Sexy chick knows how to ride a dick

Sexy chick knows how to ride a dick
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A Horny Girls 'Little Red Book' * A Girl named 'Lilly', or 'Lil' was a conniving, horny spoiled young rich girl. She wanted something real bad. Did she get it? She stood behind the curtains in her front window and watched the neighbor guy she was so very horny for. She rubbed her pussy with excitement as she watched&hellip. ----- ___I went out to take out the trash and the container was knocked over, probably by a dog.

I spotted a red book in the trash. I checked around to see if any of my neighbors were looking, and grabbed the book. I took it in the house and opened it. It had nothing written on the outside.

On the inside all the pages had been blank. Now it was filled with thoughts and reminder notes from someone. I skimmed it and could tell it was written by a girl. She only referred to herself as: 'L'. In the beginning notes I could tell she was very young and was writing things down because of some prescription drugs she had to take.

The pills make her forget things, so she wrote things down, she stated this. It sounded like a dull note book thing, but as I read a little further&hellip.hmmmmm.

She noted she had just had her first sex with a 'Mr. C.' she called him. She thought he was so handsome and had waited so long to get with him. She never said how old she was, but Thick dick ass picnic seymore butts bradys pop productions could tell she was very young to be having sex with someone she called 'Mr.' He sounded like maybe a school teacher or something. She told how she would look at him and her heart would speed up and she would get warm feelings all over.

Maybe a school girls 'crush', but things progressed into the hot sex she wanted so bad. As I read, she talked about daddy's money and how he would let her do anything she wanted. She sounded like a spoiled rich girl. She referred to herself as looking older than she was and how her hot body got her what she wanted.

She liked the fact that boys eyeballed her and were always trying to cop a feel of her nice tits. She had set her sights on this Mr. C, and she eventually got to have sex with him. She figured out that the pills she had to take made her horny, she liked the feeling and fingering herself was great, but&hellip.not enough to satisfy her. I wondered if she lived in this neighborhood&hellip.I soon found out. Later I saw a girl going thru the trash container.

I wondered if she was the girl in the red book. I went outside and walked up to her. She smiled and turned on her sexy charm. "I had a 'red book' that got accidentally thrown away." she said.

I smiled and said: "You must be 'L'?" A look of horror came over her face&hellip.then slowly she smiled and knew I must have the book. She whispered: ("I must have that book back, you should not have read it…but it was thrown away so&hellip.could you give it back to me?") "Well, 'L', my first reaction is to ask: How bad do you want it back?…but that would be…a…kind of 'blackmail'&…can we go sit on my patio and talk?

Ok?" She smiled and I knew she was thinking 'this guy probably wants to get in my panties.'&hellip.(and I was). She immediately hooked her arm in mine and drug me up to my house, with a very sexy look on russian amateur teen will a long penis face.

She was a very sexy pretty girl. Late teens I guessed, I remembered her saying in the book she looked older that she really was. She looked all around as we went in my side gate to my secluded patio. The first thing she wanted to know was how much of the book I had read. I just smiled…no answer&hellip.then I said: "We need to make a deal.

The book is a very hot read from what I've read …so far. She scooted her chair real close to me and said: "Don't read any more!"&hellip.she then put her hand on my arm as said in her very sexy voice: "I'm sure we can work something out so I can get the book back, right?" I watched her nervously squirm as she smiled at me.

"Well…I'm in the middle of a very hot part and I would hate to leave myself hanging, wondering what is going to happen&hellip.of course 'if' you were to tell me, 'in person' what happen between you and&hellip.I wouldn't need to read it, now would I? " We worked out the terms for her to tell me her story that night. We both lived alone and all was clear for 9pm that evening.

I went in and read the book jasmine byrne gets airborne on two dicks fast as I could, just to make sure she would be telling the truth.

The book got 'red' hot as far as I had read. This girl had money, very horny and I had her 'little red book' that she wanted back real bad. I wondered what she was willing to do to get it back. I didn't need money, but I sure would like to fuck a girl with her experience and hot looks. As I read further in the lucky hippie can call two cunts his own, she had picked the quickest and easiest way to get sex from a guy. They had a butler, cook and all around 'house assistant'.

I wondered if this was the 'Mr. C' she talked about. Her daddy was never home much and apparently one night she got real horny and had 'him' come to her bedroom. He sat on her bed as she gave him a sob story about not having any boyfriends to play with. She said he was a handsome young man who had been told to keep her happy, by her daddy.

She had him turn out the lights and lay down with her. She ask him to be her 'pretend boyfriend'. He must have agreed and she wasted no time in kissing him and rubbing her pussy on his leg. She said: "I was so happy to have a guy to feel up. I got him to feel me too. He whispered how we must keep this all secret or he could go to jail.

I told him I would never tell what we do, cross my heart. I got so horny with him I started feeling his big dick in his pants. He was getting as horny as I was. Just what I wanted. I ask him to finger my pussy and make it feel good. He had great fingers and I showed him where to rub it best. I had him put his finger inside my pussy and go in and out with it.

I laid back and let him finger fuck me until I got this great feeling, only way stronger. I bucked as something wonderful came over me and my pussy squeezed his finger.

I lost my breath as I tongue kissed him for the first time. He said he had to go do some things and left me in a new world of sexual pleasure. We did this every time my daddy was away, only it got better. He lived with us in a house out back. The first time I came there, we kissed and he laid me down on his bed and fingered me.

I was really savannah fox double stuffed by black men and felt his stiff dick a lot. He then raised my dress up and started kissing by my pussy. I was loving this and took off my panties. Now he started kissing my pussy real heavenly like.

This was even better than his finger. We did this a few times and then one night he turned and now I could feel his dick while he licked my pussy. I unzipped his zipper and put my hand in to feel his dick bare. He helped me get it out all the way. It was so warm and exciting as I felt it.

He showed me how to rub it up and down. I got brave and gave it a kiss. He jumped as I giggled. I kept it up, rubbing it and kissing it. He started rubbing the top of my pussy while he had his finger inside. Now I jumped with pleasure as he rubbed my sensitive little bump.

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He sent me back to the main house&hellip. after I made him finger me until I got that super feeling in my pussy again. He knew just how to do it better than I ever could.

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A week later we did that again only he said 'a man gets a 'good' feeling like a girl', and showed me how to do it to him. He turned out the lights as usual and took my panties off. He laid me on the bed on my side. He only had on his pajama bottoms on. He put his face to my pussy. Oh goodie, he's going to lick my pussy and finger me. He put his dick to my face and pulled his bottoms down some. I liked doing this rubbing and kissing his big dick.

He moved his dick to my lips and whispered to suck on the end and use both hands to rub sex yuujiz sex japanese wife up and down. He didn't realize I already knew what a 'blow job' was from the internet porn sites. This was just what I had been waiting for. I acted like I didn't know and let him teach me his way. He gently held my head and fucked my mouth. I knew what was next. I felt his balls and put his dick in my mouth sex doll drills her mistress with a feeldoe far at it would go, like in the porn videos.

I felt him put two fingers in my pussy and lick my wet bump, I guess they call it a 'clit' on a girl. He felt around in my pussy and I gasp as he found a spot that made me twitch with a real good feeling. He gently rubbed it and I felt a new feeling I really liked. I jacked him faster as he and both moaned quietly. The end of his dick got bigger and he held my head. Hot cum came shooting out the end of his dick and filled my mouth. I had to breathe thru my nose as I had to swallow some of the warm cum.

My body jerked as he rubbed everything to a new great feeling. I loved my new pretend boyfriend. ----- I had to stop reading and take a smoke break& …that was hot! No wonder she didn't want me reading it&hellip. I was only 1/2 way thru the book. I soon went back to reading it.

Lil…&hellip. He took the bait perfect. Now to go have a long talk with him. I know girls sleeping put girl in her mouth name is Brad, from going thru his trash. He's so hot looking. I bet I can get him to fuck me tonight.

I've used my red book before to get guys all hot for me. I 'accidentally' let them read it and they want to fuck me bad. So far he has ignored me. I can't stand that! Once he knows how sweet my pussy is and hot my tits feel, he'll do what I want. I'll teach him 'not' to ignore me, ever. I'll take a pill just before I go see him tonight.

We'll see just how he handles a horny girl. He's got all the hot looks, now let's see how he is as my 'personal fucking machine'. I want him to tell me how much he wants me, over and over&hellip.I love to hear and feel that.(sigh) Brad…… I continued reading. I began to notice a pattern. I had read diary's before, and this book was designed to get a man hot for L.

The stories were full of how each guy was so turned on by her. How they told her how super sexy she was, and a 'goddess' in bed. Did she have a pumped ego, or was she a nympho. Something didn't sound right,&hellip. but I just wanted to fuck her anyway. I had a plan that was sure to please her, her ego and her hornyness all at the same time&hellip.

I heard my front door slowly open. In walked Lil. She had her hair all piled up on her head and looked hot. She was wearing a long black coat. I was in my long black robe. I sat on the couch and had her sit by me. She smelled heavenly.

She blurted out: "You read the whole book, didn't you." I just smiled. She gave me a very sexy smile. I said: "Lil, that was the hottest book, I've ever read. You fisting lovers fist each other at the same time to be the sexist girl I've ever met.

How about I keep the book for a week to re-read it at night in bed. She was ecstatic and squirmed as she smiled big. "Turn out that light Brad and tell me about reading it." she said.

I turned out the light and put my arm around her. She scooted close and put her face close to mine. "Which part made you the hottest." she whispered. "You and all the guys at the back house, with out a doubt." I said. (It was the last entry in the book.) " Those guys went crazy over you and you made them so …a&hellip.satisfied?…shall we say?,&hellip.

god I wish I could have been one of them." "Well…you can be Brad, do you like this?" She opened her coat&hellip.she was naked. Of course I smiled big as she began to crawl on top of me.

She opened my robe to find me …naked. She was breathing like a race horse. Here came the hot kisses as her lips were all over my face. She said breathlessly: "How many times did you jerk off reading my book about me?" I didn't answer but just felt her ass as she rubbed her pussy on my hard cock. I grabbed her head tight. I whispered in her ear aggressively as I squeezed her ass cheeks: "I couldn't sleep, I tossed and turned thinking about you.

My cock was rock hard and wouldn't go down. I fantasized that someday, you and I would have the hottest sex ever. I would lick your pussy until you screamed with euphoric pleasure. I'd then suck your tits until you couldn't stand it and then……slip my cock in you and let the fireworks in our heads go crazy. We would fuck hard and wild. We would yell out as we came together, thrusting and squirming as I shot massive loads of my hot cum in you!"…&hellip.

__Her ego-nympho went into shock. She started to hyper ventilate and tremble. She reached down and held my cock. She started to shake and twist her body. She began to moan and stuck her tongue deep in my mouth. She moaned real loud in my mouth and trembled real hard. She must have had a climax right then. I didn't even have my cock in her wet jerking pussy. "Ohooooooo, Ohooooo Yesssss!!

as she yelled, squirmed and shook hard. She kept twisting on top of me and moaning. I felt her smooth naked body and let her enjoy herself… Now the tables were turned.

I don't think she knew what to do. I found out later she had never had a super climax, and without a cock even being in her. I got up and carried her beautiful twitching body to my bed.

Lil…… What happened! He got me so hot I climaxed higher than I ever have before, and he didn't even have his cock in me. He's the guy for me, I have to have him. I can't think. He's taking me in his bedroom&hellip.I think I may just pass out. Brad&hellip. I laid her down and went for her wet twisting pussy.

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I grabbed her legs and licked my way to her pussy. Her clit was big and red. I sucked hard on it. She jumped and moaned loud. I licked and stuck my fingers in her pussy.

She moaned and jumped and then&hellip. she squirted. Loud moans came out of her. Each time I felt her G spot she would squirt, twitch and moan loud. I kissed my way up her hot body. Her fingernails pulled on me. She want my cock in her bad. She fumbled trying to reach it and put it in her pussy. I first had to suck her rock hard nipples as she got aggressive and groaned to reach my cock. I finally let her get it and stuff it in her. She had me excited too as she locked herself on me as fucked hard and deep.

Now I was getting what 'I' wanted. A thrusting, fucking wild hot girl. Her shaky voice whispered: ("…fuck me love creampie shy blonde teen gets a pounding from huge cock in casting you&hellip.oh dam you Brad&hellip.fuck me!") I held on as she was in a frenzy fucking me.

Soon my balls pulled up real tight as I jolted and unloaded mega shots of cum in her. We both squirmed and moaned. This girl could really get into fucking good.

Her moaning was non stop. "Ohhhhh baby yes", she said over and over. I was very dizzy and collapsed on top of her. I felt the wetness of her squirting as she moved her pussy slowly back and forth until&hellip.we both slowly drifted away. into sleep…… ----- I still have the 'little red book'. She reads it to me in bed&hellip.&hellip. .late at night&hellip.