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Girls and horas black guy sexy story com
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One of my fondest memories revolves around an encounter that happened shortly after my fourteenth birthday. As I recall it was a beautiful summer afternoon and school had just let out. Heading home intent on playing some video games, I took a short cut that took me behind some huge houses. One in particular had always intrigued me because it stood apart from the others, and besides that, a fifteen-foot cedar hedge completely hid the garden from view, making me think that wild parties were happening, or that it was the hide out of some international crook.

Anyway, with wild flights of fancy cascading through my head, I walked along the fence line and was just about to cut across the field at the back of the house when a woman's voice said. "Excuse me young man, can you do something for me?" Turning a sumptuous blond in her early thirties stood there wrapped in a flimsy camisole that barley hid a tiny bikini.

"Certainly," I said, expecting her to need something from the local supermarket that was about ten minutes away. To my surprise, instead of handing me a note and some money, she held out a bottle of oil, and said. "Would you be a sweetheart and rub some of this oil onto my back. I'd ask my husband to do it, but he's away on business, again," she ended, emphasizing the last word. "Come on through," she went on, holding the gate open. "What's your name?" She real mother mother and son sax as I walked past her.

"Jeremy," I said. "Well Jeremy, you can call me Mrs. No, let's not be so formal, just call me Jenny." By normal standards, the back garden was huge, even the massive a swimming pool, tennis court and trampoline barley used up a quarter of the beautifully landscaped real estate that surrounded the house. Walking over to a blanket spread out on the lawn, she removed her camisole and lay face down on it resting her head on her arms.

"Undo the strap on my bikini top," she said, "I hate the line it leaves when I'm sunbathing. You do know how to do it, don't you?" "Yes I said, my mom broke her hand a little while ago and still has a cast on it so I have to help her do up her bra.

Kneeling beside her, I undid the clasp and spread the straps out on either side of her. Pouring some oil into my hand, I spread it over both palms and then tentatively placed them on her back and started to rub the lotion into her skin.

"That's so nice she said," appreciatively, "you have very gentle hands," she went on. "You can rub a little bit harder if you like in fact I would love it if you would put some of those strong muscles of yours to work.

Digging my thumbs into her back, I worked my hands out from her spine to her side. As I reached the area just next to her armpit, I glanced down and was shocked at what I could see. Pushed out by her weight against the ground was the side of her breast. For a moment I paused, only one thought running through my head, to somehow find a way to run my hand across that mound of exposed flesh.

I could almost feel the texture of her tit as I gently stroked it. On the other hand, I could mentally hear her as she rolled over and slapped me, called me a pervert and demanded that I leave. For a moment, I pondered the dilemma, and then after a moment's pensive thought, I threw caution to the wind, thinking that even a quick grope of a tit, something I'd never experienced before, was worth the threat that she'd haul my ass out of there.

Trying to make the movement as casual as I could, I lathered more lotion onto my hand and then started rubbing her side, sliding my hand ever closer to that exposed flesh.

As my hand eventually ran over her breast, several things happened, one, a feeling of ecstasy flooded through me at the thought that I'd fondled a woman's breast, well at least part of it anyway. Instead of her leaping up and proclaiming that I was a pervert and ousting me from her property, for my temerity, a shiver ran through her body and a slight sigh escaped her lips and instead of the rebuke I had been expecting, she seemed to turn slightly exposing even more of her right tit.

Emboldened by the fact that my gutsy move hadn't elicited any recriminations, I again let my hand wander south, so to speak, this time lingering even longer on the exposed flesh and delving even deeper under the parts of her tit still pressed into the blanket trying to lovely horny milf chanel give teen janet teaches her to blowjob my fingertips across he nipple.

As I drew ever closer to that nub of sexual excitement, Jenny said."Jeremy, I know I can reach my legs, but would you mind rubbing some lotion on them seeing as how you're doing such a wonderful job on my back. At first, I was disheartened that I had to move away from that beautiful warm soft skin, as I worked my way up her leg though; my eyes fell on a wondrous sight. As I drew closer to her buttocks, she casually moved her legs apart revealing her crotch covered by a flimsy piece of fabric.

Again I allowed my hands to creep up her legs getting ever closer to that wonderful mound. Slathering more oil onto my hands, I reached out and allowed my right hand to slide along her flesh until it brushed against her crotch. Man, I thought my dick was hard before, but after brushing over her pussy my cock threatened to tear its way out of my shorts.

For the second time after touching her intimately, a shiver ran through her body and her legs opened even further. Throwing caution to the wind, I placed my hand on her butt, and slid it under the fabric of her panties and began to slide it towards her bare pussy.

As my hand moved ever closer to that warm wet hole, Jenny said. "Let me roll over and you can do the front of my legs." After she had repositioned herself, she went on "Oh, what a wonderful day it's almost perfect, she ended." "Almost," I asked wondering what I could do to make it perfect.

"If there's anything you need you have only to ask," I said, desperately hoping she wasn't going to ask me to leave. "No it's nothing like that," She said smiling, her arm holding her bikini top over her breasts.

"It's just that when I sunbathe, I like to do it in the nude. Would you think it terribly naughty of me if I took my bikini top and bottom off so I can get the sun on my entire body?" "No, of course not," I said, the words coming out more as a croak than anything else. "Have you ever seen a naked woman before?" Jenny asked. "Three times," I confessed. "Who," she asked. "My mother," I answered honestly. "Were you peeking?" she asked playfully .

"No," I answered defenecively, turning red. "Remember, me telling you that she has a broken hand. The first time was about a week ago just after she'd had broken her hand.

She had been in the shower and had shouted me to get her something, as I walked into the room, her grip slipped and the towel fell to the floor.

The next time I walked into her room and caught her standing in front of the mirror admiring her naked body, I mean it's not even as though she didn't know I was in the house, and apart from that, she must have heard me walking along the hallway to her bedroom, the floor has a tremendous squeak.

The last time was just yesterday, I'd just finished taking a bath, and was standing dying myself when she walked into the bathroom without a stitch of clothing on, she hard fuck brother or sister pushing boobs of course, but the strange thing is, she didn't back out immediately, but stood there for several second, staring at my naked crotch. " "Did you jerk off after seeing your mom's tits and pussy?" She asked, grinning impishly.

Yes, I nodded so embarrassed I was unable to speak. "It's quite natural to be attracted to your mother," she said kindly. "Most men hold a secret desire to have sex with their mothers, so don't fret about it. One thing though, how come you have to help your mom, why doesn't your dad look after her needs?" "That jerk, he walked out on us years ago, well to be honest I think him leaving was a mutual thing between him and mom." "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that," Jenny said apologetically.

"Don't be," I said. "He's no great miss. Even when he and my mom were together, he spent all of his time at the track or in public agent mature women sex casino, so it's not that he and I ever bonded. In fact, he once told me that I was like an anchor around his neck, so believe me I didn't shed a single tear when he walked out and never came back. To a great extent, things were better, shortly after his departure, mom stopped crying herself to sleep every night and seemed much happier to be on her own." "I'm delighted to hear that," Jenny said, "The guy sounds like a real jerk and you're probably better off without him.

Now then, where were we?" She asked thoughtfully. Oh yes, I was about to get naked so I could take full advantage of the sun.

Moving her arm away from her body, she dropped her bikini top on the blanket at her side revealing two beautiful tits. Her nipples were huge and protruded proudly from the circle of darker skin that surrounded them, as soon as she had discarded her top, she lay back, and lifting her butt, she said.

"Come on Jeremy help me get out of these." Grabbing the sides of her panties, I slowly eased them down, as they came passed her crotch, I got my first look at her pussy, her pubes were light blond and neatly trimmed in the shape of a small triangle. Kneeling directly in front of her, with her ass lifted off the ground gave the perfect angle to get a glimpse of her clit.

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Dropping back down, Jenney sat up, those beautiful tits only inches from me. "Well," she asked, "What do you think of them?" "They're beautiful," was all I could thing to say, transfixed by those incredible tits that although firm, seemed to have a life of their own. "Would you like to rub oil on my titties?" She asked, shaking them back and forth provocatively.

Unable to speak, I nodded vigorously. Lying back, she patted the ground on either side of her. "Put your knees here." Once I was in position, she went on. "Now put some oil on your hands and gently massage it into my boobs, be gently though, my tits are very sensitive." Doing what she asked, I reached out and gently placed my hands on her breasts, her nipples pressing into the palms of my hand.

For a second I knelt there, the warmth and softness of her tits like nothing I had ever felt before. Overcoming my initial desire to lean forward and suck one of nipples into my mouth, I gently began moving my hands in circles, smearing the oil over those magnificent mounds of flesh.

After several minutes, Jenny reached up and took one of my hands. "Women also like this," she said placing my thumb and forefinger on her nipple. "Now rub the nipple between your fingers." Grabbing the other nipple, I began to roll those hard little buds between my finger; blonde housewife jolene gives a cum swallowing blowjob at first but as her breathing quickened, I increased the pressure, playgirl likes the way that adorable babe gets nailed I did, she moaned softly making me squeeze even harder.

Unable to resist any longer, I leant forward and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth and gently, at least at first, bit down it. "Oh yes, women like that as well," she said squirming as I alternated between biting her nipple and sucking it in and out of my mouth.

I learned something that day that has served me well; women don't always tell the whole truth about what turns their crank sexually.

Although it was true that Jenny's tits were sensitive, when it came to her nipples she loved to have them bitten, sometimes to the point where I actually drew blood. Almost frantic now from the attention I was giving her nipples, she grabbed my head and started pushing it down. "Give me your tongue," she moaned, "Stick it up my pussy, and give my clit a good tongue lashing," Nowadays, probable every adolescent has seen scenes of oral sex on the internet, back then though the net was in its infancy and apart from that, the only computer in cocksucking beauty shows her gaping holes european amateur house was in my mother's office and strictly out of bounds.

Of course I'd heard of oral sex, but only in the vaguest of terms, and to be truthful, the thought of sticking my tongue in a woman's snatch, seemed somewhat disgusting. Hyped up as I was though, my cock aching for release, I didn't care what Jenny wanted me to do, I would have done it.

Working my way down her body, I stuck my tongue out and started licking her pubic area, hoping I was doing it right. Reaching down, Jenny spread her lips and raised her hips so my tongue lapped against her wet juicy her clit. The instant I started caressing that small piece of flesh with the tip of my tongue, she arched her back and started to moan softly all the while working her crotch into my willing mouth. When her orgasm came it was with such ferocity that she grabbed onto my hair, her body convulsing as spasms of ecstasy shot through her body.

As the orgasm subsided, I shot my tongue out and drove as far up her wet juicy pussy as it would go, then withdrawing it I grabbed onto her clit with my teeth and gently bit down. As with her nipples, Jenny loved to have her clit sucked and bitten. Again, I could feel the tension building in her until she arched her back for the second time and exploded, this time a huge quantity of liquid squirted from her pussy all over my face. After several minutes, she pushed my head away from her crotch and sat up, as I kneeled in front of her, she glance at the bulge in my shorts.

"Did I cause that?" She asked, reaching out and brushing her finger across the taught fabric. As her finger brushed across the cloth covering my dick, it was as if a bolt of electricity shot through my throbbing cock and I came close to shooting my load. Blushing furiously, I tried to cover my erect penis with my hands, ashamed that she had noticed the bulge in my crotch.

"Don't be silly," she said moving my hands. "As long as you're not forcing yourself on a woman, having a huge boner like that for her is a terrific compliment. Now then, would you like me to take care of it for you?" At that point, all I could do was nod, unsure of what she had in store for me. Kneeling in front of me, she had me stand, and then undid my shorts and very slowly dragged both them and my underpants down around my ankles, exposing my cock that stood rigidly to attention.

After having me kick my clothing away, along with my sandals, she had me strip of my tee shirt leaving me standing there completely naked. "Now then, what to do with this juicy chunk of meat," she said, taking hold of my dick and stroking it softly.

"I could jerk you off, would you like that?" she asked rubbing her other hand across the head of my dick. Nodding I strained to hold back the com that threatened to explode at any second.

"No," she went on, "that's not what you do with a prime piece of meat like this, this is what you do." Leaning forward, she opened her lips, sucked my cock into her warm wet mouth, and ran her tongue across the head. Unable to hold back a second longer, I instinctively grabbed the back of her head and shot a massive wad of hot com into her mouth. My orgasm seemed to last for ever, as I pushed my cock as far as I could into her mouth.

Eventually the spasms subsided, but even after I had finished squirting jism into her willing mouth, she continued to suck my dick intent on draining every ounce of juice out of my cock. When she finished, she sank back onto her legs.

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"How was that?" she asked, smiling impishly." "Unbelievable," I said, "I don't think I've ever experienced anything like that before in my life, in fact I know I haven't." "Well then, we'll have to see if we can come up with something to top it won't we, and considering you cock is still rock hard, I thing I have the very thing." Grabbing me by the cock, which to my surprise, hadn't gone limp, but still pointed at the sky, she led me over to the blanket and pushed me to the ground.

Straddling me she slowly sank lower guiding my dick until it slid into her warm wet pussy, and then started to slide up and down my cock. As she slowly fucked me, she leaned forward until her lips brushed across my chest and then sucking my nipple into her mouth she bit it as hard as I'd bitten hers.

To my surprise, the sensation wasn't of pain, or even in my nipple, it was as if a nerve ran from my chest directly to the head of my cock making me ache to shoot com into that beautiful wet hole. "Not yet, big fella," she said slowing down, "I want that tongue of yours again before you get to squirt com up my crack. Lifting of my cock, she moved up to my face and swung around and planted her muff right over my mouth, As I started to lick at her clit, she leant forward and at first I though she was going to suck me again.

Instead she moved my legs apart and inserted one of he fingers into my butt and started to massage what I now know to be my prostate, how I didn't com all over her tits I still to this day don't know. That finger drove me to such a fever pitch, my whole body shook with excitement, knowing I couldn't last much longer, she swung round and rammed my cock up her hole and then reached behind her and squeezed my balls in a vice like grip.

You might think that having your nuts squashed, would be a turn off but I can assure you that to the contrary it isn't. In fact it made the orgasm I'd had earlier pale by comparison. As com exploded from the end of my dick, my entire body arched and every fibre in my nervous system seemed to fire all at once, leaving me for several seconds unable to move and barely able to breathe. "Well, did I yr old britnee did her first and only shoot through on my promise, to take you to a higher level?" Jenny asked as soon as I'd recovered.

"Man did you ever," I exclaimed. "I think if it got any more intense than that I doubt if I'd survive the alt mya nichole solo masturbation pornstars and brunette, I thought my balls were about to come out the end of my dick." Smiling at me, she ruffled my hair, and then said. "I hope you'll come back and visit me again, but one thing Jeremy, no one must know of our little tryst, because if the authorities find out, I would be in big trouble, and you wouldn't be able to come over and play with me," she ended smiling that impish smile of hers.

"If anyone sees you coming and going and asks what you're doing here, tell them your doing some yard work for me, got it?" "I won't tell anyone, not even my best friend," I promised. After I got dressed and was about to leave, Jenny said. "Jeremy, this thing with your mother, if it happens again, just say to he, mom, is there something I can do for you." "I don't understand I said." Just do as I ask," she said, "I'm sure that if it happens things will sort themselves out. So will you promise me you'll do as I ask?" After promising to do as she asked, she threw her arms around my neck, pulled me to her and kissed me passionately.

"Now then, get going before I tear the clothes off you and screw the ass off you again." "I could stay," I said, feeling my cock respond to her threat. "No," she said, "come back on Saturday, and we'll play some more, and perhaps by then you can tell me how things went with your mom."