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Juicy pussy stuffed by toy girlfriend and homemade
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My 2nd story, took me an hour or so. Pretty rushed I guess, any comments appreciated:) Hope you enjoy.

Dafomir was certainly one of the unlucky members of the Horde, having been chosen to participate in the campaign on Argus it meant certain death for many. He had been chosen however because he was one of the strongest Blood Elven paladins the Horde had.

Dafomir had a lot of confidence in his abilities though and the possiblity that he could die here hadn't even entered his mind, thinking that as long as his leaders strategised properly there was no way he could be taken down by these demons.

So far he had proven himself right, having been in this horrid wasteland for a week already nothing had managed to make him worry for his life. Today though the femdom rides slave bound in latex his unit was assigned was a lot more important, and dangerous than anything else they had done since being here. There were reports of an Eredar commander who had been attacking and holding the combined forces of the Horde and Alliance back, and his unit had been assigned to launch a surprise attack on the demon.

It was rumoured the demon commander was the biggest obstacle preventing from assaulting the citadel.

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The time had finally come, Dafomir and his unit had began to make their way through a very narrow, beaten path between one of the large mountains. Scouts had reported nothing passing through here since they had arrived, so as far as they were aware the demons were not even aware of it.

Clad in slightly battered and fel-blood covered Blood Knight armor he looked up into the fel-green sky, smirking slightly as he thought of how many demons he had already put down here. His confidence and arrogance came from a few things, he had never really been properly challenged in real combat, he was incredibly good looking, he had become rich after performing so well in so many battles, and perhaps just the fact he was a Blood Elf gave him a little more of that arrogance.

He wielded a large ever so slightly curved sword, it was thick and it crackled every so often with the holy energy that flowed through him and the blade. It was the perfect blade for this planet. They had arrived at the exit of the mountain pass, bushes and dead trees covered the entrance keeping it hidden, and the soldiers of different races and abilities began to creep forwards till they were as spread out as possible without being seen.

Daf could see in the distance an incredibly tall Eredar demon, a female, beating and taunting prisoners. It was clear she was enjoying it, he could see the toothed grin on her face and he could hear the evil, amused laughter coming from her.

The rest of the demons in the camp seemed like they were waiting for an attack from the front. so the leader of the unit motioned for his troops to move forwards. Roars and yells from the different races could be heard as they suddenly emerged from between the bushes and the trees, powerful warriors and paladins leading the charge with the spellcasters all getting into positions ready to blast the demons from afar.

The demon commander turned slowly toward the charging forces, not seeming at all phased. Eyeing over the size of the group as her demons were already reacting and meeting them in combat. She had seen several of these soldiers before, and she noticed Daf almost immediately as he was the front tearing down her demons seemingly with ease.

He had been reported on to her by her underlings and the demoness bared quite the fanged grin at the chance to take on one of their greatest. Daf was about to let his overconfidence get him into a bad situation however, charging forwards with no thought of how close his comrades were, wanting nothing more than to get the chance to kill this commander himself he had managed to put quite the distance between himself and the rest of the forces.

Eventually making his way through the last line, as other demons rushed past him lezzie honeys gape their deep anal holes and pound oversized vibros meet the other soldiers he was stood there, demon blood covering and dripping from his armor and sword.

breathing deeply as he stared towards the demoness. Now only five metres away from, he realised just how tall she was. easily 2ft bigger than he was. He had never had the chance to fight such a powerful Eredar before, and it surprised him just how muscled and toned her body was. The demoness stood there, demonic armor holding up a large pair of dark red breasts, leaving her stomach bare.

A large metal belt held a loincloth around her waist, which hung to just between her knees. Even the cracked, black hooves she walked on looked as if they could crush an Elf's head with ease. The commander suddenly raised a hand, fel magic swirling around her fingers as she cast a spell. Suddenly he could hear screaming from behind him, turning to look over his shoulder he could do nothing but watch as a wall of fel-fire washed over all his comrades.

right up until it crashed against the mountain. It was clear nearly everyone was dead, those that weren't were swiftly set upon and finished by the demons. plunging their huge weapons into the backs and stomachs of their helpless victims. He turned back to the commander with wide eyes, stunned at her power. and suddenly for the first time, worried about his life.

He couldn't go down without a fight though, he had to avenge all the men and women that just died behind him. he raised his weapon and charged toward her, thinking his speed would outmatch the larger brutish demon. He had completely underestimated her, just like his superiors had, before he even began to strike downwards she had rushed forwards, slamming one of her hooves against his chest.

The sound of her demonic hoof crashing against his plate armor was rather loud, and the Elf was sent 2-3 metres through the air before thudding on the ground in a heap.

Losing the grip on his weapon he pulled a hand to his chest as he tried to regain proper breathing. "Is this all Azeroth has to offer? Hmm? THIS is the Elf that pretty sweetie is gaping wet honey pot in closeup and climaxing been tearing through MY soldiers!?" She approached the Elf, looking down at him with a large smirk.

"My my . what to do with one of Azeroths greatest champions. - Oh I have a great idea. " She knelt down next to Daf, her large, dark red hand taking a handful of his blonde hair within her fist, forcing his gaze to meet her demonic one.

"Seen as you killed so many warriors of mine, how about you help me make some more?" The grin on the demons face only grew at her comment, waiting to see what the Elf would do. He grit his teeth as he felt his hair being pulled, clenching his armored hands into fists.

wanting to do nothing more than strike her down, but he could feel her strength simply from the hand gripping his hair. He was obviously confused. how could he possibly help her to make more demons. "I would do. no such thing demon. FILTH. Just kill me and get it over with." He genuinely hoped she would just give him the easy way out, he had heard of how prisoners had been tortured by demons before.

"Oh. my dear boy, you see you have no choice. and you will help me whether you like it or not, which you won't. you really really won't." She shoved his head away, standing up, completely towering over him in this position, making her seem even bigger. With a quick swish of her hand Daf's armor was suddenly fading away. A sudden rush of shame began to fill him as there was nothing he could do but lay there as he was eventually left completely naked. His hands instinctively coming to hide his cock away from her.

A clear blush had appeared on those well defined cheeks of his. The demoness laughed to herself at how he covered his cock.

"Oh my boy. that isn't what I am after all. " It soon became clear what she may be after as the commanders own armor, what little of it she had. also faded away. Daf was given quite the shock, looking slowly up her naked legs. those thighs, which could no doubt crush him between them with ease.

A surprised gasp escaped his lips once his eyes rose a little more. There between her legs was a large, dark red equine sheath. "Oh. that look. mrhm. that's what I live for." She bit her lip as she watched his shock turn to fear at the thought of what that thing could do, and the more she watched the more it turned her on.

From her sheath descened an absolutely monstrous cock, the head of her meat was just bigger than the size of his fists when put together. It was as though the sheer weight of her head was dragging the rest of that tree-trunk like cock from it's sheath. It came down, further and further. like the demonic appendage was approaching him itself. After being completely stunned for what seemed like a lifetime, he eventually managed to tear his fearful gaze away from the growing monster infront of him, turning over onto his front he began to pathetically crawl away from her, revealing what she desired most.

His ass, gifted with quite the plump rear she was quite pleased, even if she would be destroying it soon. She walked over behind him, leaning down and grabbing another fistful of hair. Keeping him in place easily, she lowered her body over him. Her cock by now had fully grown, perhaps it was good he could not see it right now, as it had grown to a full 24 inches. Harder than the poor Elf's bones, it was a weapon in itself.

The underside of her cock was pressed against his back, reaching up basically all the way up it, and then he felt another weight being pressed down on him. Leathery, larger than grapefuit sized balls thudded onto his ass, their intense weight an indication of how much was packed inside them. "Now then Elf. how about you give back some of those demons you slew?" He still did not understand, even if she raped him.

it wouldn't help bring the demons back would it?

He had been brought quite low now, her cock and balls heavy enough to keep him pinned down beneath them. His hands dug into the ground, desperately trying to prepare himself for what was to come. "Please. just. kill me. I can't help you bring any demons back! I can't! And that. thing is going to tear me apart!" It was clear how scared of it he was, he had pressed himself into the ground as much as possible in some attempt to get any distance from her.

"Tsk, it won't. completely tear you apart, I need you business woman masturbates in pantyhose give birth to demons for me after all. so just a little." She hummed in amusement of her own words, she really didn't care if he completely tore and broke beneath her. she was just having her fun. One of her hands now took a hold of her cock, raising her hips a fair amount to realign her massive double-fist sized, flared head with his poor.

tiny asshole. It looked impossible, and yet the demoness began to push. hard. He felt his body being pushed even harder against the ground as his ass initially refused to open around something so disgustingly massive. "Ooooh, ready.

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this will hurt. a lot. " With a incredibly powerful thrust of her hips, his body stood no chance. his asshole suddenly split open around her fuck-meat. screams being forced from Daf's mouth instantly, the pain so clear in his shrieking, never before had he made such a sound. Looking down at her handy work, the ring of his asshole began to swell up around her dick, small amounts of blood began trickling out and down towards his balls. "Oooh, it looks so bad. and I only just started." The demon had no mercy whatsoever, she lowered her hips further and further.

her massive horse cock battering it's way through his tight anal walls, creating small cuts and tears as it did so. Her cock was so long it began to completely rearrange the shape of his bowels and soon enough his intestines too, her cock didn't care for his safety and hot chicks paint their bodies at swingers party aside anything that got in it's way.

Mom and companions chums daughter porn casting family sex education she had managed to sink completely inside him, he could feel it up in his chest.

it's intense heat throbbing away inside of him. "N-no. more. please. just kill me. " The overwhelming pain and humiliation was too much for him, never having to deal with anything close to this situation. "Awh. but I haven't even impregnated you yet, so.

just hold out for a little while? If you really can't. well at least I will be able to keep fucking you without listening to you complain about it." The demoness licked her lips in delight, now the real destruction began.

She showed the Elf just how powerful her body and her cock was. Placing a hand either side of his body she began to thrust in and out of him, pulling herself up before slamming so harshly back down.

Each time she withdrew her cock, he could feel her massively flared head tugging his ass with it. he felt so much movement inside his body as he cock plunged in, making space for itself by shoving anything else aside. The outside of his ass was not doing much better, the size and weight of her balls. being so roughly slammed down against his ass cheeks was beginning to redden and bruise them. Loud, lewd slaps being heard every other second as she continued to ruin his hole.

Daf meanwhile had been left sobbing. he could do nothing else except cry out from the pain and shame of her fucking, each time he was slammed into he felt like he was pushed a little further into the ground.

"I never did explain how you would help me create more demons did I? Well. my cum is well. special, as long as it's kept plugged up inside of your ass it will create some lovely demon babies inside you. Mrhm. kept all snug in the warmth of your. broken ass. Sounds lovely doesn't it? Contributing to the Legion in such a way.

could you ever have dreamed such a great fate?" Daf was stirred from his constant crying by her words, silenced for a while apart from pained grunts that were forced from him each time he was pushed into. He desperately hoped she was just joking, mocking him and trying to scare him more. but he had already seen what her magic could do, and he began to believe exactly what she said.

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His ass was really going to be used to breed demons. He was going to give birth. like a woman. "Noo. please. noooo.

" He began to sob once more, his tears having stained the ground below him already. The demoness kept at it, not uttering another word as she prepared to breed the Elf.

Picking up the pace that little bit more, really punishing the Elf for destroying her fellow demons. eventually she was ready, withdrawing her cock so just the head was plugged inside. she came. He couldn't believe it, such thick cum suddenly exploding inside him, it only took a second for him to feel the intense heat of it. almost burning his insides as it flooded his ass, his intestines.

and filled his poor stomach to the brim, making it bulge slightly. His thighs shuddered and twitch in reaction to being so pounded and filled, whilst the demoness finally took her cock out of him. struggling a little to tug her flared head from his ass, and when she did so. she tugged that destroyed ass with her. Her head popped lewdly free, leaving a few inches of prolapsed, bloodied. cum leaking ass hanging out of him. "Oh, as beautiful as that is.

and as proud as I am, that just won't do. I need to have as many babies in that ass as possible. Leaning down she had picked up a large lead ball with a chain attached, the ones that are usually tied around prisoners legs to keep them from moving. It was about the same size as her cock head, and she shoved it against his prolapsed ass. pushing till she was lewdly cramming his insides.

back inside, the large lead ball included. The chain remained hanging out. and cum was barely able to leak around some tiny broken gaps of his ass past the ball. noname jane aka violet blue pregnant and dick danger. now then, you just.

stay there won't you? I'll be back in a few hours to let your babies out. " With that the demoness laughed to herself and left, no doubt preparing another attack. Poor Dafomir was left there on the floor. able to see his dead comrades, and with his ass completely ruined. the intense heat remained, and he had no choice but to wait and see if she was telling the truth or not.