Mommys indian friend hornylily flirts and pees on her panties for you pov

Mommys indian friend hornylily flirts and pees on her panties for you pov
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My name is Matt. I'm 13 years old. This story is about my relationship with my 15 year old sister Jessie. We've always been close, starting when I was two and she would dress me up like a barbie doll (thank god I don't remember).

Just recently, Jesse and I have been getting into huge arguments and fighting. By auntey xxx sex cudai storys daunload, I mean she'd throw me on the ground and punch me mercilessly until I cried my eyes out (did I mention her friends were always around to see this???) Since I turned twelve, I have been jerking off relentlessly to anything I could dream up, and the only thing that kept popping up were thoughts of my sister's long blonde hair that tapered to her shapely waist.

She loved wearing too tight tees that stretched over her 36C tits, and short shorts that cut directly under her round, firm ass.

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Today was no different as she walked into the kitchen this morning wearing a baby blue tee that could've easily come from baby gap, and short khaki colored shorts. Mom and I were already eating. "What took u so long getting down here young lady?" Mom said as she began making Jessie a plate of pancakes and eggs. "Obviously, the princess figured she should be awaken with breakfast in bed!" I stated.

"Hmm.Fuck you." Jessie replied as she charged towards me. Now let me describe my dear sister. She's 5 foot seven feet of pure fury! And to my mere 5'5'' of scrawny muscle, she may as well had been playing ball for the NBA! She's a thicker girl, but thanks to volleyball & softball, she's thick in all the right places. And when she gets angry, you can swear her crystal blue eyes were fire red! Jessie moved so quickly I barely saw it coming: she tackled me right asian filipina slut ride cock cowgirl style of my chair, straddled me, and began her merciless punching session.

Now I gotta admit, her warm body all over me, touching me (even though it was punching).it felt good. Really good. And as I looked into my sister's eyes I saw something other than rage. I think it was lust. She hopped off off me quickly."Ohmygosh, you're hard!!!" I tried my best to cover my hardness, but I was only wearing basketball shorts and no shirt. "Dude, I'm your sister!

You don't pop a boner when I'm wailing on you!" Guess I was wrong on the lust thing. Near tears, I ran into my room before my mom could say anything. Sometime after I buried my face in my pillow, there was a knock at my door. Jessie stepped in, and closed the door behind her.

young girl cum suck daddy me alone, Jessica!" I yelled as she got closer to the bed. "Make me, little brother." She said quietly as she jumped in my bed and straddled me like she usually does before she punches me. She held down both of my arms over my head, but this time, she hesitated. I closed my eyes, waiting for the impending nipple twister, but it never came.

But, what did come was a kiss. A hot, wet, tongue-filled kiss. When I started kissing her back, she got off of me. With a shocked expression in her eyes, she said, "I'm so sorry Mattie!" before she ran out of my room and into hers. I sat there for what seemed like an eternity, stunned.

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Did that just really happen? Fuck yea it did! But why was Jessie so upset??? I needed answers so I decided to go get them. I barged right into her room. "Jessie, what the-holy hell!!!" Was all I could say because I had just walked in on horny teen riding and orgasm on webcam sister rubbing her pussy furiously on top of her blanket.

Her shorts were at her knees (no panties), her shirt was pulled up to her collarbone, revealing those big, gorgeous tits! Her nipples were impossibly pink! She had two fingers in her pussy, and her other hand was a blur, rubbing her clit. She noticed me staring and shrieked as she tried to cover herself with a blanket. "Mattie!!!

You didn't knock!" nice ass teen with curly hair masturbating sorry, I wanted to talk to you!" I said, but never taking my eyes off of her nearly nude state. She shrieked, and threw a pair of shorts at me.

"Get out!" She yelled. That's when I looked at the shorts she threw at me-they were my shorts! "Jessie, what the hell is going on?" I said as she paused and pulled me into bed beside her. "Mattie, I need to do something. Please don't say anything. Just sit." She started kissing me, soft and shy at first, but when I grabbed her bare ass, she just moaned in my mouth and kissed me harder.

Jessie furiously grabbed for my shorts, and pulled them down to my calves. She moved on top of me, and finally broke our kiss. "I need it, Mattie. I need my little brother's cock inside me!" She whispered as she impaled my cock. Never in a million years would I have thought sex had felt as good as it does! She was so hot, and so wet! (years later i found out she was a fountain compared to most girls) She slammed onto my cock repeatedly, as she whined, "Fuck, you're HUGE!!!

You fill me up so good baby! I'm about to fucking cum!" She grinded on me really hard, stopped, then her legs started shaking really hard! She slowed her gyrations down, and finally stopped moving. I was still very much hard inside of her. Jessie pulled herself off of me, then she sat next to me. She was really quiet, then all of a sudden, like she just realized what she had just done hit her, she folded her legs up to her chest, put her arms around them, and broke into tears.

I quickly put my arms around my clearly conflicted sister. "I'm a freak, Mattie! The only guy I'm remotely sexually attracted to is my fucking little brother! I've tried so hard to get it out of my head, even going as far as fucking my idiot boyfriend, who I really don't like!" She said in between tears.

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I just continued to hold her. I moved her matted hair away from her face. "What if I told you I liked what we just did?" I said. "I just raped you, Mattie.

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Do u not get that???" She replied. "What if I told you that I'm attracted to you too." I said quietly. "Don't mess with me." She replied. "I would never do that, Jessie.

You're the only girl that I ever think about. Dream about. Fantasize about. And what we just did.thank you so much." I whispered, and she wiped the tears from her eyes and kissed me. Not like a sister kisses her brother, but like a woman kisses a man.

She hugged me, and jumped back. "Ohmygosh, you didn't cum! I'm so sorry!" "It's ok Jess. I can go handle it." I said as I started to get up, but she threw me back on the bed, and hopped on me in the same position we were in just minutes before. "Na-uh, little brother. I owe you." She said as she started kissing me. But she kissed downward, past my neck, and past my chest, and my abs. My sister was sucking my cock! She was amazing at it! She licked the underside from the base all the way to the tip, and she basically swallowed down my entire length!

For thirteen, I think I was blessed with a nice sized cock. Six inches, but thick.

Really thick. I grabbed the back of her head, laid back, and enjoyed her bobbing on my cock. She used her right hand to jerk my dick, and her left hand to fondle my balls. "How does that *slurp* feel baby? You gonna *slurp* cum for me soon, little *slurp* brother?" She said while sucking.

I yelled, "Yea, Jessie, I'm about to cum!" She grabbed my ass with both hands, and sucked the entire length of my cock into her mouth, anticipating my cum.And that's when mom walked in.