Youporn guy jerking off in his car xp videos

Youporn guy jerking off in his car xp videos
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Joannes relaxation treat! Joanne decided to treat herself and had heard of this massage parlour across town where the services could be very special!! She telephoned and booked herself in for the full body massage which, in other salons is usually back, head, legs and arms not quite a full body but she'd heard this place could be different depending which masseuse you got.

She arrived in plenty of cheerleader foot fetish if youre going to be a creepy stalker you may as well stalk the and stripped and wrapped the bath towel provided around her and sat in the waiting room just flicking magazines. After only a couple of minutes the receptionist came out, introduced herself as Tina, and sat down beside her with a clipboard and some forms.

She was a real stunner with very dark hair and eyes, a body to die for with long slim legs, a trim waist and a superb pair of tits which stood proud on her chest. She wore a light white smock and her nipples were trying to fight their way through the material. They were obviously not harnessed by a bra and by their shape and the way they bobbed when she moved they were all hers with no silicone help.

Joanne was more than a little envious and she couldn't help staring at Tina as she crossed one long leg over the other and leaned forwards to ask her questions. They were the usual sort of thing like did she have any health problems, had she had a massage before etcetera and then she asked if Joanne wanted her massage to help with any sort of pains or just as a tension relief.

Something about the tone of her voice and the glint in her eye made Joanne ask for tension relief. She smiled and said 'OK, good'.

And she stood up and said, 'Follow me.' As they walked towards the rear of the salon Joanne couldn't resist adding 'I do feel very tense and I'm hoping you will be able to give me some relief.' Tina giggled over her shoulder and said 'I'm sure we'll make it enjoyable for you.

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Farouk will be your masseuse and I will be assisting him with some parts.' Now Joanne knew she was in for a good time! They went into the massage room which was dimly lit with incense and candles burning around the sides and a low slung massage table in the centre. 'Let me help you up there' said Tina and she reached forward and unhooked the towel and lifted it away as she openly eyed Joanne from head to foot and gave a slight nod of approval.

She helped her onto a step and asked her to lie face down on the table with her head over a recessed hole and hands placed above her head over the end of the table. Then Joanne felt her gently lower the towel across her buttocks.

After a minute or so she heard the door open and looked up to see a large Asian man wearing white slacks and a T shirt. He had strong arms and large smooth hands and a nice bulge in the front of his slacks. 'Things just keep getting better' she thought to herself. 'This is Farouk' said Tina, 'He will take over from here.' 'Good afternoon madam,' said Farouk, 'You want a tension relief massage I believe. Would you prefer me to use relaxing oils, or stimulating oils?' The intent in the voice was clear, 'Stimulating please' she replied.

He walked to a table, selected a slender bottle and leaning over he poured some of the oil onto her back and some into the palm of his hand then handed the bottle to Tina and began to slowly smooth the oil across Joannes shoulders and back. He worked the oil into her muscles and spent time around her spine and shoulders, just letting his fingers slide down her sides near her breasts but not quite touching them. With his other movements he was reaching down towards her ass but again without quite touching more than the top couple of inches or so of her buttocks.

As the rhythm began to sink into Joanne, the oils or the perfumes of the incense or a mixture of both began to have effect and her skin felt so sensitive to his touch. Now he moved to the head of the table and leaned over to rub down her back.

As he did so, this naturally led his cock to push against the top of her head and the tips of her fingers as they were held on the edge of the table.

This was obviously no accident and she was getting more stimulated imagining what might come next and imagining that bulge being released to free his cock into what would be her waiting mouth. As he rocked forward with each stroke down her back she could feel his cock push against her and it seemed harder and larger than before. She resisted the temptation to raise her head and put her face in its path and after a few more minutes he moved down the side of the table to her legs.

She felt the towel being raised and a trickle of oil along both of her thighs and remembered that Tina was still in there and that she had moved hdpov sexy blonde stevie shae looks you in the eye blowjob towel and administered the oil. Farouk began to rub the oil into her thighs and when he had smeared it into them both she felt his pressure on the insides of them which just eased her legs apart a little further.

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Now he began firm slow strokes along her thighs from the knee upwards with his thumbs sinking into the soft parts of her inner thighs. Gradually his strokes went higher until his thumbs were just brushing the lips of her pussy without actually moving past them. By now she was ready to cum with these long slow strokes and the effects of the oils and perfumes and she could feel beads of pussy juice leaking past her lips and being gently brushed by his hands as they reached the top of his strokes.

'Do you like this?' crooned a deep sensual voice in her ear, and she opened an eye to see Tina kneeling alongside with her face level with Joannes.

'Fantastic' she replied a little sleepily, 'what comes next?' 'You do' Tina answered with a giggle. Now Farouk began to stroke the oil along the crease of her ass and she could feel the hole pucker with delight as he stroked along there, just catching it with the tips of his fingers.

He was stroking along her crease and down between the folds of her pussy lips now and she was on fire as he flicked against the tip of her clit! 'Turn over on your back.' Purred Tina and she turned like a robot without a mind of its own. Now Farouk was stroking the insides of her thighs and up to her clit with no attempt to disguise what he was doing. She felt hot breath against her face and a soft tongue probed gently into her mouth as Tina began to taste her saliva and mingle hers with mine.

She reached across Joannes shoulders and began stroking her nipples in gentle, tight circles and although they were already standing high and proud they now hardened even further.

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She stood up above her and Joanne realised that she was now undressed and standing naked above her as she carried on stroking her nipples. Tina edged herself forwards and straddled the narrow headrest of the couch so that Joanne was looking up at her glistening pussy and she just automatically stuck out her tongue and licked along the cunt lips to her clit as she lowered herself onto her face.

She tasted wonderful and although Joanne preferred to suck a cock she's not reluctant to eat pussy and this was one of the best she'd ever had. Farouk was now finger fucking her cunt and stroking her clit with this thumb with one hand, whilst edging into her ass with a finger of his other hand.

She was still cuming and gushing juices out onto him for all she was worth as the pressure changed and she knew he was now kneeling between her thighs. The finger in her cunt was pulled out but the one in her ass remained and he continued to stroke her clit with his thumb as she felt his long horny pawn dude fucks a beautiful sexy rocker chick glide up into her.

He was not especially thick but thick enough and very long as he nudged the slit of her cervix and made her leap with pleasure to sink her tongue further into Tina's juicy pussy. She was now just a fuck object pleasuring Tina's cunt, nudging her ass hole with the tip of her nose, and having this iron hard cock slide in and out oral job and sex with brazilian beautiful babe her. She didn't know how many times she came but the pleasure seemed to go on for ever and as she came once more with a mighty orgasm, Farouk slid out of her to leave her cunt open and gasping between her spread thighs.

Tina now leaned across her and began to lap at her clit and cunt lips as she lifted her own hips slightly and Farouk slid his cock into her waiting cunt. This was an incredible sight as this long slim bar of flesh sank into Tina's gorgeous trimmed pussy right in front of Joanne's eyes and as he hit the bottom of Tina's pit she clamped her mouth even more firmly over Joanne's pussy and sucked hard in her own ecstasy bringing Joanne to yet another climax. Joanne was straining her neck to lift her head up so that she could lick his shaft as he drove into Tina and Joanne could taste Tina's juice on his cock as she'd tasted it direct before and feel his heavy balls slapping against her forehead.

Tina was locked onto Joanne's cunt lips with her tongue buried deep inside her twisting and twirling around and he was driving long and deep into Tina and gaining speed with every stroke when he suddenly pulled out and sank his cock into Joanne's waiting mouth and pumped it with his hand to shoot a long thick stream of cum into her mouth and pulse the remaining contents of those balls into the back of her throat. As he finished shooting his cum into her throat he pulled out again and drove it furiously into Tina's waiting cunt and within a couple of minutes she had screeched to another orgasm.

Almost as soon as she had cum he pulled out to shoot another load of spunk, this time across Tina's arse and cunt lips and Joannes face who just lay there mesmerised as the streaks dripped from Tina into her open mouth. Tina sank back down onto her and they lay there with their tongues buried deep inside each other as they gradually came down from their heights.