Looking at asses behind the camera venom

Looking at asses behind the camera venom
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What a beautiful day I thought as I headed out for my day off from work to go fishing at my favorite spot. It was very secluded, sun shines in and the most peaceful place I know of. I arrived at my spot around noon. It was 82 degrees, perfect for cat fishing.

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I set up my little camp with my blanket, folding chair and cooler with sandwiches and beer. I baited and casted my pole, set in the Y stick and kicked back soaking up the sun. I must have dozed off for awhile. I awoke to the bell on the end of my pole dinging, for when I get bites. I grabbed the pole, but the fish was not hooked.

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Dang, I'll wait for another bite. I got myself a beer and relaxed. I thought of my little redhead at McD's this morning. Man, she was really fine. Beautiful face, some freckles, and it looked like she was getting some nice shape to her. Hard to tell in those outfits they make them wear. Her lips were amazing, looks like they could suck the chrome off a bumper. Damn, I would love to find out. My cock was hardening while I had these thoughts. I started to rub my cock through my shorts.

It got so hard it was starting to peek out on the bottom of the leg of the short. I would just love to slip my cock into that slamming meth and fucking gay mouth just once and cum. I decide to unzip and grab my cock out to stroke it. I let some spit go into my hand, slid it slowy over the head of my cock while thinking of little red. Fuck this feels good. I started stroking my 8.5" up and down, hearing the squishy sounds made it more pleasing.

My stroking intensified, eyes closed and ready to cum. I hurry up and stand up and start blasting cum all over the earth. Head back, eyes closed still, just stroking the last of my cum out of my cock. I hear giggling beside me. Fuck! I turn and there are two girls probably 12 or 13 watching me. I freak out and turn and stuff my cock back into my shorts. They giggle some more. One girl, a little blonde, ask what I was doing.

I said I was peeing. She said no you hot babe gets anal creampie at casting, my brother does that and it's sperm you were shooting. She says she sees him do it all the time. I told them I didn't know they were there for the lack of something better to say. She said that's allright, it was kind of cool the way it shot out. I asked them if they wanted a piece of jerky or some peanuts, which I bring with me.

They said they would love some jerky. The other girl was more shy. Didn't say a word.

She was a brunette probably 12 with little bumps for tits and a really nicely shaped ass. She was really cute too, long hair, slim, and those very sexy lips like the little redhead at McD's. They didn't seem fazed by what had happened and sat on the blanket munching on the jerky.

I sat in my chair, realizing my cock was showing through the leg of my shorts. With cum still leaking out. The blonde started talking about how the fishing was going.

I told her I had a bite but nothing more. She looked at my cock. The brunette said that the jerky was really good but did I have something to drink. I told her all I had was beer. The blonde "Oh, that's fine, we'll have that". I thought for a moment, looked at the blonde who was smiling and again, looked at my cock under my shorts, smiled more and said, "ok Ashley?". Ashley said "I guess". I handed them each a beer after I opened it for them.

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Of course, nasty thoughts were going through my mind. Where you kids from I asked? Lia, the blonde, said they were up the street a ways but this was there hangout. I said, "no it's my fishing hole", she said no it's my hang out.We laughed, even Ashley laughed. I suggested we could share it. They both said ok. I asked if anyone else comes down here.

They said not that they know of. I smiled at Lia, she smiled back. I also noticed she sat with her legs indian style, her crotch facing me, and I could see her little blue panties were shifted to the side a bit and allowed for some pussy lip sighting. Man, I'd love to let my tongue roam around there.

I haven' t had a nice pussy in months. Ashley finally spoke up and shocked me. She said " So, how big is your penis". I looked at her with a straight face, Lia smiling like crazy, I told her it was big enough for whatever it needed to accomplish. Perfect tits blonde inter rides bosses thick long cock chanel preston giggled, Lia giggled. I said "what was that about?" Lia said that Ashley actually has played with her brothers cock.

But it was only half the size of yours. I said oh. I asked Ashley if she'd like to play with mine, she said sure. Fuck! This little girl wants to play with my cock, what do I do??? I asked both of them if they knew what they were doing messing with a grown man. They both giggled again.

I again asked what the giggling was about. LIa spoke up and said she has seen her daddy's cock before and played with it until he came like I did. She thought it was pretty neat. Ashley said she has only played with her brother's and wanted to play with one like Lia's dads.

I felt myself getting hard again. Fuck! Where was this going I thought. Two underage girls talking about cock. I looked at them and Lia had her hand on her crotch, sliding in the leg band. Ashley was watching Lia and copying her.

I asked them if they have ever played with each other, yes was the reply. Would you do it again for me? Lia reached over and slide her finger under Ashley's leg band, pulled them aside and all I could see was bare pussy, glistening with moisture. Lia slid her finger up and down Ashley's slit while Ashley reached over and did the same. Fuck again man.how was I to deal with this shit? I thought fuck it, pulled my rock hard cock out and started to stroke it.

Both girls looked, smiled and kissed each other while their fingers still stroked each other's clits. I asked them if they would get naked for me to see their beautiful bodies. I take it this wasn't there first time fucking with a guy. They both said they would if they could have another beer. OK. That was my response. I opened another beer for them, amazed they drank the first one's already, and slid the beer can across each of their covered tits when I handed it to them.

I reached back for my cock and started stroking again, looking at the little beautiful sight before me. They both slammed down a couple of gulps. Looked at my cock and Lia reached over to touch it. Fuck. This is too much. I reached out and stroked Lia's tits through her shirt. So firm, so tight. I asked her to take it off for me and she didn't hesitate. What the fuck I thought, these girls are hot. I asked Lia and Ashley to stand up, they both did.

I asked Ashley if it was ok for me touch her exotic pounding in hardcore sexy milf piss hole.

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She came to me, sat on my lap and started to slide back and forth extreme booty and hair tied bondage some of these pigs just dont get it my cock. Holy shit! I was in heaven. I grabbed her waist, continued to slid my cock on her pussy. Back and forth, she was wet. I wanted to just bend down and eat her little pussy but this felt too good.

Lia decided she was left out and started to lick my cock in between strokes between Ashley's pussy. Ashley was pushing her little pussy towards Lia with every stroke on my cock. Lia started to lick Ashley's pussy and my cock. Fuck these girls were hot! I asked Lia what she thought about me sticking my cock into Ashley. She said she thought it was what I should do.

Lia slowly grabbed my cock, at least it felt slowly, and put it at the entrance of little virgin Ashley. She had never been fucked.This made my cock even harder.

I slowly pushed forward while Lia held me, and felt the tip of my cock spread the hot wet virgin pussy lips of Ashley. My cock started to slide into her then came to a halt. Fuck! This girl was a virgin, only 12. Could I do this. I asked Ashley what she thought. She said she wasn't sure. Lia, what do you think? She talked to Ashley and told her, it was time.

Ashley kissed Lia and said ok. I said how about me. Lia turned and kissed me, Ashley bent forward and kissed me also. Lia took hold of my cock and looked at me and said "make it sweet for her please, she's my best friend". I slowly slid my cock further into her hot wet tight pussy, met her maidenhead and pressed on. I told Ashley I couldn't take her in this position. Lia told her to sit on my lap. Ashley fitted herself onto my lap, Lia guided my cock into Ashley's pussy. She told Ashley to just sit down hard, no matter what you felt, Ashley did.

She almost screamed when my cock bust her hymen, but Lia held her down.

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"I know what it feels like Ashley, my brother did it to me". Ashley finally settled down, Lia sucking on her little tits. With my cock up as far as it could go into Ashley, I felt the urge of cumming, and cumming hard.

I grabbed her hips, slowly stroking in and out, gushing sounds happening, Lia now kissing Ashley very hard and we erupted in a mutual orgasmic frenzy.

Ashley went nuts riding my lap, Lia still kissing Ashley. Lia then pulled Ashley close, hugged her and asked if she liked it. Ashley just looked at me, smiled and asked if I would be there for her when she needed me. I said yes. Lia looked at both of us and asked what about her? I reached over, slid a finger deep into her hot little wet cunt, kissed her, then the three of asian playgirl decides how to fuck dude were kissing and I said, " I will take care of you two whenever you want me to".

We made plans for next week. Lia said she needs love too.