Slutty teen thief sucks giant cop cock

Slutty teen thief sucks giant cop cock
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This story takes place one real boring day at work.

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I woke up this morning really horny and like usual the wife was not in the mood. Not for a lack of trying I mean she is sexy she has long brown hair to the middle of her back I nice olive complexion to her skin she has full nice perky breast size 34 c and she weighs roughly 150 five feet five inches tall and is 31 years old.

I was horny all morning and I could not please my self because she thinks it's skinny nessa is down for some dp when a man masterbaits which is totally normal btw. Later that night I head to work my 4-12 I was busy all night at work so I just had this building up inside me just an uncontrollable urge to just over power someone.

Well on my way home from work I stopped at Walmart just to kill some time there was a really sexy woman walking around aimlessly just like me but the moment I saw her I felt my dick just start to jump to life she was walking around in black short shorts they came up right above the bottom of her ass cheeks she had long legs she stood about 5,7-5,8 she was an athletic build nice skinny waist wrapped in a black small shirt she had no bra on so you can see the outline of her nipples she had a nice little b cup she had her red hair up in pony tail I mean ugh she was something to look at as I walked by the produce section far enough away from anyone to where I can reach into my pants and grab my throbbing dick and tuck it upwards so that my pants can keep it out of anyone's site.

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I then decided to walk around trying to cool down. I made my way to the back of the store where I saw her again by the bathrooms she was getting ready to walk into the family bathroom as I seen her getting ready to walk in she saw my looking at her and at that moment she walked into the bathroom.

I was about 20 feet from the bathroom by that time I had so many thought racing through my head at that moment the bad ones took over my body what set me over the edge was that she didn't shut the door all the way. I was rock hard and being led by my dick I cfnm creampied arab teen pornstars and big tits fastly over to the door and ran through it slamming it behind me and locking it so fast that she didn't have time to react.

There she sat on the toilet before she could scream I ran to her and had her pony tail in my hand yanking her head back with such force all the noise that she made was squeal. I then with her beautiful red soft hair in my right hand I and her head pulled back I quickly covered her mouth with my left has as to stop any attempt of anyone hearing her and distracting what I wanted all day.

She sitting there on the toilet hair in one hand and my other covering her mouth I lean forward and whisper in her ear I am a lot stronger than you and this is going to happen it's up to you if it's gentle or rough with a nod from her in acceptance I then slowly remove my hand from her mouth and once I realize she won't put up a fight I then reach to undue my belt and unzip my pants as my rock hard dick thrusts it's way out of my zipper I move it as close to her mouth as possible.

She gave me a little perfect asian pussy nailed hard from aside of a hustle I then with a jolt from my right hand remind her that she is mine as she I direct her mouth towards my dick I realize that from the tip of my dick I have pre cum dripping onto the floor as an eager dog drooling dog awaits a treat.

She sticks out her tongue and starts licking from the underside of my dick to the very tip licking up all of my juices. She then opens her mouth and throws her head forward onto my dick bottoming out she shakes her head as to let me know I can let go of her hair.

I'm sitting there as I can feel her tight lips wrapped around my shaft I can feel her wiggling I notice that she is wiping her pussy clean at that time I realize that I'm not going to settle with a blowjob.

I grab her hair again and pull my dick from her mouth and pull up on her pony tail directing her to stand as she is standing I am just taken away at the sight of her without pants on she has a nice tight looking little clam shell pussy neatly shaven. I let go of her hair and tell her to take her shirt off as she does so I see her little perky tits and by that time I'm horny as hell and I want to feel her pussy lips wrapped around my shaft I grab her by her shoulder and spun her against the wall I knell down to her perfect ass and give it a little love bit not too hard but enough to make her moan by that time she wants it she pushes her ass out enough to show me her dripping wet pussy I then position myself behind her rubbing the head of my dick between her dripping wet throbbing pussy lips I then position the head of my dick right at the entrance of her hole I redhead grandma gives head before passionate banging sliding it in very slowly as I fell her warmth just engulfing me she finally gives in completely and throws her hips backwards slamming her ass right into my pelvic area taking me all the way into her I turn into an enraged beast and start thrusting with everything I have after a few minutes I feel her legs start to shake as she start to loose her footing I guide her to the floor easily she is hunched over her beautiful young flawless early twenties face in laying on the floor with her ass propped up in the air and her hand rubbing her clit I then without warning rub the tip of my dick on her little puckered up ass hole I then sink all of my meat inside her ass I can feel it's tightness gripping my dick as it plummets deeper and deeper inside her within seconds I'm about ready to erupt I grab her hips and thrust hard and as far in as I can go she can feel me cumming inside her and she thrusts her ass backward as not to miss an inch of my convulsing dick draining inside her.

To be continued. Please be nice in the comments as this is my first price of work thank you.

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