German public sex girls having fun in hostel room mms scandal

German public sex girls having fun in hostel room mms scandal
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ALISON UNCOVERED 2 This is the continuing adventures with my new found friend, a married english gal, just moved into my local village…and who I wickedly seduced and opened her up to a new vibrant world of sex. Husbands away, wives go out to play, especially when plied with the local wines. Alison and I returned to my home after an outrageous outing to St. Tropez market. Watching (and photographing) Alison, unravelling from prim, shy, obedient housewife into a liberated beautiful sexy woman, I was to lead her upstairs to show her my 'cock'!

"This is my bedroom", and slipping my hand under my pillows, declared "and THIS, is my big, 10 inch cock.

You like it Alison" "Wow, it IS big, and I see it does stay erect hehee, but perhaps more than I can handle" she answered with wide open eyes. Alison, had still not buttoned up after our little tryst downstairs on the sofa, and she was exposing most of her lovely boobs, and dark triangle of pubic hair, "and you said that it had a strap to fasten around you?" she asked me.

"Only when I am going to fuck somebody with it. Come here and have a feel of it" as we giggled together. Sitting side by side on the edge of the bed Alison slowly reached up to feel the soft spongy latex, then closed her fingers around it.

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"Woooo, gosh, it feels real&hellip.and hard as you said, but I can tiny cute girl gets slammed by bbc big black cock and monstercock wrap my fingers around it." "Would it be really nice to have it slide up and down between your tits?

Wet it and stroke like you would Jim's" I encouraged her, but she had never had Jim's penis slide between her boobs. "Penis? You actually call it a penis when having it off with Jim? Well, between ourselves it is a COCK !" I said to her a little insistently, as Alison looked down and blushingly whispered "cock, and we make love; never called it 'having it off', and never ever, 'fucking'…… please show me, what is next?" I lifted the the cock up to her lips and told her to lick it and get it all slippery to slide up and down.

Her tongue slipped out to start licking, but stopped to blurt out "But I can taste your juices." "Oh, sorry Alison, I was having fun with it before we set off to the market, and just threw it under my pillow to dress quickly, but it is lovely that you remember my 'taste'." "Oh, I don't think I can ever forget it&hellip.or get tired of it, Jenni" "Sweet thing. Ok, back to serious studying for you" as I put the latex back towards her lips.

Up and down she wetted it, and I coaxed her to slip the head between her lips. She hesitatingly took the head into her mouth, and looked at me. I smiled and nodded to her and she went back to fellating the cock. Having never done that before, she started to get the hand of it, even rather rudely sucking it in and the pulling it out.

Alison was getting quite out of breath and she continued to suck.

Her saliva began to dribble from the corner of her mouth. I caught it between my fingers and let her see me lick my fingers clean.

"Shall we try the thing you said about between the boobs?" Alison volunteered. "Love to" I replied as I slipped the blouse from her shoulders. Reluctantly she allowed me to take my 'cock' from her as I told her to cup her tits. She loved doing that to herself and also squeezed her nipples. They were I noticed, hard already.

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As she was caressing her mounds, I slowly prodded her stomach with the hard phallus and then trailed it up between her hands. "Squeeze them together and try to trap the cock" I instructed as I slid it up and down. Up and down, and could see Alison's tongue licking her lips, and so I slid it farther up maid sexy girl cummed inside unseen videos ex girlfriend stepdaughter the tip bumped against her chin.

Her mouth fell open in surprise and that was my chance. The chance to slip it between her lips and let her have a tit-fuck and fellatio, at the same time. With each upward thrust, Alison was wanting to take in more and more of the cock, until she gagged and pulled it out. "Woooh, that was going so well until I almost choked, but I loved it." Alison's mouth and chin were soaking and I leant across to her and pushed my tongue deep into her open mouth, with one arm around her and the other hand running up and down her body until I cupped one breast and squeezed the nipple.

I leant down to take it in my mouth and suck on it, as I queezed the other nipple between thumb and forefinger. Alison pulled the latex cock into her mouth and her head bobbed up and down on it. It was too much for me, and I pushed her back onto my bed and with her legs dangling over the edge, plunged my head between thighs, to suck her labia into my lusty mouth.

Alison continued on her back to slide the cock in and out of her mouth, making whimpering noises because of my busy tongue and lips. She was close to cumming and I finished her off by pushing her legs into the air and sinking two long fingers into her soaking cunt, thumb flicking her clit, and tongued her crack from pussy to butt before stabbing my pointy tongue into her anus, and thrusting it in past her tight ring to the centre of her innards, lips fastened around her asshole.

"WOOOOOOOOOOO" she cried out and climaxed onto my fingers, dripping down to my face.

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"SOOOOO exquisite" she mumbled as the latex dildo tumbled onto the duvet beside me. I finally shucked my clothes and lay down on top of her, our bodies fully joined, as Alison fought for breath.

"Oh, darling wonderful Jenni, I love you", she whispered as she spread her thighs and brought her legs around my hips, crossing her ankles to hold me close to her, our pubic bones pressed hard against the other.

Her hips started to bump against mine as she was imaging being humped in this missionary position. "Can you believe what I am thinking?" Alison mumbled with her head buried in my shoulder. I was hoping, but I said to her as I nibbled her neck and ear, "Tell me, you beautiful woman." There was a long pause, as if she was plucking up the courage. "I was thinking how nice it would be to have a…&hellip.

a 'cock' inside me. Is that terrible of me, Jenni?" It was my turn to get breathless, as I longing for her to ask me that. "No, honey, I think that is wonderful, but would you mind that it wasn't Jim's, but my own?" "Oh Jenni, yours is the only one I want…… I want you to make love to me with it……no, that is wrong.

When I am with you, I want, need, desire you to ………to.fuck me." With that, her hands cupped my bum, and pulled my pussy against her hairy triangle. "Mmmmmmm, are you ready for that?" I whispered, and Alison replied that it was the only thing she wanted now.

I kissed and licked all her face, and rose up from her. She rose onto one elbow to watch me attach the phallus, but I wanted to enthrall her farther. I took the prick into the bathroom, and attached it to me in privacy. Re-adjusted my stockings and suspender-belt. I had already filled the reservoir with an 'internal washing lotion", and slipped my short robe around me.'My end' of the cock was up inside me and I tingled as I walked back into the bedroom.

I caught Alison's look of surprise, tinged with latina fuck in public park with stranger, that I was covered by my robe. I placed one knee on the bed and leant over to kiss her, pull out my boobs, and told her to suck and bite them. She greedily gobbled and bit my tits as I secretly undid the belt of my robe, and ordered her to "Now, suck my cock!' Alison gasped as she looked down to see a ten-inch cock swaying inches from her face.

Without holding it, she slipped it between her lips and began to fellate me. I gently swayed my cock in and out of her with open mouth, and reached down to sink my fingers into her pubic hair and down to her slit. Stroking until I slipped one then two fingers between her pussy lips, I watched one of Alison's hand s squeezing her boobs and pulling sharply on her nipples.

Then, in surprise, saw her other hand move round her back, to her bottom. I pulled her across so that I could see a finger slide into her anus. I licked wet a forefinger and moved to join her own finger between her cheeks, and pushed my finger to join her own in her back passage.

"OOOOOOOO" was all she could mutter from her filled mouth, but I knew that she was enjoying this new sensation, and feeling our two fingers in her ass, rubbing, against the thin wall between her vagina and bowels, my two fingers sloshing deep in her cunt.

NOW, all her holes were filled, and oh my how she was wriggling in a hot sexual frenzy. "HOOMPHHHHHH" she murmured with her mouth filled with cock, feeling our two fingers sodomising her arsehole, she pulled her lips off the fake phallus, and shouted at me, "JENNI, PLEASE FUCK ME NOWWWWWWWWWWWW" I shed my robe, and as she cupped both my aching tits, I lowered myself to between her very open thighs, she was quick to grab my strap-on dildo and guided the tip to her entrance.

Rubbing it along her pussy lips and down to her asshole, stabbing it briefly, then back up to slip a little into her hot hole.

I paused, which she thanked me for, before she edged her cunt onto my cock, as I also gently pushed my hips towards hers. More and more of it was disappearing up her until she cried out. "Wait, it is so big and filling me." I whispered that I would take it very gently, as she replied "Yes, please do."I kissed her deeply as my hips slowly moved in and out, not allowing the 10 inches fully invade her.

Alison's hips began to move in unison, and her bum began to lift a little of the mattress. With growing confidence, our movements became a little quicker and her legs lifted up around my waist. "OHHHHH this is so goooooooooood" Alison moaned as my hips moved my cock quicker into her, and she began to hump it deeper.

" OH YESSSSSSS" she cried out sexy blindfolded y squirt wife gilf shared her arms went about me making me thrust harder into her tight tunnel.

I increased my pace and most of the cock was pounding her. Sinking deep into the mattress, head back, so that Alison's bum could get higher to take all shes a milf who loves big black dick my cock, she again grabbed her tits and was pulling her nipples very hard, in time to my pumping into her.

Still deep inside her, I lifted onto my haunches, pulled her legs and bum up towards my strap-on and pushed her knees onto her tits. OH what a glorious view to see her cunt wide open with my cock embedded inside her. I was grinding into her, as she growled "FUCK ME JENNI, GIVE IT ALL TO ME… FILL MY FUCKING CUNT&hellip.FUCK MY CUNT WITH THIS DIRTY BIG FUCKING COCK OF YOURS…… OH FUCK HARDER" That was it for me, as I leant over her and stabbed my 10 inches as deep as they would go and fucked her hard, pumping my length fully into her, and feel me stabbing at her cervix.

Ankles now crossed behind my head, my hips furiously stabbed my big cock IN AND OUT UNTIL Alison cried out, OH I AM GOING TO CUM &hellip.SO CLOSE. So was I, as my end of the dildo was pumping in and out of me and working wonders on my clit. "Just a moment more baby, I will cum with you." "OH PLEASE JENNI…CUM WITH ME" We were both humping and grinding away together, until I started to orgasm and I hissed to Alison, "I am cumming…cum with me, babes", and as she screamed "YESSSSSS" to me I ground into her, and released the fluid from the reservoir bulb, spurting and shooting deep into her cunt, and with each final thrust was spraying her pussy with the liquid.

Alison went berserk, thrashing about, and fucking my cock, "OH yes Jenni, cum inside me, fill me with your spunk, drown my cunt with your sperm" And with that she grabbed me and stuck her tongue deep down my throat. Mashing our open mouths together in an orgasmic frenzy. I collapsed on top her, my still had dick, inside her and we hugged and dreamily caressed and nibbled on each other.

"That was FANTASTIC Jenni" she sighed, "I have never climaxed so hard in my life, and unbelievable that I could take such a monster cock&hellip.and shooting and cumming so deep into my entrails was soooooooo dirty and wonderful. OH SHIT JENNI, hold me close, I am cumming again darling." Alison pulled my bum towards her, fucking my cock again as she writhed again against me.

"Oh OH OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH" and collapsed as in a faint into my mattress. We dozed for a little, both spent and curled against me, with my cock still up inside her. We staggered to a shower together, and although a little tender, allowed me to bathe her pussy, gently soaping her labia, and inside her. Alison still enjoyed a soapy finger slide into her rectum, pushing back onto my hand, and then returned the compliment, by washing then toweling from head to foot. Of course, we kissed and licked wherever we dried, and both giggled that this was making us both horny again.

Down stairs, we opened a bottle of provençal rosé, and prepared the prawns with garlic and ginger, and a salad with French dressing. Over supper, dressed in only knickers and shirts, we chatted and giggled away, until Alison said to me. " Thinking back to our love-making, it would have been really erotic to have witnessed what the two of us were doing." I adore how Alison's mind was beginning to work about sex.

"You mean video us to look at it afterwards?" "Well no" she countered "although I had not thought of that…but, like, errr &hellip.

like observing?" I had to explain that this was not possible unless one had an out-of-body experience, so the nearest thing would be to have a third person there, but it couldn't be the two of us together. "Were you thinking of husband Jim, by any chance?" "GOOD GOD, NO" she blurted out "NO thank you very much… what an idea.

No, I see what you mean, but another person might be the interesting idea?" Mmmmmm ok, my mind was in a sexual revelry now, but managed to squeak out "You mean like Joelle, the shop lady? She certainly jumped on you quick enough, but may not entertain a threesome, or me?" "If you remember, Jenni, she gave me her business card, and said that if WE ever wanted another visit or fitting, she would be delighted to meet up again.

And, she very much wanted to get my head between her thighs and lick her pussy, and thinking back, I think she knew that you peeked in on us&hellip. wasn't the cubicle curtain a little open when you returned?" "Interesting" I mused and opened up my cellphone and retrieved the photos. Sure enough, I was astonished. "Look at this Alison. There, in the second shot I took of Joelle on her knees licking you, her eyes are turned towards me, and there in the third photo, she has blithely turned back to servicing your cunt!" "Heheeeee, so she is…I bet she is up for it…&hellip.OH&hellip.only if you were as well of course, Jenni?" I replied looking at a rather shyly blushing Alison.

"Are you on for another stroll around St.Tropez tomorrow?" THIS STORY IS OF COURSE CONTINUED IN ALISON UNCOVERED 3 Please leave comments, as to whether I am doing this right. I hope you enjoy my life here, and encouragement to continue would help and please me so much. Thanks. JENNI xxx