Fat girls xxx story with big bobs

Fat girls xxx story with big bobs
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Kathy was a tall, busty, blonde woman who's age (43) didn't show because of her stunning attractive qualities. Also, she happened to be Bianca's (my girlfriend) mum. You could tell she was an older woman but it didn't matter because her stilettos and cleavage took the attention away from her age. They always say that when dating a girl you should check out the mother because that's what she'll look like in a few years time. In my case I couldn't be happier with the results.

To be honest, I almost wished she looked that way now. Often when I would stay at my girlfriends, her Kathy would be in a dressing gown only and I always wondered what her body was like underneath it. One evening, Bianca had gone for a shower and her dad and sister were in bed leaving me and Kathy alone together.

We were just sat watching TV when I looked over at her and noticed her dressing gown had come slightly undone. My eyes widened as I saw a large amount of one of her tits. I tried hard not to stare but I couldn't help it.

She quite easily had DD, E or an even bigger rack, but whatever the size they were perfect. I kept looking away but all I could do was look back again as each time she moved more and more of her came on show. Kathy only seemed to noticed when beautiful teen girl tries anal with her boyfriend!

in 4k left tit completely fell out of her dressing gown and she quickly put it back away and re-tied the gown to stop it happening again.

As she did so I could see out of the corner of my eye that she looked over at me to see if I had noticed. Little did she know I had been watching the whole time and managed to turn my eyes away just before she looked at me. From that day she made sure her gown was always tightly tied and was constantly looking down to see if it had loosened at all.

Much to my disappointment. From then I was always thinking if she had more of a naughty side to her than she let on.

She wasn't a strict mum but showed my mouth crammed with hard pulsating cock authority when she needed to however she was always nice to me and treated me like her own. I couldn't help than wonder though what kind of person she was when she wasn't being a mum. About a month later we were left alone again as my girlfriend was at work and I was staying round for the weekend.

After about 30 mins Kathy stood up. "I'm off out to do some shopping. Wanna come??" She asked Seeing as I'd hurt my back the night before having sex with Bianca I declined her offer and said I'd just chill out till she got back "Okay, well I'll see you in about an hour then.

Bye" she said laughing, almost as if she knew why I didn't want to go.

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When she had left an idea popped into my head. I thought about how, now that I was home alone, I could find out if she really was the naughty girl I hoped she was. I waited a few minutes to make sure she wasn't coming back to get anything she might have forgotten and then ran upstairs.

I opened the door to her room and walked over to her bedside table. I opened the top drawer and found her underwear. She had skimpier thongs than I had ever seen before.

I had to find out more. I dug around in the drawer to see if she had any sex toys, but there were none there. I briefly opened the middle drawer and found it was full of make up and decided to check the bottom drawer. Inside was just bed sheets but one corner was pulled back slightly which revealed some sort of thin, blue cushion.

It was raised from the bottom of the drawer by about 3 inches suggesting there was something underneath it. I pulled it back and found exactly what I hoped I would. Kathy's sex toys. The first thing I noticed was a pair of handcuffs, which was something that I thought even Kathy wouldn't own.

Then a found a small blue object with a rubber dolphin on one end. The whole thing was only around 4 inches long but I picked it up to examine it more closely. About half way down there was a switch with 'On' and 'Off' settings.

I turned it on and felt powerful vibrations surge through it. I touched the dolphin on the end, which was now just a blue blur, and felt how powerful this thing really was. It would be enough to make any woman scream with pleasure. I turned it off and put it back. I picked up a 6 inch long rubber penis with large veins and a wide bellend. I turned it on and felt that it was not as powerful as the dolphin toy but seeing as this one would be inside of her, it was still powerful enough to make Kathy orgasm wildly.

The thought of her using these toys really turned me on and my penis was beginning to grow very hard. Finally I picked up a large, purple, rampant rabbit from the drawer. It really was huge, a good foot long with a very wide girth of maybe 5 inches. It had metal balls inside that spin with the vibrations and even thrusted on its own. But the thing that really made it a good find was that it had fresh cum stains on it that could have only been made a few hours before.

That meant that at some point that morning Kinky girl swallow his cum after she got fucked camfree and sucking had used it and came on it. I was getting very hard now. After a few moments of imagining what happened in that room that morning Tiny girl take monster cock creampie put the toys all back and made the room look exactly as it had done before she left.

I went back downstairs and waited for her to come home. When she came home I offered to help her bring in the bags, despite having a bad back, to make up for not going with her. At this point I was incredibly happy that I didn't go as my afternoon was much better than shopping would have made it. I mentioned nothing about what I'd found and acted completely normal around Kathy, Even though I now knew what she got up too in her spare time. "Been up to much since I was out?" Kathy asked, "No not really, just watched TV" I said smiling.

"Cool, shopping was shit; I could've done with a nice strong lad to help me" "Sorry I didn't come; I've hurt my back a little" "Its okay Hun, you can make it up to me some time" she said, winking. I was a little turned on by this but was also a bit confused.

I chose to ignore it and got on with lifting in the shopping. That evening I was staying at Bianca's again. Kathy wore her dressing gown again and this time she seemed to have it slightly looser. She had the remote and turned over to see what else was on TV; she found an erotic movie and decided to put it on.

This made me uncomfortable as I wasn't used to watching this kind of movie with adults, especially Bianca's mum. stud rams corpulent pussy lips japanese and hardcore We can't watch this with you!" Exclaimed Bianca "Chill out B, You two are mature enough to do this kind of thing for yourselves now so there's no need being embarrassed about watching it." Was Kathy's reply A little taken aback, but knowing her mum had a point, Bianca said "But it's weird watching it with you" Kathy didn't answer.

She was too busy watching what was on TV. It had reached a part of the film with a very raunchy sex scene. First, the woman in the movie used a vibrator, similar to the one I had found in Kathy's room, on her pussy to make herself wet. Then a man entered. He was tall and masculine like a typical porn star. He stood her up and then bent her over a desk where he proceeded to fuck her doggy style. The guy assists with hymen checkup and reaming of virgin sweetie whimpered with pleasure and after a few minutes was having an orgasm.

The man then pulled his large cock out of her pussy and moved her to face him, whilst still on her knees. He aimed his cock at her face and came all over her. He moaned as he did so and she tried to get as much of it as possible in her mouth and rubbed the rest over her tits and pussy. I was turned on by this scene and noticed I was hard. I looked over at Bianca and saw that she was discreetly touching herself under her duvet that we had brought downstairs.

Kathy seemed excited too. She was sat next to me as I was sat on Bianca's right and Kathy's left. Suddenly I felt something touch my cock. At first I thought it was Bianca's hand but then I noticed that it wasn't.

It was Kathy's. I flinched but then relaxed as I enjoyed her soft stroking and wrapping her fingers around it. After about a minute of teasing me and making me harder than ever before, Kathy moved her hand away and, Without Bianca noticing, winked at me again.

She then stood up. "I'm off to bed, Night guys. Oh and B can you do the washing up for me before you come up please?" she said "Urgh yes" Bianca replied "Mike you go and wait for me upstairs, I'll be up in about 15 minutes" Whilst hiding my erection as much as possible I Agreed and followed Kathy upstairs.

At the top of the stairs she went right, into her room and I went right into Bianca's. I took off my bottoms and changed into my boxers. They were Bianca's favourite so I made sure I wore them so I could almost certainly fuck her when she came upstairs. I then walked out of the room and towards the bathroom which was next door to Kathy's room. As I got to the door I saw that Kathy's door wasn't completely shut.

I could see through the crack left open.

Then I realised what I saw my erection came straight back and I became so horny. Kathy had her back to me but I could clearly see that she was topless and braless wearing only a pair of string knickers that she could untie at both sides. Luckily for me she then did just that and let them drop to the floor showing me her bare, round, fuckable ass.

It was perfect, I just wanted to go in there and fuck her all night long. But I couldn't. Kathy then bent down to take something out of a drawer. When she stood back up she had a small blue object in her hand. As if she knew I was there all along she glanced back over her shoulder and looked directly at me.

"I think I'll use this one tonight" she said, holding up the object At that moment I realised what it was. It was the blue dolphin vibrator I had found earlier. Kathy then laid the toy on the bed and walked over to me. Revealing her entire naked tits and pussy to me. She kissed me once on the lips and then closed the door. I stood there for a moment in shock and then proceeded to go to the bathroom.

When I came out I could hear the faint sound of buzzing from Kathy's room followed by a series of low moans. I went back to Bianca's room to find my beautiful sexy girlfriend layed naked on the bed. Bianca was curvy and had E cup boobs. She was just perfect. We re-enacted the scenes we'd just seen on TV. I stood Bianca up and bent her over the edge of her bed and slid my cock deep inside her.

She let out a long moan as I slowly pushed myself inside of her. I could feel how wet the movie and thinking about what she was doing now had made her.

I grabbed her ass and started to pound away at her pussy. I came inside of her once (she had the implant) and carried on for another round. I finished this time by cumming on her face and in her mouth. During the sex she was noisy but we weren't gonna quieten down now that we knew her mum didn't care that we did it.

Fucking Bianca was amazing, and regular. We did it almost every time we saw each other. A lot of girls were shy about sex but Bianca wasn't. She loved everything to do with it. She loved dick in her pussy, she loved cum in her mouth, and she loved being licked out and giving head. Every position under the sun, she did it. There was nothing missing from our sex life. But I wanted more.

Filling my girlfriend with cum was one thing, but doing all that to her mum seemed much more appealing. It had recently become my fantasy.

I wanted her, I needed her. And I got the feeling she felt the same about me. The next night I couldn't take it anymore.

I had to do something about what I was feeling inside. Bianca was working late that night and wouldn't be home until around midnight so I knew this was my chance. It was about 10pm and me and Kathy were sat on the sofa watching some crappy show about animals.

She was wearing her dressing gown again and I could see from where I was sat that she didn't have anything else on underneath. She looked over at me and caught me looking at her fine pair "Didn't you see enough last night?" she said, chuckling "I-I was just." "I don't mind, it's nice to have some decent male attention" Not willing to pass up this opportunity I said, "Surely you get a lot though.

I mean, you're really good-looking and so much fitter than any other mum I know" "I get attention, but at my age all the fit guys are all married and I never get to have any fun" "You seemed to be having fun last night" I replied "Hehe, well I do love my vibrators" Kathy said smiling cutely "I can tell" I was starting to get very horny, I just wanted her.

She was everything I needed. I looked down at her tits again and noticed that her nipples were growing double handjob from amateur bbw milfs threesome and handjobs hard, now visible through her dressing gown. Then she said something that made me the happiest man alive. "Wanna go upstairs? We can have some fun of our own" "Yeah okay" petite teen bella rose perfect round juicy ass fucked in the car erection was bulging through my jeans now We went upstairs and into her room.

She shut the door and stood in front of me. She looked down at the bulge in my jeans. "It's been so long since I saw a real man's cock, I could tell last night that yours is big" With that she took off my shirt and pulled down my jeans she got down on her knees and pulled down my boxers. My cock stood straight up in front of her face. She took my dick in her hand and pulled it into her mouth. The feeling was amazing and I almost came straight away, but I held it.

I wasn't gonna waste this moment. She kept licking and sucking my dick. It felt so much better than when Bianca did it.

I could feel her long tongue swirling around and licking from top to bottom. She licked the whole shaft and sucked on my balls. Then she popped my dick back into her mouth and put her hands on my ass to beautiful girl xxx sex stories storys me in to facefuck her.

I did so and she started to gag on my cock. After a while she stood up and kissed me, rubbing her hands on my chest and tossing me off. I undid her dressing gown and pulled it off of her slowly. It dropped to the floor revealing her large, round, firm tits and her freshly shaven pussy. For a moment I just stood their staring at her perfect body, and then I started to kiss her neck and threw her on the bed.

I moved my body down hers until my lips reached her long hard nipples. I sucked on them and licked them, making her moan and cup her breasts into my mouth.

I kissed all over her chest and moved further down to her pussy. Her scent was so amazing. I couldn't wait to taste her. I kissed Kathy's pussy and licked as deep inside her as I could. She moaned and ran her hands through my hair, pushing my head down further into her pussy. I licked her clit, swirling my tongue around it. "Uuuh oh god, more uhh" she moaned and begged me for more I could tell she was going to orgasm soon so I pulled away and moved back up her body.

We looked deep into each others eyes "Fuck me, now" she begged She reached down and guided my dick inside her dripping wet pussy. I thrusted my way inside her as deeply as I could, moving slowly and then faster. I fucked her as hard as I could while she screamed with pleasure.

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We changed positions and I fucked her doggystlye. I slapped her ass and played with her tits while we did it. She was the best shag I ever had.

She screamed and came as she orgasmed. I did too, filling her with hot cum. We collapsed on the bed next to each other and I thought it was all over. But she sat up, kissed me on the lips and licked the rest of the cum off the end of my dick. "Fucking hell you're good" she said "Your amazing" I replied "Even better than Bianca" "Maybe she should join us one day" I was surprised at her suggestion but it adalynnx enjoying my njoy toys bodystocking penetration me "I hope so" I kissed her again as she stroked my cock "What's the time?" She asked "11.30.

Why?" "Time for another?" I didn't answer I just picked her up and pushed her up against the wall and fucked her till we came again. By the time we'd finished Bianca was nearly home from work. So I got dressed while Kathy got into bed. I shut the door and went back downstairs. About 5 minutes later Bianca came home. "You okay baby?" She asked "Yeah, you?" "Yeah, sorry I left you with my boring mum tonight.

That moaning cow needs to get laid" I chuckled to myself and replied "yeah maybe haha" "Haha, anyway I'm horny, let's go have sex" she said to me, pulling me upstairs I was knackered but I wasn't gonna turn down another shag.