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Beautiful red head more hot girls here
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Everything was blurry when Ross awoke. He had no idea where he was or how he got there. He started to freak out and felt someone grab his arms. He started to calm down as he started to get his vision back. He recognized some of the things that he woke up to every morning. He was back in his room but had no idea how he got there.

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He looked over to whoever was holding him and his heart sank. Shaun was sitting in the chair next to his bed holding him down. "What the hell are you doing." Ross said angrily.

"I should be asking you the same thing, what happened to you." "Why do you care, you've already made it clear I don't mean anything to you." "I'm guessing you didn't get my texts." Ross looked over to shaun and said nothing.

"I broke up with Alice." "How should I believe you, you already lied to me once." Shaun pulled out his phone and handed it to Ross. On the screen was a conversation between Alice and Shaun, or it was less of a conversation as it was Alice yelling at Shaun.

There was lots of cursing and name calling and homophobic remarks. "I told her I was gay and had a thing with another guy, I left your name out.

I am not expecting for this to make up for everything I did but if you find it in your heart, I would be honored if you would be my boyfriend." Shaun said. Ross leaned over and kissed Shaun on the lips, he had missed the feeling. When he kissed Derrek it just felt like any other kiss. But when he kissed Shaun, It just felt right. "I'm taking that as a yes." Shaun said giving Ross a quick kiss on the lips.

"Ok now tell me who I am going to have to kill." Ross filled Shaun In on everything.

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He could tell that shaun was hurting when he told him about What he and Derek did in the basement. Then came what happened in the forest. Anger filled Shaun's eyes like never before. It took everything he had to convince Shaun not to walk over to Derek's right then and beat the living shit out of him. "Wait do my parents know." Ross said getting worried. "No, they left a note on the counter saying they would be home late. They probably didn't even know you weren't in bed this morning." "Thank god." Ross said laying back down in bed.

He looked at his clock and saw that it was already almost 9 at night. "Have you been here all day?" "I wanted to make sure you were ok." Shaun said looking a little embarrassed. "Thank you." Ross said. "It means alot." "I should probably let you get some rest, you look like you need it." "NO!

wait… Please stay, just for a little longer." "Sure." Shaun said, Getting into bed with shaun. They talked for a while, slowly drifting to sleep. The alarm woke Ross up the next morning. He turned it off and flipped over finding Shaun still laying in bed.

"Hey get up, we have to get to school soon." "Oh shit sorry I didn't mean to stay over." Shaun said getting out of bed.

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"Want to take a shower." Ross said seductively to Shaun. "If I go in there with you we will never be ready in time for school." Shaun said.

"You go ahead I don't need one, But you look like you could really use one." Thirty minutes later they were walking up to the school. "Well, here we go." Shaun said grabbing Ross's hand and walking into the school. They got many weird looks and a couple of "fags" thrown at us but for the most part everyone was very accepting of us. There were a couple hugs and many "I didn't know you were gay"s.

Alice gave them a very Dirty look and stormed off, Ross had never been happier than at that moment. The rest of the day seemed to go by in a blur. By second period the whole school knew about Shaun and Ross.

There were many awkward conversations but nothing bad happened. He heard that Derek was taken out of school, someone had given the school an anonymous tip that he had weapons and drugs in his locker and that tip happened to be true. Ross also happened to know of a certain someone he was dating who could break into a locker and get quick weed if he needs it. When Study hall came Ross made up an excuse to go to Shaun's Class. They sat in the back of the room pretending to tsx red dildo tube porn. Ross was staring at his physics book when he felt Shaun's hand start to rub his thy.

They were at Tables so nobody would notice. Shaun's hand slowly slid up Ross's leg and to his crotch. He massaged it but did not take it out. Ross fidgeted in his chair a little bit and looked around the room. There friend Drew was looking over at them and by the smile on his face Ross could tell he knew what they were doing.

At that moment the bell rang and Shaun pulled Ross out of class and to the other side of the school, Ross had a feeling he knew where they were going. They arrived at the after school sports locker room so nobody would be there until after school.

Shaun pulled asa akira fuck old guy in and started to strip. By the time they made it to the Showers they were completely naked leaving a trail of clothes behind them.

They turned on the shower and got in letting the water flow between there body's. They kissed under the stream and felt each others naked bodies. Ross Got down on his knees just like he did after the detention that changed his life. He looked up in Shaun's eyes as he covered his dick with his warm mouth.

He started bobbing his head up and down jerking him off as he did. Shaun Then pulled out of Shaun's mouth and sat down next to Ross. He positioned Ross so they each had access to each others dicks.

As they were 69ing Shaun slipped a finger into Ross's hole. This was too much for him and he exploded into Shaun's mouth without warning. Shaun started to choke on it but got the hang of it in seconds. After swallowing it all Shaun sat against the wall as Ross sat on his lap. Ross rocked around feeling Shaun's dick at his hole as he dry humped him.

Shaun couldn't take any more of it and lifted ross up positioning his dick at his hole. Ross slid all the way down feeling Shaun's dick rubbing at his prostate. By now he was used to it and it didn't take long to sunny leone 3gb xxx story used to the feeling. He started bouncing up and down on his dick feeling the whole length getting rammed deep into him. He could tell Shaun was not going to last much longer so he speed up his speed.

Shaun started to thrust up into him as he was bouncing up and down on him causing his dick to ram harder into him. Ross could feel Shaun's dick start to expand causing Ross to moan louder.

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Shaun exploded deep into Ross burying his seed in his ass. They sat there for a couple minutes kissing with Shaun's dick still buried deep into Ross's ass.

"I love you shaun." "I love you to Ross." Thanks for reading my "Hitting the showers" series. As of now that will be the last one unless I get some really good ideas. If you want to talk about the series or just "Talk" then hit me up on Kik at Gunter1996.

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Thanks again for reading and check back every now and then for when i start a new series.