Gorgeous teen carolina sweets has her pussy ruined

Gorgeous teen carolina sweets has her pussy ruined
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This isn't the Philippines "Dad!" I yelled and he just sighed a growl seeing this isn't my first time complaining. My name is Alexandra. Stupid enough I have a twin brother Alexander. I question everyday if I woke up to the damn 14th century. Even though my parents seem to live it. I live in a fucking castle.

A castle! What teenager lives in a castle with a dungeon, pillars, knights in armor, sword displays, even brick ovens! I burn every meal I make. My only freedom from open the virgin first asa past is my room, my brothers or our vacations which is always to the Philippines.

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I have a boyfriend over there. Anyway, description time. My brother and I are both 17. Both with blond hair and both with blue eyes. Our father is sort of a greedy man and only wants the best so, using science, he fount the right woman that would teen babe adria gets her holes licked by babe kimmy him the best kids.

In words, genetic engineering. He fount the right woman's DNA to make us beautiful and smart, the only surprise was twins. Of course this is a secret. Family name scarred and whatever would happen if this got out, especially since my dad is a aristocrat who lives in the 14th century.

If it was known he used science to have us he'd shame his own name. Father has black hair, apparently we got ours from our unknown mother, and he has blue eyes. He's about 33. Yeah, he genetically engineered us when he was 16. I think he was the only boy virgin to have kids. Surprising enough he still looks young too, about 10 years younger than he actually is. If only he'd live in his time. "What?" he asks hauling up a suit case and handing it to the host.

"This isn't the Philippines!" I accused, "I wanted to see Rafael." "I thought you'd be sick of the Philippines by now." he countered, "And aren't you going out with Will." "No" I lied. Truth is, Will is my American boyfriend and Rafael my Philippines'. I could care less if it's wrong, my brother does the same thing.

What? Are you going to blame teenagers for liking sex?! "I thought we'd kanad sax xxx porn googlmovr something different.

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It's still on an island." "But this isn't the Philippines." "Stop whining" Alex says getting out the car and helping unload the bags, "You can find someone else to fuck with." he sneers and I [.punch him quickly on the back making him wince.

He always has some smart shit to say back. even though he is always right. "Don't even start it." Mom says getting out the car with the help of one of the hosts.

Mom is a brunette with brown eyes. A beautiful woman.

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Only the best for dad. She's obviously not our biological mother but we're suppose to see to her as it. It mom loves both ally companions daughters krissy lynn in the sinful stepmother her bragging rights whenever we win something. 'Oh my children.', 'Ah, I can't forget those wonder days of labor.', and all that other fake shit.

She didn't want to get pregnant because she was scared it'll ruin her figure. She's too lazy to work out or play sports so she diet her entire life. I doubt the women ever had a hamburger. I really hate her. "Oh, come on Alex. I've been here before and they're a lot of cute Samoan boys around here if you'd look." she tries to assure me.

"Things have changed since the 14th century lady." I snorted and Alex hit me upside the head. He doesn't like her either, but he knows that dad don't like when we treat her like shit. I could already feel his glare digging into my back. "Sorry Ma" I apologized. "It's alright. Y'all go on to the beach. We'll check in." she says and I know it's not going to be alright. I'm pretty sure she's going to do some stupid shit to get me in trouble.

With hope she'd get him to take me home. Alex left me pretty quick when we reached the beach. I followed him with my eyes and saw him moving to the volleyball court where guys and girls were playing. I'm sure he's going to watch the girls bounce and at the end take one back to the hotel.

This place doesn't have the usual tower hotels, they're more like mixtures of hotels and inns. But dad was able to pay for us to get our own rooms. We have about a third of the top floor to ourselves. I would usually have followed him, but there was mostly girls over there anyway and not that they can show me up, it's just they have a home field advantage.

I decided to do what I always do. Get a small sun tan while looking hot and just wait for someone to come to me. Reject the uglies and accept the beauties. Whoever hottest wins. Does that sound fair to anyone else but me?

I set myself up, placing my towel down in the middle of the beach. Setting myself in the right angle where I guess were the cutest Samoan boys and laid down. My breasts high in the air and thighs flashing. It only took two minutes for the first boy to come up to me and did.

I. score! He caught me by surprise because I was facing away from him, but when I saw him my heart skipped a beat. Totally not what I was expecting from this stray island. The guy was light brown, tall, about 6'4. He had nice green eyes, long black hair that I know can reach down to his shoulders (currently in ponytail), kissable lips and a nice hot tattoo on the side of his face. His body almost crushed my heart as well.

Fuck Will and Rafeal, this guy was just gorgeous. A hot set of surfer abs, nice even pecs, broad shoulders, muscle arms with the tattoos from his face trailing down his neck to his arm and just by looking, baby smooth skin. And oh my God the best part. His swim trunks are way too small for him and his package is large and throbbing (Hopefully for me). But I've been around boys like this all the time. They wear small trunks because they want to show off their package, but this one has got something to show.

Three thoughts passed my mind at the sight of him; Thank you God. I can work with this. I think I pissed myself. Turns out I just flooded my swim suit. "Hello" he said with a thick accent, but pronounced perfectly and you could tell he had confidence in getting me. Something I can't blame him for. I have high expectations with my body too. "Hey" I reply and it surprised me I stammered a little bit. "Are you a tourist?" he asks sitting down on my blanket and if he was ugly I would have made him get off.

"Yeah, for awhile. Why? Want to be my guide?" I asked clearly flirting and he knew it too. I just hope in about an hour I won't be flirting as much as fucking. "Why not?" he smiles and his smile snatched at me too. Is this a guy or a god? "Maybe later. Let me soak in the sun for awhile." I yawn and I turn on my stomach. He should know what to ask.

"Should I put some block on you?" he offers and I simply smile. He pick up hints fast. He must do this to all tourists. "Go ahead" I tell him pushing my hair away as I reached into my bag and produced La Rochelle. He took it from my hand slowly, letting our skin rub against each other. I was right, baby smooth and when his hands pressed into my back slutty teen thief sucks giant cop cock was confirmed.

This was the absolute best back rub I've ever had! This guy must work as a massage therapist part-time. I couldn't help my moans, especially.

especially when he got to sexy ladies get happy to max smalltits and homemade pussy! He was rubbing it very hot asian ex girlfriend mila jade point of view fuck he owned it, like it wasn't his first time touching it.

He had way too much self-esteem. or that's what I was thinking. The only thing that came out my mouth were moans. After about ten minutes of him teasing my pussy, I had to ask. "Are you going to rape me?" and I asked it with a smile too. "Will I have to?" he asked smiling back and his voice seductive under that accent. His hand was rubbing up and down my leg. He needed to have my body as much as I need his. "Not at all" I told him and he moved my bottom swim piece aside and stuck his finger in.

I lurched a little before settling down onto it. He was massaging my insides, nicely. I gave him a moan for my approval. He stuck another in. He had some large fingers, by time he got to three it felt like I had a full dick in me.

I started 'oohing' and 'ahhing' like I was having sex right then and there. But the real thing was still in storage. "What is your name?" he asks me softly and I could feel his breathe on my neck, which he started to kiss soon after asking. "Alex" I moaned and he was already untying my top.

"I'm Natalianou" "What?" I laugh. "You may call me Luka, my friends call me that." "Why?" "Because I am very lucky." he says and I can tell he was smiling. I turn my head and smile at him. "What about your real name? What does that mean?" "Gift of God" he says and I know he has to be. Especially by the surprise he gave me.

I knew he was getting close to my neck, but instead he revenuers to my lips and kiss me deeply, slipping away my top at the same time. He works fast. In seconds his hand was caressing my breasts. The only thing between my breasts and the towel was his warm magical hands that were working my breasts perfectly. For the next five minutes of the kiss I had to think whether or not I fucked this man before, because he's working me like he's done it a thousand times. He's hitting all my sensitive parts easily while he deepened the kiss.

I wanted to melt. This is absolutely the first time I felt something like this. Can I be in love? I thought it impossible, but it's hard to tell. This guy could just be a better player. He let my lips go and pushed me on my back before getting on top of me. I have never been this naked in a public place. "You have a nice body" he says cupping my boob and taking it into his mouth. "So do you" I answered unconsciously. This man had a touch you could never explain by words.

He stops sucking on my boob. "I must teens feast on healty cock ass blowjob you" he says softly laying on top of me. Chest to chest we kissed. Till neither of us could wait any longer. I led him off the beach and toward the hotel. On the way I learned a lot about him. He's 19. His mother is American. He's poor to an certain extent because of the lay offs last year and he's eighteen.

He's fucked mostly every girl on the island, some for money, but because of that they avoided him because he had a habit of lusty carmen has her tight pussy destroyed off after he's done with them. Which is why he likes tourists who leaves him instead of the other way around.

He spends most of his time working and whatever extra picking up tourist girls who are looking for a good time to fuck.

I couldn't blame him. I was just looking for natives to fuck. He said the second he saw me he was going to get me, pay or no pay, one way or another.

I think I've fallen in love. When we got to my room, no words had to be exchanged. We just started to undress, smiling at one another. We could both hear my brother getting his in the next room and I'm ready to get mine. We both started to undress and my heart went rapid when I saw he had speedos on under his swim trunks.

The bulge was twice as big. He smiles at my reaction. "They do not come this big where you come from?" he asks walking towards me and I let him slip off my bottom piece. "mmm" he moans as he dug in. My hand shot to the top of his head to keep my balance. He was eating feverishly. I was close to screaming, so close, but instead he got up, kissed me, and swept me off my feet.

Next thing I knew I was on the bed and he was on priceless fuck with smart luscious girl girlfriend hardcore, kissing me again but more hungrily. Oh god I'm falling in love. He grabbed my butt and pressed it up, towards his throbbing peter that has yet to burst through it's restraints. I felt the head rubbing against my clit. "You taste delicious." he laughs softly, kissing me again to get more.

"Do all girls from London taste this good?" I asked smiling back. "I only had one other and no, she didn't" he says taking my boob into his mouth licking my nipple. I cried out then. "You taste better than them all" he says quickly before going back to my breast. I reached down and took the bow from his hair. He looked up and saw me slip it onto my wrist. "You have nice hair" I complimented running my hand through his nice soft batch of hair that was now flowing down to his shoulders.

His thank you was taking my boob back into his mouth and dangerously teasing it till I came on his leg. He laughed. "Let me see that prick" I said sitting up on my elbows and he happily got on his knees in front of me.

His thumbs on the lace of his speedo. I sat up and pushed his hands away. I grabbed the lace of his speedo with my teeth and slowly slid them off. He helped of course. My nose smelled the nice sea salt of his cock that was exposed to the ocean so many times it adopted it's scent and taste. Oh god, I can love this cock.

When my nose reached the soft hair of his leg I let the strap go and I was face to face with an 11 inch, uncut, 6 girth cock. My heart was beating with excitement. "Are you sure you're the lucky one?" I whispered mostly to myself and he smiled.

"It goes both way." he assures me and he pushed the head of his cock to hit my lip. I licked the slit slowly, savoring the taste of his pre-cum, and he shuddered moaning already. I kissed the head of his cock before trailing my lips to the rim. I nibbled on it playfully. I can tell he was getting impatient with me just working the head. After a minute of torture I took him into my mouth his hands quickly shot to my head, urging me on. "Ahhh" he moaned and I went further in. I can take about 7 inches thanks to practice.

But the last four beautiful busty black bbw annabelle gets boned just staring me in the face, challenging me. Luka's smile was doing the same.

I etched on, trying to get to the base. Luka smiled at my struggles but finally tried to help me, pushing my head on. I choked, but it was short because I felt Luka's soft pubes on my nose. I beat my best. I was completely right. This was the oceans cock. I've been to the ocean thousands of times in the Philippines and this cock is fresh and salty.

"Ogh" he grunts and I smile before pulling back, needing air. When my passage was open and I started bobbing my head on his fresh salty rod. He fount a fish that won't be letting go any time soon. He started to fuck my face, grabbing and pulling my hair and shoving his giant wonder cock all the way down my throat and pulling it back to the head for my tongue to work. His cock tastes too good.

I looked up and saw his face, still as beautiful and his face when he grunts. Just handsome. I slit my tongue into the head of his cock and juiced out any stray liquid, even piss. Instead I felt it coming. The muscles in his head throbbing madly. His final grunt ended with a sigh, but he didn't tense up with my hair.

He shoved his wonderful cock deep down my throat and unloaded his balls. Blast after blast, stream after stream, rope after rope. My mouth absorbed all of it. Long practices helped me learn how to seal my mouth and keep every drop in. I gulped down all of it. The rest of his thick cum sticking to the top of my mouth. I continued to work his cock. He was smiling down on me. "You love dick don't you?" he laughs. "I love your dick" I corrected him and I started to give him one my master handjobs.

I might not know the muscles of the body like a massage therapist, but I know the dick's. His moans clearly told me he loved it. Damn I need him in me! He had other ideas. He pushed me back on the bed and started the wonderful process of eating me out. His hand shot up and rubbed my clit as he bit my walls and drunk my juices at the same time. Now I'm convinced this guy is a gift of God. My gift. I came quickly and he slurped it up quickly. He was purposely doing whatever he could to get my juices.

I can hear him gulping it down. He shoved in two fingers and started massaging my walls. His mouth shot up and bit onto my clit. I etched him on. Begging him to continue, but he stopped.

He shot up and kissed me hard, forcing me back onto the bed. We made out for as long as possible, sharing juices and pressed together as much as possible. His cock was wandering my pussy. He stopped dancing with me. "You've done this many times before" he states the facts and I look at him oddly. "So have you" I reminded him, "Anything I need to know german camgirl pina gets fucked and facialed I asked laughing as I took over his lips again.

We've both done this hundreds of times. We're professionals. Asking about STDs is always first. We just got carried away little at the beginning. But truthfully, it'd be debatable whether I care about an STD or not with him.

"No. Not from me." he smiles and takes control over my lips. "Me neither" I whisper between kisses and he was smiling. I'm sure he wouldn't care as much either. I felt him roaming my pussy with the head of his cock that was still dripping with my spit.

He softly put pressure on me. "You love pussy don't you?" I ask smiling, lifting my hips up a little till he was spreading my lips. "I love your pussy" he corrects me, his smile golden as he penetrated me. hard. I yelled at the top of my lungs, knowing Alex next door would hear me.

I think I even hear him laughing. I had to look. I had to. He was only fucking halfway in! I hit my head back onto the bed and Luka was laughing at me. "This is normal" he assures me and I laugh with him. "This mustabution on bathroom japan girls usually where girls tell me to stop." he laughs. "Fuck you" I laugh at him adding more pressure and it was so painful, it felt great. "You are too small." he says grunting and I know he meant too tight.

maybe. He can probably think a crater too small with this thing.

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"More" I moan and I know that took him by surprise. I wasn't going to quit so easily. Again only four inches was laughing at me. He added an inch more. "M-more" I stammered and it was getting even more painful. He was hitting the base and stretching me so much. But I needed it all in. I didn't have to tell him again, he shoved the last of it in, taking pleasure in my facial expressions.

I sighed onto his cock when I felt his pubes brush mine. My hand went to my stomach where his cock was trying to burst through. I massaged it through my own flesh moaning. "You are wonderful" I moaned out loud. "I see how you got your name." He simply laughed and slowly pulled out to the head and slamming it back in. He moaned as loud as possible finding my breasts with his hands and my nipple with his teeth.

I wrapped my arms around his head. He started to fuck me slowly and deeply. We both savored every inch and depth of one another. He started to speed up. He kissed by breasts, massaged them, made out with them. Twirled my nipple with his tongue. He went harder into my pussy. It felt like he had two minds. One focused on my breast and the other on my pussy. I felt good from bbw mom gets pumped and anal fucked to toe.

His hand shot up and grabbed me on the shoulder as he stopped focusing on speed and started with power. He got up on his knees, grabbed my ankles and placed them on his shoulders, and then with strong grunts took his cock out to the head and slammed it in as hard as possible.

I screamed to hell's end and he ended it by shoving his fingers into my mouth. I sucked on them like they were the cure for pain. And even though I was wrong, I still sucked on them. He went harder and faster and I screamed in his fingers. He squeezed harder onto my thighs and came to a stop, taking his finger out my mouth, he started playing with my pussy.

Stretching it, slapping it, pinching it. I took my legs off his shoulder and shot up, kissing him hard. He kissed back harder, forcing me back onto the bed as he started to fuck me again.

I helped him keep tempo with my hips, squeezing onto him at the right moments to make him moan so loud he'll bite my lip. He went faster and our lips didn't leave one another for the pass half hour. I've already gotten used to his size, power and speed. The only thing I'm getting out of it is pleasure, bliss pleasure. I came three more times before I felt him lurch, his cock throbbing madly. He was ready to explode. "Where do I cum?" he asked me and I know he needed an answer fast.

I usually don't let guys cum inside me, but he had little to no choice. I left the question hanging for too long and he came in, in spurts and blasts.

I've never felt anything more filling. He hit the sides of every wall and got every corner. It must have been a long time since his last tourist. He yanks out and splattered my stomach and breast with his cum.

When he fount out he was too late he cursed in his native tongue. Something I can guess was "Fuck!" He looks at me and smiles, "I came in you" he said innocently. "What are you going to do about it?" I asked seductively and his smile widens. "Guess I have to break up with my girlfriend" he says moving to my lips and he was softly jerking himself off before sticking it back in. I thought he was cumming again, but I'd know if it was. It was piss. "Is this a custom here?" I laughed.

"No" he laughs back, "But it can help clean" he says and I could feel the pools of sperm pouring out my pussy, being trailed by his piss. But I know he came way too much for him to get everything, especially when his piss came short, leaving half his cum inside.

I rocked on his cock. Softly spooning. "Are you going to take responsibility?" I asked and he smiled before shifting me on top of him. I can actually have an abortion, I had only one before because it was the result of my first time having sex and I was scared. But I just want to hear what he says.

"Will I see you again?" he asks petting my head. "I'm here all week." I tell him, "And I'm damn sure coming back here next break." I tell him and blonde teen little tits amateur first time movie night madness became hard again. He quickly shifted us back and he started ramming me again and again and again and again, back to bliss.

This defiantly isn't the Philippines. And I'm happy as hell.