Beautiful slutty babe payed and fucked then gets facial

Beautiful slutty babe payed and fucked then gets facial
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Now I consider myself a normal guy who isnt afraid of groping a plethora of butts in a crowd at the mall.Ladies and teenagers alike satisfy me. Brushing my palm across the ass cheeks of an unsuspecting stranger has its thrills and satisfaction. But I had never imagined that I would be getting gratification so close to home, literally.

Last month I had to stay at my uncles place for a few days as I had just moved into the city and hostel accomodation was a problem at the new college I had joined.My 15 year old cousin sister was very happy to see me and so was I ,happening to touch the lemons blossoming under her shirt at the very first welcome hug(I returned the hug with an affectionate squeezing of her buns which she was too excited to notice).My uncle had to go to office and bade me goodbye.All this was very well.But seeing my aunt gave me a shock.The last time I was here I used to think of her as an oft irate grownup and naturally tried to stay out of her way but now I couldnt take my eyes off her voluptuous ass,her smooth,perfect complexion and her inviting breasts.She however greeted me in her usual sultry manner but welcomingly nevertheless.I excused myself,saying I had had a dirty train ride and would like to shower.My cousin showed me to my room and I directly went to shower and wacked off to the tight buns of my budding cousin and the sexuality of my aunt.

After dinner(during which I could but snatch glances at the particulars of my aunt's treasures)we went off to a siesta which is the usual routine for a typical indian household in the afternoon.I had more things on my mind than sleep though.My aunt settled down at the far corner of a cramped bed with her back to us(my cousin and me).This suited me fine as the whole of her back could now be observed without shame.My cousin persisted with a game of antakshari(each player has to sing a popular song and the next player has to start a song beginning with the last letter of the previous player's song.)I played along for some time after which I pretended to drop off.My cousin called my name a few times and certain that Iwas asleep,dropped off herself.This was bliss.After a safe amount of time I made as if my hand had fallen on her butt as if accidentally in my sleep.No response.I started moving my hands slowly over her tight buns ,feeling the material of her loose dress slide over naked skin,feeling the tautness of the flesh and finally in one movement pressing my fingers into the crevice between her buns and squeezing.My cousin shifted uneasily in her old spunkers cum ladies cum complications immediately withdrew my hand and lay low for a while my heart and throbbing cock racing with blood.After 5 painstaking minutes I looked over to where my cousin lay,thankfully still asleep.My god!her hand lay on her mother's ultra-sexy ass!This was my big break and I braced myself for the plunge.Carefully I reahed over(my cousin was the divide between my goal and me)and placed my hand just beside my cousin's so my aunt would not suspect anything even if she was only half asleep.How can I ever describe the feeling?it was nothing like the bony tightness of my cousin's derriere(bless her ass).It was toned yet seemed to yield to my touch until I felt like I was going crazy.Here I was ,in my uncles house ,groping my aunt in the same bed as her daughter,my cousin sister.As the afternoon progressed I tried more daring postures-roaming the whole of my dream buttock-placing my lips on mom takes younger dicks in her minivan piece of developed womanhood -simultaneouly handling the cracks of the mother and the daughter and on and on and on-and on-till it was nearing evening when I shot my wad and smeared a tiny bit over the two asses so no one would notice.After that I even placed my naked penis on my cousins ass (over the clothes of course )and pissed a tiny bit.I proceeded to piss in my hands and smear acosiderable portion over my aunts buttock's and gently placed my cousin's hand on that portion.I even smeard my cousin's lips with a little of my urine.That afternoon seemed to last an eternity.I had to be so gentle,oh so gentle even when all I wanted to do was tear off their clothes and take them by force forcing my cum into their throats and tearing out their holes with my dick.

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It was evening when the alarm clock finally rang.I took a lot of satisfaction in knowing that they were carrying my cum and piss with them as they went about their household work As my aunt prepared the supper I as if accidentally brushed across her ass cheeks a few times and once even touched her ass crack.My cousin helped her mother and giggled as I played tickling games with her ,in the process exploring her ass crack and pinching her tits.After uncle came home we had supper.

Now uncle and aunt were to sleep in a room adjacent to the room I was sharing with my dear sister.I had no problems with that.The bed in our room was a large one and it was obvious we would have no problems sharing it.I waited in breathless anticipation for what seemed a very long time after which i was decently sure that little sis had dropped off.She was on the other side of the bed with her back to me.

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The good bro that I wasI snuggled closer to make sure she was all in one piece. After fulfilling my basic duty (roaming my hands all over her nymphy body) I took out BigBoy and massaged it a bit.Now I slid my hand under her skirt and made for the booty.Surprise! Little sis was not used to wearing a panty to bed!

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Her warm flesh almost made me come then and there .But I had more elaborate plans.After my excitement had abated somewhat I cupped my hands and pissed a bit into it. Sis's skirt was now riding high on her hips and I poured the warm sunshine on the white skin.The ass was now smooth and warm.I now pressed my fingers into the crack and searched for the pussy and there it was.Suddenly a hand fell on my exploring fingers stopping me dead. "What are you upto ?" "Erm.Nothing?" My cousin turned over facing me .She was smiling.

"Awww! You wanna go pee pee or you want me to squeeze your thing?" ,she asked.

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I was shaking by nowmy penis now being clutched tight by whiteslender fingers and without further ado I came all over her hand.Sis giggled uncontrollably."Well I hope you are comfy for now I have to pee pee also" "whatever" I croaked. The night was still young.