Xxxx story sex stories sixe fall sex stories story 2019sex stories

Xxxx story sex stories sixe fall sex stories story 2019sex stories
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Chapter 1: Taken I walked quietly to the orphanage. It was late at night and my footsteps echoed. I am 18 years old and 5'8, I am very skinny due to the lack of food in the orphanage.

My breasts though are quite large, I don't know how large since none of the bras fit me, therefore I don't wear one.

The adults at the orphanage tease me calling my breasts watermelons; which as disgusting as it sounds is true. I have deep blue eyes and long platinum hair. As I arrived at the orphanage I saw that we had a guest, an ogre. He was about 8 feet tall and he was wearing nothing but a lion cloth. Though there was something underneath it, I don't know what. Mrs.

Duncan spoke to me with a eerie sweetness to her voice, "Ava darling, come with me. This man wants to adopt you and you should get changed. I obediently followed her to a dark room.

Mrs.Duncan's tone changed back to her wretched voice. "Alright Ava you slut, the ogre likes your watermelons. He's gonna adopt you bitch so wear these clothes. We can then raise your price." I obediently stripped. Mrs.Duncan handed me two garments, those of which I didn't know the name of.

"Put on the thong and bikini top quickly." As I obeyed the orders, Mrs.Duncan continued speaking. "The ogre has a dick over a foot long Ava- "Whats a dick?" I interrupted. I immediately regretted it. Mr.Duncan took bathing party slut jizzed group sex and cumshot two safety pins and held me down while she put them through my nipples. " Now, now Ava: don't be a bad girl." I cried out as she roughly pulled them out.

There were two oozing dots of blood were the pins were. After I put the bikini top I came downstairs. The ogre's dick, I believe, went straight like a stick when he saw me. What could it be used for?

He then put his hand on my butt which was almost as large as my breasts. "Come Ava." Chapter 2: Torture We arrived in front of his castle. "Ava, I had a surprise for you, but you are so beautiful I will give it to you now.

He leaned forward to touch my right breast but I moved back. " What are you doing?!" The ogre looked angry and I became suddenly frightened. Without speaking he grabbed my silver hair and dragged me to his castle.

"AAAAAAAAAAA! W-WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME!" He threw me into a dark room where I sobbed quietly. They next day two gnomes came. Without a word they dragged me to a room."AAAAAAA PLEASE STOP DRAGGING ME!" The friction caused by the dragging made my nipples bleed. The gnomes whipped me until I passed out. "UGH THAT HURTS" When I came back to my senses, my hands were chained and I was hanging from the ceiling.

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The ogre was sitting in front of me, whip in hand. I blushed since I was completely naked. "Alright Ava, you will call me master and you will obey me." I shouted, "MONSTER YOU ARE A MONSTER." The ogre, not surprised, handed his whip to the gnomes who positioned themselves, one if front of me and one behind me. They each held an end of the whip and they forced in between my legs. Unmercifully, they moved it back and forth, very fast. They then stuck two, six inch pins into my nipples. I screamed, "NO STOP I AM SORRY PLEASE STOP!" The gnomes continued for a while before they stopped and they removed the pins.

The ogre then commanded me to open my legs. I did and my private was bright red. Blood was dripping from it as well as my nipples. "Yes.master." Chapter 3: Submission The gnomes proceeded to lick the blood. They then licked my private. I moaned, What.what is this feeling? Three more gnomes arrived. One pressed my breasts together while the others bit my nipples.

"mmmmmm ohhhhhhhhhhh somethings comming! AAAAAAA" Sticky white goo emerged from my private. The ogre removed his loincloth, revealing his dick that was one foot long. It was hard and surrounded with similar goo. "Stop," he commanded, " I am going to fuck your pussy and asshole. "What.what do you mean?" The ogre laughed, "How innocent! I will put my dick in your private bitch!" As the ogre continued laughing I sobbed. "NO PLEASE THAT THING WON'T FIT!

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IT IS TOO BIG PLEASE NOOOOO!" The ogre came closer and he licked my tears. His long, pointed tongue lead a trail of saliva into my private.

He then stuck it in there. "mmmmmm please. stop.ohhhhh" My body was betraying me and with out warning I felt a flash of light. I finally felt dissy and lightheaded. Then the ogre pressed his lips against my private, draining the juices. As I started to sob he whipped me everywhere including my nipples and private until they bled "ACK STOP IT HURTS" " Time to fuck you!" "WITH NO LUBRICATION" "Yeah bitch!" "MONSTER YOU ARE A MONSTER!" He positioned his dick against my private and after I inch I felt this tearing pain.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!" He then stuffed his entire dick in me and pushed back and forth. Strangely I felt no pleasure, only pain. "AAAAAAAAA NOOOOOOO THE PAIN ITS UNBEARABLE UGH STOP!" I thought it was over until he stuck a finger in my butt.

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He then fucked me similarly over there. "PLEASE STOP NO AH SOMETHINGS COMING!" When he stopped all my legs were covered with blood and sticky goo. The ogre then pulled out two metal rods shaped like dicks. They were two feet long and the ogre pushed them with great effort into both holes. It entered my cervix but I had no more energy to scream or cry.

Instead The pain was so great I fainted. "mmmmmmmmm.uh." As my vision darkened, the last image was one of my blood covered body and the ogre chuckling. "The pain has only only begun." If you want part 2, comment, I need 5 comments to continue.