I was from my friend laura goddess and i thought that i

I was from my friend laura goddess and i thought that i
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It's been 2 days when Lucie saw the army helicopter's in the distance and what made it worse was that they weren't their to rescue her they were their to kill her, Lucie had to think of something and fast however, she only had an hour to 2 hours until they were upon her. Jack had just stepped off the ion train and had just set eyes upon the U.I.S Sek the thing was massive and not just something that could fit a few thousand people in this thing could fit a few hundred thousand people in it including family's or thou that ship was not complete it would be in the next 6 12 months as all they were doing was running check on all the ships systems and checking if the power cores were run at peck output.

Jack had just Stepped on the Sek when the captain walked up to him. "So you must give me pink intense anal orgasm after ass massage with toys Jack the army said you would be coming and they also said that you were only 6ft 9 but you look more closer to 7ft" said whom was looking up at Jack as he dwarf the captains 6ft 5 frame.

"So captain what should I call you because I don't want to be calling you just captain, also if you would take the time to show me around the ship as I would like to know what this ship can do and what I'm protecting" Jack asked.

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"Will Jack you can call me Jamie, Jamie gunner yes I know stupid last name but when your the captain of the first earth space explore you find out that the crew chooses your last name for you." "OK thanks Jamie so what am I protecting on the this ship as I I like to know what I'm protecting." "Ok will lets take you on a tour of the ship, where do you want to go first" "Uh lets go to the reactor core so, I know what the ships power capability are." "Ok then will if you would follow me this way and along the way you can put your stuff in your cabin." "Ya sure what ever." Jack and Jaime set off down to the back of the ship half way there "hey Jack this is your cabin, I will wait for you to set your stuff down.

The inside of the cabin was what you would expect from a spaceship built for comfort it had a king sized bed, a ensuite bath room and a walk in wardrobe.

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Jack set his things down on the bed then goes to continue the tour. "So Jack what do you think big faty aunty fuck story the room." the captain ask. "it's a little extreme if were just going to go and see what we can find in the stars, but its nice thanks." "glade to hear anyway its time we got a move on to check out how the power core installation is going don't you think." Lucie had just set up a trap for the assassins and was waiting in one of the polar bear skins she hunted.

This was of course to hide from them in the snow. Lucie could see the coppers landing not to far from her pod. Once they had gotten of the vehicle Lucie could hear the leader shout something but could not make it out since the sound of the wind was also most deafening.

The assassin start to walk closer to her pod looking around to make sure they would not be snuck up upon not that it help what so ever as the sound and the speed of the wind was blinding and cancelled out all sound if any was being made, They start to near the pod when one of the assassin shouted stop but it was to late the pod imploded with so much force that anything with in 10 meters was install sucked in and crushed. Lucie had set the pod to overload and by doing so she had spit open the plasark cells this in turn cased the gravity in that space to go a bit funny and do what it just did.

Lucie was not once again alone in the south pole and had away to get out but what she did not see was that one of the assassins was waiting by the helicopter's and would be extending a hand to train her 8 months later Lucie had just finished her train, what the assassin gave to her was a weapon from her people that was lost when they first started to war with man, the weapons was a bow and the most powerful bow ever created with the technology they had at the time, and over the year the Umbrains added to the bow, first was a better power drive core, second was a stronger sting that would allow energy to pass throughout it yet not harm the user, over the year the items were add to make it better the Umbrain even add a plasblade to each end but ended up missing in one of the additions.

In the end they ending up with the bow of generations. Lucie asked her train how to fire the bow"Master you have given my this bow yet you have not given me arrows to fire it with." "Oh Λούσι you don't need arrows all you need to do is pull then string." he told her by saying her native name Lucie pulled the bows sting back and could hear a slight humming coming from with in the bow which got louder the more she pulled the sting back, then just as she got to full tension she could see small bits of particles in the air being pulled in to the bow, which then was pushing them out alone the sting to the notch, Luice stared in awe as she could see the bow creating an arrow out of anything that was around her.

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Lucie thanked her trainer who had now told that the longer she hold the sting back the more dense the arrow became and the stronger it got but he told her that the bow had a cap on it, but did not tell hat the cap did. Lucie had aimed at a train dummy about 300 meters away and aimed straight at it, she could hear the loud hum of the bow as she let the sting got sending the arrow screaming through the air, the arrow when so fast that by the time she had let the arrow go not 2 seconds after she had let it gotthere was a bright flash of light the a massive shock wave the run towards her and the assassin.

Lucie had to close her eyes because of the amount of dust it had kicked up, Luice opened her eyes 2 minutes late to see that where the dummy was standing there was nothing left, not even a pile of ash. Lucie looks at the bow it had a nice gloss black coat with a very complex engraving on it.

Luice turned the assassin and asked him what it stood for, all that he said nadia ali xxx vediebony spiking that she would know what it meant in time. It had been 5 hours when Luice left the train ground of the assassin to try and sneak on the U.I.S Sek.

Lucie had just stepped out of the plasplane and was diving towards the ship. The ship had just been completed and was now having its speech to bring them back safely.

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Lucie had landed on the ship and was making her way to one of the hatch that lead in side the ship. Jack had just gotten up and was going to ask the Captain when they set off to find other life.

Jack was about half way to the bridge when he felt uneasy as if their was someone near him, like it was someone he knew but Jack pushed it to the back of his mind and continued on his way to ask the captain. "Ah Jack it's about time you got out of bed we had just had a weight senser go off on section 12, area 4.

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I want you to go and check what it was, its probably just a bird nesting in the plating gap's but, I just want to make sure that its not someone trying to sneak on board." "Ok captain, one more thing when do we leave." " We leave as soon as you give the all clear, oh and one more thing check the cargo bays just encase there is nothing on the hull." "aye captain, is there anything else well I'm here." " No that will be all." Jack nods to the captain then walk to the hatch that leads to section 12 area 4, along the way Jack is think of what he felt not 2 seconds before he entered the bridge."What was it that I felt what was it I have to know." Jack asked him self.

Lucie had just cracked the code on the hatch when she too felt the strange feeling, Pushing it to the back of her mind she step's through the hatch and closes it behind her making sure to lock it in the process. Luice was half way to one of jordi el nino polla fucks a shaved spread pussy cargo bay when out of the conner of her eye she saw him, he as big around 7ft 5, nice tanned skin, electric blue eyes and black hair cut in a way it made him look respected and feared at the same time.

He seemed to be think about something, not wanting to be caught she quickly run across the hall making sure to keep an eye on him in the future, before she could walk to the cargo bay she saw that he was heading in the direction she had just come from not wanting to be found she broke in to a run to get to the cargo bay before he found the hatch and checked it.

Jack was also most the the section 12 hatch when he see something out of the conner of his eye looking quickly he saw something that could only be pure beauty to him all that he could see before she walked away was that she had tanned skin, had nice waist length hair which was pure black just like his but it was cut in a way that it looked almost innocent to him, he could not get a hight as she walked off so quickly.

Jack had just opened the hatch and looked around where the senser had gone off when he saw a glisten of some kind, Jack being Jack walked over to it, when adele cherry controlling two men pornstars and cumshots saw that it was a black bow that had a soft humming coming from it, as jack walker over to it he again had the feeling of someone being close pushing it to the back of his mind, Jake picked up the bow and looked around for arrows, when he found none he just picked up the bag that was next to the bow and walked back to the hatch.

Lucie had just got to one of the cargo bay that was check rarely when she noticed that her back felt a little light looking over to her back she found that her bow was missing panicking she remember that she took it off when she through away the parachute, think of how to get to it back, when she remember that the guy with the blue eyes walked off to the hatch she just came from panicking even further think " I have to get that bow back or I'm fucked, come on Lucie think, think what would you do in training.

Remembering what she would do she sat down waiting for the ship to take off and leave Earth's atmosphere. Jack was in his room looking at the bow, when he pulled the sting and the soft humming that it was giving off grow louder, being curios he pulls the sting fuller and the further he pulled the sting the louder the bows humming grow, but just ask jack was going to let the sting go and put it on his bed to look at it later the sting began to glow a soft green-blue colour but that was all that happened, Jack now remembering what time it was let the sting go and set it on his bed to go and tell the captain that the cargo bay and the hull was clean, but he was not going to tell the captain that he had check the cargo bay as he just didn't felt like checking them and just want to go and see the stars.

Walking back in the bridge Jack heard the captain " water levers "check" said on of the bridge commanders.

"Tungsten plasma generates" "At full temperate and run at peak power output." "weapons" "The ferrum rail gun is charge and ready to go. Aurum lancers are locked and loaded. The plasma missiles are fully loaded and ready to go" "Good engines." "systems drives are running, Jump drives still need to be calibrated we would need to do a test run to get the calibrations, but other than that captain I would say that this bird if ready to go." "Good let flight control know that we are ready and need a vector." "Aye captain" "Captain I've check all the cargo bay and the hull their was nothing out there" Jack tells the captain "OK thank you Jack Well we will be off shortly so I would suggest going to you cabin and resting as we've got a long flight a head of us." "Aye captain, will do" "captain flight control has given us the all clear and are vector is 3 degrees north to 3 degrees west" "Good helm lay in the course and set off" "Aye captain." Thanks guys for waiting for so long sorry that it took so long to come out, but if you don't want to wait you can also check out the guy that helped me write this, by giving motive to write a story http://stories.xnxx.com/profile690941/