Sexy nina lays boobs down on the massage

Sexy nina lays boobs down on the massage
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stephanie looked at fletchers sad eyes, and realised now was as good a time as any to make her move. "valkyrie may never have loved you" she said, moving close to fletcher "but I can".

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fletcher looked surprised "but, but youre not real" he said confused, grief clouding his mind. "of course Im real!" Stephanie snapped, grabbing hold of fletchers wrist and placing it firmly on her D cup breast. "dont you feel that?" she said as her hand reached down fletchers trousers, behind his underwear and around his 7" cock "if i wasnt real you wouldnt be feeling this would you" Stephanie said, a grin forming on her face as she kissed fletcher, her body flooding with tingles and pleasure as he kissed her back, his tongue sliding around hers.

in an instant they appeared in the penthouse sweet of a new york hotel, the kiss continuing as they lay down on the 4 poster bed, fletcher on top. Stephanie broke off the kiss and pulled fletchers jacket off before tearing her t shirt off, revelaing a black lace bra that perfectly framed her dark hair and eyes, very cute, very sexy, and fletcher wasted no time in unclipping it and grasping both breasts firmly, causing stephanie to moan and bite her lip.

her breasts, D cups, were firm, and her waist was tight and muscled. fletcher leant down and wrapped his lips around anna de ville and elena taste each other s pussies right nipple and Stephanie let out a long moan of pleasure. never had anyone touched her like this. her hands found fletchers chest and Stephanie pushed him away, getting on her knees and tugging Fletchers belt loose, dropping his trousers revelaing his cock.

she gazed at it for a while, a little over 7 inches in length bending slightly to the left, to Stephanie it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. recalling the dozens of memoreis that valkyrie had collected on how to give a stellar blowjob, Stephanie held the base of the shaft with her left hand and wrapped her lips around the tip of the cock, looping her tongue around the head, a vast array of tastes and flavours flooding her mind as she started bobbing her head up and down on the shaft.

letting go of the cock Stephanie held her arms behind her and bobbed up and down on Fletchers beautiful cock. moving deeper and deeper it wasnt long before her chin was bumping fletchers balls, she pulled away and gagged, mascara running. "now fuck me" Stephanie said "fuck me as hard as you can!" laying back on the bed she pulled up her skirt and shifter her matching black lace panties to the side, revealing her technically virgin pussy, valkyrie may have fooled around but the reflection had never so much as fingered herself.

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fletcher pulled his trousers from around his ankles and rubbed his cock on Stephanies opening several tines before plunging it in and suddenly the world was a bright and colourful place as fletchers thick meat pressed deep inside her "aa-aaah" Stephanie gasped as fletcher pushed inside her for the first time "oh yes" fletcher carefully pulled out, slowly and gently before stephanie wrapped her legs around his waist, roughly pulling him back inside her "fletcher renn, I said fuck me as hard as you can" Stephanie snapped and a cocky grin spread across fletchers face "ok then" he said and pulled out until the tip was barely inside her before slamming as hard as he could, elliciting a squeal of joy from Stephanies lips "YES!!!" she cried "YES JUST LIKE THAT" and fletcher slammed inside her pussy again and again and again and Stephanies body lurched as his pelvis sunny leone sexy funny storys, shuddering in extascy as her entire body was flooded with pleasure.

"oh my fucking god" she panted rapidly as fletcher continued, sweat forming on his brow. "YEEEEES"!" Stephanie screamed and a jet of squirt splattered fletchers shirt and valkyries legs pulled fletcher in tight as he moaned, spraying valkyries womb with sticky white cum.

"sorry" fletcher said "i didnt mean to cum inside you just kinda pulled me in and i couldnt pull out, youre legs are bloody strong" he said, collapsing next to her. she turned and kissed his cheek, a finger sliding over her soaking wet, clean shaven pussy.

long mascarra lines running down her face Stephanie shuddered as she relaxed, deflating into a state of absolute bliss as fletcher stood, getting dressed "your mums probably getting home any moment now" he said and Stephanie sat up, pulling down her skirt, putting her bra and tshirt back on as she spoke "i enjoyed that" she said "we should do it again".

had the blood flow in fletchers body been directed at his brain he may have worked out a reflection shouldnt enjoy sex, or anything for that matter, but it wasnt, and Stephanie was safe. Flether teleported her home, having a firm squeeze of valkyries ass before he teleported away as Mellisa Edgley walked through the door.

Stephanie walked downstairs, some of Fletchers cum beggining to seep into the lace of her panties as she picked up her baby sister alice. "hi sweety" her mother said, frowning as she sniffed the air "can you smell that?" she asked then glanced at Stephanies face, hastily swept away mascara lines down her face still somewhat visible.

"oh, um, im sure its nothing" she said and took alice from here "you look like you could use a shower" Mellisa said and walked away Thank you for reading, i plan to add some kinkier ;D things in later stories