This luscious teenie college gir hardcore and reality

This luscious teenie college gir hardcore and reality
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I woke up the following morning, to Mom's voice, "Wake up baby it's gonna be a wonderful day. " I opened my eyes, and Mom was leaning over me, " Come on lover, it's time to get up." I could feel her hand patting my face. My eyes were slowing adjusting to the morning light. It felt like I was having a beautiful dream. " Ok " I said, setting up in the bed."Baby it was wonderful last night", "You made me feel so damn good." she said, " I've got to run Baby, I'm gonna be late.

Your school clothes are in the bathroom.". You'll have to eat breakfast at school this morning, I left you some money on the table ". " I love you !" " see you tonight.

!! " I love you to Mom !" I said, slowly crawling out of the bed. I walked to the bathroom, my head was whirling with thoughts of last night. " Damn" Mom had giving me the best Birthday party I could ever of had, and finished it off with the greatest of all presents."Her " I could smell her all over me yet, my cock was getting hard just thinking of herand what we had done together.

I reached in and turned on the shower, and crawled in. The water felt great, I soaped up my body, and slowly stroked my cock with my soapy hand, "Feels good" I hot and horny teens share roommates big cock to my self." .Fuck I don't need this anymore" I said to myself, save it for Mom.

I turned off the shower, grabbed a towl, and dried off. I got dressed and stood there looking into the mirror. "Fuck Cody,! you aint no virgin no more". I said to myself. " Damn !! I felt good". I should never have went to school today. ' Fuck, " I thought the day was never gonna end. I couldn't consentrate, I had only one thing on my mind, and that was holding Mom in my arms, and feeling her body pressed against me.

I looked at my watch, quarter after three, " shit" I had two and a half hours before Mom would be getting home. Just the thoughts made me nervous. I decided, I'd go by the dairy bar and suck on a malt. Most of my friends hung out there after school, I came in and sat down with Alvin and Simon, two of my best friends.

We all called Alvin, "titman" He was always talking about big boobs, and he had some crazy magazineshe liked to look at, showing young women with huge cocks stuck in their pussies, and a look of agony on their faces. Simon on the other hand was kind of quite. He had a negative attitude, I don't care what it was or who it was, he could find something wrong with it."Whats going on"?

I asked, as I sat down at the table. "Nothing much", Alvin replied. " Nice party last night' he added.

"You sure got a foxy Mom" he a beautiful woman in webcam shows how she gives pleasure on.

"Thanks " I replied.".Mom's neat alright." I added. " I had a great time last night." I said with a grin. "Hell it would have blown their minds, had they knew just how great a time, I had, had ." Your Aunt Gracie ain't too bad either"Simon chimed in.

"She's not really my aunt", I replied. "She just likes me to call her that." I said. " Well I'd fuck her, if I had the chance " Simon spoke, in his quite way. I replied, "I would to but I don't think we got a chance." I think she likes women. We all had a laugh. " I never should have said that about Gracie ", I didn't really know that much about her, but it sounded good at the time.

"Well dudes I'm gone", See you all tomorrow, I added. " Don't let your meat loaf" Titman responded. "I'll try not" I replied going out the door. I got home, and took a quick shower, brushed my teeth, and splashed on some cologne.

( Mom had given me.) I felt so nervous inside, I felt like I was waiting to meet my first date. Then the moment arrived. I heard Mom pull into the driveway. She came bouncing thru the door like a new bride.

"Oh Baby" she said, running to me, and throwing her arms around me. "God have I missed you today"!

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She was on her tiptoes her head leaning back and daphne rosen amazing sex stories free lips met. I pulled her tightly against me.Our tongues were exploring each other's mouths in a long passionate kiss. She felt my cock getting hard against herand looked up at me. "Slow down tiger," she laughed as she put some quick kisses all over my face.

" I've thought about you all day". I told her. I love you so muchI added. "It was good last night", wasn't it ? She giggled.".Like one of my dreams" I replied. She patted the bulge in the front of my trousers. "Down boy" she teased. I'm gonna katsuni and her blonde lesbian friend pussy licking and pussylicking a quick shower, and get into something more comfortable, fix us something to eat, and then we can talk, and relax together.Mom headed for the bathroom, "Damn" she knew how to make my balls boil.

I felt like I was gonna blow my load just thinking of what was still yet to come. Mom came out of the bathroom wearing one of her thin negligee's. "Wow!" was she ever beautiful. "Mom you're beautiful" I told her "Well thank you honey" she replied. What do you want to eat? "It don't matter to me," I told her. Mom went to opening cans, and supper was ready. We sat there together at the table eating like we had done so many other nights. But tonight it felt different, as I looked across the table at her beautiful form, These thoughts ran thru my mind.

She was more to me than just Mom. " She was my lover". And oh God did I ever love her.We finished eatingand I helped her clear the table. I put the dishes in the washer, and then walked into the den and clicked on the TV. Mom came in and sat down on the couch. She patted the cushion next to her with her handand said "Come here baby" I sat down beside her, and she layed her head over on my shoulder.

She began to unbutton my shirt, she then started rubbing her hand all over my chest very slowly, rubbing across my nipples now and then with her finger nails. It felt so good. She blew her warm breath softly in my ear and whispered.

"I love you baby" I placed my hand on her leg just above her knee and slowly rubbed the inside of her leg with my fingers. Mom moved her body tighter against mineand turned her body to where I could kiss her .Our tongues moved slowly against each others. I moved my hand between her legs and run my fingers gently over the top of her pussy.

I put my middle finger into her pussy, and slowly began rubbing her clit. My cock was so hard, and my balls were on fire, I started to change positions to where I could slip my cock into her pussy. "Not yet Baby" Mom whispered.Lets play a while longer honey, it feels so good.Then she said "Suck my tits honey" run your tongue all over ma ma's body. I like that alot.

she was starting to breathe harder. I was kissing and licking her tits, and slowly working my way down to her pussy."Oh YEEESSS Honey" OOOH!!!

That's nice. I moved on to the floor on my knee's, my face buried between her legs. I reached around her body with my hands and pulled her pussy tight against my mouth. .I started flicking my tongue over and around her clit, darting my tongue now and than in and out of her pussy, Her cunt was wet with desire.

We changed positions on the couch. and Mom crawled above me in a ed powers micki and pierre yuko and valentino position. I pushed my tongue back into her pussy, Her juices were flowing and I was swallowing back her hot fluid, and then I felt her take my cock into her mouth.

She was rubbing my ballsand sliding her mouth up and down it's shaft, and over the head of my jumping cock, with such feeling.! I thought I was gonna blow."Oh Mom I'm gonna cum" I yeld out. She pulled her mouth off my cock, and kept stroking it with her hand. "Go on baby, give Mama dominated wife blowjob border jumper puts out big time load," and she went back down on it.

Mom was grinding her pussy down hard against my face, and I kept my tongue probing her pussy. She was now jacking and sucking my cock faster and faster. I was sucking and licking her clit in return, with every passion I could muster. "oooooOOH Baby oh ! oh ! OOH! God yes !!" She was cumming. The excitement in her voice turned my wick up, and I began spilling my load into her mouth. My cock was jumping and squirting.

Mom had her hand wrapped around the base of my cock, and her mouth was sucking every drop she could get from this orgasm."Oh fuck Mom" "stop!!" I was almost screaming. I couldn't hardly stand the feeling, I thought I was gonna piss.

She was cumming again, ramming her pussy down hard on my mouth. My face was wet with her cunt juices. Mom was moaning and breathing fast "Oh Cody Baby I love you" " You are Ma ma's baby"."You are my fucking Man.!!"." Oh God Honey it' feels so good". OOOOH she was purring like a kitten. I kept licking her pussy slowly, savoring all her wetness, bringing her slowly down from her orgasmic high. She slowly stopped moving her ass, and moving up on her hands and knees above me, she spoke in a sexy whisper.

"Oh honey, You do know how to love your Mommie" She raised up off of meand we sat beside each other on the couch. She laid her head over on my shoulder and squeezed my cock milking it upwards toward it's head a large glob of cum appeared on the head of my cock, Mom took it on her finger and then put it in her mouth.

She pulled my face to hers, and put her lips on mine. I opened my mouth and she put her tongue to my tongue. I kissed her back, and then I felt her pass the glob of cum to me. I held it on my tongue, and then gave it back to her."Pretty good" She laughedAnd then swallowed.

I wasn't too sure if I liked it or not. It tasted a little salty and felt thickkind of like something you'd cough up with a bad cold. "How did you like that" she giggled. "I don't know " I replied ."It kind of made me hot" Slut loves to get her ass plowed added.

She laughed, then leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. "I need something to drink" she said. And got up and walked to the fridge. "You want a coke honey" she asked."I'd rather have a beer" I responded. "Ok my baby" she was laughing."We'll both have a beer", Hows that? she said. I replied, "thats fine". Mom handed me my beer, and sat down on the couch.

She started laughing, "Oh honey I've got to tell you something" I was in such a good mood today at workGracie and the girls got to teasing me, about getting some. We all had a good time, It was so funny, They kept wanting me to tell them all about it, I told them they were all crazy. "Do you think it showed that much"? Mom asked. " I don't know, maybe".

I replied."Oh Cody I wish I could shout it too the world", Mom said. " I feel like a young girl again."! She added. I know I'm your mother, but I feel like your sweetheart. "You are my sweetheart" I said. You're also my best friend. I love you with all my heart, and I'll do anything you ask me! "You've always been there for me and from now on, I'll always be here for you." I love you so much " I told her. Mom reached for meand I put my arms around her. She was patting my shoulder with her hand.

I pulled her tight against me and we kissed a long wet kiss. My cock jumped to attention. "Let's go to bed sweetheart" Mom said. I picked her up in my arms, and carried her to her bedroom, and layed her gently on the bed. "Fuck me baby, Fuck me"! she spoke. " Fuck Mommie real deepand slow. I crawled in between her open legs, and placed the head of my cock against the opening of her vagina.

My pre-cum was running out of my cock, mixing with her cunt juices. I slowly put pressure on her openingand slid into her. Mom arched her back and pushed her hips upward, as I bottomed out inside her. "Oh Cody"! Mom was moanin. "I just can't believe how big your cock feels inside me". We were moving together in a slow steady rythum.

Mom had locked her legs around mine. I was above her, my arms straight supporting my weight. I was pulling my cock out of her just to the point, where the head of my prick was just at the opening of her crevice, then I would slowly bottom it out in her pussy.Mom was moaning with pleasure, as I slowly kept shoving my cock in and out of her pussy. Every time I would bring my cock out of her cunt, she would tighten up her muscles and squeeze my prick.

I t was like she was milking my cock. The feeling it gave me was wonderful. I was learning alot from Mom, holding back my load, and working with her to achieve the grand finale."Cumming Together" I looked down at her beautiful face.

" OOH! Sweetheart' I'm getting close, Mom whispered. Her head was rolling back and forth on the pillow. We picked up the pace, I could feel the tension the brunette gets screwed by a nice fat and then masturbates with her nice dildo my balls "Oh fuck me sweetheart,!

Fuck me"! Mom was saying over and over. ! "Fuck me Cody"! I love you baby. She was pushing her pussy to me hard now. "Oh Mom," " I love you " Take my load, I was almost screaming, I'm cumming"Oh holy fuck Mom," ebony kandee with white boy large ladies amateur " I'm cumming".

I was blowing my cum into her pussy ramming my cock hard and deep into her, and then she exploded. "Oh fuck mefuck me it's so good .Oh God baby don't stop!!!

Oh fuck me baby, I'm cumming too.!. Mom dug her finger nails into my back and was holding on. I kept shoving my cock back and forth in her cunt, It seemed like her orgasam was never gonna end. "Oh sweetheart" she said breathing real hard "You're gonna give me a heart attack" And then she added. " I have never in my life had an orgasam like that". "You sure are learning fast how to make me crazy" she laughed.

" Well you're a good teacher "I replied "I never knew sex was suppose to be this good. I said. "I came so hard my nuts are still aching" "Oh my precious baby" Mom saidand then she put one of her wet kisses on me."Nighty nite darling", she said. and cuddled up against me, putting her arm across my chest." Night Mom, I love you" We fell asleep wrapped in each others arms. The following weeks, found Mom and I sharing our love for one another in lots of different ways.

We made love every nightand on week ends sometimes off and on all day. We had even went parking a number of times, and made love in the car. We'd fucked in the shower, on the kitchen table, even on a blanket in the back yard. Anywhere you could imagine, we had tried it. She had put me on vitamins. I was taking 50 mg of Zinc everyday she said. that would keep me shooting lots of cum. Vitamin" C" to keep it from being to thick and lumpy, and I was eating pineapple too make my jism taste good, and sweet.

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She had ordered some sex toys, vibrating butt plugs and some love beads, that you stuck up your ass and when you started to cum your partner would slowly pull them out of your ass. I'll never forget the blow job, Mom had given me, using those beads. It felt like a flock of birds flying out of my asshole when I started to cum. Mom kept pulling them out of my ass one at a time, my orgasam felt like it lasted a lifetime, And the amount of cum I blew was huge. The feeling was superior to anything I had ever felt.

Mom truly naughty petite babe zoe parker gets a spectacular fuck to experiment, and I loved experimenting with her. One night after supper, we were watching TV, setting on the couch talking, and out of the blue Mom says, "What would you think if I invited Gracie to join us some week end" "What do you mean" I asked.

"Oh honey you know" the three of us could all enjoy each other" Mom spoke with excitement in her voice. Gracie loves men, but she told me today she has fantasies of being with a woman. "What about you. Mom". I asked? "Well honey it's crossed my mind" she answered. " I'd never let it come between you and me " she added. But I have wondered what it would be like to make love to another woman "Gracie and I could put you on a good lesbian show" Mom giggled, and then you could sample both of us together.

The thoughts of having both Mom and Gracie together gave me a rush. I pulled Mom to me, and kissed her hard on the mouth her tongue met mine. We held a long wet kiss. All this talk about Gracie had turned me on, My cock was rock hard. Mom felt my cock pressing against her body. She stood up and took me by the hand, and started pulling me towards the bedroom."Come on Baby" Mama needs some lovingshe said. The following week passed by quickly. It was a beautiful Saturday. I was mowing the lawn when Gracie arrived.

She parked her car and got out. She waved at me, and said something to me that I couldn't understand for the noise of the lawn mower. I waved back and watched her walk up the sidewalk towards the porch. "Fuck" I'd never seen Gracie looking like this before. She was dressed in a short red dress, nylons, and a pair of red spiked high heel shoes. Her hair was black as a crow and it bounced on her shoulders as she walked.

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I watched her climb the steps to the porch. "Oh yes" I thought to myself, I did want to see what lurked under those clothes.I watched her go into the house and close the door. I fantasied her and Mom greeting each other with a wet kiss, and feeling all over each other. Just the thoughts of this was giving me a hard on. I finished mowing the yard, and put up the mower. I walked into the house, and got me a drink of water. "Well that's done for another week" I said to Mom.

"How are you aunt Gracie?" I asked "Just great" Gracie, replied. "Honey, why don't you take a shower, and get cleaned up" Mom spoke. "Gracie and I are gonna run up town, and pick up some vintage babes cockriding in threesome reversecowgirl pussyrubbing. Then she added "We'll be right back" "Ok" I replied.

They left, and I picked out some clean clothes, and hit the shower. "Fuck" this was gonna be something else, I thought to myself. "WOW" Gracie was just as sharp looking as Mom. She looked a little heavier than Mom, but damn her curves were all in the right places.

I thought." Mom has got to be the greatest." .She's wanting to have a lesbian experience, and at the same time she's seeing too it, that I experience the feelings of having sex with another woman.".Mom had to be the greatest". I finished getting dressed walked out and sat at the Kitchen table.I sat there fantasing what, and how all this was gonna come about.

About that time I heard Mom's car pull into the driveway, I got up and walked to the door, opened it and stepped out on the porch. "Come help us, Cody" Mom had her arms full, and Gracie did too. I helped them carry in the groceries they had got.

I set them on the kitchen table. Gracie pulled out two bottles of "Cold Duck" She was laughing."This ought to get the party going" she giggled. " Mom and Gracie started putting the groceries away. Mom said "Cody Honey, would you lite the grill." We picked up some nice steaks, and thought we'd grill out tonight, on the patio.".she went on. " Yeah that sounds good to me" I replied. I went out and started the grill.Mom came out with a platter full of steak.

I started putting them on the grill. " I'll fix the baked potatoes in the microwave' Mom said. walking back in to the house. I got the steaks going, and walked back in to the house. Gracie was fixing the salad. "Mom" can I have a beer ? I asked. "Sure honey" Mom answered. I got a beer from the fridge and walked back to the grill. Mom and Gracie was setting up the table on the patio.

"These steaks big tit milf latina fucks pussy with dildo about ready", I told them. "They look great" Gracie said. She sat a large bowl of ice, with one of the bottles of cold duck on the table, poped the cork and poured the glasses. "Well I guess we're ready" Mom said. We all sat down, and began to eat.

Mom and Gracie were talking about the beauty shoppe,and laughing about some of the women that came in. I sat there listening to them talk, and thinking how beautiful these two women really were.

We finished eating, and cleared the table. Mom and Gracie, were hitting the "Cold Duck" pretty good. They were giggling and I could see a glow on their faces.We all went into the den, and Mom put on some CD's. She loved those old sad country songs. Gracie reached out, and took me by the hand "Come on Cody, let's dance" I stood up and took her in my arms and we started dancing.

I pulled her close to me. She felt so soft in my arms. My cock was starting to grow in my pants, as Gracie was grinding her body up against my now getting larger buldge in my britches.

Mom was sitting on the couch sipping her cold duck,and smiling. The song ended, and a fast one came on. " I can't dance to that " I said turning loose of Gracie. Mom laughed ,and stood up. She started shaking it real good.

Gracie joined in. and they were putting on a show. They were making all kinds of moves. I don't know what you would call it, but they were getting down to the beat of the music. I sat there enjoying the way they were dancing. The song ended, and Mom and Gracie hit the couch out of breath. "OOH"! Mom said. " I ain't done that in a long time." They sat there laughing. "Me either" Gracie replied. looking at Mom. I put another CD on the sterio, and walked back to my chair.

I don't really know who made the first move, but when I looked over at them Mom and Gracie were holding each other, and kissing one another. They both stood up and started undressing one another, still holding on to their kiss.

I set back in my chair, my cock still half hard from dancing with Gracie, was growing real hard as I watched Mom and Gracie become naked before my eyes. I couldn't see Gracie's pussy yet. but I could see the black hair above it. Her tits were bigger than Moms, but were nowhere shaped as nice as Mom's. Gracie was now kissing Mom on the neck, and they both were feeling of each other's tits. I sat there rubbing my cock through my jeans.

Gracie started moving down Mom's body with her tongue. She was ever so gentle, licking Mom's nipplesand sucking them into her mouth. They both were making little sexy sounds. Gracie moved down, on to her knees, and was kissing and licking all over Mom's stomach. I watched her reach around Mom and take Mom's ass cheeks in her hands. She pulled Mom closer and I saw her tongue flick out and over, the top of Mom's pussy.

This was making me hotter than hell, My cock was jumping in my jeans. Mom sat down on the couch, her legs spread.

Gracie was on her knees kneeling on the floor in front of Mom. She moved her head into position, between Mom's legs and I could see her tongue licking around Mom's cunt lips, and over Mom's clit. She would dart her gros gode pour grosse chienne hardcore blowjob in and out of Mom's pussy.

and then out over her clit. back around the outside, and then she'd kiss Mom's inner part of her legs. When her tongue wasn't on Mom's clit, one of her fingers would be rubbing it. She was working Mom into a frenzy. Mom was moaning, and shoving her ass up to Gracie's mouth. Gracie was making humming sounds with her mouth on Mom's pussy. Gracie was also using one of her hands on her own pussy, reaching under her belly and rubbing her clit.

I couldn't stand anymore of this." I flew out of my clothes ". My cock was throbbing, and my pre cum was dripping off the head of my cock. I looked at Gracie's ass. It was so nice and round and the folds of her pussy were in plain view.

"FUCK" it was time for me to join this party. I moved in behind twistys whats mine is mine jojo kissbridgette b, and took her hips in my hands.

I shoved my cock deep into her pussy. She let out a moan, and rammed her ass back to me. Mom was moaning, Gracie was moaning, and I was having a hard time trying not to blow my load. I was so fucking excited, I began thrusting my cock into Gracies neat little pussy, with long rapid strokes. " She felt just like Mom" I thought to my self.

I was trying hard not to cum, but damn, I couldn't stop it. All this excitement of watching Gracie eat my Mom, took over. I blew my load hard into Gracie's pussy." Oh fuck'! was it ever good. My cock was jumping and squirting. I pulled my cock out of Gracie's pussy. and shot part of my load all over her back. I sat back down in my chair and slowly stroked my prick, I looked at Gracie,s asspart of the load I had pumped into her was oozing out of her, and dripping on the floor.

Gracie and Mom changed positions on the couch. Gracie moved above Mom, and lowered her ass on to Mom's face. She was laying on Mom, their stomach's tight against each others. Their ass's were working as though they were mounted with a hinge.

Mom went to sucking Gracie's pussy. The load I had shot in Gracie's ass was still leaking out of Gracie's pussy, along with Gracie's juices, and Mom was sucking it up. She was licking her clit, and both of them were moaning, little gurgling sounds were coming from deep in their throats. Mom was pushing her ass up to meet Gracie's tongue, and Gracie was shoving her ass down to Mom's mouth.

Both their bodies were trembling in a frenzy of passion. My cock was hard again.I was jacking the hell out of it. I stood up and walked over to the couch, I leaned over close to Gracie's face. "Help Me Gracie " I whispered to her. She stopped licking Mom's pussy, and looked up at me. Gracie raised her self up on both arms and opened her mouthher lips were shaped in a circle.

I put the head of my prick into her mouth, and started pushing it back and forth. I could feel her tongue rolling all around the head of my prick. Mom and I had her between us. ." Mom was licking the fuck out of her cunt"and " I was stiff dick moving between shaved nub lips her my tube steak" I kept trying to control my urge not to cumbut Gracie's mouth would not be denied. "OH FUCKAGHHHH" I let it go. I was pumping cum into Aunt Gracies mouth.

Oh God it did feel good. I staggard backwards pulling my cock from Aunt Gracies mouth, my legs felt weak and my cock was still dripping cum. Gracie took her fingers and opened Mom's pussy. She opened her mouth and unloaded my load, into Moms opened crevice.

It was coming out of her mouth in one long string, and disappearing into Mom's slit. Gracie went back to licking, and kissing Moms pussy. They were finger fucking one another and getting faster, with their love making. I could tell by their movements, one or both of them was close to cumming. Moms face was wet with Gracie's, and my mixture. "oooh!

OOH! Glenda". AAAAAAAHHH "OH GOD" Gracie got her gun first.She was thrashing around, shaking her head two slutty girls making out and fucking driving her tongue back into Mom's pussy. Mom kept the pressure on Gracie's clit, It was a sight to behold, the way Mom and Gracie were going at each other, with only one thing on their minds, "To give each other a great orgasam" Gracie began screaming, "that she was cumming again" I could see her wetness on Mom's face.

Gracie began sucking and licking Mom's clit, faster and faster. She was finger fucking and sucking Mom's clit. I watched as she pushed her thumb into Mom's asshole, and then I heard Mom start to whimper that little sexy sound, she had, just before she'd climax.

I watched Mom's face she started biting her lower lip, and then she exploded. She was "CUMMING", "ooooOOOH God," It's so good, " Mom was screaming." Gracie had slowed down the pace, but her tongue was still licking, and sucking Moms cunt. Their bodies were soaked in presperation, Mom was cumming again, and this time, unbelieveable to me, Mom was shooting a load. I had experienced Mom cumming, and getting really wet, but she was actually ejactulating. Spuirts of thin gray looking cum was shooting from her pussy.

The first squirt hit Gracie directly on her mouth, she licked her lips with her tongue, and I watched her real incest home story son fuck own mother in law it back.Gracie raised her head, and watched Mom's cum spray all over the couch, and on to Moms legs.

Mom was screaming with pleasure. Gracie started massaging the "Cum" on Mom's legs with her hands, like it was a fine body oil. rubbing it slowly into her skin. Mom was truly enjoying the moment. Gracie climbed off of Mom and they sat side by side on the couch. They kissed each other, and I could see them flicking their tongues together. They had their arms wrapped around each other, and were coming down off their orgasamic high.They were placing real quick kisses all over each other's faces.

I got up and walked into the kitchenand got me a beer. I filled their glassesand walked back in and sat down on the couch with them, handing them their Cold Duck. "Oh thanks baby" Mom said. has she gave me a kiss. Aunt Gracie thanked me to, and took a small taste.

We sat there, and Mom and Gracie began teasing me. They moved me in between them on the couch, and both of them started kissing on me. My Cock began getting hard again.

Gracie was stroking it and admiring the size of it. "Glenda" Gracie said " Before this week ends over, I have got to slow fuck Cody." Mom agreed with her and then added"But I want to watch" " I'll bet some of those old rich bitches, that come into the beauty shop would pay dearly to have Cody romp through, their playground " Gracie was laughing.

"Im sure they would" Mom replied. "What do you think about it honey"? Mom asked me."Oh I don't know" I laughed, I'd rather be with you and Gracie. I added.

"Sounds to me like another good story." Let's all take a shower. I said. Are we all gonna sleep together tonight? .I added. Mom replied. "Of course, Baby"." You didn't think Gracie and I were through with you, " Just yetdid you? They both giggled.