "So, how did this all develop? You told me she left her job. Where was she working?" "She worked at a pharmaceutical company up in Boston." "If she had a job, why is she moving down here?

She get fired or something?" "She hasn't left the job. Right now, she's on a leave of absence. She's looking for a better job around here." "Why here? To be with you?" "No! We're not a couple of kids, Jenn.

We both have responsibilities. She knows she can't just pack up and leave. We barely know each other yet. She's just staying with me while she looks for a job. If things work out, if she finds a job and we hit it off, it might become something more permanent. But right now, she's just a friend who's staying with me." "A friend you're sleeping with," Jenn said as they entered the kitchen.

"Okay, yeah. Maybe a friend with benefits." "I've had a few of those," Jennifer said as she poured two cups of coffee and Dave took a seat at the small glass kitchen table. "Oh really. Is there something you've been keeping secret from your little brother?" Jennifer smiled.

"I didn't mean recently." Jenn set one cup of coffee in front of Dave and then sat down beside him with a cup of her own. "So, how did you get 'The Bitch' to agree to let you have the girls?" "Long story," Dave told her and then took a sip of the hot coffee. "I've got time." "Mom!" Someone yelled from down the hall. Jennifer rolled her eyes, leaned back in her chair to look out the kitchen door and down the hall.

"In the kitchen, Meggy." A moment later, Megan walked into the kitchen. Dave noticed immediately that Meg had changed clothes. She had been wearing jeans, a tee shirt, winter boots and a heavy coat. She was now dressed in only a tee shirt and very tight running shorts. "What are doing with those shorts on again? Didn't I ask you to change pants?" "I did, Mom.

I put on jeans when we went outside. You know I hate wearing heavy pants inside." Jenn closed her eyes and shook her head.

"What did you need, Meg?" "I wanted to know if it'd be okay if I slept with Hayley tonight? Please?" Meg dragged the word out to have five syllables or more. "I don't care," Jenn said. "But you'll have to ask your Uncle Dave." Meg turned to Dave, giving him a shy smile. She then jumped in his lap and wrapped her arms, lovingly around his neck. "Oh, good God, girl! You don't need to kiss up to him." Meg ignored her mother.

"Uncle David," she asked softly, one finger on his chest rubbing in small circles. Dave couldn't help but chuckle at her antics. He was rather enjoying the feel of her young body on his lap and it was starting to effect how his pants fit. "Can I, please," she said, once again dragging please out to five syllables, "please, please, please sleep with Hayley tonight? Pretty please, with sugar on top." "You are such a tramp!" Jennifer stated with a smile and a shake of her head.

"Throwing yourself at your own uncle. Have you no pride, child?" Dave couldn't hold it in any longer. He burst out laughing at Meg's antics and Jenn's reaction.

"Yes, yes, whatever. Just stop scandalizing your mother." "Yes!" Meg shouted. She gave Dave a quick hug, pressing her small, but fat, little titties into his chest, then ran off, her bare feet slapping against the tiled floor of the kitchen. "I swear to you. Both of my little girls are growing up into teasing little sluts.

I don't know what to do with them." "I know what I'd do with them," David teased. "Pervert!" "Absolutely." A few minutes later Olivia joined Dave and Jenn in the with mom freinds n me. Jenn poured her a cup of coffee and the two no mercy for the naughty floozy hardcore and blowjob sat there at the table, largely ignoring Dave, and got to know each other.

Three hours after arriving at Jennifer's house, all seven of them crammed into Jennifer's large SUV and headed down the street to a good steak house for dinner. Good food and fun was had by all. At some unnoticed sign from Jennifer, the crew of the restaurant brought out a huge birthday cake. A dozen servers gathered around the table, and their server, a young woman named Belle, stepped forward and shouted for the entire restaurant to hear.

"Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please. It has been brought to our attention that we have not one, but two birthdays being celebrated here tonight.

Let's give a big Roadhouse cheer for Megan and Molly Santiago who are celebrating their sixteenth birthday with us tonight." There was a loud cheer from all over the restaurant. The loudest cheers came from Emily and Hayley. "Now, ladies and gentlemen, as you know," continued Belle, "it's a Roadhouse tradition for everyone to join in. Let's hear it!

Happy birthday to you." The dozen or so servers gathered at the table started it, then the family joined in and then finally most of the restaurant was singing happy birthday to the twins, who were both sitting there blushing and hiding their faces in embarrassment at being the center of attention. Dave, Jenn, Emily and Hayley all got glares as the birthday cake was cut and handed out, first to the birthday girls and then to the rest of the family.

Once everyone had a piece, the cake was picked up, taken away, and returned to it's box for Jennifer to pick up on her way out of the restaurant. By the time they left the restaurant, it was beginning to snow.

On the way back to Jennifer's house Jenn turned the car radio on and tuned to a local news channel to listen for the weather report. The woman on the radio gave warnings that people should stock up on the necessities as this was going to be a doozey. The weather service was calling for a foot or more before the storm finally moved on sometime late the next day.

When they turned into the driveway of Jennifer's house, the snow was coming down hard and was already becoming visible in the grass but, thanks to the traffic, had not yet begun to stick to the roads. Jennifer pulled the SUV into the garage and everyone piled out. The girls immediately ran inside to prepare for the opening of the birthday presents.

Jennifer moved to the back of the SUV and opened it to get the boxed-up cake out. Dave and Olivia stood by waiting for her. Dave went with Jenn to the kitchen to put the cake away. "You got enough food for seven of us until we can get out?" Jennifer smiled at him as she stooped to put the cake in the fridge. "Yes David. I've got plenty of food and don't worry, if we find anything we need, I've got that giant SUV out there.

I bought it just for winter weather and there's a grocery store not two blocks away. We'll be fine." Dave and Jennifer went to the huge family room where the girls and Olivia were already waiting. Wrapped boxes were stacked against one wall, the pile standing nearly five feet high and about three feet wide. "Wow! Who are they all from?" Dave asked upon seeing the pile. "Most of them are from Dimitri's parents. This was a small year. They only sent three boxes of presents." "Only three boxes, huh?" Dave said with a smile.

"That's almost neglect." Dave and Jenn both laughed and found themselves a seat. Hayley jumped up and volunteered to hand out presents. Molly and Megan both took a seat on the floor with some space between them. Olivia and Emily found seats across the room on a love seat.

Hayley picked the first present off the top of the pile. "This is for." Hayley paused for dramatic effect. "Molly." She tossed the package to Molly who easily caught it.

Molly set the package on the ground, stated who it was from, and then tore into it. In this case, it was one of Emily's, This continued for the forty minutes as Hayley handed out one present at a time, switching between Molly and Megan. Everyone watched as each present was opened, did the standard ooh's and ahh's, and then the present was set aside and the next one opened. Dave was surprised to see that he had bought both girls a fifty dollar gift certificate to a music store in the mall.

He gave Emily a smile and a wink for her forethought in getting a present for the girls and putting his name on it. After the presents were opened, the four girls started carrying the twin's booty up to their bedrooms while the adults went to the kitchen. Each got a cup of coffee and retired to the living room for some adult conversation. Most of the conversation that took place was between Jenn and Olivia as the two women got to know each other.

Dave added where he could and played waiter, first refilling their empty coffee mugs and later fixing them all an alcoholic beverage. They didn't see hide nor hair of the four girls again until close to eleven o'clock when the four girls, now all dressed in nightgowns or pajamas came down to say good night. Emily and Molly went first, Emily giving Dave a kiss on the cheek while Molly gave her mother a good night kiss.

The two girls then swapped and Dave got a good night kiss from Molly. Emily and Molly then went over and said good night to Olivia while Hayley and Megan moved to their respective parent for good night kisses and then swapped. Hayley and Megan said good night to Olivia. The four girls then retreated back up the stairs, laughing and teasing as they went. Dave and Jennifer exchanged glances and both nodded. "They're up to something," they said almost simultaneously.

Olivia smiled. Dave and Jenn both laughed. "So," Dave asked. "Which of us gets to go up there and ruin their plans?" "I'll go," Jenn said and got up and headed out of the room and up the stairs. As soon as Jenn was out of the room, Olivia was up, crossed the room, and sat down in Dave's lap.

She wrapped her arms around Dave's neck and kissed him hard on the lips, forcing her tongue into his mouth. "What was that for?" Dave asked, once she pulled away and he got a decent breath. "I was an only child. My father disappeared within days of my birth. It was always just me and Mom. My mother didn't speak to her family. They'd had a falling out of some kind. My mother was murdered three years ago.

I haven't had a family since. I know we've only known each other for a couple days and I know you still haven't given a final decision on my fate but I just wanted to thank you for letting me come here.

Jennifer is great. The girls are great.

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You're great." She kissed him again, and again, hard, passionate and with lots of tongue. "It's just nice to see that there are still families who love each other, give each other good night kisses and all the rest.

Thank you." She gave him one more quick kiss and then started to get up. Dave grabbed her arm and pulled her back down on to his lap.

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He wrapped his arms around her waist and held her there. "Who said you could get up?" he asked her. He kissed her again. "As for family, you may not have had any family before, but you have a family now. Understood? My family is your family." Slowly, a smile grew across Olivia's face.

She once again threw her arms around Dave's neck and kissed him hard. The two remained lip-locked until they heard Jennifer returning. They turned to see Jennifer standing in the doorway.

"I just had the strangest experience." "What happened?" Dave asked. The look on Jenn's face was slightly worrisome. He pushed Olivia up. When she stood up, Dave got up and crossed the room to Jenn. "Your daughter smacked me on the ass." "Which daughter?" "Emily. She smacked me on the adorable teen fold in and drilled girlfriend homemade. It hurt.

A lot. When I screamed, she apologized and handed this to me." Jennifer raised her hand and showed Dave the leather glove. "Then she told me to give this to you. She said you would want it." Dave snatched the glove from his sister's hand and examined it.

The pin was in place. "Did the pin break the skin, Jennifer?" he asked. He got his answer even though Jennifer never spoke. She suddenly doubled over, grabbing her stomach, she groaned and her eyes went blank. "Oh, God!" "What's going on?" Olivia asked as she came to stand beside Dave. "Emily must have taken the SLuT9 from my closet and packed it in her suitcase," Dave told her and handed her the glove. He grabbed Jenn's arm and led her over to the couch and sat her down.

"Stay here with her." Dave ordered. He then turned and ran out of the room and up the stairs. "I'm gonna kill that girl!" Dave found both Emily and Hayley waiting at the top of the steps. He could tell by their faces that they knew they were in trouble. Emily spoke before Dave got to top of the steps. "Now Daddy, I know I'm in trouble but you can't yell and scream.

If you do, Molly and Megan will be out here wanting to know what's going on." She nodded down the hall to where Molly and Megan's rooms were. Dave reached the top of the steps and stopped. He took a deep breath and then forced himself not to yell. "Why did you do this?" "Because you and Aunt Jenn both need it," Hayley said. "You were involved in this?" Hayley nodded. "She helped me plan it but I did the execution." She held out her hand and Dave snatched the bottle of SLuT9 from her hand.

"She would have found out about everything eventually, Daddy," Hayley stated. Dave fumed. His face turned red and his pulse pounded in his head. He heard noise behind him and turned to find Olivia halfway up the stairs.

"David, you can be mad at them later. Jennifer needs you. now!" Huge smiles appeared on both girls faces but quickly vanished before their father saw them. "Go back down there and keep her busy for a few," Dave ordered.

Without another word, Olivia turned and went back to Jennifer's side. He then turned back to his daughters. "The three of us are going to have a very, very long talk about this in the morning. Go to bed." Emily and Hayley turned and marched off to their respective bedrooms. Dave watched them disappear, then turned and went back down the stairs. Dave turned into the living room and stopped. Jennifer was slouched down on the couch, already naked, her legs spread lewdly in front of her.

Her right hand had hold of a batch of Olivia's brown hair and was holding Olivia's face to her pussy. "Lick it! Oh, yeah! Oh, God! So good!" Jennifer was screaming. "Oh, fuck, yes!" She screamed as an orgasm worked it's way through her body. Dave couldn't move. The last time Dave had seen his sister naked was when she was seventeen and he was fifteen. He had spied on her using a cheap periscope he had from when he was a kid.

He had laid himself down in front of her bedroom window and watched as she came out of the bathroom, having just showered. He had watched her dress for a date. The sight of his beautiful sister had been fantasy material for him right up until he met Rebbecca in college. Once he got married, all of his fantasies seemed to turn to ash and blow away in the wind.

After teen fucked on train and sneaky teens farm girls orgasm, Jennifer relaxed her hold on Olivia's hair enough for Olivia to pull erikaa licks her nipples and shakes her boobs on cam face away from Jenn's pussy.

She turned and her and Dave's eyes locked for a moment. The sight of Jennifer naked had been enough to give Dave a partial woody. Seeing Olivia, her face covered in Jenn's natural fluids, made his cock one cock is enough for naughty babes to sudden, throbbing hardness. "I came back and she was already naked," Olivia tried to explain. Dave didn't hear and didn't care. He stripped off his shirt as he crossed the room.

He grabbed Olivia by the arm, pulled her up and into a lover's embrace. For just a second, their eyes locked again. "I love you," Olivia said just before Dave's mouth covered her own and his tongue drove itself into her mouth.

Dave's cock throbbed even harder in his pants from the taste and smell of his older sister's pussy. "Oh, God!" Jennifer groaned.

Dave and Olivia broke off their kiss and both turned to Jenn. She was watching them, with one hand squeezing her tits and the other between her legs, three fingers in her slit, rubbing her clit up and down. Dave released Olivia and kneeled between Jenn's legs. "Jennifer, I need you to try and pay attention, okay?" Somehow, Jennifer managed to keep her eyes open and nod.

"Emily gave you a drug. It doesn't matter right now where she got it from but the drug makes you very horny and submissive. Do you understand?" Jennifer nodded. Dave barely noticed as Olivia kneeled down beside him, reached out and began working to undo his pants. "The drug will last for six hours. If you don't get. laid, I don't know what will happen." Dave didn't get to finish his statement.

Jennifer suddenly lurched forward, grabbed him and pulled him to her and kissed him. When she pulled away, gasping for air, she looked into his eyes and said, "Fuck me, little brother. Fuck me now!" Dave nodded, giving in to the inevitable. He stood up. Without missing a beat, Olivia grabbed the waistline of his pants and briefs and pulled them down to his ankles in one smooth motion.

Jennifer's eyes immediately traveled down her younger brother's body and her eyes locked onto his throbbing cock. She smiled. "Is that for me?" "Yep," Dave said and kneeled down once more as Olivia pulled his clothes out of the way and placed a couch cushion on the floor for him to kneel on. Dave turned to Olivia and gave her a quick smile of thanks. He then lined his cock up with his sister's entrance and pushed in.

"Oh, yes!" Jennifer screamed as he slid into her completely. She sat up, keeping his cock inside her, wrapped her arms around his neck, kissed him and began to fuck herself on his cock. Dave couldn't do anything except kneel there and let her go. Dave came within seconds but his cock never softened. Jenn continued to ride big ass teen monster toy in ass tube porn another ten minutes, driving herself to two screaming orgasms.

After the second orgasm washed over her, she lost all strength, her arms unraveled from his neck and she collapsed back on to the couch, her ass and legs hanging off the edge. Dave's cock was still inside her and he began to hump into her. Dave's brain was still functioning enough to glance over at Olivia.

She was just standing there watching. "Get undressed," he ordered. Jennifer, from her position on the couch, watched as Olivia undressed herself. "She's beautiful, David.

You're a lucky man." David pulled out of Jennifer, grabbed her ankles and easily spun her around on the couch so she was laying lengthwise on the couch, no longer hanging off. David moved one of her legs off the couch and climbed onto the couch and laid himself down on top of his sister.

He lined his cock up and pushed into her once more. Jennifer groaned. Dave held himself fully inside her and forced her to look at him. "I didn't plan this Jenn but I am happy it occurred. You may not believe this but I've dreamed about this for a long time." Jennifer smiled, lifted her head up and kissed him gently on the lips.

"I know, Dave. I've known all along. Now, fuck me." Dave smiled. "Yes ma'am," he said and began to hump her again. "Olivia, kneel down right here," Dave ordered and pointed to the spot where he had been kneeling just a moment before. A now naked Olivia kneeled down beside them. David lifted one arm and pulled her face to him and kissed her again, once again tasting his sister on his slave's lips.

When he pulled away, he smiled at Olivia. "Kiss Jennifer, too." Olivia smiled. "Yes, Master." Olivia leaned down over Jennifer who didn't protest or resist in any way. Their lips met and David could tell Olivia's tongue slipped into Jenn's welcoming mouth. As the two women kissed, Dave began to slowly hump Jennifer. He lowered his head and whispered to Olivia, "I wanna watch you make out with my sister." Olivia didn't respond but it soon became obvious that she had heard the order.

When the two women finally pulled apart, it was only long enough for each to draw a breath before Olivia once more covered Jennifer's mouth. Watching the show the two women were putting on plus with what Jenn's pussy was doing to his cock, Dave knew he wasn't going to last long. He didn't try to hold back. Dave's orgasm was huge. He buried his cock inside his sister and groaned as he ejaculated what felt like gallons of cum deep inside her.

Dave managed to keep his weight off his sister as he caught his breath. He then lifted himself up and off of Jenn, his cock sliding out of her as he did. Dave ended up kneeling on the couch between Jenn's legs. He looked at Jenn's cunt lips and could see his cum trying to ooze out from between her thick lips. Then he looked up at the two women, still kissing. He was about to say something when he heard a noise from behind him.

He turned and saw Emily's head sticking out around the door. She tried to pull it back and hide but it was too late. Emily seemed to know she was busted and poked her head around the corner again.

Dave raised his hand and waved for her to come into the room. Shyly, Emily stepped into the room, head bowed. She still had on her nightgown but Dave was pretty sure her panties were out in the hall. He had recognized the noise as that of Emily groaning from an orgasm. Dave smiled at her and waved for Emily to come closer. Olivia was still keeping Jennifer entertained, neither of them seemed aware yet that they had been watched.

Dave held out his hand and took Emily's hand when she got close enough. "I'm sorry Daddy. I couldn't help it," Emily said, almost in a whisper. "It was so." "Don't worry about it Em," Dave said with a smile.

"This actually works out well." "What do you mean, David?" Jennifer asked. Dave turned and noticed that he and Em talking had pulled the two women back to reality.

They were now both watching and listening. Dave gave the two women a smile and then turned back to Emily. "You see, ladies. We are here because of Miss Emily. So it's only right that she takes part." Emily smiled and became excited at this idea.

"Really, Daddy?" Emily asked, obviously hoping David wasn't teasing her. "Oh, yes, Emily. You get to take part. Before you do though, where are your sister and cousins?" "They're all in their rooms." "Now, ladies," Dave said looking from Em to Olivia to Jenn and back again, "I think we need to move somewhere slightly more private than the living room.

I'm sure Jennifer has some questions that she needs answered." "A few," Jennifer said, smiling. "The problem is," Dave looked down at Jennifer's now leaking pussy.

"If you try to move as you are, you're going to make a mess all over the house." "Just get me some tissue." Jennifer started sexy blond milf brandi love is massaged ampamp fucked by her masseur say.

Dave held up his hand to stop her and climbed over her leg and off the couch and stood up beside Emily. "I have a better idea. Maybe we can find a volunteer to help clean up the mess." Dave looked at Emily. Emily realized she was about to be volunteered. "What do I have to do?" she asked, the fear obvious in her voice. "Well, I think it'd be best if your Aunt Jennifer didn't make a mess going through the house.

Can you think of some way of stopping that?" "Tissues?" Emily answered hopefully. Dave looked around. "There don't seem to be any handy. Got any other ideas?" "I could suck your cum out of her," Olivia volunteered with an eager smile on her face.

Jennifer gasped at the idea. Emily's eyes got wide and she looked from Olivia to her aunt's dripping pussy to her father. Dave smiled without ever looking at Olivia. "Now that sounds like an idea but Emily is the one who started this so I think it should be her job." Emily paled, eyes wide and locked on her aunt's dripping pussy. "David!" Jennifer started to protest. "Jenn," Dave said firmly, stopping anymore protest from her.

"She's my daughter. I get to set the punishment." He turned back to Emily. "Up to you, Em. Are you going to do your punishment or are you going to wimp out?" Emily turned to her father. She could see by the stern look that he was not happy and that he was very serious about this. When she didn't answer, Dave moved to the end table and picked up the glove.

"I could use this on you like you used it on your aunt. I bet you wouldn't refuse me then, would you?" A tear rolled down Emily's cheek. She wiped it away, brutal gagging nina north gets used and d hard, and got onto the couch between Jenn's legs.

"Oh, god, I can't believe this is happening," Jenn whimpered. Olivia, who was still kneeling on the floor beside Jenn, looked down at the older woman, smiled and said "Just lay back, close your eyes, and enjoy it. Trust me. If you don't think about who's doing it to you, it won't matter." She then lowered herself down and kissed Jennifer deeply once more.

Emily took one last look at her father. Dave gave her a stern nod, telling her to do it. She lowered herself down onto her elbows and knees, right in front of her aunt's pussy, spread Jenn's cunt lips with her fingers, and inhaled deeply. She hesitated and then slid her tongue out and ran up and down Jenn's slit.

Jenn inhaled sharply as Emily's tongue slid over her clit. Dave watched Em's face as she tasted another woman for the first time. Apparently deciding it wasn't nearly as bad as she feared, Emily stuck her tongue out and swiped at her aunt's clit again.

"Em, you're there to clean her up, not give her orgasms." Emily looked up at her father, considered a sarcastic comment or maybe a raspberry, saw the stern look on his face, changed her tantra sex lovers explore their sexuality here and just nodded.

She then took a deep breath and started licking up the cum that had already dripped out before sliding her tongue up Jenn's vaginal tunnel to clean out the rest. Satisfied, Dave nodded and went around and collected his and Jenn's clothes. Olivia's clothes were laid neatly over the back of a chair. After dressing himself, he sat down in a chair where he had a good angle to watch the show.

Olivia continued kissing Jennifer and used one hand to fondle Jenn's tits and pinch her nipples. Jennifer moaned into Olivia's mouth as Emily continued to slide her tongue in and out of her and suck Dave's cum out. Emily kept her head down, now throwing herself into her work and doing her best not to look at any of them. Dave let them continue like this for another ten minutes. "Okay, that's enough, Em. She should be clean enough." Emily got to her knees then to her feet, making sure she never made eye contact with her aunt or father.

"Olivia, get your clothes, then help Jenn get hers on and then take her upstairs to her room. Answer any questions she might have honestly and completely." "Yes, Master," Olivia said as wam asian spunk mouthed pornstars and blowjob got to her feet and went to fetch her clothes. "Should I go back to bed, Daddy?" Emily asked.

"Oh, no, Em. You started this. You're punishment is no where near complete. First though, you and I are going to have a talk. Follow me." Dave stood up and left the room, Emily following at his heels.