Marsha may push ups or squats

Marsha may push ups or squats
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June 20th, 2010 Dear Diary, Do you want to hear a secret? … you see, the thing is… I'm a dirty little slut. It all started a few days ago… I saw him staring at my tits as they fought to escape my skimpy top and my flimsy bra.

I smiled at him, bent over to pick up something that I had "dropped", winked at him. He was hot, I could feel my pussy getting wet and soaking my favorite lacy underwear with my sweet juices. He smiled back at me, ravishing my body with one lust-filled look as I scrawled my number on a business card in hot pink ink. I stroll over to him with my head held high, my back straight, my shirt showing off a generous display of cleavage that bounces slightly as I flounce over to him.

I hand him the card and grin, "I think you should call me sometime" I whisper, leaning forward to give him a better look at my ample DD tits. He takes the card and tucks it into his pocket as I walk slowly away, hips swinging and my 6-inch heels clattering on the sidewalk as I go.

That was the first time I saw my Daddy, the man who now owns my body like no other could… He called me that night and his voice was soft and velvety; it made me feel warm all over.

His laugh seduced me. I feel my juices flowing as steadily as a river, dripping down the crack of my ass and leaving a little puddle on the sheets. He asks me what I'm looking for… I tell him I want to be somebody's cum slut. I hear the smile in his voice as he tells me he's going to break me in. He keeps me going for hours, I cum over and over as he tells me all the dirty things he's going bbc slut anal creampie interracial big dick do to me… he makes me pull on my nipples and smack them until they're swollen and raw, sending a jolt to my clit with even the slightest contact.

He tells me to repeat the abuse upon my swollen pussy, leaving me shivering and aching for an orgasm. "And what does my little slut want now?" he asks, his voice making my mind weak with desire. "You," I reply, my voice thick with lust, "I want you, daddy.

I want you to fuck me until I can't walk straight". He has me do so, soundly, my toy pounding my wet little pussy. I beg him for permission to cum, and he denies me over and over until I'm ready to explode. The first orgasm that Daddy gives me is raw; I hear myself screaming, feel my juices squirting all over my sheets, hear my toy fall out of me with a wet 'plop' when I let go of it.

Daddy tells me to pick my toy up and put it back in my soaked little cunt, keeping it there while I turn over on my side. I eagerly comply. "Now, I want you to take a finger and get your slutty little juices all over it, okay?" I moan in response, doing as he asks, "Good girl, now take that finger and work it into your ass." I hesitate.

I've never had anal sex besides the time when my first lover forced me at the tender age of 13. "Are you going to be a good little slut or should I leave now?" I panic and tell him I will obey, sliding it in very slowly and stretching out my tight little asshole.

My body feels like it's on fire. I start moving my finger in and out of my ass at a frantic pace, relishing the feel of how tight it is. "That's a good little baby. Now, add another finger." I do as daddy says, loving every minute and every sensation. He tells me to take my toy out of my sopping xxx when black guy fuke the girl pussy, telling me to slowly work my 6-inch long vibrator into my ass. I do as Daddy says, and my ass eats up the length of my toy greedily, swallowing it up and making me feel full and warm.

Then daddy tells me to rub my clit and work my vibrator in and out of my ass.

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It drives me wild; the feeling of my vibrator buried deep in my ass and my vigorous rubbing on my swollen clit send me over the edge. I beg Daddy for permission to cum… he lets me. "Take your toy out of your ass, daddy has something else he needs you to do for him." I follow his commands; taking out my toy, sliding it back into my dripping slit, working myself up to another smashing orgasm… and then daddy says something I really didn't expect… "Okay slut, take your toy out and take it deep in your mouth.

I want to hear how you'd gag yourself on Daddy's cock." I grin and take out my toy, licking the tip and then impaling myself on the length, gagging as it hits the back of my throat, coughing and spluttering on every juicy, delicious inch, tasting the sweet saltiness of my own cum.

I suck on it until I hear daddy reach his release, telling me to swallow all of his hot jizz… Oh, how I wish I could! With all my love, ♥ Louise ♥ June 22nd, 2010 Dear Diary, I never, ever want this to end! Daddy and I played again today. I lay in bed with my legs spread and my hands resting anxiously on my thighs.

Daddy said I'm not allowed to play with my pussy without his permission and he hadn't given it, so I wait for my phone to ring practically holding my breath. The minutes stretch out, and my pussy is throbbing with desire.

My ass still aches from the night before, and then memory of Daddy's teasing makes my nipples hard as diamonds. I close my eyes, listening to my heartbeat racing in my chest. Daddy had reprimanded me this morning for posting my naughty story on XNXX's forum, insisting that as punishment I'm not allowed to play with any other boys… 'Why would I want to?' I think to myself, 'Daddy is more than enough!' A smile spreads across my face as I get an idea… I'll send daddy a present!

I pull out my camera and pose seductively for a few shots, then lay back and spread my pussy lips, smiling as gta vice city fuck story flash goes off and I think of how pleased daddy with be by my impromptu gift. I send them off and soon the phone rings. "Lay down in bed. Now." Daddy sounds tired, but I can tell he enjoyed the pictures.

I quickly move to comply, murmuring softly as soon as my ass hits the mattress. "Good little slut. Now, I want you to pull on your nipples nice and hard for me." I moan loudly as I obey and pain shoots from my breasts while an unspeakable pleasure spreads through me.

"Whose little painslut are you?" Daddy says, his voice low and almost growling. "I am, Daddy." My voice sounds high and breathy; the sensations shooting through my body clouding my thoughts and making me feel mad with lust and pleasure.

Daddy makes me pull and twist my nipples until they burn like fire, sending intense pulses of desire through my body with even the slightest touch.

"Are you going to be a good little slut?" I moan in response and whimper, wanting to ask permission to rub my pussy but also wanting to wait for Daddy to give me his permission. busty blonde playgirl has her tits creamed

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Daddy has me rub ice around my nipples next, which makes my clit throb with longing. My mouth is watering I am so horny, begging Daddy to punish me for being such a dirty little slut. "Get out your little pocket rocket now, baby." I've had it waiting under my pillow since this morning… my hand closes around the base and twists it to turn it on. My voice comes out raspy with longing, "Where am I supposed to put it, Daddy?" Next thing Wench grants full access to her slit know, I'm cumming so hard I feel faint, my moaning making my throat feel raw.

"Who's Daddy's little girl?" he asks. "I am, Daddy. I am. Please, please let me hammer my little pussy, Daddy" I beg him, whimpering and whining and longing for the feeling of my vibrator buried deep in my busy and wanting to fuck myself silly. "First you need to suck Daddy's cock, sweetie.

Young teen daddy taboincest rape gay out your toy and deep throat it for Daddy; do it real well and then Daddy will reward you by letting you put it in your pussy." I don't wait for him to say anything else, I pull out my toy and take it all the way into my mouth, choking and gagging as it hits the back of my throat.

I start working it over like I would his cock, moaning and gasping and choking all the way. My pussy is sloppy wet; I can feel my juices running down my thighs but I don't touch it, enjoying the feel of how wet pleasing Daddy makes me. "Oh! Good girl! Ahh!" I can hear Daddy getting close, so I impale my self on my toy in one last choking gasp, relishing the sound of him reaching his release. "Good girl," he croons, "Good, good girl. Now clean up Daddy's cock and then you can have what you want." I suck my toy dry, imagining that it was Daddy's cum, getting even more turned on by the thought of it; something I didn't even think was possible at that point.

"Can I put it in me now, Daddy?" "Yes." He says it so low it's barely a whisper, but it is the only prompt I need to bury my toy into my dripping snatch to the hilt, grinding my hips against the vibrations that are now in my pussy as well as on my clit. I shiver with the pure joy of it, working myself up to near orgasm before I remember Daddy's rules… "Can I cum please, Daddy?

I'm so, so close." I think I hear him chuckle. "Yes, baby, you can cum." I feel myself go over the edge, cumming harder than I ever have in my life. "Don't stop now, baby" Daddy tells me. I keep working on my pussy, my toy sliding in and out with a wet slap and my pocket rocket pressed hard against my clit.

My hips buck wildly and I bring myself to orgasm twice more before Daddy tells me I've had enough. "I have to go now. Remember the rules." Daddy hangs up abruptly and leaves me to tend to my dripping cunt and my soaked toys. I clean them slowly, sucking off my juices and slipping them back under my pillow.

I don't think Daddy realizes it, but with him I don't think I will ever be able to get enough, and I wouldn't have it any other way. With all my love, ♥ Louise ♥