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Asian finger fucks wet twat japanese and hardcore
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The undead of Los Angeles weren't moving from it because more people were showing up on the streets infected every day. In New York mutants had claimed the subways and alien based monsters ruled the city itself. Everywhere there was a Monster Lab it left its legacy behind by what the monster that was revolved around being the one to take the city.

In Salem, witches were the obvious ones to take it and a few residing town over. Southern California it was actually gangs that had completely taken over, the southern half anyway.

Less than 5 percent of the USA didn't have at least some form of infestation from the outbreaks of the recent monster labs. Most thought they didn't but did have some kind of evil vile serial killer lurking around the city or in the residing forest. Solan Springs Wisconsin. A middle of nowhere town that believed they were safe. The whole town had been blocked off by makeshift barricades of cars and parts of the forest had been cut to the ground, the wood used, to create a perimeter.

Guarded 24/7 by rifles, pistols clubs and daggers. Anything. Trey sat at one of the barricade sides and watched over it shivering. Fall was settling in and he was freezing his ass off. It wasn't that cold exotic pounding in hardcore sexy milf piss hole it stop him from complaining holding a pistol in his hands.

His partner was named Tyler, in his age, early twenties, same age, held a shotgun and stared out without complaint. "Bro…" Trey whispered, Tyler rolled his eyes looking over to him, "I gotta piss man." "Then go fuckin' piss." He said annoyed, "You sure?" "The fuck outta here man." He said shaking his head a bit.

Trey nodded lighting tapping him on the shoulder with his fist and ran off.

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Tyler stood there for a few seconds when a noise came from his left. He pointed his shotgun at the noise pointing a flashlight from under the barrel. "Who the fuck is out there?" he asked not wanting to breathe. No response. He walked forward a bit taking a swallowing hard.

"Dammit Trey get out here." He said. A shadow moved behind him going under a hole too small for all but children. Tyler got over to where the noise had come from.

A muffler had fallen off the car. He smirked shaking his head. He hit ground in in a horrible scream of terror as a knife had cut through his Achilles tendon. He was on his back screaming for help when he looked over a look of confusion on his face and a knife buried itself into his throat.

A snickering like laugh came loudly as the small creature walked into the town. A scouting party went out after getting a tip from another town about some kind of bunker in the forest.

They got the coordinates and headed there. They had just gotten back explaining that inside there was almost nothing but gore. After further investigation they found several cages and gates unlocked.

They found an office and inside a filing cabinet they found a list of monsters in the inside. Pictures and information on them. Having taken them the town police gave the files to Sheila the scientist who came from down south.

She had dirty blonde wavy hair to her neck light blue eyes and a creamy complexion. She wore a white loose t-shirt, and had a nice apple ass that was given quite its shape in her green tight jeans. Her legs were fairly thin but she still could pass as a runner.

The document had been laid down on the desk in her bedroom. They stacked. She sighed knowing it wasn't going to be fun trying to learn and sort through all of these. She walked out of the room getting herself a cup of coffee. It was already going to be a long night. She knew it. She walked back in to see one file already open on her desk. Evil, greedy eyes from the shadows of the room stared at her.

She didn't remember opening it but she already didn't remember a lot from the day, she was really tired. There was a picture of a doll.

It was a good guy doll from the movie Childs Play. She rolled her eyes. "Seriously?" she asked herself. "Edward Stetts…" she eyed it curiously, "Like the serial killer?" she wondered.

" Edward Stetts, A.K.A: Eddy Height: 2 ½ ft Wieght: 8 lb Eyes: blue, Hair: Red, Race: Caucasian Bio: Modeled after the notorious good guy doll from the movie Childs Play, Eddy is really the serial murderer Edward Stetts. Already having several escape attempts Eddy managed to kill more than one staff. We had not expected subject F32's strength to be so heightened. His is more than capable of tackling someone to the ground and tying them up to torture them.

He has done this to one staff member. He also appears to having feeling of his rubber body. Unhappy with the small penis that his rubber body had he escaped and got into the female locker room.

He attached a large rubber dildo by cutting off his old one, first taking some pain meds and sewing on the second one. He tried to rape a female orderly afterwards to no avail when the guards came in.

Oddly enough his rubber body actually accepted the new replacement and it functions. The color of it went to his skin complexion and everything. Not even a scar. Whenever a nurse comes in to feed him he asks her if she wants to try it out. He has almost turned into a small human with only a functioning heart. No lungs although he does breath. No brain but he is still a criminal mastermind. Favoring a knife he is a amateur guys fucking dutch hookers in reality movies dangerous experiment.

Known Weakness': Fire, penetrating the heart. Notes: Never let him out of his straight jacket under ANY circumstances.

He has quite the silver tongue." Sheila didn't believe what she had just read, could it this little creature really have been created. She laid the file down feeling something rubbing her butt. She stood up and spun around. She didn't see anything however, she knew she felt something.

She walked forward as the small figure climbed her desk. She closed her eyes turning around rubbing them. She looked forward and went to scream with the doll tackled her. She spun around screaming landing on the bed.

The doll was hot adorable teen anal copulation action hardcore blowjob the entire time as she tried to get a handle of the doll. Eddy's hand came up and punched her squarely on the jaw.

She was out cold. He laughed again to himself dragging her body onto the bed.

He unbuttoned her tight jeans and pulled them off of her little by little. His fleshy tongue tasting her thighs. He pulled his knife clipping her panties off. He stared at her beautiful and warm pussy. His small hand slowly began to rub it as an evil little chuckle overcame him, grasping her little clit and pulling gently. She gave resistance, her hips trying to get away from its grasp. Its rub was gentle, but firm, he was trying, and quite successfully, to turn her on.

With an almost sniveling laugh he taunted her. "Your musky little cunt betrays you bitch." He chided as she sweet sexy babe dolly leigh wants a large massive meat her hands back and forth. His teeth skidded slightly along her soft thighs, his wet rubber tongue then licked her delectable flesh. His eyes rolled back a bit loving the feeling. "Please." She pleaded in a whisper, "I won't tell anyone." "That's nice." He said as he pulled out his member, knife still in one as he slowly came forward, a menacing smile.

She stared at it with surprise. It was… big, covered in bumps. She looked around for anyway to get out of the situation. Her hands pulled and tugged at their restraints. Her legs tried to pull away. She suddenly stopped all movement. Her breath was cold as ice feeling the large member touch her exposed lips. Her eyes were wide, trying to think of something, anything to say to make it stop, but all that came was a high pitched gasp as it sunk into her pussy, slowly, roughly, forced.

She swallowed as it began to shift back and forth. It rammed her pussy hard, its hand smacking her clit. She gave contorted moans, trying to hide them away with vain she tried to breath them quietly into her arm. Tears began to swell from her face. The demented doll gave a look of ecstasy, one hand on her thigh with the knife in the same hand. His long dick pounded her hard. She tried to fight the feelings she was having, the bumps of the rubber penis pressed against her soft soaking flesh.

She gave an orgasm that made her shiver in resentment. Her cries screamed out as the orgasm washed through her body, rippling thoroughly she gave a shivered cry. The murderous doll gave a light snickering laugh as he kept running his dick through her soft folds, feeling how moist her tight cunt was. He lifted his head closing his plastic eyes ramming his pelvis against hers over and over. He pulled out climbing on top of her. Squeezing her perky nipples through her shirt, he began to cut through the shirt starting from the top working the blade down.

He stared at her bare breasts squeezing them around his dick. He began rocking back and forth smiling. The tip of his dick poked her in the face. He laughed loudly as she kept trying to turn her head away. He let go of her breasts going to her mouth, his dick still dripping from the women's wet vagina. He put the knife to the side of her neck. "Open." He side seriously. With a pleading look she did as instructed slowly opening her mouth. He slid his member into her mouth as she stared at him in horror, then in shock and terror as he kept going, his member kept sliding further and further into her mouth sliding his phallus into her throat until his pelvis was touching her lips.

He perfect asian pussy nailed hard from aside out grabbing a handful of her hair. He then forcefully rammed his cock back against her face. He did it over and over shoving it down her throat over and over. Tears formed as she gagged from the monsters cock.

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He pulled out as she gasped for air. He smiled at her, strands of drool slowly hanging from his phallus and her lips. He slowly guided his phallus around her wet lips snickering. He shoved it back into her mouth with an angry look on his face as he took her hair in both hands and face fucked the poor girl. He rammed it into her viciously and savagely as her muffled screams came up short, her bound hands struggling, her legs pulling and pushing as she struggled to get out of it.

Her body glistened with sweat as Eddy roared into the air with a victorious yell cumming down her throat with a finishing thrust. The next few humps were just for good measure, epilogue thrusts.

Feeling the last of her throat pulling out quickly she immediately began to cough as jizz spewed up in her coughing. Eddy jumped off laughing. "I've been waiting for that bitch. Whew." He said snickering. He grabbed his profile. Then grabbed a match from the table. "Ya'know, smoking is hazardous to your health right?

Let me show you some firsthand effects." He said with an evil grin. He lit a single match putting it to the other match pigtail blonde camgirl live webcam show jincamcom the rest went ablaze. He put it to the edges of the manila envelopes.

The fire slowly spread but surely. He climbed back on her with something hidden behind his back. "I found these in your drawer." He pulled a pair of panties and shoved them in her mouth as the top envelope was engulfed in flame.

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She tried to scream out for help but the sound was absorbed by the ball of fabric in her mouth. He then pulled another pair tying it around her head right around her mouth. Suddenly the door burst out. "Sheila!" the town sheriff said, "Dammit!" Eddy roared throwing his knife. The knife nailed the man in the leg. He went down as another police officer ran in with a gun drawn. Eddy jumped through the window next the bed going down two stories. The policemen ran to the window seeing the small black figure disappear into the night.

He immediately went to the files throwing the top few down to the ground, the ones that were a flame, he began to stomp them out with his shoe. The rest of the night the town was on lock down. The whole town heard about the two murdered teens, lucky for Shelia, the dolls file was burned, no one knew she was raped.

She had wiped her face clean on the arm of her shirt before they untied her. They just thought it was torturing her. Most of the files survived however. She became a hermit after that. She never came out and always kept her door and windows locked.

Eddy knew it. He tried to get in every night. One night though, she would screw up… one day she would forget. He would be there for it too.