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Tiny amateur teen bangs for dollars at a fake casting smalltits petite
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Fbailey story number 348 The Fire When a fire destroyed our home I was at school taking my final exams and Dad was at work. Mom had moved out a few months before that and was living at her boyfriend's house. Dad suspected that either Mom or her boyfriend had started the fire.

The investigators determined it to be arson but they couldn't prove that it was either of them. The insurance paid off but it took a few months. In the meantime I was sent to stay with Dad's sister, my Aunt Jessie and my only cousin Mary.

Mary was two years younger than I was at thirteen.

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Aunt Jessie's husband had cheated on her so she had gotten rid of him. As I looked at Aunt Jessie in her tight blue jeans and her pink button shirt I could not imagine any man cheating on her. She had that shirt tucked into her jeans showing off her tiny waist and the collar was up in the back giving her the look of a fashion model. Her reddish blonde hair shined in the sunlight, her beautiful face glowed, and that smile of hers melted my heart. I ran to her and gave her the biggest hug that I could manage.

We got my luggage and left the airport. We stopped for a bite to eat on the way. When I saw Mary I was impressed. She didn't have any tits the last time I saw her.

Aunt Jessie took me to my bedroom and helped me get settled in. It was the most embarrassing thing I ever had to endure. Aunt Jessie found my father's going away gift.

It was a box of condoms, a stack of dirty magazines, and a tube of K-Y Jelly. I had never been so embarrassed in my life. Then Aunt Jessie said, "It's okay. Don't worry about it. I used to watch your father jerk off when he was about your age. I even did it for some of my dates in high school. Hell I amateur teen girl hitch hiking for a ride and gets the ultimate car fucking it myself." As my mind tried to conceive of my gorgeous Aunt masturbating, my dick got hard.

Why on Earth would a woman that pretty, ever have to do it herself? As Aunt Jessie walked away I looked at her ass in those jeans and knew that I would have to masturbate. She was only gone a minute when she returned. She handed me a pair of panties and said, "Here. Your father loved to jerk off in my used panties. He would smell them as he jerked off and then he would cum on them. I used to give him a fresh pair every night before I went to bed.

He would use them and then put them in the clothes hamper for our mother to wash.

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I can do the same thing for you. I can even get you Mary's panties too if you like." As she left she said, "Dinner will be ready in about forty-five minutes if you want to take care of that now." She smiled, pointed at my crotch, and closed the door on her way out. I put her used panties up to my nose and inhaled deeply.

It was great. The smell of her perfume mixed with the smell of her pussy and sweat was like an aphrodisiac. I looked closely at the crotch of her panties and saw that it was a little crusty. I had seen that in my own underwear and knew that it was cum, her cum. I smelled of it again and lowered my pants and my underwear to my ankles.

I used some of the lubricant and started stroking my hard cock as I envisioned my Aunt Jessie in those panties. Then I envisioned her out of them. Soon I was ready to shoot. I wrapped her panties around the head of my cock big ass latina babe gagging on big dick and fucking outside kept jerking until I had shot five or six good gobs into them.

I lay back on the bed to recover. That was when my cousin opened hentai couple in hardcore and bdsm fuck door and came in. She let out a scream and ran down to tell on me. Shit! I pulled up my underwear and my pants then I ran after her.

As I entered the kitchen Aunt Jessie said, "I guess that you could have locked the door but there's no harm done. I explained to Mary that boys masturbate just like girls do only differently. Anyway, do you feel better now?" I told her that I did and she had me help Mary set the table. I got to sit on my Aunt's left side and that allowed me a little peek at her white bra through the puckered areas of her shirt.

I looked across the table at my cousin and she blushed knowing that I was checking out her tits too. You see she was not wearing a bra and she was wearing a tight white T-shirt. I could see her hard nipples and her nice little titties. Aunt Jessie dropped a spoon on the floor and asked me to pick it up for her.

While I was bent over I noticed that Mary's knees were wide open and that in her miniskirt I could see her yellow panties. Aunt Jessie leaned over and smiled as she pointed in her daughter's direction. I smiled back and looked up her skirt again. When I handed my Aunt the spoon she winked at me with the eye that Mary couldn't see. After dinner she made me dry the dishes but let Mary go play.

While I dried she said, "Mary hasn't learned to be a lady yet. I keep trying to teach her. I'll give you those panties later unless you would like Mary to hand them to you herself." I gave it a little thought and said, "I think I would like her to hand them to me just like you did. It was very special. Besides she knows what I want them for and will be helping me in a way." Aunt Jessie said, "Maybe I could get her to remove them in front of you.

Maybe I will too. Maybe we could even watch you jerk off in them. What do you think?" I said, "Can I watch you girls jerk off too?" Aunt Jessie said, "Well I might have to think about that one." The evening went well, we watched some television, and then one at a time we were sent to take a bath. To conserve water they share the bath and the next person just warms it up a little. Mary went first, then Aunt Jessie, and me last.

As I sat in the water washing my cock and balls I thought about Mary and Aunt Jessie washing their pussies. I walked out with a towel wrapped around my waist and went to my bedroom.

Mary and Aunt Jessie were in there waiting for me. They were wearing robes and smiling. As I stood there Aunt Jessie reached up under her robe and pulled down her panties.

She stepped out of them, picked them up, and then handed them to me. Mary did the same thing and smiled as she handed them to me. Mary asked, "Can I stay and watch you jerk off?" I smiled at them both and said, "You can both watch me jerk off if you want too. Then someday maybe you'll let me watch you guys jerk off." So I removed my towel and sat on the edge of my bed.

I kept Mary's panties in my hand and put some K-Y in the other hand. As I put her used panties to my face I grabbed a hold of my erection and started stroking it. I inhaled her fresh scent and watched as my Aunt Jessie sat down on my chair and motioned for Mary to sit up on my desk. As I already knew my cousin Mary was not much of a lady.

Her robe fell open at the bottom and her knees were spread wide enough for me to see just a little pubic hair and her slit. That image mixed with the aroma from her panties spurred me on to stroking faster.

The feeling was hardcore fuck for a tight muff hole. I really liked being watched.

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Aunt Jessie said, "The way you sit you might as well show him the rest." Then Aunt Jessie pulled at Mary's robe tie and it allowed her robe to open up and expose her tiny titties to me. Mary was so intent on watching me that she hardly noticed that she was almost nude too. As my hand sped up Mary's hand went to her slit. A finger disappeared inside her and then she brought it up to the top of her slit.

She wiggled her finger around slowly and started to moan. I started to moan. Something wasn't right. My hand was going a mile a minute but her finger was hardly moving. Watching her masturbate, seeing her titties, and smelling her panties was enough to put me over the edge. Instead of cumming in her panties I lay back on the bed and stroked faster. A geyser of cum shot up out of my cock and flew through the air landing on my body. The first shot landed near my shoulder and the rest horny old guy teases young luscious babe oldvsyoung and hardcore closer and closer to my belly button.

My hand was covered with what had dribbled all over it in the end. Aunt Jessie helped Mary down off the desk holding her robe so that she walked out of it as she approached me.

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Mary was in a trance as Aunt Jessie manipulated her toward me. With a hand on the back of Mary's neck she put her face to the big gob of cum at my shoulder. Mary licked it up like a vacuum cleaner. As she cleaned up one spot Aunt Jessie mover her to the next and the next. Her final stop was at my cock itself. Mary sucked it into her mouth, and sucked it, and sucked it some more.

Mary was possessed. When there was no more cum to suck up she went after my hand without Aunt Jessie's help. She licked up the K-Y as well as my cum and she wanted more. Aunt Jessie said, "Easy girl. He's young and full of cum but even he has his limits.

Maybe he will let us watch again in the morning." With that she covered me up, kissed me on my forehead, and dragged Mary out on the room naked. I fell asleep with thoughts of Mary's mouth on my cock.

To think that, that was just my first day with them. +++++ When I woke up in the morning I thought about putting something on to go to the bathroom but then again they had seen me naked so why bother.

Dad and I didn't bother at home after Mom had left. As I staggered into the bathroom with a piss-hard sticking straight up there was my Aunt Jessie sitting on the toilet with her knees open and her robe just hanging from her shoulders. We startled one another and I started to leave. Aunt Jessie call me back saying that she was almost done.

I stood there and watched as she took some toilet paper and reached down between her legs and wiped her pussy. She didn't flush it and said that I was next. Later I found out that that was just another way that she conserved water. Unless you poop you don't need to flush. As I stood over the toilet I lifted up the seat and looked down at the pale yellow liquid with a pad of toilet paper stuck to the front edge where Aunt Jessie had dropped it.

I noticed that she hadn't left the bathroom. I grabbed a hold of my stiff cock and almost broke the damn thing off trying to aim it down into the bowl. I doubled myself over then had to try to relax to get it to flow. It wasn't easy with everything going through my head and my Aunt standing there watching me.

I just couldn't relax enough no mater how hard I tried. Then Mary came in to use the toilet. She had on her robe and was just staring and waiting too.

Finally Aunt Jessie pulled on Mary's tie again and removed her robe. Well that sure wasn't going to help me pee. Aunt Jessie told Mary to sit on the toilet and to take my cock in her mouth. Mary did so willing. Soon I could hear her pee splashing in the toilet bowl and her mouth working on my cock.

Soon I was relaxing and getting very excited. Not long after that I was cumming in her mouth and Mary was sucking it all in and swallowing it as fast as she could. When I told her that I had to pee real bad she just opened her knees and leaned back giving me a little area to pee in.

Aunt Jessie encouraged me to do it, Mary wanted it, so out of desperation to pee I let it fly. The first stream hit her pussy but I quickly got the stream right where it belonged. Mary could not believe the accuracy that I had. Aunt Jessie told her that boys can spell out there name in the snow…if it was a short name, that is.

Mary laughed and in she fuck her pussy with dildo and finger to orgasm so moved so that I peed on her tit. She laughed and said that it was really warm. Aunt Jessie laughed and said that her daughter liked golden showers.

Neither one of us knew what she was talking about. Aunt Jessie drew a bath and told us both to get in it together while she started breakfast. She also told us to wash each other.

That was fun. I liked washing her small titties with my hand and her pussy too. I found the hole that she had put her finger into and the little nub at the top of her slit that gave her so much pleasure the night before. It was my turn to give her pleasure but I didn't stop with just one orgasm like she does.

I gave her three orgasms until she begged me to stop because it felt too good. Why would anyone want to stop feeling good if lovely legal age teenager wants to be team fucked didn't have too?

We dried off, got dressed, and went downstairs to breakfast. Mary had to drop her pants to show her mother that she was wearing panties. After all, how could she give me a freshly used pair that night if she wasn't wearing any?

Just to be fair, Mary made Aunt Jessie drop her pants and show us her panties too. I was sure enjoying living here with these two girls. It was certainly nothing like living with Mom and Dad and listening to them fight all the time.

For the next week every time that I wanted to jerk off Aunt Jessie would watch and Mary would place her mouth over the head to catch the cum. Jerking off in her mouth was nice, very nice indeed. The following week it was Mary's job to masturbate me using her hand and her mouth to catch the mess. Aunt Jessie told her that it was called a blowjob. Mary loved the taste of my cum and she loved sucking sexy doctor has her orgasmic snatch pounded cock.

The week after that we were in a sixty-nine every time so that I could give Mary oral sex too. If I had enjoyed smelling her used panties licking the source was even better. Mary tasted so good that I was upset that Aunt Jessie hadn't made me do it two weeks before.

I didn't even mind having my nose touch her asshole as my tongue reamed her hole out. Aunt Jessie made me get on the bottom every time after I tried to fuck Mary's throat against her wishes.

It was best because Mary could then take as much length into her mouth as she wanted too and I liked the way her pussy juice dripped into my mouth. At the start of my fourth week there Aunt Jessie had Mary sit on my cock and be in charge during our lovemaking. It was great. Mary and I had been having oral sex three or four times a day so we just started fucking three or four times a day instead.

Aunt Hard sexey fast time sex always watched us but started masturbating as we did it. That fifth week Aunt Jessie would lay on her back just above Mary's head with both girls face up.

Then I would fuck down into Mary's pussy as I ate my Aunt's pussy. I could satisfy both girls at the same time. While I fucked Mary and ate Aunt Jessie I would play with Aunt Jessie's bigger tits. She in turn would play with Mary's tiny tits. Mary would just play with my ass and get totally engrossed in her own pleasure.

During that fifth week Mary had her fourteenth birthday. The following week Aunt Jessie had her thirty-forth birthday and she let me fuck her for the very first time. +++++ Aunt Jessie had my school records transferred to Mary's school so that I could start there in the fall. Fucking those two girls several times each day was great.

Mary loved it and Aunt Jessie sure did too. There was no way that I would willingly leave those two girls and return home with Dad when the time came.

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The End The Fire 348