Stepdaugther pounded interracial by daddy and mommy roleplay

Stepdaugther pounded interracial by daddy and mommy roleplay
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My family 3 I could hardly wait for Dad to have another 48 hour shift. I kept visualizing how it felt fucking Mom the night before. She had the most amazing hot pussy. I'm hard just thinking how her pussy locked onto my cock and milked it while I was fucking her. She had such soft pubic hair when I ate her box.

When I close my eyes I can almost feel the softness on my face and the feel of her cum as it slid over my face. WHAT? Oh I'm sorry Miss. Widner I didn't hear what you said. "It looks to me like you were day dreaming.

What I asked was I'm looking for volunteers to put on next weeks student talent show and I understand from your sister you are a pretty good hypnotist. Can I count on you?" I guess so I stammered. After class I went to Miss. Widner and told her It had been awhile since I had performed and I needed to at least have one day to practice. I said I didn't need the whole class because it might spoil the event but maybe after school she could get a couple of students to volunteer to be Ginny pigs.

She said "yes I think that might be a good Idea." The next day she asked for three volunteers to stay after school the following Monday.

She said six story ebony me sex stories me didn't have any meetings that day so she could supervise and see if I was any good. Two girls Sally and Fran and Tom a basketball player all volunteered.

There were several others but the teacher chose those three. They were her best pupils. I couldn't believe my good luck. Miss Widner was a good looking 28 year old History teacher. This was her first year at our school and she was also the drama teacher. She was approximately 5'9" between 125 and 130 lbs. Screaming red hair and green eyes. She had a great body, I guessed her to be about a 34c cup with an ass to kill for. Now if only I could put her under? When I got home from school I was so excited about the prospect I could hardly contain myself.

Mom said, "My you seem to be in a great mood." I told her about the teacher asking me to put on a demonstration at next weeks talent show. "I think that's just wonderful" she said. Where are Dad and Ester? I asked. It was Dads two days off rotation. "He took her to her dance class," she said.

God Mom looked so good standing there I just couldn't help myself I just had to have her. I said Mom you're a "skinny girl" She stopped wiping the sink and just stood there. I said you going into a deep sleep and you will obey my voice. You will wait ten minutes and then go into your bedroom.

You will remove your panties and wait for your husband to come. When I come into the room you will only see your husband. You will have an uncontrollable erg to have him eat your pussy and fuck you. Do you understand? "Yes" she said. When I snap my fingers you will come awake remembering nothing except when you see me in the bedroom you will follow my instructions. I walked to the door and snapped my fingers as I left.

I ran upstairs and went to the bathroom and peed. I then went to my room and undressed, putting on my robe. As I entered her bedroom she smiled and said Hi honey come and eat your sweetheart's pussy.

I had never heard Mom talk like that and it excited me. She pulled up her dress and laid back over the bed lifting and spreading her knees. I twwomen and one men xxx vedio in front of her and slowly buried my face into her soft light brown hair.

I slid my tongue between the folds of her love nest as I moved my tongue up and down her beautiful cunt, flicking gently her clit. She came almost immediately. I continued to eat that hot velvet box. I inserted my two fingers into her pussy and then inserted them into her ass. She began to moan and move her pelvis into my face.

I moved her legs above her head so that I had better leverage into her ass. I was plunging my fingers in and out of her ass as I continued to eat her wonderful pussy. She was Cumming like a fountain.

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Screaming OHHHHHHHH honey you make me feel so gooood. That's it, oh god I'm going to cum again. Yesssssssss oh god, YES, YES, OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH shit uuuuugggggggggggggggggg. And she shoved her pelvis hard into my face and came again. She shouted, "Oh honey fuck me, I need you to fuck me now.

My pussy's on fire." I inserted my cock into her pussy and boy was she right it felt like a furnace as I slowly shoved my whole cock deep into her. I began slowly because I didn't want to cum to soon.

I still had her legs over her head and could plunge my dick straight down into her wonderful love hole. I moved my cock in and out of her and I could feel her hot love juice's on the side's of my dick. Her pussy felt like velvet as I slid in and out of her, faster and faster I went driving my cock deep into her vagina. I really can't explain to you how good she felt. Finally I exploded deep within her and I felt her cum again.

We both collapsed in a sweat drenched heap. Mom's dress was a mess so I told her that when I left and snapped my fingers twice she was to go in and take a shower and get dressed and to put the dress she was wearing into the dirty cloths hamper along with her underwear.

She would remember nothing that happened but would feel real good and would then begin to fix dinner. And whenever I had my shirt off and she looked at me her son she would get a warm feeling between her legs. She would not feel guilty about it but would smile because she loved me very much. When I went down stairs to the kitchen I purposely left my shirt off.

She was facing the sink when I came in and she asked me "where is your Dad" You said big boobed blonde mature jerks big dick took Ester to dance class, remember. "Oh yes, I thought he hadn't left yet" and I saw her rub herself between her legs. She turned around and looked at me an gave me a big smile and said "I love you very much you know that don't you." Yes I know and I walked to her and gave her a big hug.

"I don't know why I thought your dad was still home" I smiled as my dick began to press into her stomach. That night I got up and went to the bathroom. I heard noises coming from my Mom & Dad's room and new Mom was getting another fucking from dad. I smiled and as I listened I began to get a hard on so I went into Esters room and fucked her for about a half hour.

She still has that wonderful tight pussy and she just loves to fuck. I told her if she ever fucked anyone else before she was twenty one I'd stuff her pussy with ground glass. That weekend I fucked Ester six times because I kept taking my shirt off to see Mom's reaction and the look on Mom's face when she looked at me made me horny as hell.

I was sure glad Ester was there to take the presure off. When Monday finally came I could hardly wait to see if my experiment would work. As I sat in class I got a boner just looking at Miss Widner. After school I euro doxies cum a lot from fuckfests to her room and sure enough all three were there.

I sat the three of them in the front row facing the teacher's desk and had Miss Widner sit at her desk. I began telling to them in that monotone I had perfected that they were to relax and that they could not be asked to do anything they would not ordinarily do at a partly. I kept telling them to relax and close their eyes and to listen only to my voice as they went into a deep, deep sleep. I could tell Miss. Widner was trying not to go to sleep.

I walked over behind her and said relax, close your eyes and feel that wonderful feeling of just drifting as she went deeper and deeper asleep. It took a little while but finally all four were under. I told Tom that when I snapped my fingers he would wake up and remember nothing except when I tell him to lift his arms he won't be able to do it.

And when ever I said the word little dumpling he would go back to sleep and be under my control. I told Sally that when I snapped my fingers she would wake up and bark like a dog. That she could not stop barking but when ever I said the work big boy she would fall back to sleep and wait for instructions. I gave Fran the same instructions except her command was little boy and she was to moo like a cow.

I then told Miss Widner that she would watch the three and would see that it worked but she would remember nothing else except when I said the words "little women" she would always fall into a deep sleep and wait for my instructions.

I snapped my fingers and all four came wide awake. Fran started mooing and Sally barked like a dog.

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I asked Tom to lift his arms and try as he would could not do it. Miss. Widner laughed and said Eric you really are good. Iwaited until the three had gone. I now had three more possible fuck partners. I pretended to leave and said "little women." I looked back and she was in a deep sleep. I locked the door and told her that when I snapped my fingers she would wake up and would be compelled to tell me every thing I wanted to know about her nasty teenie finger fucks cunt and gets licked and poked in pov amateur babe life.

When I snapped my fingers she woke up and I asked her if she had a boy friend? She told me his name was Frank and she described him to me as being about my size and weight. That she loved to suck his cock and have her pussy eaten.

She was on the pill and had had a women lover in college. Her fantasy was to have a threesome with a Frank and another woman.

On occasion she liked to be fucked in the ass but had to be in the right mood. I said "little women" and she went back into a deep sleep. I said you will remember nothing that I have said except when I snap my fingers you will see only Frank that I will become him and you will have a an uncontrollable erg to fuck him.

I snapped my fingers and she said "Oh Frank I'm so glad you came by. I'm so horny I need you to fuck me." I said sure honey but first you will have to suck my cock and get it nice and hard. I sat on her desk and she got down on her knees and gave me a wonderful blow job. She had nice thick lips and she sucked it hard as she moved her mouth up and down my shaft.

I came in about five minutes exploding my sperm down her throat. Some dribbled out of the sides of her mouth but she swallowed most of it. I was still hard from the excitement of getting the opportunity to fuck this beautiful woman. I turned her around and pulled her lace panties off and as I squatted between her legs I was amazed at the bright red pubic hair.

I lifted her up and laid her across her desk spreading her legs and I shoved my face into that lovely red bush. She had a much stronger odor than either Mom or Ester. I think it was because she had been working all day. I didn't let it phase me as I plunged my tongue deep within her pussy lips.

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And began running my tongue up and down her slit. When I got to her clit I was surprise how big it was. It kerala xxxx porn malayalam new leek as big around as a pencil and about a half inch long. I started sucking on it and I had to tell her to hold it down or the whole school would hear her she was moaning so loud. I was sucking that clit like a sucker and finger fucking her.

She was really tight. She came twice within a couple of minutes. Finally she said "Frank I can't stand it anymore I need your cock inside me. I stood up and dropped my pants and spread her legs. She said "my god Frank you have gotten bigger" I said yes honey; I used a pump to make it bigger. I guess Frank was quite a bit smaller than I was.

I had grown another couple of inches and my cock was right at seven inches and about two and a half inches around. I placed my dick at the edge of her lips and began to push. I couldn't believe how tight she was. Even with all that pussy juice she was ever bit as tight as Ester. It took me about five minutes to finally penetrate her pussy with my whole cock.

I fucked her slow and easy, stopping whenever I began to get close. I really wanted this to last a long time. I fucked her for close to and hour.

Her pussy was shooting her cum at me about every three or four minutes. Suddenly she had one of those special climax's and shot her water cum all over me and down the table onto my pants on the floor. She collapsed in a dead faint. I pulled out of her and turned her around and shoved my fingers up her pussy and then into her ass. I shoved the head of my cock into her pussy and then into her ass. He sphincter muscle resisted for only a moment and then I plunged deep into her anal cavity.

I could feel my balls slapping against her ass cheeks as I unmercifully shoved my cock in and out of her ass. It was a little surprising that her ass was not as tight as her pussy. She must have liked it in the ass more than she let on. Suddenly she was aware of where my cock was and began brunette latin stewardess pussy rammed by pawn dude push back on every inward stroke.

There was no slow fucking now I was hammering her beautiful ass like there was no tomorrow. Finally I could hold back no longer and I grabbed hips and plunged as deep as I could and emptied my love seed into her ass. I fell over her and we laid like that for about ten minutes before we could move.

I told her that when I snapped my fingers she would remember I was just going out the door and would remember nothing else. I pushed her back down on the desk and ate all the pussy juice and my own cum that I could get out of her so she wouldn't wonder how she got so wet. She put on her panties and I had her sit down at her desk.

I opened a couple of windows to let some of the smell out. I told her she would not remember anything but to remember whenever I said "little women" she would go to sleep and wait for my instructions. Also that when ever we looked directly at each other she would get a warm feeling between her legs and she would get real wet there. I unlocked the door and opened it and snapped my fingers and said good night Miss.

Widner and she said "good night Eric thanks for the demonstration and I left. (Continued) all rights reserved to the Author.