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Sex pron sex story download
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I am an only child who lives with her father in a small house in the middle of the countryside.This happened two days before my 14th birthday.

Was about 9:30 at night and i'd just gotten out of the shower when my dad called me into the lounge, i could see he was slightly tipsy.

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He brought me over to his chair and made me stand infront of him. He sat staring at me in my fluffly bath towel, He ran ran his hands though my wavy brown hair down my cheek and as he looked into my green eyes he softly told me what a beautiful young woman i was turning into. I felt uncomftable due to the look in his eye it was like non he had ever given me beforeThe only person who had givin me this look was my ex boyfriend who i had done some stuff with.

My father presented me with a brightly coloured package and told me he had an early birthday present for me as he couldnt wait any longer. I practically snatched the parcel from him i tore it open inside was a box i lifted the lid inside there was a layer of green tissue paper. I peeled back the tissue to reveal a baby pink lace bra with matchin Thong. Go put them on my father told me i gave him a look that said no he more sternly said young lady i said go put them on then come show me.

I was a good little girl where my father was concerned so i did as i was told putting on the items he had given me felt strange but i did it n slipped my dressing gown ontop of them. Slowly i walked back into the lounge my dad must have been on his 5th jack daniels by now. He made me stand in the same spot i had before he reached out and pulled off one shoulder of my white satin dressing gown it fell down revealing one of my budding breasts in the bra he had brought me his hard on was visible through his jeans, He did the same with the shoulder until i was standing in just my underwear.

This sight seemed to much for him he started rubbin his hard memeber through his jeans he told me to spin around. homemade teen sucks cock tiny tunes and tinier tits

As i did he said my ass looked amazing in a thong. My father motioned for me to sit on his lap i did as i was told i sat down facing him he put his hands just below my waist restiing on the top of my thong.

I could feel his cock pushin throught his jeans onto my young pussy mound.

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He told me he had noticed my womans figure developing and he liked my curves n said for a girl of my age my breats were growing nicely, With this step dad grounds associates daughter the suggestive swap traced my figure with his hands.

Like he snapped back to his sense's he removed his hands and told me to go to bed and he would come say goodnight. I had been in bed about 20 minutes when my father came in he had been in the shower n was just in a pair of trackies ready for bed. I know he's my father and i never really noticed before but tonite he looked sexy even for a 32 yr old with his floppy brown hair wet from he shower and his well toned body visible my body betrayed itself and i gave a slight shiver.

He kneeled beside my bed and again caressed my cheek he looked into my eyes and again told me i was beautiful, His hand traveled down my neck over my chest into the gully between my breasts over my nightie covered stomach to the inside of my thigh.

Unsure how to react i just lay there i could feel my young pussy getting wet from his touch just like it had when my ex had caressed me. my father trailed one finger tip up to my mesh covered snatch feeling the wetness he seemed to take this as a sign to continue.Pulling the corners of my nightie over my head i lay there he kissed my cheek then my neck down to my left breast he curled his soft wet lips around my hardened nipple licking n sucking on it i closed my eyes a moan escaped my lips he fingered my right nippe with his hand i squirmed slightly, He slipped his free hand into my thong sliding my wetness all over my tight virgin pussy, My hard throbbing clit poked through my lips his finger running over it sent a shiver through my body.

He slipped one finger into my steaming hot box sliding it in and out with his mouth still hard at work on my nipple. All thoughts of him being my own father had melted away all i thought about now was the intense pleasure i was feeling. his mouth suddeny left my nipple n kissed a trail down my stomach i felt his hand tug at my thong i raised my ass to allow him to slip it off. His tongue suddenly made contact with my clit making me lift my body off the bed all i could manage was a simple "ooooooh" his mouth sucked on my young delicate clit while he fingered my pussy it felt so good.

He lapped at my pussy like a hungry dog his tongue dipping in and out of my cunt tasting my juices. He climbed ontop of me and asked if he knew what he wanted i nodded he slipped off his trackies,This was the first timei had seen his cock it looked huge to me.

i took a deep breath when i felt the huge purple head start to part my pussy lips.i could feel him filling me up till he hit my sweet teen in wild gangbang realgangbangs fuckparty he gave one short sharp push n stopped i felt a split second of pain dthen it seemed to feel good i put my arms round his neck n my legs round his waist he took this as a sign to go on.Within 15 minutes he was pumping his cock into my tight little pussy harder and harder tellin me what a good little girl i was my pussy muscles started to spasm suddenly he shot his thick sperm up my pussy i caould feel it all the way upto my womb seconds later i was cumming .He fell ontop of me n lay there for a second letting his cock deflat in my cum drenched pussy.When he wasdone he pulled out i could see a pink goo on his dick a mix of cum and blood.

He pulled up his trackies kissed me goodnight sunny leone pissing on mouth xxx story left the room.

I could feel his sperm still in me it gave me an unusual happy feeling i feel asleep that night with my fathers cum drippin from my pussy.