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Sexy dahlia needs more than one pecker
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Mark Jerked awake, what the hell? Last thing he remembered the drones had just touched down with him, oh yeah that's right Sam was mad at him, judging from the look on Nissie's face she wasn't too happy with him either. Mark tried to sit up in the bed and immediately fell back a low groan escaping his lips, this awoke Nissie and Sam who were asleep by his bed. His vision blurring he heard Sam speak up, "Damn Mark bout time you woke up, you scared the shit out of me.

Nissie thought you were dead with all the blood, plus the whole passing out." Cringing Mark tried to ask how long he'd been out. Unfortunately the only thing That escaped his lips were squeaks. Nissie immediately grabbed a glass and poured Mark a full serving which she handed to him. Mark's throat was so dry tied up slaves suffers lezdom at orgy didn't even look at the liquid as he downed a huge swig, as it hit his stomach the flavor finally caught up to him.

Coughing and sputtering Mark tried not to gag, damn Mark thought, what were they giving me? It tasted somewhere between warm piss and sour milk, try as he might he wasn't able to hold it down long.

A look of worry crossed Nissie's face when Mark's stomach started to lose it's contents. "Damn it Mark! You ought to know not to try and chug the energy, medical drink!

You'll tear your stomach up!" Nissie almost shouted. Looking up Mark was gasping for breath, "I know that Nissie, I was too thirsty to even look at the glass." Sam stood back trying her best not to laugh, finally she couldn't hold out any longer almost falling to the floor. The bad thing was, the nasty look she got from Mark had her laughing even harder. Finally sitting up Mark had to hang on to Nissie to keep from falling off the bed.

Staring into Nissie's eyes, Mark got serious, "I know you are worried about Arthur, that bastard won't get that far. I pulled one of his tricks, after a day he won't be able to go very far and will have to land. I planted one of your new tr-50's on his ship Sam, though I increased the range to a few billion miles, more if he is anywhere near the system network I've set up." Nissie and Sam, both their mouth's hanging open could only stare at him.

"You increased it that much? I only had it to 50 million, damn Mark, here I thought you weren't working on any thing." Sam said when she found her voice. "I am always working on new ideas," Mark replied, "it's always good to stay ahead of everyone." Mark looked over at Nissie hoping that would put her fears more to rest. The strain behind her smile was enough to convince him that it was time to get up and get going.

Calling up his display, he saw that Tantka hadn't gotten all that far, smiling Mark knew that, that wouldn't last too long with Tantka, Strange though why was Tantka heading toward the galaxy edge?

As far as he knew there really wasn't much out there but a few asteroids and chubby teen amateur anal first time risky birthday capers with rocks that were moons of a planet long destroyed.

Calling up another drone he'd launched years ago for several kings Mark soon got an answer, one that he wasn't at all pleased with. Only a few trillion miles beyond the edge of the empire was a fleet of a design that Mark wasn't that familiar with. Problem was they went horny milf seduces her stepson and fucks him the range of the drone, as he remembered this drone had a far reaching range, sighing he knew that he'd have to contact the emperor soon, never a pleasant thing.

"Computer," Mark started, "analyze configuration, composition and design of the detected fleet of ships on outer galactic rim, access drone zz3." "Compliance, beginning analysis now," the new AI he'd built 2 years ago droned to him.

Mark knew it'd be a while, so he began to work on another power boosted shield he'd gotten the idea for a few days ago. Almost an hour later his comp rang to gain his attention, "Analysis complete," it droned to him, "accessing all records available, the owners of the fleet remain unknown.

The configurations appear to be those of warships. Many of the weapons on them mirror those that you have created in the last 5 years, though the power levels are almost double. I estimate your strongest weapons, are the only weapons that exist in the entire empire that might be able to damage them even slightly. Recommend stronger weapons or defensive retreat till you have developed said weapons and shields." Mark was afraid of that, when he'd first seen them he thought they might be an invading force.

Sighing he knew he had to call the emperor, if the man wasn't such a prick, then dealing with him might almost be pleasant. Taking a deep breath Mark activated a special comp that very few had, after only a few seconds a dour faced older man appeared on the screen, "I hope you realize you are interrupting an extremely important meeting," the man said an almost scowl on his face.

"I apologize sire, I have information about a possible invading force," Mark replied trying to not get pissed, "I think your people should see what I've gathered, it appears to be a rather large force." The Emperor just grunted rolling his eyes, "I told you last time that my people are always on top of these things don't." "Look you pompous wind bag I don't have time for your posturing and speech making. You have a week at the most from what I saw before they reach the edge of the empire, get off your ass and get your men in gear," Mark shouted, his temper staring to rise.

The Emperor's round face had grown red, "I'll take it under advisement, then." "You take too long and you'll have no kingdom! you're acting like an idiot! Just like last time, you almost waited too long then, you were very one mom son sex story to breach of contract. I have half a mind to no longer monitor everything I installed, let it break down and refuse to repair it if you keep this up!" With that Mark snapped the comp off just as the emperor was about to shout back at him.

Mark was fuming, shoving every piece of hardware he could into his equipment bag. Nissie looked at Sam even more worried now, Sam took her brother's lead, stuffing even more hardware into another equipment bag.

Mark stopped a moment when he saw Sam stuffing the bag, "What the abella anderson with ninpolla fuck are you doing Sam?" Mark said his attention fully on her now.

"I'm packing to go, I may only be a seventh year, my skills not as good as yours but I can help you more than you think," Sam said matter of factly.

"Sam you're a mother now you can't just pull up and go like that, you." Mark started. "That's what you think, you forget I was on the move with mom ALL the time so I am a lot more qualified than you are," Sam replied her voice as stern as she could get it her red hair seeming to flare and blaze.

Mark backed up a moment there was no arguing with her when she was like this.

"Fine but," Mark reached into his bag, tossing Sam a wrist wrap with a small screen on it, "wear this at all times, it's the sunny leone latest xxx storys ok advanced I've ever built it has twice the shield strength, power output and power supply." Sam caught the comp marvelling at the complex yet simple design of it. "Just when did you have time to build this?" Sam asked shocked at the readings she was getting from it.

"You and Nissie both know I can't always sleep at night, so I worked on it every night for a week." Mark replied a little proud of his work, "Here," tossing an almost exact copy of Sam's comp to Nissie, "I know that even god couldn't keep you away." Nissie, even with her limited tech knowledge could see that this was by far more advanced than anything he'd ever done before.

A smile briefly crossed her face giving Mark a bit of relief, maybe now she wouldn't doubt him as much. "Your tech has finally surpassed everything of yours that I've seen before," Nissie said a still faint big breast brunette girlfriend the center of all his fantasy on her face.

Mark breathed a sigh of relief, continuing to load his bag. Finally loaded they started toward the door when Mark comp went off again, from what he saw it was the head of the Imperial star fleet. "Hello Mark," the large imposing man said, "I just caught wind of what you told the emperor, any way I can see what you have before you leave?" Mark hesitated a moment then opened his comp, "I'll transmit it to you, hopefully you can convince that idiot man to take action.

We have to set out after Tantka, he seems to be headed for the enemy fleet." "Tantka!? that little shit is out? Thought his ass was gone for life," the Imperial space force leader said. "He was, apparently he escaped a few weeks ago and no one thought it was important enough to notify any one outside of the prison," Mark replied the irritation on his face. Punching in a few commands the information was soon on the way, The space leader nodded upon receipt then his eyes grew wider as the scenes played out on his screen.

"Oh my god!" The leader almost whispered, "It's the Styrox, I've seen their ships before. It appears that they've increased their power base now, what do you make of their weapons? From what I see these are more human weapons than Styroxian." "Yes, I am almost to the point of believing that Tantka, is supplying them with plans to these weapons. As you can hear from the report that my AI gave," Mark replied, as he heard it droning in the back ground.

<Many of the weapons on them mirror those that you have created in the last 5 years>, "Yes, I see, according to this your the only one with the capability to fight them, any way that you can help the fleet so we'd have a chance against them?" The leader asked, a look of concern crossing his face.

Mark thought for a few moments then punched in a few more commands, "instigate these upgrades, power increases, add these parts then upload these programs to your system. I estimate that your fleet should more than be a match for them." "You do realize that it'll take at least a week to do the entire fleet?" the leader said, "then at least a week for us to reach where they are." Mark thought a moment, "work on as many as you can at first, let them go, then start on the next set, that way you have a force on the way there with more back up on the way.

With the improvements implemented, 100 ships could hold out against them for almost a week though they'd be hard set to do much damage, damage that might actually deter them till the second and third waves arrived. I just hope your engineers and mechanics are as good as you boasted the last asa akira fuck old guy I was there." Mark watched the transfer till it was done.

"Where exactly are you going? the leader asked a moment later. A look of extreme determination on his face Mark almost whispered, "to get my son back, then I'm going to end that son of a bitch! I won't have my family in danger again, not from this prick!" A wry smile appeared on the leader's face, good he thought, the universe would be a lot safer with that maniac dead. Mark and the women walked out the back door to a waiting shuttle, Mark had procured it 6 years ago after their son had been born.

Mark had worked on it for a year, it was faster than anything in the empire, had better shields than anything but the imperial fleet, weapons that were comparable to anything in the empire. Once on board, Mark let planet control know he was doing a controlled quick climb near the city and to warn the public.

2 minutes later Mark accelerated sky ward at an alarming speed, the resulting sonic boom shook the city for almost a minute. Leaving the atmosphere Mark started to accelerate as fast as he could, setting course Mark just hoped he was in time to finally stop the little bastard before more got hurt.

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Looking at the outer system map Mark smiled when he saw the planet closest to the slowly advancing fleet. Activating his comp he punched in a little used number, "Mark! Been so long since we've seen each other!" came a voice from the past.

"Hello king Rufus, we have need of your planet hospitality," Mark said affording the man a rare compliment actually talking to him.

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"Yes, we have seen the fleet for almost a week now," Rufus replied his face a sudden mask of seriousness. It was Mark's turn to be surprised which was apparent on his face.

"You didn't think we'd stay where we were did you? After you left I put in motion to advance this world as far as I could you might even like it here.

I also employ a 10 and 15 year student from your school, no where as good as you but they have helped immensely," Rufus said a small chuckle after seeing Mark's surprise.

The next 2 days Mark and Sam worked on several ideas he'd gotten in the last week for weapons and power supply. Though she didn't understand all the plans he drew up, she did get the general idea for what he had planned. They were just coming into long range view of the planet when they completed the first of 3 upgrades to the shuttle, the other 2 they'd finish once they landed. King Rufus was there again when they landed to greet them though he'd been advised since the last time that Mark didn't like close contact that much.

Nissie followed close behind him, then came Sam with her 6 year old daughter Catrina. King Rufus looked a little puzzled then looked at Mark he just slightly shook his head no. After they were settled Mark wasted no time inspecting the comp and the condition of the planets defenses. Indeed Mark was pleasantly surprised, not only had the system been updated at least 75 years but the 2 students had done a surprisingly good job maintaining it.

Wasting no time Mark and his assistants moved in with Mark modifying everything he could, often having to shut a system down to better improve it. The two students tried to help though the 15 year had some of the knowledge the 10 year was a little lost as Sam had been on the shuttle. Finally ready after another three days Mark was sure the Styrox were going to attack in 2 to 4 days, he felt he had that long to get his son back.

Working another day on the shuttle Mark felt he was ready at last, setting up a small command station Mark had Nissie and Sam monitor it. "Alright, I'm heading out to get Arthur back, this ends soon Nissie I will never let him harm my family again," Mark promised as he kissed a tearful Nissie and Sam heading out to the shuttle. Lifting off he saw that Tantka was nearing the enemy fleet, so he knew he had to hurry.

Setting course Mark drove the engines to as far as he dared, ah good, the power upgrades had worked he was 1/2 times faster than he was before. Within an hour he was closing in on the fleet and almost in their sensor range. Though he had tested everything on the 4 upgrades, he was never sure of them till he actually used them. Saying a small prayer, he activated a new series of switches by the control panel, there was a momentary shimmer around the ship then nothing.

Moments later, a control signal beeped on his console, perfect he thought it was working just like it should. Tantka had just docked at the largest ship, Mark followed not too far behind. Mark knew he had to act fast the image modifier would only last so long then he'd have to rely on another of his upgrades. Setting down Mark snapped a small black box on his waist, pressing a button on it right before he exited the shuttle. Following Tantka was going to be a chore with all the twists and turns in the honeycomb of tunnels running from the landing bay.

Several large Styrox guards walked past, Mark slightly shuttered at the tall Praying Mantis like creatures, it was bad enough they stood over 2 meters tall and their smell was almost enough to make him gag.

Mark stayed as close to Tantka as he could, though far enough back that the prick wouldn't suspect anything. Damn it! Mark looked at the time he had maybe another hour then he'd have to improvise again. Finally Tantka stopped before an iris like door, waving an insect leg at it it opened with Tantka roughly throwing his son inside leering the whole time.

"Don't worry little bastard, you won't have to wait long my friends are very hungry, you'll be a welcome feast to them," Tantka sneered at Mark's son. "You are a dead man," the little boy said, "Daddy will punish you, you're a very bad man." Tantka laughed an evil laugh, "I hope he does come, I welcome him, then I can kill him and finally show the universe that I Tantka Odessa is the mightiest maintenance parker swayze and ryland ann horny threesome action ever!" Little Arthur laughed at him, "you'll never be as great as my daddy, no one can fix as good as he can!" Tantka growled and grew red faced reaching out he slapped the youngster in the face, the boy fell back in pain.

"Your daddy will NEVER be as great or as good as me!" Tantka blood red faced was screaming in the boy's face. Disgusted, Tantka departed, Mark had almost jumped out to beat the hell out of the man, holding back cause he didn't have enough time. Waiting a few minutes Mark walked past the guard posted, turned and fired a paralysis beam, at first it didn't seem to work then just as suddenly the guard keeled over dead.

Ok that was unexpected Mark thought waving his arm at the door nothing happened, Damn it! Searching the guard he found no key actually nothing, by chance Mark moved the guard's arm/leg past the door while searching him, to Mark's surprise the door opened. It was just then that Mark noticed the bracelet like adornment on the ankle/wrist of the guard. Taking it he fellow cums on sexy lovely cutie pornstar and hardcore up his now unconscious son after dragging the guard's body with in the cell.

Mark was hurrying, the power supply on the image cloak was almost exhausted, finally he found the ship and load his son in it. Looking out he saw that the doors to the hanger were closed, shit! Thinking for a moment a warning alarm started to sound the image cloak on the ship had about 2 minutes. His decision made for him Nissie sounded in his ear, "blow the doors you should have enough time to engage the regular cloak and escape." "Alright, I'm going anal latin big tits teen need a constant scan till we are clear of the ship and out of range," Mark replied.

Activating the ship Mark waited till the bay was clear then fired at the doors completely obliterating them, just as fast Mark had the ship accelerating away from the ship and activating the cloak.

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Just as suddenly the ship opened up with it's main cannons thankfully they were far away tribute to claire and lisa part 3 tube porn the shuttle.

Mark was almost out of range when a stray blast hit near the ship, struggling to maintain the hyper engines Mark knew that it'd be a long trip if they went down.

Checking over the system Mark breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that the cloak was undamaged. Problem was the sub-light engines were fine, it was the hyper engines that were fluctuating, finally gaining control of the right engine Mark had just started to work on the left when the fried circuits finally gave out.

They'd just crossed into imperial space Mark knew that with only the one engine it'd take at least two days to reach King Rufus's planet. A sound behind him drug his thoughts back to the shuttle, his son was starting to stir. A moment later he heard, "Daddy? Is that you?" Turning around Mark smiled at his bruising faced son, "yes son, I promise you right here and now that, that evil man will never threaten or hurt you again." Arthur ran to his father hugging him tightly, "thank you daddy, for coming to get me." Tears streaming from his eyes, Mark settled them in for the trip back.