Giving a stranger blowjob public xxx suspect was dressed suspiciously and seen going into

Giving a stranger blowjob public xxx suspect was dressed suspiciously and seen going into
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Jake was our next door neighbors son. I had known him since we moved their a number of years ago, and jake was still just a boy. Over the years we had gotten to know our neighbors quit well and had enjoyed many a summers day lounging by each others pool sharing cocktails and what not. I had never looked at Jake sexually until that one summers day.

Jake had been away at college and had just returned home on his summer break. My wife and were sitting by our neighbors pool having a few drinks while Kyle, Jakes father, worked his magic over the grill, when Jake entered pure taboo cops adriana amp chad cavity search naive teen backyard followed by his mother Jane. "Hi everyone" Jake said with a smile.

"Welcome home son" his father said as he went over to give his son a great big hug. "How have you been" he asked as he patted his son on the back. "Great dad. Glad to be home tho" Jake answered. Jake had grown into a fine looking young man. He was very slender for his tall 6'-2" however he was definitly a handsome young man with shaggy blonde hair and piercing blue eyes.

He was wearing a baggy t-shirt with a pair of tight fitting shorts that hugged his well shaped ass, that I had stolen a good looked at while he and his father shared a hug.

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It was only once he turned around that I couldn't help but notice how much young Jake had really grown. Nestled between Jakes legs was a huge bulge created by his now developed manhood that seemed to be screaming to be let loose. I had become fixated on this impressive site and struggled to convince myself to look away, knowing that if I didn't break my eyes away soon, it would become very awkward being caught oogling my young neighbors package. Jake then came over and shook my hand saying "Hello neighbor" with a big grin showing off his pearly whites.

It was then that I though I saw his eyes lower to my own crotch stealing a look at my growing package before turning to my wife to say hello to her. My cock had jump and began to stir at the mere thought that young Jake might of even gazed at my package. Could it be? Did he just check me out? I wondered as my heart raced with lust at the possiblitliies.

"so when is supper going to be ready? I'm starving" Jake said as he turned and walked over to sit across from us. I had a hard time hiding my raging hard-on the rest of that day as I stole every glance I could at Jakes fat package, wondering what an amazing tool the fabrick of his short must be hiding.

When I got home I couldn't stop thinking about Jake and his package. I must have blown three loads imagining me on my knees in front of him sucking on his young hard cock. My wife must have started to think that something was up because I was at the bathroom so much that night.That night I fucked her and imagining that I was fucking Jake.

and when I blew my load in her I imagined it was Jake blowing his load of young cum into my wife then I went down on her and lapped all of my cum up from her soaked pussy pretending I was eating his goo from my wifes drenched pussy. The next day was saturday, so I was lounging around the house while my wife went out shopping with our neighbor Jane when suddenly the doorbell rang. I got up from my lazyboy and answered the door. To my delight it was Jake. My cock immediately began to stir in my shorts.

"hello there" I said with a smile. "hi, Mr. Thompson" Jake said with that handsome grin. "My dad sent me over to see if he could borrow some gas for his lawn mower" he said with a shrug of his shoulders. "my mom is gone with the car and he's completely out. He said he would replace whatever we use". "why of course, no problem at all" I stammered.

" I'll meet you out by the garage" I told playgirl is pounded so well girlfriend and homemade "just give me a minute". "O.k." he said, and I closed the door.

Wow! My heart was racing like a little school girl. I went upstairs and got dressed and found myself fixing my hair and brushing my teeth, in an unconscious attempt to make myself more attractive to young Jake. What was I thinking?? The voice began to ecco in my head. He's an attractive 18 year old kid. what would he want with a middle age man like me??

I mean I was attractive, and in very good shape. but I mean. the girls must be beating down his door. The voice in my head continued. I took a deep breath and went down to the garage to fetch the tank of gas. When I got to the garage, Jake was there waiting for me. He had taken off his shirt exposing a his hairless chest and rippled abs. It was very hot and humid that day and the sweat glistened of his young body and I couldn't help but try and steal another glimpse of young Jakes treasure that he kept between his legs.hidden beneath the thin fabric of the spandex shorts that he was wearing that morning.

Wow. my cock stiring once again as I became mesmorized at the sight of his his obviously oversized meat as the spandex clearly showed the outlines of kittens screw fellas anal with huge strap dildos and splatter load monstercock ejaculating huge cock as it hung thick well below his fat balls and down his thin thighs.

It looked to be about 6 inches long. My mouth was actually begining to water as I began to imagine what that impressive cock would look like fully erect and full of my saliva as I sucked the cum out of it. I must have been staring longer than I thought, or maybe it was my drooking mouth hanging agap. I could hardly hide my embarrassment or my flushed face, when I looked up and saw Jake grinning at me.

I was obviously busted. My mind began to race, trying to come up with some quick witted ecuse for drooling uncontrolably teen sex fairy tales kloe la maravilla I Stared at his crotch like a deer caught in a cars headlights.

"I huh. I ." I stuttered as I desperately tried to find something to say". Kyle gave me a re-assuring smile and then took my hand and placed it on his packag. I own cock grew rock hard instantly and I felt flush all over. " I've been experimenting a bit in college" Kyle offered with a grin. without missing a beat he placed his hand on my tented buldge and continue " Girls just don't know how to suck cock like a guy".

I had to agree. I couldn't believe my fortune or the words that where coming out of this hot young studs mouth. I couldn't contain my excitement as I quickly droped to my knees before him and began caressing and fondling his now growing mound of meat.

"oh yeah Mr. Thomson, you're making me so horny" he wispered as I cupped his balls with one hand and massage the ever growing length of his cock with the other. I couldn't take it any longer, I had to feast my eyes and mouth on his cock and at that moment I gently tugged at his tight fitting spandex shorts and then finally the fabric made its way past his meat and it virtually hit me in the face like a log as it sprung free. the musky sent of his huge heavy balls filled my nostrils and and sent an over powering wave of lust through my whole body.

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It was even bigger than I had imagine. All eleven or so inches bobed heavily as a yummy looking puddle of glistening pre-cum teased to be lick up. I was on cloud nice and I couldn't resist my hungry desires any longer.

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I stuck out my tongue and gathered up a generous helping of salty cum from the slit of his fat bubbly head. Mmm it taste soo good as it coated my taste leaving me craving more. Jake beg " Oh pleas Mr. Thomson. take it in you mouth. Please. ". That was enough coaxing for me, not that I needed any in the first place.

I parted my lips a little and gave his gorgeous cock a sensual kiss and then another.

Jake was squirming and had place both his hands either side of my head and had begun pulling my mouth onto his cock. I obliged and first let the head of his massive pole into the confines of my wet warm mouth where I swirled my tongue around his sensitive glanse and over his now drooling slit again and again until Jake was moaning and pulling harder at my head and mouth obviously desperate for me observe the wild group sex smalltits homemade take more of his long hard cock into my loving caressing mouth.

I once again obliged him and let him penetrate me further until his fat head was now pushing against the entrance of my gullet. Now he started to reciprocate my head and horny salivating mouth back and forth the first six inches of his throbing cock virtually fucking my mouth and face and I was loving every second of it and my own cock was throbing and drooling like there was no tomorrow.

'oh yeah Mr. Thomson, let me fuch you mouth. mmm" he encourage through heavy lustfilled breaths. Now Jake had begun pushing his rock hard monster dick against the back of my orgasmic mouth desperate to gain accesss to the rippled sleeve of my cock hungry throat.

I was so needing to have him fuck my horny throat i nearly blew a load right there and then.

I struggled to relaxe the entrance to my love tunnel and finally at last his huge head ploped past my tonsils and into my gullet filling it completely with his warm soft meat before continuing on into my throat stretching it to fit his thick throbing meat.

Jake was now burried completely in my mouth and throat and my nose nestled his trimmed pubic patch and my chin pressed against his egg sized hairless balls. Jake moaned and held my head there for a long moment before gently pulling my head and throat back off his pole untlil his juicy head ploped back past my gullet and into my mouth.

I was in complete exstacy and I lovingly swirled my tongue around his sensitive slick head making his knees buckle and shake. Frisky beauty gets cumshot on her face swallowing all the jizz had just enough time to take a deep breath before Jake shoved his canon back down my throat. I was loving this and now he was using my mouth and throat as his own fuck toy and he was reciprocating me back and forth over his huge member to my delight.

sometimes only inches at a time and sometimes over his entire girthy length. He always pulled completely out of my throat long enough for me to get another breath of air befor plowing his missile back to the hilt and before i knew it he was gripping my head hard and moaning loudly as his whole body began to spasm and he pulled his throbing monster cock back into my mouth just in time for his knees to buckle and lettling out a loud sigh began dumping his warm jizz into my gullet.

Wave after wave of powerfull blast of his cum shot into my mouth filling it several times as I struggled to swallow fast enough to keep up with his gooey explosion and huge load. I managed to drink up every drop of his delicious cum and continued to suck on his beautiful cock till it began to go limp in my mouth. I reached into my shorts and found that I had came too.

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I was still shaking with pleasure when I got back up to my feet and before I could say a work I heard the doorbell ring. It was Jakes dad wondering were his gas was.

Jake quickly pulled his shorts up and put his shirt back on and said with a satisfied smile."Thanks Mr. Thompson," and walked out to meet his dad. I can't waite to get my gas back I thought to myself. The End for now