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Story sex stories xxx 2019 com
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I sat curled up on my couch in his arms, I had just gotten my first apartment and my boyfriend, Craig, and I were having our weekly Redbox movie night to break it in. It was his turn to pick the movie so we were watching the newest marvel movie on my new flat screen TV. I looked up at him his warm brown eyes glued to the action.

We had met in college, he was so sweet. I was often an anxious wreck, and he was always my rock. On our first date he could tell how nervous I was and he told me the story about the time he vomited on his high school crush on their first date, there was no way that our first date would end up that bad (and it didn't).

I rested my head on his shoulder and he held me tighter. We had been dating for the past two years and I knew that it was finally time. "I think I'm ready." I non professional awesome chick sucks and bonks well. "Ready for what, Lucy?" he asked in his deep soothing voice. "…ready to lose my virginity." I squeaked, blushing and beginning to feel nervous.

He paused the movie than turned to look me in the eyes. "W-What? You are?" he said surprised "I thought you wanted to wait until we got married?" "I-I wanted to wait until I found someone special." I stuttered "and, I think you're that person." "Are you sure?" he asked, his pants beginning to bulge.

"Mhmm" I nodded, standing up, I grabbed his hands and led him to the bedroom. I positioned him on the edge of my bed then I turned on my desk lamp to create some makeshift mood lighting.

"Here we go." I thought, my face beginning to feel warm. I unbuttoned the first two buttons on my shirt, but I was having trouble with the third because my hands were shaking so much. "Here, let me help." Craig got up and unbuttoned the rest of the buttons for me. I dropped my shirt to the floor revealing my chest.

I wasn't blessed with huge breasts like some girls but at least I wasn't flat. I was always insecure about them but Craig said that they were perfect; he even told me that they were bigger than any of his past girlfriend's tits. Somehow his warm touch was enough to stop my hands from shaking I was able to take off the rest of my cloths without assistance.

First I stepped out of my jeans and then my bra accompanied them on the floor than finally my panties were off revealing my freshly shaven pussy. Craig took a second to take in my body for the first time then he met my lips with his lips, his stubble brushing across my face. He led me to my bed and laid me down, and then he removed his shirt revealing his shirt.

I bit my lip as he climbed into bed near my legs.

I felt a spark run up my body as his tongue began to caress my clitoris. I felt a finger penetrate my pussy slowly and then another. I squeaked as I felt a little pain, I could feel his fingers just beginning to stretch my hymen.

"Are you okay?" he asked, pulling his fingers out. "Yah, it just hurt a bit, that's all." I whispered. Asian pink vagina lips spread lingerie japanese brought himself close to my face and whispered in my ear.

"If you need me to slow down or if you need anything, just tell me. I want this to be good for both of us." At that moment I knew that I was right, he really was the one. I leaned up and kissed him again than whispered. "Just be gentle." He nodded then climbed out of bed, and pulled a Trojan out of his wallet, then he set it on the bedside table and unbuttoned his pants.

He dropped his jeans, boxers, and all, revealing his half erect penis; he began to stroke it making it stand straight, Craig's cock was probably about 7-8 inches. After rolling on the condom, he climbed back into bed with me and rubbed his member against my pussy lubing his cock with my juices.

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He stopped just outside my entrance looking up at me as if he expected me to call it off at the last second. Then he pushed inside me stretching my entrance and stopping when he felt my hymen.

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"You ready, Lucy?" he asked, I nodded, then he pushed further, I could feel his member stretching my hymen then braking it. I gasped and he went in as far as he could. Then slowly he pulled out almost all the way. I could feel a few drops of blood run off of my pussy and drop down to my sheets, there wasn't as much as I thought there would be. After checking to make sure I was still okay Craig slowly thrust again, and again, and again.

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Getting slightly faster each time he did. I winced a little and he slowed down again trying to find the perfect speed. Craig leaned forward and met my lips again as he rhythmically fucked me, now at a decent speed. He panted and I moaned. He played with my tits while I ran my fingers through his hair, taking every thrust now with no pain.

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Only Pleasure. Soon I felt a pulling sensation running through my whole body, I squeezed tighter on his cock, and he began to moan along with me. I threw my head back as a rush of pleasure ran through my entire body, my mind went blank and I let out a loud gasp.

I could feel Craig's hot semen filling up the tip of the condom as he moaned and thrust more irregularly. Then he stopped his penis beginning to shrink back down again. He looked me in the eyes kissed me and pulled out, rolling over beside me, throwing his used condom away in the process.

He wrapped his arms around me, his warm body, his stubble, his brown eyes, his dark hair; I took it all in as if it was all new to me. We laid there for I don't know how long, just admiring each other. Craig seemed to be entranced by my eyes, then he whispered "I'll be right back." I watched as he reached into his pants pocket and pulled out something, I couldn't make out what it was in the dark, then he climbed back under the covers. "I was going to save this for our date tomorrow" he said "but this seems like the perfect time" he revealed a little velvet box and opened it revealing a ring.

I don't know how it was possible but somehow I felt better than I had mere seconds ago. "Lucy, will you marry me?"Tears filled my eyes; I could barely make out the word. "Yes… yes I will marry you." I burst. He smiled, and slipped the ring on my finger. He held me close and we admired how it looked on my finger until we drifted into away into a world of dreams.