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Amateur lesbian cuties get their tight slits licked and shagged
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Bill and Anne both heard the sound of Johnny's truck pulling back behind the barn. She wanted to stop fucking right away and get dressed, but Bill knew that putting the truck away meant xxx of old fat womens it first, and that was at least 20 minutes.

He grinned down at his new wife and scooted up her body, kneeling over her head and preventing her from getting up by using his knees to pin her shoulders. "Bill we have to get dressed and go downstairs!" she protested, english ful open sex in urdu movi he grinned again and shook his head.

"You have to make me come first," he told her, then pushed his cock into her mouth. Fellatio was foreplay for her, and something of a rarity for her, having only done it once before, years ago.

"Suck it, Anne, make me come, and I'll let you go downstairs for a bit." Fellatio was definitely not something that happened once intercourse had begun, in her mind. The very thought of what she was tasting made her stomach queasy. She already refused Bill in this once before they wed, and he had never asked it of her again. She felt dirty and defiled as he used her mouth like this, especially after they had already begun to make love.

This was only the third time she and Bill had made love, their marriage had been as spontaneous as their relationship had been intense. Once they had agreed to the marriage, they had both mutually abstained from any further sexual contact until the vows had been spoken and the "honeymoon" at Bill's ranch had begun.

They both just fell in love at first sight, and all their mutual friends had been delighted at the match. All of them knew how unused she was to such vigorous sex as Bill was famous for, but she seemed to be shining all the brighter for it, so they discounted it. She was more than capable of defending herself. None of them were aware of the marriage, yet, however. She and Bill had gone to a local Justice of the Peace instead of renting a church in the City, and kept the ceremony small, no friends, only officials.

Just her and Bill and the Judge and his clerk with one other witness who happened to be in the room, awaiting his hearing for being drunk in public and inappropriate, lascivious behavior. She and Bill had been consummating the marriage in his house, in his bed, while her daughter was out.

Now she was back, and Anne wanted to stop.

Bill, however, was firmly in control of her, easily using his greater strength and martial arts to overpower her. He was fucking her mouth like he owned it, even though it was virgin territory in their relationship. He'd already reached climax with her once today, probably making her pregnant.

He could tell he had one more shot, and he wanted to give it to her before she left his bed. He was going to establish this boundary in their marriage right here and now, stroking his cock right in her face as she grimaced and cried, pleading for him to let her go and stop this.

As he pulled it from her mouth, he could tell by her expression the she really didn't like sucking on it, and decided to give her a choice, which would make her a much more willing cock-sucker in the future. He got her attention and looked her straight in the eye. "When it's time for Rebecca to learn all this, would you rather have me fuck her in the ass to protect her virginity, or would you rather be able to show her how to properly give me a blowjob?" Anne froze under him, realizing the totality of her predicament, then, a long moment later, she voluntarily bent her head up and took him in her mouth.

She grimaced at the taste, but she gamely began sucking on the head. "Yes, that's right, make this as enjoyable for me as you can. The faster I come, the less time you'll have my cock in your mouth, right? Yeah, use your tongue like that, yeah, that will make me come really fast!" It began jerking in her mouth, and spewed out enough that she choked on it, and had most of it down her cheeks and into her hair, pooled around her head on the pillow.

"Now we can go downstairs." Bill said, helping her up. She tried to head for the bathroom to clean up, but Bill steered her toward the door.

"Where ya going?" "I need to get cleaned up, Bill I'm a mess!" she indicated all the come on her face and in her hair. Bill smiled and led her to the stairs as they heard the kids coming into kitchen through the side door.

"You look beautiful, Anne. You're wearing my mark, so be proud of it. I'm showing you off to my son!" "But Rebecca is going to see me like this, too!" she protested, sounding scandalized. Bill laughed in pornstar honey gets her butthole reamed with thick dick face, and she quailed before his scornful smile that had no humor in it.

"Rebecca will look even more beautiful than you do with that on her. The pair of you together wearing my come is the fantasy I dream of every time I close my eyes," he told her. "Can't you imagine her, beside you, on her knees?" Anne closed her eyes for a long moment. "She's as naked as I am, and she's sucking on latina in panties goes solo on the bed She opened her eyes and looked at her husband.

"She can't have you! I love you! You're mine!" she insisted, becoming strident and agitated. "Bill, we're married! You can't have my daughter!" "You belong to me!" Bill reminded her. "You promised to obey, in sickness and in health. Do those words mean nothing to you?" "They mean everything to me!

But you are mine, too!" Anne said. "That was half of the vow we swore together." "You vowed to honor and obey." Bill told her. "I vowed to cherish and protect." She was looking at him in horror, realizing the truth of his words.

They had each sworn separate vows, read from pieces of paper prepared by his lawyer. A thought occurred to her, when she had gone to his lawyer's office. She'd had to sign a couple pieces of paper that day. She'd demanded to read them first, and had been allowed to, but she was still required to sign. Even Rebecca had been required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, that day.

The way Bill had begun treating her, she was beginning to understand why, and her heart began to break. What had she gotten herself into? What had she gotten Rebecca into? "That pre-nup your lawyers made me sign. I remember a clause in there, where you could have more than one wife, but you would be my only husband." Wonder came dawning into her eyes.

"When do I get to meet these "other" wives? Is Rebecca one of them?" "Not until our honeymoon is over, dear," he said, grinning at her. "Right now, you're plenty enough for me. Rebecca will come later. She'll come to me all on her own, you'll see." "What happened to the sweet, loving man who swept me off my feet last week, Bill? Why have you changed?" she asked, curling up and beginning to cry.

"I wouldn't suck it before we got married, that time you wanted me to, after our third date and the second time we made love. What makes you think I want to do it now?" She wanted to get the subject off her daughter and more on track, so she chose to ignore what he had just said about Rebecca. There was oiled up orgy outside near the pool way the girl would ever do anything like that, anyway.

She knew her daughter. "You're my wife now, Anne, and what you want counts for much less than what I want. I want you to suck it, so suck it you will. Whenever I want you to spit blowjob and fake lips cumshot compilation fucking a sexy latina stewardess, you'll do it, too," he said, challenging her. "How can you say that to me? I thought you loved me, Bill? I thought I was the most important person to ever come into your life?!?

isn't that what you told me, the day we met?" "I told you that within an hour of meeting you," he said "and it's just as true now as it was then. You are unique amongst women, Anne. I love you with my whole heart. It's going to be quite the special girl who knees beside you. Be very sure of that." Anne was curled up tightly on the bed, hugging herself as she realized that all the rumors she had heard about him were true.

She hadn't believed them; no man could have such disrespect for women to treat them in such a fashion. Certainly not Bill! He had never been anything but kind and sweet to her, until he knelt on her chest and pushed his cock into her mouth, making her swallow his vile semen before he was done.

It was patently obvious from what he had said to her what his true feelings about her were, no matter how eloquently her professed his love, and it broke her heart.

She hadn't truly known what she was signing herself up for. She hadn't known what she was signing Rebecca up for, either, and her mind tried to think of a way for them to escape. Bill came over to her when they both heard the kitchen door open and shut. The kids were back. They heard Johnny hollering up the stairs. "Dad! I'm back. I still have boss shares hot wife with pretty secretary evening chores to do, but pretty much everything is caught up until then." Johnny told them.

"Infinity had a great time, Dad. I think she's really gonna like it here." "Good job, son. Remember that we're getting hay delivered tomorrow, so make sure the yard is clear for the truck." Bill was pulling his pants on as he spoke, motioning for Anne to get up and dressed, too.

"Please tell Rebecca that she needn't overdress for dinner. Just her normal day clothes will be fine." Anne called out. "I want her to get used to living the simple, country life." She smiled at her husband, letting him think she was trying to help Rebecca fit in better, while her mind was actually full of thoughts of escape for both of them.

Best to keep him off guard for as long as possible. "You know, my first wife; her name was Kelly, and she liked being naked at the dinner table. She said it encouraged proper eating etiquette, because after all, you really don't want a meatball rolling off your fork and into your naked lap, right? So one is much more careful about how they eat." "Naked. at the dinner table." Anne said dryly. "Nice. Was she allowed to wear an apron while she did the dishes?" "Not if she was being punished." Bill natural teenie opens up soft slit and gets deflorated virginity pounding her, then smiled fondly.

"She hardly ever got punished, though. Not for being bad. Only for rules she broke on purpose, so that I WOULD punish her. She really enjoyed a good spanking, and the caresses that come after it. I think that was her favorite part, actually." Bill was escorting her to the door, but she balked at going through it.

"Bill, I'm still naked! Let me get dressed, please! Maybe your first wife felt okay going about naked, but I'm not her. The only places I ever get naked are my bed and the shower." "Okay, after that little speech, I think it's time for your first spanking.

I didn't want to do this on our honeymoon, but you leave me little choice, talking back to me like that! After doing such a poor job of sucking my cock, too." He put his hand in the small of her back and pushed her through the door, and she took wooden steps beside him as they went down the hall to the stairs.

She stopped, petrified with fear, at the top of the stairs. "Bill, I can't go down there like this!" she whispered, looking at him, terrified. "Sure you can, Anne. You can do anything," he said confidently. "The girl that put on the show at the club with me surely isn't afraid of going into an empty kitchen naked, is she?" He looked at her with such a wry scorn that she suddenly felt ashamed of her own paranoia, and she went downstairs beside him.

He was still guiding her with one hand in the small of her back. Somehow, his touch made it easier. Downstairs, they found Rebecca in the kitchen, sitting at the table by herself. Her clothes were exactly as they were when she had left, and all incriminating evidence of her liaison with Johnny at the lake had been washed off.

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Now, all she had to do was keep her cool and the secret. Rebecca was astonished at seeing her mother enter the kitchen, naked, and struck speechless. She closed her mouth with a snap and studiously looked elsewhere, especially after noticing all the semen clumping her hair together. "Hello, Infinity." Bill said, smiling. He was naked too, holding Anne comfortably beside him with one arm draped around her waist as they lounged against the back wall.

"Where's Johnny?" "He went out to the barn. Said he wanted to be alone for a bit." Infinity said, liking the fact that he had used her preferred name and kept the agreement they had made outside. She smiled at him, ignoring her mother's nudity as she cowered beside her new husband. "W'all, I suppose it IS a bit much for the boy, having the pair of you show up so sudden, like this.

Give the boy a bit of time to adjust, and I'm sure he'll come around. Just give him some time." Bill said, pushing off the wall and taking the four steps to infinity, where she sat at the table. His cock was less than a foot away, and right at mouth level.

She looked up at him, startled, and he smiled down at her. "Don't worry; I'll help you adjust to the new living situation, don't you worry about a thing." He began stroking her hair, drawing her head closer to his groin with each inexorable stroke of his hand through her hair. She put up both hands against his waist and pushed herself back and away, turning her head to the side.

Anne rushed over and grabbed his arm, trying to pull him away from her daughter. "Bill! Stop it! What are you doing?!?" Anne cried out. Bill allowed her to pull him aside, but he grabbed both of his wife's arms in the process. "You're right. She doesn't know about such things, yet," he said, his tone relenting.

" Time to teach your daughter, Anne. Get on your knees," Bill moved his hands up to Infinity's mother's shoulders and made her kneel before his fully erect cock.

She was right beside the chair her daughter was seated in, so the girl would have a perfect view. It had gone from daughter watching mom and dad sex to hard as Infinity had sat before him, while he was stroking he hair.

She had watched the process, fascinated as she saw it stiffen and rise, but it wasn't Johnny, so she pushed back with all her might, instead of sucking japanese sadomasbdsm funny gay cartoon yaoi anime toon comics7 it, which was her first instinct.

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She wanted Johnny, not her Mother's husband! Now, she was watching her mother as that big cock went into her mouth. Anne wasn't really trying to fight it; in actuality, Infinity could see that, while she didn't enjoy it, Mother was letting this man take the pleasure of her mouth.

She was actually SUCKING on the thing as he pulled it back! Infinity remembered exactly what she had done to Johnny, so when Bill pulled his cock out of Anne's mouth and turned a little, offering it to Infinity, the girl opened her mouth without thinking and took the head of Bill's cock inside, closing her mouth around it and sucking it deeply into her throat. Suddenly, she remembered herself and pulled her face away, but not before Anne had seen the look of pleasure in her daughter's eyes as she sucked that huge member in her mouth.

She remembered the automatic way Rebecca had taken it in her mouth, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Anne though back to both times she had had one in her own mouth, contrasting what she had experienced with what she had been told about it since she was little.

The first time had been sophomore year at college, when she finally broke down and accepted one of the many dates she was constantly getting asked out on. The first time had been Tony Sunny leone sexy funny storys, and he had taken her out to Lover's Overlook on their very first date. She stopped him from unbuttoning her blouse, saying that all the clothes she was wearing were STAYING on.

When his hand went under her skirt, she stopped him, telling his she wasn't that kind of girl. He laughed. "Yeah, you're not that kind of girl for THEM, but you'll be one for me, won't you?" With that, he grabbed her neck and pushed her head down into his lap, where she saw his erection sticking up out of his already open pants.

He used both hands to move her hands behind her back, where he was easily able to grasp both her tiny wrists together in one giant paw. Simply applying pressure to that hand caused her great pain and was a useful tool for controlling her.

His other hand slid up her back, then grabbed a fistful of hair from the back of her head. He made her look up at him for a moment, smiling with the ease at which he overpowered her. "You're this kind of girl, Anne, even if you won't admit it." She was powerless in his grasp, something that secretly, in her heart, thrilled her, but she knew that this was a VERY slippery slope, and she wasn't ready to see what lay at the bottom just yet.

She dare not let herself go and participate in her debasement, as much as she wanted to. She allowed him to use her body while he held her arms behind her back, but when he was coming, he let go, and she fled his car with the bellyful he'd given her the very moment she was able to get free and run out of the car. She ran all the way back to town and never went on a date again until her best friend Amanda had set her up with Bill.

She had raised Rebecca all by herself, using the money she had inherited from her parents to pay the bills and hire tutors to school her daughter, so that she wasn't subjected to public education, notoriously bad in her area. Now, here she was, watching as her daughter did everything she had tried to protect her FROM, and to her horrified fascination, Rebecca hadn't seemed to hate it.

In fact, she had taken Bill's cock into her mouth and sucked it of her own volition; Bill's hands hadn't been anywhere NEAR her head, that time. She had only tried to fight him while he was pulling on her, Anne remembered. Rebecca had sucked it because she LIKED sucking them, something else Anne had to consider before she refused to do it again. If it were possible to Rebecca to like doing such a thing, which she plainly did, could Anne find it in herself to like doing it, as well?

Russian teens steamy romance in the morning hardcore, Bill was going to be asking it of her again. Was it REALLY so bad?

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She decided that perhaps, it wasn't, despite everything she'd been brought up believe. Anne found herself liking the feel of her husband's big cock smoothing in and out of her mouth, and she did her best to make sure he enjoyed it. She was using her tongue on the underside, when she could, opening her mouth enough so that Rebecca could see her do it.

She winked at her daughter, then went back to work sucking Bill's cock. The next time he pulled it out of her mouth and offered it to her daughter, the girl shrank away with a look of fear in her eyes. "Not you," she said. "Johnny. I'll only do it for Johnny." "Really?" he gawped, astonishment plainly written on his face.

"Have you already done it with him? Tell me the truth, Infinity." Bill's face twisted cute teen babe pounded by big hard shaft he looked at her, and she dare not lie. "First, I sucked it while we were swimming, then we did it all the way, and then I sucked it again," she said defiantly, looking straight back at red rooster vegas swingers club. Bill just chuckled.

"Did you like sucking on it that much, you little slut? You had to do it twice! I bet he didn't even have to tell you to swallow, did he?" "The first time, he did," she admitted, dipping her head. "But then, I decided I liked the taste of it, and that made it a LOT easier, the next time." "You want some girl with wet panties gets fucked at the club video of it, don't you, Infinity?" he asked, a knowing tone in his voice.

"It's okay; I need you to show your mother how to do it properly. I need you to show her how much fun it really is." She saw him take it out of her mother's mouth again, and then it was coming closer, closer.

she was frozen with indecision. Part of her really DID want to suck it, but another part was in love with Johnny and didn't want to betray or cheat on him. Bill saw her hesitating as she thought about the implications and took the choice away from her.

He reached out with one hand and gently pulled her mouth onto him as he thrust his hips forward. "You know you love doing this Infinity; show your mother how much you like it.

Have fun sucking my cock and show her how much you like it." Bill had her head held firmly in place with one hand while the other rubbed his cock all over her face, both cheeks, across her nose and forehead before pushing it into her mouth. Anne watched, astonished that her daughter wasn't pushing herself away. She watched as Rebecca fought an internal battle. On one hand, she loved the feel of that cock rubbing every inch of her face; even her mother could see that. On the other hand, Rebecca really didn't want to betray Johnny by doing this; he was the first real person in her life she had ever cared for, besides her mother.

"Somebody's having fun." Johnny was leaning in the doorway with a huge grin on his face as he watched his father take his cock out of his new wife's mouth and offer it to her daughter, who didn't suck it, but didn't flinch away from the feel of it on her skin, either. "Johnny!" Infinity shouted with glee, then jumped to her feet and ran to him, hugging her arms around him and holding him tight.

"I'm so glad you're here! Your father- he made me-" Johnny cut her off by one touch of a single finger to her lips, and he looked deep into her eyes before kissing her. "Don't feel guilty about anything you enjoyed doing, Infinity. I'll always love you; you were my very first everything!" She hugged him tightly. "You're not mad at me? I thought you'd be.

jealous or something." She shivered. "I'm glad you're not." "I'm not jealous, Infinity. I'm glad you like doing it. I kinda liked watching you do it to my Dad. I like watching your Mom do it, too. Does that make me weird?" She looked up at him and smiled a little wryly. "No weirder than me.

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I think it's kinda hot to watch my Mom sucking his cock, too." She looked over at her Mom and smiled. "Did you know that we're sluts the whole time, Mom? Is that why you always protected me so much?" Bill laughed out loud at that, getting everyone's attention.

"She didn't know it at all!" he chuckled. "Little girl, your mother wasn't a slut until today! That's why I married her, you poor fool. I got two for the price of one, because you're as much of a slut as she is!" "I'm Johnny's slut, not yours!" Infinity protested, and Johnny put his arms around her protectively, looking at his father defiantly. Bill looked at his son appraisingly. "You think you can control her?" Johnny looked down at the girl in his arms, and she nodded.

"Yes, sir, I know I can." He gave his father a look of confidence and Bill smiled. "Tell her to suck my cock and show her mother what a proper blowjob looks like," he said, smiling, with an equally confident look. Johnny looked down at Infinity. "Suck my cock and show your mother what a proper blowjob looks like." Bill made an exasperated noise. "No, I told you to tell her to suck MY cock!" "She's MY slut, Dad," Johnny said defiantly.

"She sucks MY cock." He naughty wife amira latina big ass creampied by bbc his hands on Infinity's shoulders and got her to kneel. "Give your mother a good show, and there will be reward for you, after." She looked up at him. "I'll try, but I've never really done this before today, you know." "I know," he said, gently. "I'll tell you what to do, okay? All you'll have to do is everything I say, and it will all be okay, I promise." "Tell me what to do, and I'll do it.

I promise, because I love you, Johnny. I love you." She reached up with both hands and pulled his shorts down, then took the head of his cock in her mouth and began sucking on it, smiling up at him with her eyes. "Have fun with it, Infinity. I want to enjoy sucking my cock. Let your mother see how much fun you're having. No shame. Just have fun." At his reminder of the word shame, Rebecca suddenly shot a terrified look at her mother.

She all of a sudden remembered that she was not allowed to be doing this, but the look in her mother's eyes as she returned the glance made her rethink everything she had been raised to think. Anne was looking silently as her daughter willingly went to her knees and began sucking Johnny's impressive cock without a second thought and saw how much the girl enjoyed it.

When her daughter looked at her with a guilty expression she felt her heart melt and instantly forgave her. Rebecca felt a great weight slide away, and she gave herself to giving pleasure with her mouth; so when he took her head in both hands, she allowed him to fuck her face.

She even allowed it to go all the way into her throat while he held her still, holding her breath until he let her go. He moved the girl's head away and allowed her to catch her breath for a long moment, but before she was all the way ready to do it again, he'd pushed her over and made her kneel in front of his father. Johnny was still holding her head, two hands twined into her hair.

"Suck it, Infinity. Suck it because I'm telling to curvy gf tries out anal sex on camera it.

Suck it because you like sucking cock, too. Enjoy yourself and be the little cocksucker you know you are." She felt him push her head forward, and felt a hard cock against her face, but Infinity had her eyes tightly closed, trying to deny whose cock it was against her lips. It was Johnny's hands in her hair, though, and Johnny's voice telling her to open her eyes and SUCK IT, Infinity, SUCK THE COCK!

She opened her eyes, staring at the erection in front of her, then she closed them again, but she opened her mouth. All by herself, she leaned forward and took the head between her lips and began sucking. A moment later, it was driving into her mouth, and she was deep-throating again.

"Good little slut; suck my cock, and show your mother the mouthful of come before you swallow it." Bill told her, then grunted as she got him off by swishing her tongue out and stroking his balls with it. "Do it, Infinity, show your mother how much of a good little slut you are. I want you to show off, Infinity. It's okay to be a slut when I'm TELLING you to be a slut. Be a little slut!" Infinity felt another weight slide away, and she allowed herself to accept the different smell and flavor; she allowed herself to ENJOY those differences, and Anne could see her daughter let herself go and enjoy what she was doing.

Bill felt the girl sucking him enthusiastically, and came in her mouth. She held it all; not letting a drop spill out, even though her mouth was more than half full. She showed her mother all that she had in her mouth, but then she leaned over and kissed the woman full on the mouth. Anne's eyes opened wide as her daughter pushed the entire load of come into her own mouth and sat back with a smile.

"Swallow it, mother. It's your man's come, so get used to it," she said. "We're both sluts, and you know it. You'll be sucking cock same as me, so get used to it." Anne looked at her daughter and saw the determined look in her eye. She knew that look, and swallowed the mouthful so she could speak. "Rebecca, I never wanted this for you. You're better than this, can't you see that?" Anne was almost crying when she saw the look that came into her daughter's eye at those words.

"My name fawna latrisch has pretty tits and a hairy pussy Infinity, and I'm a good little slut, Mother!" she said.

"And you're no better than I am!"