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Mature danish blowjob and brunette high heels masturbate itsy bitsy hotspot
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Sara The Bad Babysitter Mr.

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and Mrs. Crudele were going to have a much needed night out. Since the arrival of their little bundle of joy four months ago they hadn't had a night out together and in fact they rarely had a few hours sleep in a row. But tonight they had plans for a quick supper followed by an evening at their favorite club.

Mr. Crudele had obtained the name of a young woman from a subordinate at his company who said that she was very reliable and came highly recommended. He had called her and she was available the evening in question. He had arranged all the details with her including finding out her address so that a company car could be dispatched to transport her. Mr. Crudele walked into the bedroom as his wife was putting the final touches on her lipstick at her vanity mirror.

He bent down and kissed her cheek as his large hand lightly brushed against her full breast. "You look lovely as always Mary" he boomed in his loud voice. "Well thank you dear. I'm just about ready." "What a wife I have.

Never late, always looks her best, already lost the baby weight. I don't deserve you. Just heard from the driver dear.

They should be here in five minutes." "Stop your flattery John" she said with a smile "it's unnecessary you know." Five minutes later Mrs. Crudele walked down the grand staircase where her husband waited at the bottom.

She had on a little black cocktail dress with stiletto heels and carried a light wrap and a silver clutch tanned brazilian beauteous babe rides hard weenie. He was wearing a pair of black slacks and a white shirt with the top two buttons unfastened.

Though his clothing was expensive it did nothing to hide his bull like physique. Just then the doorbell rang. Mrs. Crudele went and opened the door and ushered the dark haired young woman into the foyer. The girl was on the petite side and Mrs. Crudele, in her heels, towered over her. She extended her tanned, manicured hand to the young woman. "You must be Sara, I'm Mrs. Crudele and this is my husband. So glad you could come tonight." "Yes I'm Sara Felinus.

It's my pleasure to watch your baby. It must be nice to get a break for a change." "You have no idea. Junior has been a handful and he always cries at night when one wishes to sleep. And young beauty has her wet pussy pounded e voice takes after his fathers." "Which means he's a loudmouth like his old man" Mr. Crudele said loudly, appropriately enough. "Hello I'm Mr. Crudele" he said extending his bear like hand. Sara's hand disappeared inside his, but he was very gentle though she felt the strength he possessed.

Mrs. Crudele showed Sara the nursery and Junior sleeping like an angel. They tiptoed out so as not to wake him then went to the family room nearby. "You can see and hear everything that happens in Junior's room from this screen" Mrs. Crudele said, indicating a flat screen TV on the wall which she turned on with a remote. "You can also watch TV or a movie on the home entertainment center but please keep the big wet butts kelly divine and lea lexis low so you can hear the baby." "Of course Mrs.

Crudele, I was just planning on doing some work on some of my college admission forms on my computer so I'll be listening for sure." "That's fine dear, we do have wi-fi so you can access the internet. Now let me show you the kitchen. You may eat anything you want and if you need something just ring the bell and Juanita can make you something.

She is our housekeeper/cook and could whip something up for you. This is her night off but I'm sure she wouldn't mind." "Oh no I don't want to trouble anyone. I'm sure I'll be fine." Mrs. Crudele then showed Sara the bottles for the baby as well as where the bathroom was. Then she and her husband were ready to go.

"Hopefully we shouldn't be too late tonight Sara" Mr. Crudele bellowed. She smiled at him as she replied. "Don't worry, take your time. Everything will be fine. Have a good time." "Such a sweet girl and very pretty as well" Sara heard Mrs. Crudele tell her husband as they departed. An hour and a half later after an enjoyable meal Mr. Crudele was driving in the revitalized downtown section of the city near the river.

Their member club was located around the corner when traffic became impossible. He managed to find parking for the Escalade on the street. "Let me see what's going on my dear. I'll be right back." "No problem, that will give me a chance to check on Junior." Mr. Crudele climbed from the SUV and headed in the direction of the commotion. Less than fifteen minutes later he was back.

"Well my dear it seems we've had a setback" he told his wife as she looked up at him.

"Right now the club is filled with firemen and the sprinkler system has activated. I heard from the doorman that the Johnsons were here with their robo device and it might have shorted out which triggered the alarms. Perhaps we can troll for someone along the riverfront or do you want us to try a bar?" "I don't believe that will be necessary. Like they say when one door closes, another door opens.

I was checking on the baby, don't worry he's fine, and I also checked on daniella wang due west our sex journey other home systems. It seems little Sara was using the internet and guess what kind of site?" Her husband looked up at her with interest.

She punched a few keys on the remote monitoring device they had installed on their dashboard, which could access all electronic and surveillance systems at their home. They could see in the SUV what site Sara was accessing right now. It was an internet sex story site called "She likes to read dirty stories it seems. And wait until you see the feed from the surveillance system." She hit a button and the screen changed to an image of the family room.

Sitting on a leather couch, her laptop next to her, was the babysitter Sara. Her legs were spread wide and her denim skirt was pushed up to her waist with her small hand rubbing slowly between her legs. "I think the answer is waiting for us at home. How would you like to fuck that tender, sweet thing?" she asked although they both knew the answer. He started the ignition and pulled from the space. He drove as fast as was legal as he piloted the vehicle toward home.

His wife reached out and rubbed his large and growing bulge. "When I first checked on her she was just reading. Now she's playing with her little pussy. And we'll be there in a little while to play with her" Mrs. Crudele said. As she watched Sara she began to rub between her own legs as well. In a few minutes they reached their property and Mr. Crudele hit the remote and the gates swung open. He drove in and they parked in front.

He turned and looked at the monitor and saw that Sara now had her panties to the side and her fingers were rubbing against her bare pussy. "Let's go" he told his wife "and be quiet. We don't wish to startle her." He unlocked the front door and it swung open silently on well oiled hinges. Mrs. Crudele slipped her heels off and placed them on the foyer floor. They padded across the plush carpet heading toward the family room. He opened the door a crack so they could see in. Sara was sprawled back now with her eyes closed and her chest rising and falling from her labored breathing.

Her hand was a blur between her legs. Mr. Crudele was rubbing his bulge up against his wife's round, firm ass as his hand was mashing one of her surgically enhanced breasts. Her hand managed to reach back and lower his fly, then work its way onto his shaft while her other hand continued to stimulate herself. They heard Sara was now moaning softly as she neared her climax.

Taking his wife's hand he led her into the room while putting a finger to his lips signaling for her to be quiet. They approached Sara from the side. Mrs. Crudele stopped a few feet from the couch while he crouched low and came almost up to Sara.

He was so close that he could see her little, erect button and the moisture on her pink pussy lips. As her hand moved she also was rocking her hips slightly in conjunction when with a final gasp Sara's body stiffened and she bit her bottom lip as she came. Mr. Crudele reached out and seized her wrist in his iron grip and her eyes flew open in shock. When the Crudele's had left Sara had spent the first forty five minutes doing work on her college prep.

Then her cellphone went off and it was Brandon, her boyfriend. They talked for a little while though he was argumentative over the fact she wouldn't be able to see him. "Brandon what can I do, I have to earn as much money as I can for college. My Mom can't afford to pay for it for me." "Sara you said that just because my parents are paying for mine." "It just is Brandon. That's all, nothing meant by it." "What good is it you being my girlfriend if I can't get laid when I want." Sara was about to really let him have it when she heard the baby crying over the monitor.

"The baby is crying, I have to go Brandon" she said abruptly ending the call. Sara got a bottle from the kitchen and went into the nursery.

She lifted the baby, who in her opinion wasn't cute at all, and cradled him in her arms. The baby's hands grasped at Sara's breast and he tried to attach his little mouth until Sara managed to work the bottle in to him.

After feeding him she burped him but noticed that he was wet. It was the worst part of the job but in a little while he was powdered and changed and soon was fast asleep.

Sara cleaned herself up and returned alice coxxx bouncing off on dads big cock the family room. The conversation with Brandon had upset her so much she couldn't concentrate on her work. Realizing she needed to relax she decided to surf penthouse pet nikki benz is pounded by her plumbers pipe net.

She window shopped a couple of her favorite clothing sites but wasn't wowed by anything.

Soon she found herself typing in the address of her favorite story site. Reading a sexy story while she rubbed herself always made her feel mast gand kiss xxx story see. Better in fact than Brandon ever made her feel.

She was reading about a young woman who was about to have sex for the first time and it really excited Sara. There couldn't be any harm in rubbing her little pussy she thought to herself. She could still see the baby on the monitor and he was sleeping peacefully. Sara hiked her skirt up and started to gently run her fingers against her panty covered pussy. She was fully aroused by the time she finished the story so Sara searched for another one she liked.

There was one about a female student and her male tutor that seemed promising so she began reading that. It was very erotic and soon Sara slid her panties to the side so that her fingers could touch her pussy with no barrier. The more excited Sara became the faster her hand moved and the wetter she got.

Finally as she neared her climax Sara closed her eyes so that she could picture herself in the story. Her hand would brush against her hard, little clit and down her lips until reaching the bottom before repeating again.

She felt the tightness in her tummy start to spread and she bit her lip from the pleasure her body was feeling. She felt her girl juices seeping from her when out of nowhere she felt something powerful grab hold of her wrist. Sara's eyes opened and she saw Mr. Crudele holding her wrist with a face seemingly contorted by rage while Mrs.Crudele hovered in the background.

A number of thoughts churned in Sara's confused and terrified mind. How had the Crudele's suddenly appeared there when they weren't due back for some time? What were they going to do to her as they had caught her masturbating?

How could she ever get another babysitting job if this got out? Sara had no more time to think as Mr. Crudele yanked her to her feet while rising up himself. He loomed over the young woman menacingly.

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"You bitch! What the fuck do you think you're doing? Playing with your cunt when you should be watching my baby. I should have you arrested you dirty whore" he raged in his powerful voice. "Go legal age teenager with sexy legs sucks weenie hardcore blowjob on Junior" he directed at his wife who hurried from the room.

Sara was fearful for her safety right now. He seemed so angry and he was so much bigger and stronger than she was. Due to this she didn't notice his zipper was down or that his massive cock was erect in his trousers. "Mr. Crudele the baby is good. I fed and cute angella christyns pussy fulfillment by a big cock him and I was watching him, you have to believe me" Sara said.

"Watching him, you were frigging your cunt, you slut" he replied. "The baby is fine" Mrs. Crudele said returning to the room "I checked." Mr. Crudele seemed to calm down a little but he still held Sara in his powerful grip. She was afraid to say anything in case that set him off again. "Ok but this tramp has to be taught a lesson. I don't know what the police can charge her with but I'll think of something.

And I'll make sure it makes the news with her photos. I have influential friends" "No please don't do that. I beg of you" Sara pleaded. When he didn't respond she looked at Mrs. Crudele with a hopeful expression. "Please." "How dare you try to appeal to my wife. I should call your parents right now. I know you're eighteen but maybe they would like to know what their little slut daughter does when she should be watching the baby.

Huh missy how about that?" Her face white from fright Sara started shaking her head no. "Don't call my mother please Mr. Crudele." "What's the matter you don't have a father?" he said with a sneer. "My parents are divorced and my father lives south in LA" Sara answered softly.

"Well there's the problem. If you had a man around to keep you in line you wouldn't be such a deviant. I almost feel bad for you, so I'll tell you what. No phone calls to your mother, the police or the news. Instead you'll be punished properly.

Come here Mary." Mrs. Crudele came forward. "Mary take the slut to the end table and hold her" he commanded. Mrs. Crudele took Sara by both wrists and led her by the table next to the couch. Though obviously weaker than her husband, it felt to Sara that Mrs. Crudele had muscles like steel springs.

Whereas he hadn't hurt her with his great strength, her fingers were cruelly digging into the flesh of Sara causing pain. Sara looked into her eyes and saw no pity, only barely repressed lust and excitement. Mrs. Crudele yanked Sara hard so that she was forced to bend over the table before her wrists were pinned down helplessly. Even worse was when Sara felt Mr. Crudele's hand lift her short skirt up over her waist, then his thick fingers work under the edge of her panties and tear them off her.

She managed to turn her head and saw him removing his expensive looking leather belt from his trousers. "What are you going to do?" Sara asked, with fear sounding in her voice. "I'm just going to give you the spanking that you deserve.

One like your father should have given you the first time you acted like a slut" he said in a calm voice. He moved his body next to hers, blocking the view of what he was about to do to her. All Sara could see was his massive bear like torso. She didn't notice that he had removed his thick cock from his pants and it was fully erect and already dripping pre-cum.

Sara did feel the first blow as his alligator skin belt connected with her firm young buttock. Sara cried out as it stung her tender flesh.

Again and again Mr. Crudele delivered Sara's chastisement in the form of one and a half inches searing her soft skin and leaving red welts wherever it kissed.

In truth Mr. Crudele was being very careful. He knew if he used close to his full strength it would be far too much so he was just flicking his wrist to deliver each blow. He also slowed down the pace and between blows he would move his hand from his cock curvy hoe millie santoro gets fucked and facialized rub the raw, tender skin of Sara.

After the initial pain and shock wore off Sara was horrified to find that she was thinking about and comparing herself to one of the heroines of a favorite story of hers. In the story a headstrong young woman was whipped by her domineering guardian. The worst thing was that her little pussy was dripping again and she felt the fluid going down her leg in a tiny rivulet.

Mr. Crudele also noticed Sara's arousal and a large grin spread on his face. He ran his hand up the length of his erection, stroking himself. He hadn't delivered a blow for a minute and Sara wondered if her punishment was complete when she felt one of his large fingers rub along the slit of her peach.

It ran the length of her lips and then forced its tip into her opening. Sara almost jumped out of her sneakers when his finger started to penetrate her. "W-w-what are you doing Mr. Crudele?" Sara gasped. "I think you can feel what I'm doing Sara" he said as his thick digit burrowed deeper into her tight channel. This caused Sara to moan while she also unconsciously spread her legs wider giving him greater access to her honey pot. Mrs. Crudele craned her neck to better see what her husband was doing to the young babysitter.

She felt very horny herself and wanted to join in. Mrs. Crudele brought Sara's wrists together and now held them down in one hand. That freed her other busty secretary marie clarence takes it from behind to work its way down the back of the babysitter's shirt and unfasten Sara's bra.

Mrs. Randy renae cruz gets her panties spunked was now able to reach around and cup the younger woman's breast. "How is she John?" his wife asked.

"Her cunt is positively soaked my dear. Here taste for yourself" he answered. Mr. Crudele removed his finger and presented it to his wife. She opened her lips and sucked on his digit. "Hmmm you're right and very tasty. Teenage cunt is always so fresh" she said with a throaty laugh. "Mary while you're in an oral mood I have something that needs attention desperately" he said while reinserting his finger back into Sara and twisting it in a circular motion. "I'm sure you can release Sara, I don't think she wishes to go anywhere." Mrs.

Crudele tilted Sara's face up so their eyes met. "Behave" was all she said before releasing her wrists. Sara rubbed her wrists as Mrs. Crudele moved into position. She unbuttoned his trousers and eased them and his boxers down his legs to the floor. He stepped out of his clothing and his wife neatly folded his pants and put it on the couch. Mrs. Crudele then crouched in front of her husband and took his beefy cock in her hand. Her tongue flicked out and licked up the clear, sticky liquid oozing from his hole before she opened her mouth wide and took his head into her mouth.

Her tongue ran along the underside of his cock bringing forth an appreciative grunt from him. She started taking him deeper into her hot mouth, until his head collided with the back of her mouth.

"That's it my dear, suck my big cock. Get it all nice and wet for me" Mr. Crudele said. His thick finger was working her hole good and fast now, jamming it in and out while also spinning it. He placed his other hand on the small of Sara's back to keep her in place as he fingered her.

Sara was confused about what she was feeling. She had been caught masturbating, then held down and spanked and now she was being violated by Mr. Crudele's finger. She should be outraged but instead she was turned on like never before in her short life. A moan was forced from her lips when he pushed another thick finger into her wet opening to join the first. He began sliding them all the way in before pulling them back. Her wet lips clung to his fingers as they moved. Sara realized that his two fingers together were as thick as her boyfriend's penis and only a little shorter.

She started moaning uncontrollably now as he pushed her closer to climax. When Mrs. Crudele reached her hand up from her crouch and pinched Sara's nipple it was too much for the teen girl.

She buried her head in her hands on the table as her body shook from orgasm. Mr. Crudele motioned for his wife to stop her blowjob and when she did he seized 1st time ebony sex sex stories by the waist and lifted her with one hand and deposited Sara on the sofa on her back.

"Lick her cunt" he told his wife as he unbuttoned his shirt and removed it. Mrs. Crudele wasted little time in kneeling on the couch between Sara's thighs. She used her hands to push Sara's legs further apart and bent her head down and started to lick the girl. Mrs.

Crudele really enjoyed eating pussy and it showed. She had been an xxxksi story full he dwinlod desi dancer when she met her husband. In fact it was while performing in a two girl show that he had first seen her.

She had always enjoyed such activity and her marriage had only increased such behavior as her husband loved watching as well as joining in. Sara lay there on the receiving end of Mrs. Crudele's expertise. It felt awesome to her and she realized that the boys who had performed on her could sure take some lessons in cunnilingus from Mrs.

Crudele. Mr. Crudele had watched for a minute as his wife pleasured the babysitter before he moved his body to near the young woman's head. Sara had been engrossed in the pleasure she was receiving when her cheek felt something hot and hard touch it. Her eyes darted in that direction and her mouth opened wide in amazement as she beheld Mr. Crudele's playboy foursome brooke thompson pumpkin cock.

It looked huge to her, easily as thick as her wrist and long. Mr. Crudele grasped it at the base and yet Sara realized if she put her hand next to his it would still leave a couple of inches as well as the head uncovered.

It had veins crisscrossing it and was very red. He had a pair of heavy balls underneath it and both were surrounded by a thick patch of black pubic hair. In fact she noticed that the hair on his legs and torso was thick and black as well. "Take my cock in your mouth and suck it Sara" he demanded.

Sara wasn't even sure if she could fit it but she opened her mouth wide. Seizing his opportunity Mr. Crudele pushed his head between her lips. He resisted his initial urge to force himself deep.

He figured that would only make her gag so he played it cool. "That's a good girl Sara. Suck on the head, ah yes. Take it a little deeper if you can. Yes. Now use your tongue right below the head, just like that." In this way he guided her through it as he figured she had never beheld a cock his size before.

He now placed a hand on her head and lightly started pushing her head a little faster and deeper. It was getting hard for Sara to concentrate now as Mrs. Crudele's tongue was driving the teen's body to another orgasm. Sara managed to pull her head from Mr. Crudele before the toe curling climax overwhelmed her. She gripped his cock as she thrashed her body in the throes of passion. Mrs. Crudele raised her head with a big smile on her face. "I think she enjoyed that" she said to her husband.

"I believe we all did my dear" he replied to her "now why don't you strip down as I would like to fuck your cunt now." Mrs. Crudele got off the couch and slipped her little black dress and panties off. She knelt on the carpet as her husband arranged Sara to his liking, with her legs off the sofa and spread wide and her feet on the floor. He knelt behind his wife and guided his thickness into her cunt entrance. Gripping her hip with his right hand he pushed forward splitting her and forcing a grunt from her.

Even after their years together, as well as giving birth to Junior, she was struck by how thick he was when he would first enter her. His beefy hand slapped her firm ass. "Work that cunt on my cock Mary, work it good" he told her and she did her best. Mrs. Crudele pushed her pelvis back swallowing more of his erection until she felt it touch her cervix. She then pulled back a little and started to hump back and forth bringing pleasure to them both. "Don't worry I haven't forgotten you" he said to Sara "I'll give you my cock in a little while but I don't think you're quite ready for it yet.

But we'll work at it." Mr. Crudele then moved his right hand and grabbed his wife's hair and guided it back between Sara's thighs. "Just lick her clit Mary, but leave the rest for me." As his wife's agile tongue found Sara's clit Mr.

Crudele reached his left hand down and held it near her vulva. He gestured with two fingers like he was summoning Sara. "Here kitty, kitty" he said before he worked those fingers into her pussy.

Once inside he curled his fingers again and began massaging Sara's pussy walls. It felt very funny to her, like nothing she had ever experienced before but in a pleasant way. "You better hurry Mary" he said "I don't think it will take her long to gush and when she does I'm going in." His wife responded by bringing her hand between her legs and rubbing her clit while increasing the speed of her pelvic movement.

She managed to cross the orgasm finish line seconds before Sara squirted on Mr. Crudele's fingers. He withdrew both his cock and fingers from the two pussies in question. "Sit on her face Mary and let me know when she is doing it properly." Mrs.

Crudele knelt on the couch and lowered herself onto Sara's face which still had a dazed expression on it from her first squirting orgasm. "Stick you tongue out as far as you can Sara and I'm going to push my cunt onto it. Push it as deep in me as you can sexy women pursuaded to flash their titties for money flashing and reality twirl it around." Sara stuck out her tongue and Mrs. Crudele slid her wet lips down around it.

She also spread her ass cheeks so that as she settled onto Sara's face the girl's nose pressed against Mrs. Crudele's asshole. "That's it Sara, that's a good girl. Stick your tongue up my cunt, yesss. John the little slut has figured out how to eat pussy so whenever you're ready" she said. He knelt between Sara's legs and started by rubbing his cock against her slit and rubbing it back and forth. This stimulated them both while also causing more of Sara's juices to flow.

He pressed the head to her opening but to start made little headway. "Mary spread her cunt lips as she's so tight I need a little help." While keeping her pelvis firmly on the girl's face, Mrs. Crudele leaned forward and using her index fingers pushed the pussy lips out some. Holding his cock a little below the head Mr. Crudele forced it in Sara stretching her passionate blonde loves to suck and fuck. Sara cried out as much as she could with her tongue buried in the older woman and her face smothered by her big ass.

He worked it in a little deeper than slid back some. He repeated the process numerous times, always working a little deeper each time, until he reached the back of Sara's canal. "I don't think she can take anymore Mary" he said with at least three inches still outside Sara. Looking her husband in the eye Mrs. Crudele said "If you want to go balls deep you may have to take a detour." He nodded at her.

"For round two that's what I'm planning. But for now let me stretch her cunt a little. She won't remember her needle dick boyfriend after this." He began to work it now, sliding in and out of her pussy, filling Sara like she could hardly believe.

There was some discomfort but since she was copiously lubricated and had been tongued and fingered as well, she was able to handle it. Mr.

Crudele was working slowly because he had no choice but her internal muscles were stimulating him greatly even at the slow pace. He fucked her sending her nerve endings into a frenzy. As a result Sara slacked off in pleasuring Mrs. Crudele until the older woman raised Sara's shirt up high then painfully twisted her nipples. "Keep that tongue working Sara, I want to feel it in me" Mrs.

Crudele told her. When Sara complied with her directive Mrs. Crudele rewarded her by continuing to play with one nipple in a more gentle manner while also monicamilf in a dirty carwash norsk porno down and rubbing Sara's clit.

The babysitter reached orgasm almost immediately once Mrs. Crudele did this. Mr. Crudele stopped all movement as Sara's muscles contracted on his cock and he still almost blew his load but just hung on.

Mrs. Crudele now shifted her hand from Sara's clit to her own and started feverishly rub herself in a circular movement. As Sara's body relaxed somewhat Mr. Crudele began to fuck her again, this time at a more rapid pace. He was only going halfway in her so that he could fuck her hard. When his wife yelled out she was cumming he slid his cock out and stood bringing it to his wife's face. She opened her mouth and took in his head right before he exploded.

Mrs. Crudele managed to contain his spunk as he shot again and again filling her mouth. When he stopped she pulled her lips from him and climbed off Sara and sat next to her. Mrs. Three man one girl rap story then leaned down to kiss Sara and when Sara went to return the kiss Mrs. Crudele opened her mouth and let her husband's sperm ooze into Sara's mouth. "I want you to swallow all my cum.

It's good for you" Mr. Crudele said while chortling. It was thick and salty but Sara was a good girl and swallowed it down. She opened her mouth and showed it was gone and Mrs. Crudele rewarded her with a kiss. Mrs. Crudele then lifted Sara's shirt over her head and the girl's bra fell to the couch. Mrs. Crudele then started sucking her husband's cock again ensuring he would be ready for round two. However he was still so turned on that he stopped her after a minute and helped her to her feet.

The married couple kissed passionately for a minute then he quickly whispered something in her ear. She smiled in a devious way in return. "Sara be a good girl and get on your knees and lean on the couch so I can fuck you some more" he told her. Sara quickly complied and even wiggled her ass in the air like an invitation.

While his wife sat on the couch next to Sara, he again kneeled and pushed into her now slightly less tight pussy and began to work it again. His wife leaned down, spread Sara's cheeks and began to lick her little rosebud.

She felt Sara flinch but she continued lapping her tongue over her little hole. It was so tight that she couldn't even force the tip in there but she knew her husband was impatient so she wet her finger and began working it in. Sara trembled from the assault but with Mr. Crudele in her pussy she had nowhere to go. Mrs. Crudele then knelt over Sara, her body further keeping the babysitter helplessly in place.

She then forced a second finger into Sara but it was extremely tight. "Is she ready yet?" he said, the impatience growing in his voice. "I don't think playgirl is indeed good at cock riding hardcore creampie John, Sara is very tight back there. Maybe you shouldn't." "Bah when there's a will there's a way" he answered "and I have the will." He reached over and plucked his wife's purse from the table and opened it.

He pulled a tube of lubricant from it with a triumphant expression. Flipping the top he squirted a generous amount at Sara's back hole and pulled his wife's hand away. He applied some more lube to his thick fingers and roughly forced one in her anus. Sara shrieked but she had no where to go with Mrs. Crudele on her back and Mr. Crudele's thick cock still in her pussy. In rapid succession he pushed a second, then a third finger into the babysitter.

He worked them back and forth for a minute then removed them. He squirted some more lube into her now slightly distended opening. "Mary spread her cheeks wide. I have to fuck that ass." As soon as she pried the cheeks far apart he pulled out of her front opening and pushed the head into her back one. Sara tried to tighten herself up but he was having none of that.

He reached under her body and squeezed her breast making her gasp. As soon as her body relaxed a little he drove himself halfway in. "Just relax Sara. I don't want this to hurt you but I have to fuck your tight, beautiful ass. I need to go all the way in to my balls" he said. As he said this he continued to slide deeper, aided by the lubricant, until with a grunt he felt his balls hit into her pussy.

He seized her hips with both hands and started to rock his body slightly stimulating his cock. Tears rolled down Sara's cheeks from this assault on her backdoor but they availed her not.

He now started to slide it halfway out before slamming it back in hard. With each thrust he groaned with pleasure. He was in paradise now -his thick cock penetrating her no longer virgin ass.

"Mary" he gasped "rub little Sara's clit to make her feel better." Mary slid to the floor next to Sara and started to rub her down there and in a couple of minutes whether it was due to Sara's ass adjusting to his horse cock or the pleasure she was receiving from Mrs.

Crudele's attention Sara was moaning with pleasure. Mr. Crudele then managed to work himself into a squatting position with his massive arm resting on Sara's back for support.

He then began pounding Sara, sliding all the way in until his balls slapped her ass before pulling halfway out. He built up a fast rhythm as his wife's hand did likewise.

Sara actually started to enjoy the feeling of him fucking her ass and when Mrs. Crudele actually pinched her clit she lost control. "Oh fuck, I'm cumming. Oh my God, I'm cumming" she cried out before her body began to spasm from the massive orgasm she was experiencing. It was far too much for Mr. Crudele who had been fighting a losing battle to not cum for some time. "Fuck fuck fuck" he exclaimed as he shot deep into Sara's ass. It was twice as intense as his last one and seemed to last twice as long to him.

Finally when his balls were empty he pulled out of Sara and collapsed onto the couch. Surprising the Crudeles Sara managed to flop next to him where she lifted his cock from his stomach and took it into her mouth and sucked on it causing a groan of delight from him. "I told you Sara was a slut" he said to his wife who could only nod in agreement. Fifteen minutes later Sara was dressed although panty less as Mr. Crudele had ripped them earlier.

They were waiting for Sara's ride to arrive when they all heard the baby cry. Mrs. Crudele and Sara looked at each other and laughed. "Don't worry Sara, I'll get Junior" she said as she headed to the nursery. A minute later the car arrived out front and honked its horn. As Sara headed for the door Mr. Crudele reached out and stopped her. "Sara you almost forgot your night's pay" he said handing her two hundred dollar bills and a business card.

"What's this?" Sara said holding up the card. "It's the name of the H.R. manager at my company. Go see him tomorrow if you want a good paying job to help you pay for college." "Thank you Mr. Crudele but what skills do I have for this position?" Sara asked. Mr. Crudele kissed her while feeling her ass. "You have all the skills you need right here" he answered. THE END