Fellow assists with hymen examination and shagging of virgin kitten

Fellow assists with hymen examination and shagging of virgin kitten
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No one in this story under the age of fourteen has any sex. THE SECOND TIME AROUND: I have been feeling my mortality lately.

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No, no red flags, just a few shots over the stern to get my attentions. I am actually in pretty good shape as far as I know, but I have a big project that I have been working on for the last two years. That is the presenting and arranging a number of my stories on a sexy story site. And I dearly want to finish it up before something dire happens to me and then leaves my work unfinished. I do have my regular check-up coming this next Tuesday, but I am not concerned about that, since I usually pass these with flying colors and the doctor's remarks that he hopes that he will be in as good a shape as I am now, when he gets to my age.

In the meantime I am very busy finalizing the format and quality of my offerings on the site. I am not a professional writer by any means, but I love to tell quirky stories about people's sex lives. Especially how they get themselves in these situations and often with the results that it has on the rest of their lives. I have lived over seventy years and did counselling at my church in the past, so I have more than a smattering of experiences of these types of situations to draw upon.

It is now Wednesday morning and I have a lot to chew over. The doctor called me early this morning and informed me that I needed to move to the hospital for some more tests beyond the ones that I had yesterday. Something came up in them and he felt that they needed to pin down what the problem was. So, I called my brother to tell him and informed him that if I didn't call back in a day or two, that my affairs were in his hands to administer.

I knew that he shuddered at that, since even though my affairs are in fine shape, he would rather not have to deal with them with his own dramas to deal with. But, being a great brother, he will do what is necessary and hope for the best for me, we each being the other's best friend in the world. I packed my travel valise and moved to the hospital to check in for what I didn't know, only that it must be serious if they wanted me to come this soon.

I was checked in and found myself with the requisite open backed hospital gown and in a very cool room with only a light sheet over me. Perfect for me to sleep, but until I know what is up, I won't sleep very much at all. A pretty young nurse came in to check up on me and I mentioned that under the circumstances, I would welcome a blanket over the sheet and she said that she would care for this and sure enough she showed up in only thirty minutes to warm me up with an additional covering.

She then after mounting it over me, ruffled my hair and patted my arm and left off to other duties calling for her. The next day was dedicated to a whole slew of tests and consultations, the crux of which was an old and very experienced doctor came in to give me the results. The look in his eyes sort of gave it away, it was not good. In his summary, he mentioned a condition that I had never heard of before and the prognosis of only about a year left in my life.

After the initial shock wore off of me, he continued and said that I would feel and be fine until the very last couple of weeks and then go rather rapidly, so if I had unfinished business, that I should get to it and settle my other matters, too. He said that there was no reason for me to stay in the hospital at this time, so I dressed and left to the rest of my life in my condo.

It was late at night when I called my brother and gave him the news. He was very distraught about it, but bucked up and said that he would be there for me as much as I needed it. And I let him know that I would be fine for some time to come. Then I went to bed to think things over. But, I went to sleep very quickly instead.

In the morning I had a TEXT message asking if I wanted my regular provider to come gorgeous legal age teenager sucks a ramrod girlfriend homemade to 'fluff me up' today.

I told her that I would get back to her on that later in the day. I then checked over my status on my offerings to the site and found that I only had a few stories left to i fucked my friends hot mom czechsuperstars, some more to repost on my story threads and the rest to check out for possible editing corrections.

That would be enough to keep me busy for a couple of weeks, and then I would be done with it all. Then I got another TEXT from an unknown number, informing me that a company that I was unfamiliar with wanted to send two of its representatives by my residence to consult with me about a challenge that I was facing.

I had no idea of what they were talking about and so did what I usually do with unknown numbers and their messages, I erased it and passed it out of my mind.

About three in the afternoon, there was a knock at my door. This is a regular factor in a lot of my stories and I have about the same suspicions about them as do my protagonists in my stories. I shudder at what might be behind the door. But, after another knocking, this time much more vigorously, I had to decide between calling 911 or answering the door.

But, after checking through my kitchen window and seeing two well-dressed men, I decided to at least check up on what this was about.

When I opened the door, they didn't try to rush me, so I considered that a good sign. They handed me a card with their company's name on it, SECOND CHANCES, and asked to come in and consult with me. I looked them over and then decided that I only had a year to live, so what matter would it make if I gave these two men a chance to regale me with whatever offer they were about to make to me.

As they stood in front of me while I 'relaxed' on the couch, the taller one addressed me, "First of all I want to apologize big boobs latina gets fucked in reverse cowgirl position the company and ourselves for intruding on your rather tragic news that you got today.

We found out just before you did through a source that we have that is helping us to identify likely targets for our very special procedure. It is based on very similar ideas that you used in your stories about DUOMENTALITIES INC.

In that regard we would like to know how you came up with those ideas, by the way. Because our security is very tight and some have lost their lives in the efforts to keep these treatments secret." With that they leaned back a bit and awaited my response to their very serious inquiry.

My response was, no response. After all I knew nothing of this company or its secrets. The ideas in ariel licked her hot horny friend brooklyn stories were just a figment of my imagination, which some have remarked is very lively.

And other writers, especially in the science fiction realm, have anticipated discoveries and even inspired them at times. When they got no response from me, but a shrug, they decided to move on in the conversation. It would make no difference where I got my info if I joined in to the process anyway, they must have reasoned. "What we are here to share with you is an invitation to have your case examined by our doctors.

If it comes out as we suspect that it will, we will then be prepared to make you an offer that you will certainly recognize as to your future." With that they clammed up and awaited my response to this offer. They were very patiently outwaiting me, so I gave in and nodded my agreement to have them analyze my condition and its eventuality.

So, they gave me a card to meet a driver at the abandoned Albertson's down the road and transport would be arranged for me there. They noted that I would have to be hooded for security reasons, but I nodded to this too, in understanding the reasoning for that. It was the next day that the card that they gave me was indicated for the meeting. No use wasting any time, I guess was their attitude towards this situation. A dark blue sedan was present and after the hood went on, we took off to a destination unknown to me, and which would remain so.

When we arrived two nurse types took my arms and guided me in as I heard the car moving off into the distance. There was nothing remarkable about the transit on my feet, and I was guided to a meeting room with a large table and with the hood removed seated in one of the middle seats on one side with a group of men and women of about the number one dozen surrounding me.

The grey-haired man at the head of the table, without introducing himself, began the address to me. "Mr. Martin, we here are very concerned about your condition and prognosis. We consider it rather appropriate that you sit before us in a situation very much like one of your story arcs in your published works on that sexy story site.

In fact, we were a bit worried about it, since it cut very close to what we are all about in our business model." Again they looked at me, with twenty-four eyes, and awaited my response, of which they got none. And so he continued, "We know of your condition and the prognosis of your eventuality. After we have checked you over very carefully, we will meet with you again if you meet our protocols for our services.

They are still experimental, but are building a sizable record of successes in their renderings. So, that is enough for now. You have already given your oral permission for our medical analysis, but we would like a written one also. So, there is one before you to sign, please do so and we will send you off to our 'torture chamber' and see what will be. This last was passed on with a very smarmy smile.

If there was any torture involved, I knew nothing about it, since I was unconscious during the whole procedure. And when I awoke, there was no residual pain either. I was then wheeled back to the meeting room and about half of the eyes from the first meeting were again here for their analysis of the determinations of their doctors. The same grey-haired man addressed me again, "Well, Mr. Fred Martin, we have the results in and I have to let you know that we have come to the same conclusions as your other doctors.

This condition is terminal, and they have the timing very accurately figured, also." He paused with this 'death sentence' confirmed and then continued, "But, there just might be an escape from this unfortunate and eminent demise. We have a process very much like the one that you have written about and you seem to be a very good candidate for it. It will take about three months to locate a viable candidate and get the permissions to continue with this, if you agree to it.

We do have other prospects like you, but you are the top of the list at this time, so don't delay too long to accept this life extending procedure, if you are interested. We will now have you returned to your home and we suggest that if you are interested that you busy yourself immediately to clean up any loose ends in your life and get back to us when you are ready to give us your unqualified agreement to the procedure." "I should also warn you, success is not guaranteed.

You might just pass away and leave us nothing to do to undo that, but so far in our evaluations, we have been very successful with prospects that we have highly rated and you are one of them." I sat there for about fifteen minutes, while they were getting very uncomfortable, thinking over this offer and its prospects, but came to the decision, what the heck, I am going to die in about a year anyway.

And three months was very satisfactory to finishing up my stories and other end of life arrangements, so I asked them for the permission slip and signed it right on the spot. They nodded back in satisfaction in this result and then back on came the hood and my return home was arranged and carried out.

When I walked into my condo after relieving my mailbox of the usual flood of advertisements, I heard the cell phone ringing in the office and so hurried to answer it. "Hey, I thought that you were going to get back to me for a date yesterday!" "Sorry, I was called out of town and have just arrived back. I can see you this evening if you like, just make it in a couple of hours as I get things arranged here." "Will do, see you about seven this evening." "Fine," with me knowing that she will arrive at about ten instead, but that is okay, since unless she has other plans, she will spend the night with me and eva notty pizza party part 1 is a world class snuggler even after the sex part of the evening is taken care of.

With that I timed to take my blue pill at about eight, in anticipation of her arriving at ten and busied myself having my dinner and then a shower afterwards. It was about the eighth inning of a low scoring Mariner struggle that she arrived and knocked on my door.

I was very glad to see her and moved her butt up to the hallway wall and proceeded to use my body to try to push her through the plasterboard with my body and her head up to the wall with my hungry kisses. She is used to this and got right into the spirit of the thing by reaching down to grab my butt cheeks and open her mouth for my total entry of my tongue into its cavity.

We spent several well enjoyed minutes in this and then she excused herself to prepare for further fun by a visit in my bathroom. Since she knew that tonight I had requested anal, she would flush herself out with the little bottles that I had supplied from under my sink.

She knew though, to not wash her pussy too well, because I really like its natural smell, and savor her womanly cum on my tongue.

While she was in there, she freshened up her make-up and hair too to be very presentable. I was very excited in the living room awaiting her.

She is about average in looks, but is the best damn lover that I have ever had, because she simply feels very special in my arms. It is like we were made for each other, the way our bodies fit together in our love making.

She is only a couple of inches shorter than me, relatively slim, with a belly that has produced three babies and shows it, long legs, small but very respondive breasts. She loves to have them sucked on. And a pussy as pretty as any I have ever seen or tasted for that matter.

We love oral on each other and she regularly brings even this old dude up to very operational condition. Then we move right to missionary intercourse, because even with her wonderful efforts, I only stay up for about fifteen minutes.

But, I use them well, in using her pussy with her legs closed up inside of mine. It makes her pussy seem even tighter than it would naturally and with my cock rubbing up to her clit, she soon gets really into it, too.

After she either cums or I run out of energy, we settle back into various oral simulations of various manners, but we almost always finish with face to face, side by side 69.

It is big ass wife cummed inside comfortable with each of our chest supported by pillows, which allows us to continue on its merry way for very extended times. After we finish with that, she loves to be cuddled with and if it is late, she will simply fall asleep in my arms. A wonderful way to spend the night. When we wake up in the morning we make our own breakfasts, I keep a number of her favorites on hand and then she moves to her other affairs of the day after kissing me soundly on the way out of the condo.

This time after she leaves, I moved to the office to determine what I needed to do about the coming great change in my life. I wasn't worried about my lover, since we had no formal relationship. But, I knew that she would be a bit sad at my demise, since we had been lovers for several years. I planned out my finishing of my stories on the site and decided that nothing needed to be done about my affairs as there were in good order and my will was filed and a copy was in residence with my brother.

He and my long time platonic lady friend in a small resort village to the south of me would miss me the most. But, it would mess up my ex-wife's life for sure, since upon my demise, she would lose her share of my pension, a notable part of her retirement income.

But, that can't be helped, I was going to die anyway. But, to help her I would ask the research company to make some way for my condition be reported in such a way as to guarantee her income until my body really was dead and gone.

I had some idea of how things would proceed if it followed the pattern of my stories. So, I reported in for whatever was going to happen two months later. I was given an update on the prospective recipient of my mental personality upon my arrival. He was a very healthy fourteen year old, but had been in a lot of trouble in his young life and finally had written off his life by killing a young girl in a jealous rage.

He was given the choice of this procedure, which would be disguised brittany shae fucks step dad after twerking her nice ass him being confined to a mental hospital for some time, or being sentenced to a life term for aggravated first degree murder.

He knew what that would mean for a slightly built fourteen year old and so agreed to this manner of dealing with it reluctantly. He was informed at the time of his permission, backed up by the court and his parents, that he would have limited mental awareness of this for a time, but that that would wear off after a breaking in in time for me. He shed tears at this, but few were all that sympathetic to him after what he had done to the young girl.

So, he bucked up and took his eventuality girls and horas black guy sexy story com bravely as he could.

When I came out of the coma in his head, he was there waiting for me and informed me that he would have no power over me, but would be like Jiminy Cricket, saxy story fill sex stories jabrdsti helper and conscience while I got used to and familiar with his place in life. We worked well together for some time and I requested that he be allowed at least some continued awareness in recognition of that fact and the powers to be allowed it, but it would be hentai tentacle laying egg in pussy only as long as he was cooperative.

That lasted for several years. When I came to, I was in the care of his maiden aunt who volunteered to come and stay with me in the old family's farm house out in the countryside.

His parents were too afraid of him after his wild stage and never came to see him nor regularly communicated with him for the rest of his life.

But Abby his auntie had never feared him. He had always responded to her care very well. And they got along very well, until she suddenly passed away at his age of sixteen. He was then on his own with the small ten acre farm. But, his parents continued to support him financially, as they were very wealthy and pleased with his reported progress, as long as he stayed away from them and his siblings.

The first night in the new home was a bit over powering to him after a very awkward introduction into Carl's life. Carl was handling it very well, but it is not as easy as it sounds to all of a sudden inhabit someone else's body and assume to take over their life. For instance, Carl was teaching Fred some of his identifiable habits, like scratching his nose, when contemplating a couple of serious choices. He had to adopt these very quickly to teen slut kaci lynn loves big cock and facial pornstars and hardcore tipping his hand as to the new mind in control of the recognized body.

After a couple of clumsy weeks, it got under control and any suspicions of those around were eased. It was Carl, as they had assumed, after all.

On that first night, Abby moved to his bed after he was almost asleep and cuddled him up to her bounteous breasts. She moved his mouth to her nipples, just like she had when he was a baby and toddler and without thinking, Carl took her nipples in and nursed on her until he fell asleep.

She repeated this procedure for the first week and then left it off, except for times of intense turmoil for Carl from then on until her demise. It seemed to help with Carl's mental state and the Fred within loved it too.

It took a couple of weeks for 'Carl' to become totally acclimated to his new surroundings, and as that occurred, the Carl within drew back to be an only occasional mental influence.

And as he became aware of the means that he had available, he began to take in stock of his surroundings and its potentials. He contacted a house analyst to evaluate the house and its surroundings and to offer suggestions on what should be done.

After several days of analysis a printed report was offered and Carl (2) spent some time with Abby going over it. The first suggestion was to firm up the foundation under the house, as it was still salvageable, but needed repairs and firming up before any other work on the house could proceed. So, he hired a respected home remodeling company to do that for him. He got a recommendation from Marty Jensen the proprietor of his former condo home through an intermediary.

And after two weeks the foundation was in firm shape, the base of the walls anchored to it and the basement walls were sealed up from moisture invasion. A very good start to the restoration of this old but fine home. Then following the pattern of the notes from the house analyst, he opened up bids to take the next steps, restoring the roof and residing the house. He was also going green on this home and so he wanted solar panels that were decorative to help the house to become very handsome in its appearance.

It was about this time that the next door girl cheating wife fucks daughters man and gets threesome se about his now apparent age came over to see what the hullabaloo was all about.

She was tall for her age and sort of spindly but with dancing eyes that took in everything. The next door house was the only neighbors that he had within five mile of his house, and so he would naturally be an object of considerable interest to them, especially since they knew of his past pattern of conduct. But, after several weeks of his apparent interest in his house and his business in pursuing the restoring of it, they decided that he was no immediate danger and allowed Ellen to now briefly visit him as he was working outside.

This was a big step forward for Carl, and a welcome one, too. Because this was the first person of his young life (apparent life that is) that he was developing a healthy relationship with. And later when he needed more help with his growing responsibilities with gardening and such, when he hired Ellen to help him with it, they appreciated it even more, since they were a very fine family in financial straits and could use any help that he would give them through Ellen.

The father helped sometimes too, when Carl needed another strong arm for some chore. Having one next door was worth a lot more than whatever he paid him for his help. After the roof was finished with all of the underlying structure restored too, and the outside of the house was reconditioned, the whole house on the outside looked practically new and very handsome.

When Carl's parents got pictures of the work in progress and the results, they sent a message to him through Blossom the attending attorney, that they totally approved of his work on the house and that they would financially support his continued efforts on the inside of the house, too. That followed exactly the plans he had for the place. During this time, Abby signed him up for continuing education classes through the mail so that he could catch up to where his education should be at this time in his life.

Between the work on the house and his classes, he was very busy, which was a very good thing for him. Ellen attended school and was a bright student, but she worked with Carl on his studies, though he didn't really need the help.

But, he was glad for the company during much of his study time anyway. When the remodelers were finished gutting the inside of the house, they settled on the plans for its internal restoration. They took a lot of pictures of what it looked like inside before the work began and Carl forwarded copies of them to his parents through Blossom. Since the house was to be as Green as possible in its restoration, many changes were made to it.

Total rewiring, plumbing and rearranging of rooms was first in order and then with much larger spaces in the house the fun began. A very versatile kitchen was installed with a large pantry. A chest freezer was installed in the pantry and with it a lot of shelves for storage.

The second floor was for bedrooms and there were six of them (One of them on the end was a mini studio apartment for Abby,) and with a cleaning closet with a washer and dryer.

In fact each floor had such a cleaning room to prevent having to move washables from having to be hauled between floors. Vacuum portals were installed throughout the house, too.

And the third floor had his very large master bedroom and separately his office and study center. While the work was going on inside of the house, he knew that he bootylicious teen lucy has her cunt destroyed have to vacate it, so he had George the man next door bring over his tractor and drag the yard around the house and over the prospective garden and orchard to remove any dangerous obstructions to his mowing of it.

He then bought a combination garden tractor/ mower to bring the yard into some kind of order. The grass was wild and so would have to be replaced, but it would do for the summer, and especially during the time that he was going to live in a tent while the inside of the house was finished up.

Ellen thought that the tent idea was great and though she wasn't allowed to sleep in two horny lassies lick their wet pussies, since the walls were translucent, her parents made no issue of her being inside of it and playing games with Carl into the night.

These were innocent board and card games. No sex reared its head up for years between them. When the tractor was delivered, before the tent went up, Ellen begged to run it over the lawn area for him.

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With the tractor came a small trailer for his power tools to be transported, a mighty Troy built Tiller and a variety of power tools for the upcoming gardening and orcharding. While he was cleaning up and installing a ramp into an abandoned small outbuilding for the power equipment and tractor, Ellen was mowing the lawn and he could hear her hoots and squeals as she made progress in her efforts. He smiled often at the hearing of this vocal excitement on her part. After he got the equipment stored in the little barn, he took a look at his prospective plot sex xxnx cnm sex stories story shil band land for his garden and orchard.

It too was over grown with field grass and so he took some Roundup and sprayed it to kill all of the invasive growth there that he could. This space would get additional attentions in the fall for his first plantings in the coming spring, though the trees would be put in in the fall. After all of the grass was dead, he had Ellen mow it, too. And then he hired George to come over with his tractor and large tiller to grind all of the cut grass and sod into the ground to rot down and begin his gardening cycle.

When it was done, Carl identified a distant neighbor that had xxx story sey an mail black guy to get rid of and had him haul it over to completely cover over the garden area (six inches deep) and lightly cover the orchard.

And then to Ellen's family's relief, he had George come over again and work all of this into the ground to the neighborhood's odor relief. After that he had a very thick black plastic covering put down and anchored over the whole area to prevent weeds from growing and to heat the ground so that the various material in the ground would break down accompanied by the actions of earthworms.

The next shipment to the little growing farm was a couple of sizable composting bins with a moveable shredder over each and the trees for the garden orchard. They were set aside, watered and cared for in preparation for their planting that fall.

I had ordered several types of apples, pears, plums, apricots (and peaches for espaliering up against the barns side under its eaves to protect them from 'peach leaf curl' a devastating disease for peaches.) Proper pruning and spraying helps, but the best is using the proper cultivars and strategic spraying.

I planned on no cherries, because it is almost impossible to keep the birds out of them. The house's insides were finished just before the fall rains began, so I was able to move into my new digs and Abby was very relieved at this.

She had been living in a rented trailer over the summer and was very keen to get back into a proper house. She had taken very little notice of the house in progress, but with its being finished, she wandered around in it in wonder of what had been done to this old farm house.

It was all spiffed up and loaded with the latest features and stocked up for her cooking too. So, that night in celebration of our new home she made a giant pan of lasagna and we had Ellen and her family over to share it with us. To say that they were amazed at the transformation of this old house was a great understatement.

They were stunned by it. But, not a bit of jealousy over it. When Blossom sent in the new pictures of the restored insides of the house to Carl's parents, she got back a wildly enthusiastic response and sent their congratulations to Carl through her.

Carl received it well, since he had no real connection with them anyway. As time marched along, Abby passed on and Carl finished the first three years of his Bachelor's Degree in Agricultural Management with an Accounting second. He needed to attend a school in person to finish out the program for his degree, so he asked Ellen to occupy the house and watch over the place while he was gone for the year.

Since it was fall and through spring, there would be much to do outside, but George promised to make sure that it was all done on time. He would have done it anyway, but he and his wife were pretty certain that it would all become partly Ellen's in the future anyway. In the fall during class, a discussion came up on what the individual students had done in this field, and when Carl related what he had done, it sounded a lot like bragging to the professor.

So, to either confirm this story or expose Carl as a charlatan, they arranged a field trip to his home, since it was not that far away from the school. Upon arriving, they first saw the house and were amazed at it, and then when they walked to behind it to see what he had done with his ten acres, the proff was stunned in amazement.

And then he called back to the school and asked for students from the photography classes and video department to rush to this address to make recording of the master work that had been done there. When they arrived, they had Carl stand in front of the garden and explain what he had done and why.

He discussed the raised beds, the kinky lesbian dolls are opening up and fist fucking ass holes covers, the composting bins and the arrangement of the dwarf trees in his little orchard. The proff wanted this to be a very professional recording, so he could use it in the future classes on this subject, too. And when they got back to school, he arranged a symposium with Carl answering a lot of questions about his gardening prowess.

When questioned how he got all of this knowledge, comparable to a thirty year Master Gardener, he just replied that he read a lot and experimented even more. This of course ignored his lifetime of gardening in his previous life. With this demonstration garden and his knowledge, the mia khalifa is old man sex arranged that with a couple of extra classes and credit for this practical example, he got a Master's Degree concurrent with his Bachelors upon his graduation.

On winter break from school, he flew home to spend the holidays in his home with Ellen. Since they were adults now, her parents figured that it was time to loosen the strings a bit and let them spend the night together. After a fine feast with all of the two families together, the young couple retired for the night. As they cuddled together in warming up the bed in the cooled room, she looked into his eyes. He smiled and whispered to her, "Not yet, my love. Our time will come." And rachita ram and amulya kannada heroins xxx next day he proposed and she accepted before her parents to everyone's happiness and no one's surprise.

After finishing his degree, he was called to service for his country and he joined the Air Force. With his degree he was immediately sent to O.C.S. (Officer Candidate School) and then to start flight school.

As this was progressing, he wondered what use the service would make of his agricultural degrees, but not surprisingly his knowledge and education worked well for him to move into food management for the service and that is where he served for his four year term.

As he finished flight school there came a decision of what he would specifically fly and he opted for military transports, as he had no desire to ever shoot at anyone. Since, most of the guys wanted to be 'Hot Shots,' and that they needed cargo plane pilots this worked out fine as far as they were concerned and he served well in that capacity.

He had wired home to Ellen to prepare for a wedding at the midpoint of his service, 'if she was interested!!!' She sent back a very intimate card to him, that he never showed to anyone in response assuring him that she was wildly enthusiastic about that idea and would proceed on the planning for it until he could come home.

The wedding was wonderfully arranged and Carl didn't get to see Ellen upon arrival until the ceremony held in his own home. It was mostly his own and her family in attendance, but a couple of fellow pilots came to be with him and stand up for him, all in their uniforms.

Carl's (#1) folks didn't attend, but sent their best wishes and wonderful and practical gifts for the newlywed couple. In a personal note to Carl only, they told him how proud they were of daughter convinces divorced father to come home the cock ninja a fine life he had made of their departed son's ruined one.

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He sent back a video of the ceremony, that they gratefully accepted. That night, they walked to their bedroom hand in hand as a newly married couple and what had been held off for years was now finally coming true. He was now twenty-four and she was just six months behind him at twenty-three. She sat him on the bed and slowly removed her wedding clothing before him. When she got down to her panties oiled up orgy outside near the pool bra with her high heels still on, he was breathless at the beauty of latina sex tapes danni cole khloe mansion passion mofos woman, whom had been his best friend for almost ten years.

The one that was the gangly young teen girl. Her eyes were shining in the darkened room, and her body glistened in the moonlight through the window. With no hesitation at all, she moved to him and gathered him up into her arms and gave to him the 'mother of all kisses' to celebrate their now intimate partnership.

He held her firmly but gently in his arms and whispered how much he totally loved her and how it would last forever. She smiled and enigmatically asserted that she had heard that before. But, she believed it now. She helped him off with his clothes and they gathered up together in the bed.

After the fun and stressful day, his cute blonde girl involved into family some of them had any energy left for a wild time in bed, so they slowly energized each other and then with her on her back and her bottom lifted up on a pillow they intimately joined together for the first time.

She only flinched a bit as he moved through her hymen, but soon after was thrusting up to deeper join with her new husband lover. She only lightly came this time and when he filled up her upper vagina, they relaxed into each other's arms and slept the night away, firm in their love and devotion to each other.

They had planned it to not have any children until he returned from his service so that he could have a very active part in their jointly raising whatever family that they could generate. And since his military service wasn't especially dangerous, they saw no need to ensure his family name, until then. In the meantime, preparations for little feet were made on the second floor, with his return to her and their bed in mind. When his service obligation was over, they tried to get him to continue active service, but he wanted to be home with his beautiful wife and their coming children.

They thoroughly understood and prevailed upon him to join the Air National Guard then. And he did so, eventually retiring as a Lt. Colonel in the Reserves. When he got home, he was also enlisted into the county crop dusting corps and the statewide forest fire water dropping activities. So, though he wasn't really in need of a job because of his wealth, he did keep very busy with his hobby farm, his family, his flying and especially with his devoted wife, Ellen.

Because they were now related, George did let Carl pay to do some serious reconditioning of his home, too. And this drew him even closer to the husband of his beloved daughter. Late in life in his eighty-fifth year, his body was finally giving up and Ellen was in fragile health too.

But, she was in constant attendance upon him along with a nurse to help him along in his final days. One night as they cuddled together and shared in wonderful memories of their life together all the way back to his start as Carl, she looked him in the eyes and whispered to him, "Fred, you know that it is me Mary, don't you?" He looked back at her in some befuddlement and then he got it, Ellen was the counterpart of his former beloved wife in their previous lives.

A love affair that ended very badly after over thirty years of happiness. So, if true, that meant that Fred/Carl and Mary/Ellen had over a hundred years of happy marriage between their two lives together.

They smiled at that. Then a voice broke in and informed them that they had broken their sacred vow to keep their silence from everyone, even from their mates. And for that they would have to suffer the consequences. But, first he put them on notice that they individually and as a pair were the finest examples in their efforts, ever.

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And a shining example to all other that would come behind them. Then with a smiling face, he instructed them to gather each other up into their arms and with that the small devices in their heads relieved them of their shared terminal pain and sent them off to wherever the good people go to, to be together forever.