German teen public fucks redhead and reality

German teen public fucks redhead and reality
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I liked Mr Dickson, he was always nice to me. He lived on my paper round route and he always talked to me if he saw me. He was often at the park where I played football too, and cheered me on. My Dad disappeared a few years ago and I had no uncles living near me, so it was nice to have somebody interested in me and what I did.

He used to ask me about school and even girlfriends, but I was not really interested in girls yet, just cars and football.

He had a real nice BMW Z3, silver, real cool car.

He was like middle 40's I guessed, maybe a bit older. He might have been fit once but he had a bit of a belly now, not huge though, and he was like about 6 foot tall with black and grey hair and a big chest and shoulders.

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He sort of looked a comfortable guy, and I liked him, like a sort of grand dad I didn't have. He lived on his own, and I didn't know if his wife had died or left him like my Dad left my Mum. I was starting to get real interested in sex. I knew all about it and wanked off quite a lot.

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I didn't know much about dealing with girls though so it was just me and my hand. Sometimes it was at home but sometimes it was in toilets. In a few of them there were pictures and writing on the walls, and I would look at the pictures or read the stories rachel steele wunder woman vs mastermind mastermind wank off.

Some of them were about guys and their girlfriends, and some was about guys with guys. It didn't matter to me, they both got me horny when I read it. In a couple of toilets there were small holes in the walls, and I had seen guys wanking off through them.

Their dicks were like huge compared to mine I thought, and they had loads of hair round them and on their balls but I had no hair in my balls and not much by my dick.

I guessed it would grow in time though. I'm like not stupid. Some times Mr Dickson would pick me up in his car when I was walking home from school. That was neat, to ride in that car, awesome, and it got my mates jealous.

I liked that cos most of the time I never had much to brag about. I was not like a boffin, but not stupid; and I was not great at football but not crap. I was just sort of very ordinary 13 year old school kid I guess.

One day he picked me up on my way home and he asked me when my Mum would get home. I told him around five and he said that if I liked he would take me for a drive as we had 90 minutes, and he would like to have a chat with me. I said OK yes please!! We drove off my route home and into the country around the town. He put his foot down on the dual carriageway and we hit 90!

It was totally awesome. Then he turned off and down a quite lane, and pulled into a quiet lay-by. "Nick I have seen you in the Quay Park a few times recently?" "Yeah I go there sometimes Mr D" "You go in and out of the toilets?" "I sometime need a pee you know" " Do you know what goes on in those toilets?" I could feel myself going red. "What do you mean goes on?" "Men go there to meet other men for sex. Some just wank off, but others go off to some other place and have sex" "You're kidding me Mr D" "No Nick I'm not, and you know I am not" "What do you mean?" "You have been going there and wanking in the toilet haven't you" "NO I HAVE NOT!!" "Nick there are holes in the walls.

One can see what the guy in the next bog is doing you know" "I don't know what you mean" 'You do Nick, but I won't embarrass you anymore, but I have seen things. Hell I do it in there sometimes, it is very natural. However, I can take care of myself, you are young and small and could find yourself in big trouble with some of the types that get in there.

They would not stop at raping you" "Never, no way, honest?" "Yes honest Nick. Look kid I really like you and I can just about remember what I was like at your age, horny all the time but Mum fussing around the house and no privacy.

All men wank off if pure pov curvy chick with natural big tits first anal can't get sex. Hell some do it with their mates just to get by until they can have proper sex.

It doesn't make them gay or weird or anything. It is like a safety valve. We all do it you know" "You for real Mr D?" I could feel my dick getting hard with all this talk about sex and wanking. "Yes I am Nick. If you can't do it at home just come round and do it in my toilet, you would be much safer there than in that toilet, or some of the others you have been to. It isn't weird or pervy and it is also quite normal for you to feel the way you do right now.

I feel the same" "What do you mean" "I mean this silly boy" and he reached over and put his hand on my crotch and hard dick. It felt scary, but real exciting at the same time. "I feel the same look" and he took my right hand and placed it on his crotch.

I could feel his hard dick in his trousers and I knew I should move sexy latina veronica rodriguez learns she can squirt hand away at once, but I never.

I froze and then I realised my hand had sort of closed round his dick! "Oh Nick that feels so good kid. It is ages since I had any proper sex, and doing it to myself is just not enough anymore. To have you hold it like that feels wonderful. Thank you so much kid" I didn't k now what to say.

I was happy I was making him feel good, but it seemed naughty at the same time. But he said it was not gay or anything just normal for guys, but I knew it was also something that should be kept a secret. I moved my fingers up and down a bit like I did with my own dick. "Christ Nick, do that and I will cum in my pants and I don't want to do that.

If you don't mind I will take my cock out and finish myself off if you want to stop." As he was saying this he was rubbing and caressing my dick in my trousers.

I was mega hard and I knew I must be leaking cos I always do that when I wank, a lot. "I wouldn't mind if you took yours out as well Nick. Actually I would like to know if it is as big as if feels" I felt proud that he would think my dick was big. It was thin and maybe 4.5 or 5 inches long (13cm) but very hard. I took my hand off his dick and was undoing my belt and fly before I realised.

I fished my hard dick out of my pants and held it in my hand. Mr Dickson looked at it and smiled. "That kid is a beautiful cock. It is big for your age and very very hard, but it is leaking a lot of pre-cum" He opened his fly and took his dick out of his boxers. Fucking hell it looked like a log and there was black and grey hairs all round the base. I guessed it was maybe 8 inches long and much much fatter then mine. lesly en su hd hardcore blowjob videos hot blow jobs

He was circumcised but I was't, so the knob end looked huge and purple and angry looking. I had never seen an adult dick close up and I was fascinated. "Well do we continue as we were or do we do it solo now?" "What do you mean?" "Do you want me to continue doing this, or do you want to do it to yourself"; and he took hold of my dick and slowly rubbed it up and down.

God it felt awesome. I never felt like this when I did it to myself. I heard myself moan. "I guess that is your answer kid, and I am glad" He continued to jerk me off slowly and I reached over and took hold of his dick lucky hippie can call two cunts his own best I could. It felt hotter than mine but it was not quite as hard.

Mine felt almost like a bone when it was hard, but his was a little more rubbery. I couldn't get my hand all the way round it but I started to wank him like I wanked myself.

He started moaning and I could feel his dick throb in my hand. "God Nick you got a wonderful touch, it feels amazing kid. I don't know how close you are to cumming but let me know so I can stop it going all over your trousers. Don't want your Mum seeing that." I was moaning and I knew I was quite close. I told him and he brought his other hand round under my knob end. His dick was real throbbing now and he had to be close but not like me. Suddenly I erupted and my cum shot out. He managed to catch it and stop it going on my trousers but I just kept cumming.

There was spunk everywhere by the time I had finished. "Jezz Nick you did cum a lot!! We are going to have to go back to mine and clean you up before you go home." I was now really wanking him cos I wanted him to cum.

It didn't feel so much fun now I had cum. He raised his hand to his mouth and he tasted my cum!!! I thought how disgusting and I guess he noticed. "Nick cum is a very natural liquid and is full of protein. Some tribes in the world use it to ensure boys turn into proper men. Have you never tasted you cum?" "No way ugh" "Then you should." and he leaned over and put his cum covered finger into my mouth. It actually tasted quite nice, it was sweet and I sucked his finger.

"Watch it Nick!" and he put his hand under his dick and I felt it throb in my hand and then I could feel the spunk running up the tube at the back of his dick and his cum shot out into his hand. It never shot as far as mine and it was not quite as thick as mine. Before I knew what was going on he had scooped some onto the finger that had been in my mouth and then stuck it back into my mouth.

I sucked it and found the taste was different. It was slightly bitter and salty, where mine was sweet. "Fucking hell Nick that was amazing Kid. You are great and have such a gentle touch and soft hands. Mind you, you have a powerful suck! Did you notice the difference in taste?" "Yeah I did" "Spunk or cum is strange it changes as you mature, and also it carries things you eat or drink. If the guy smokes it will also taste of cigarettes." "I'm glad you don't smoke Mr D" He leaned across and kissed me!!!

"Nick you are a wonderful sweet kid, thank you very much for making an old guy feel very special. Now we better get you to mine and get you cleaned up. Do yourself up kid" "You not old Mr D" I stuffed my still part hard dick into my trousers and he put his into his boxers and started the car. As we drove back my head was going round and round, What had I just done??

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I had jerked a man off and let him wank me and I had tasted his cum. This was all wrong, I must never do this again!

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We got to his and we went inside. Mr Dickson got a damp cloth and started to wipe my trouser round my crotch where the cum had landed. He was doing a good job getting it off but he was also getting me hard again!! It soon showed very much. "Nick I can't send you home like this" Before I knew what he was doing my dick was out of my trousers and in his hand! "Hey what??" "Don't worry, no stains this time and at my age I can't get hard again quickly like you can.

Just enjoy kid as a thank you" He wanked my hard dick and I was soon leaking pre-cum and he leaned forward and licked it off!!! The feel of his tongue on my knob end was awesome and I moaned and yelled. I was soon very very close and I yelled that I was going to cum. I was gob smacked when he leaned forward and swallowed my dick and that did it. I cum and cum and cum, and it almost hurt doing it. The feeling of his mouth was amazing!!!! Then I collapsed onto the floor.

"I guess you enjoyed that Nick, quite a lot. You know that what we did today much be kept a secret I am sure. I guess you probably feel embarrassed about it all now and will not want to do it again, and that is fine and very normal.

Just remember don't do it in those toilets. Do it at home, or if you can't then use my toilet. I doubt you ever will, but if you did want to do what hard fuck with french amateur couple putain et salope did again you only have to ask.

Now off you get home kid, and thanks again for making an old guy very happy" I walked the two streets to mine in a daze I think. I got home and changed out of my school uniform. Mum did tea and then I did my homework. At ten I got into bed. Thought about today and I got hard and so I got my tissues and had a wank. I would never do it again with Mr D, or anybody else.

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It was wrong and gay even if it did feel amazing. It was wrong and pervy and so no way. But I was not sure I had convinced myself I would not visit Mr D again!!!!