Tip tip barsa pani xxx story

Tip tip barsa pani xxx story
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The Triad and the Village of Pregnant Beauties Chapter 3: Pregnant Twins By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Note: Thanks to B0b for beta reading this. Fiona Mushroom Ring, Lesh-Ke Mountains, Kingdom of Haz I clutched my pregnant belly, my stomach twisting. It couldn't be Seamus's child. I licked my lips, the familiar flavor of cum coating my mouth. My breasts both ached. They had swollen larger, ripe with breast milk. The creamy liquid beaded at my nipples, mixing with the cum smeared across my body.

"I'm filthy," I said and shuddered. Now that the lusts had passed, I wasn't nearly as happy about being covered in spriggan cum. "Speak for yourself, sweet sister," Aoifa said, giving a wicked giggle that made her large breasts jiggle above her swollen stomach.

She looked so radiant pregnant, sexy and fertile. I concentrated and said, "Spirits of change, cleanse our bodies of the spriggans cum." It should be our husband's babe swelling her stomach.

I rubbed my own as the orange spirits rose around us and danced around our bodies, cleansing the cum from us. Aoifa giggled while I wondered just whose child did I carry? A faerie's? "There's something off about the cum," I said. "It's definitely not spriggan cum. It would taste woodier." "How would you know that?" Aoifa asked, raising an eyebrow. I flushed at her implication. "Because I paid attention to Ol' Morgana's lessons.

Not because I've made a habit of sucking off spriggans." "At least before today." Aoifa's blue eyes flashed at me, an impish grin on her face. "Can you take anything seriously?" I asked as I struggled to stand up. It was so awkward being so pregnant. She just kept grinning at me. She stood with her usual grace, like her swollen belly didn't have her off-balanced at all. I felt like I wanted to tip forward and found myself leaning back to compensate.

I shook full sex stories xxxx storys three men and one woman head at my torn robes.

There was no time to return to the village and our horses to get clean ones. Aoifa's tattered clothing held onto her body better, the straps holding her braces of knives tying the scraps to her. "Very well, let's go to Faerie and rescue our husband." Aoifa shook her head. "He is in for one big surprise." "Yes," I said, feeling suddenly so guilty. I didn't mean to cheat on him and carry someone else's child. "Cursed spriggans." Aoifa approached the mushroom ring, a steel dagger in hand.

"So, I believe we were about to cross over when we were so rudely interrupted." I nodded my head and concentrated my will on the spirits. I focused my attention on the mushrooms, feeling the power contained in them, and exhaled. "Spirits of summoning, activate this circle and open our way to Faerie!" I pointed at the circle, the gesture wholly unnecessary, but I couldn't help myself.

Green spirits rose out of the world, a horde of them, responding to the force of my will. They surged past me, dancing with joy, and settled into the mushrooms.

The toadstools glowed green, the energy from the spirits reaching out to each other, forming a complete circle. "Oh, my," Aoifa said, her eyes widening, her pale body painted in green light. Normally, she couldn't see the spirits at work. But they were opening the portal between realities. The green light grew brighter and then shimmered.

A curtain appeared, wavering in the air. When it parted, it revealed a cavern, the walls covered in glittering gems, streaks of gold and silver veins working through the dark stone. Spirits of all sorts danced on the other side. That was.unusual. Normally, the spirits hid in things, only coming out when a witch called them. But in Faerie, they were dancing so happily, playing with each other, dancing and swirling around each other. Was that normal? "Well, let's go," Aoifa smiled and threw herself through the curtain.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Seamus Realm of Faerie "Just surrender and be my pet," moaned Cherry, her pussy sliding up and down my cock.

I groaned, fighting her magic digging into my bulwark. My oath to Gewin held, but it crumbled with every hot, wet slide of her pussy on my cock. Her cunt gripped me, her body so lithe as she hugged me, rubbing her small breasts on my chest.

"No," I grunted, pulling at the ropes. But they still wouldn't budge. Allys daughter seduction forgetful stepsis lands in was trapped. There was no way to break free. I would surrender. I would become her pet.

No! Fiona and Aoifa were still free. They would come. My wives wouldn't abandon me. "I'll love you as much as them," Cherry moaned, her pussy molten on my cock. "I won't let Blossom or Midnight hurt you.

I'll love you and care for you. You'll be my favorite pet." I grunted, teeth clenched against the rising orgasms, my balls building towards another explosion.

Over her shoulder, I could see some of the men from the village. They were the other faeries pets, begging to serve them, accepting the whips and flails. "Keep whipping me, Mistress," moaned one strapping man, kneeling without restraints while Blossom flogged his ass with a magical flail. It was pathetic. I didn't want to be like that. But Cherry's pussy. The faerie worked that hot cunt up and down my cock as she fucked me. She was so tight, her snatch sucking at my cock eager for my cum to spill in her.

She cooed in my ear, promising me so much. But I'd just be a dog to her. Yes, her favorite, but nothing but a hound expected to beg for scraps from her table. She moaned, working her sweet cunt faster and faster. The pleasure swelled through me. It reached through my body. It was so hard to fight her with that ecstasy wrapped about my cock, massaging me, bringing me closer and closer to erupting.

"Please, mighty warrior," moaned Cherry. "You're so handsome. I don't want Blossom and Midnight to hurt you again." "I.do." I groaned. I could fight the pain, but the pleasure.? How could I fight pleasure? My body yearned to surrender to it. "I can hurt you," Sex party dvd full movie complete story moaned. "If that will make you happy.

I want to make you happy. I'll take such good care of you." Her magic reached deeper, tendrils climbing over my mind's redoubt, reaching closer and closer to covering me in worship for her. I groaned, banging my head back into the rock wall, my balls aching to erupt into her sweet pussy.

Then she suddenly gasped. Her pussy clenched hard as she shuddered. "What was that?" Blossom turned from whipping her slave and Midnight stopped riding her pet's cock to look over her shoulder. Blossom's red butterfly wings fluttered as she spun around, her red hair swaying about her shoulders. "Someone has entered our mines," Blossom said. Hope surged through bailey blues turns washing machine freakout into lesbian fun pornstars. "Two someone's," laughed Midnight.

"Maybe they didn't appreciate our gift." "Or maybe they came to thank us," Blossom said, a dangerous glint in her eyes. Cherry started fucking me again, moaning, "Take care of them while I work on the mighty warrior." Blossom's wings twitched. She muttered something that had Midnight giggling wickedly. Then the two faeries soared out of the room and down a table, leaving their slaves panting on the bed, both sounding dazed, dominated by their magic.

"Mmm, just me and you," Cherry moaned. "Isn't that nice?" Her magic redoubled its effort to penetrate my defenses, but my wives were coming.

Hope buttressed my defenses. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aoifa "So, slaves for a mine?" I asked as we walked through the tunnels, passing the missing village men as they used bronze pickaxes to dig out the gems in the walls, adding the gorgeous stones to piles of glittering riches.

Unlike gems mined in our world, these came out perfectly cut. And they were huge. My hand twitched, eager to take a few. "They're all naked and whipped, too," Fiona said, her cheeks blushing as she walked stiffly beside me, looking ahead instead of appreciating all the muscular men around us. Some of them had great assess. And big cocks. "Must be female faeries," I grinned. "They must be using Seamus hard. The idiot must be in heaven." "They're also ensorcelled." My sister glanced at one.

"There are enchantment spirits clinging to each of them." "Really? Faeries control spirits like you do? They're witches?" "The spirits aren't being forced to do it." Fiona face twisted. "They are happy to obey." "Great," I said.

I looked around. "So do all mushroom rings lead to here? Is this like the entrance to faerie?" Fiona shook her head. "Unlike the Astral Realm, Faerie is conterminous with our world." I blinked. "What?" "It matches up location to location. While its geography is different, a mushroom ring leads to the corresponding location in Faerie.

If we found another portal, say five miles away to the east, we would exit into our world five miles away and to the east." "I see," I said.

"That.makes some sense. And the Astral Realm.doesn't?" I didn't know much about the Astral Realm. The gods were said to dwell there, each with their own home, and when you died, your soul went there, either to your god's home, to a place of punishment, or.just left to wander.

"The Astral Realm is coexistent with our world but not conterminous. It exists all around us equally, but there's no correlation between locations. The Astral Realm is said to be infinite." "How big is that?" "It's unending." Now that hurt my brain.

It hurt my brain so much I almost missed the subtle clue of an impending attack. But I heard the flutter of large wings and, luckily, my instincts worked even as my head ached trying to picture what an infinity was like.

My knife hissed through the air, making Fiona gasp. Purple energy suddenly burst, neat playgirl gets nailed doggy position homemade hardcore my knife out of the air as two faeries appeared flying down the tunnel.

The one in the lead was red-haired and winged. The one behind her was darker, black wings with purple swirls, her skin even paler. "Spirits of protection, defend us," Fiona shouted as a blast of purple energy shot from the red-haired faerie.

I jumped to the side, but it was awkward with my pregnant belly.

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Instead of the graceful roll, I sprawled on my back, groaning. A red shield sprang up before my sister and me, catching the blast. The purple rippled about the red like water splashing against a wall. "Twinborn witch," the red-haired faerie said, her eyes narrowing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Seamus Cherry looked over her shoulder as she fucked me, biting her lips.

Purple flashes came down the corridor. She frowned, like she was seeing something that I couldn't. Her hips stopped pumping her pussy up and down my cock, her small breasts rubbing on my chest as she breathed.

"That's not good," she whispered. The magical bonds suddenly felt different. They were still strong, but it was like what was powering them wasn't as effective. Cherry's attention had wavered.

She was staring down the corridor and not.focusing on my bonds. I acted, heaving. "Gewin, give me strength," I grunted as my muscles pulled on the magical rope. The strain ran through my arms. My muscles ached and burned as they pulled. I growled through clenched teeth as I hauled on the bonds. Cherry snapped her head around, eyes widening as she realized what was happening. The bonds ripped. "No!" she gasped as I dropped to the floor with a grunt.

My hands seized her, ripping her off my cock. She squirmed in my arms as I wrestled with her, stumbling forward. Her butterfly wings fluttered, brushing my arms and leaving powdery dust on my skin. "You have to stop," she gasped as my hands shifted on her squirming body. I had one on her thigh, sliding up her flesh as she squirmed. My other hand tried to grab an arm and twist it behind her back.

"Please! I don't want to hurt you!" "I'm not your slave," I snarled back, grasping her arm and twisting it behind her back. Purple exploded from her. Pain flooded my body. I spasmed, my hand on her thigh shooting upward. Fingers pressed kiara mia white dress oil nude her pussy as I growled through the hurt shooting through my body. I stumbled forward and fell atop her. She grunted and squirmed beneath me, pouring the agony into me.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fiona The spirits fought me. They didn't want to obey me. I had to throw out my will, forcing them to obey me.

They acted sullen. I was lucky to get the shield up in time. The energy blasted against it as I grit my teeth, keeping my will sharp, holding the spirits in place. It didn't make sense. Spirits loved me. I was a twinborn witch. I never had to try hard to get them to obey me. They were happy to obey me. But the faeries were using spirits, too. They danced around them. The faeries didn't even have to speak. The spirits just responded out of instinct or maybe through unspoken commands.

The fairies thought, and the spirits acted. Because the spirits were from here. The realization struck me. This was where the spirits came from. They loved the faeries even more than they loved me. They were happy to obey them. And I was making them resist. Aoifa gained her feet. She dodged out from my shield, her pregnant belly swaying before her. She threw daggers at the black-haired faerie.

They hissed through the air, glinting with deadly steel. The swallow-tailed faerie gasped, fear on her face as she dodged around them. The daggers clattered off the wall. Purple energy followed Aoifa, but my twin sister was fast, racing away. I focused on the red-haired faerie. I couldn't just hide behind my shield. I had to attack. My forehead furrowed, sweat breaking out over my brow. I shrank the shield, letting half of the conjuration spirits go. And then I went on the offensive.

"Spirits of destruction, smite down my enemies," I howled, forcing orange evocation spirits to surge towards the faerie. Red conjuration spirits leapt to her defense. Purple energy shot from the faerie.

It was like the spirits fed her the power, but she was the one who used it, directing it in a pure form. They clung to her body, pulsing as she threw up defenses. The evocation spirits clinging to the faerie's wrist glowed brighter. She stared at me with a wild look in her eye. And then beams of purple energy shot out. They slammed into my shield. I gasped, the force boring through them.

I abandoned my attack, the evocation spirits I controlled surging towards the faerie, powering her beam more. My heart hammered as I reached out my will, grabbing more conjuration spirits with my desire and forcing them into my shield. They danced before me, agitated, not wanting to save me. "Please," I groaned to them. "Protect me." "The little bit of faerie blood in you roccosiffredi russian fucked in ass by rocco enough," laughed the redheaded faerie.

Her wings fluttered behind her. Something glittered in her eyes. And then purple enchantment spirits surged towards her. They poured out of the stone and gathered blonde skinny teen teasing watch more of her at ulacamcom her round breasts and hairless pussy. They pulsed, feeding energy into her body.

I could see it moving through her veins. And then she exhaled a cloud of purple radiance. It swept at my shield, a fog. My eyes widened. I struggled to turn my shield into a cocoon, to cover myself. But the conjuration spirits fought me. The shield spread wider and wider and. The fog rolled over me and struck me.

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Overwhelming lust surged through me. The faerie laughed as I turned, gazing at my sister dodging the black-haired faerie's attacks.

She was so beautiful and regal, so graceful with her heavy breasts and pregnant belly. Milk flicked from her nipples as she danced, white pearls soaring through the air. A hunger over came me. I pounced on my sister. "Fiona!" Aoifa gasped as I seized her and carried her to the stone floor. "What are you doing?" I latched onto her pierced nipple, suckling so hard.

I groaned as her milk flooded my mouth, her nipple ring twisting as I suckled. It tasted so wonderful. This sweet, hot, creamy liquid flowing into my mouth. I nursed from my twin, gulping down milk as the purple cloud descended upon her. "Yes," my sister moaned. "Oh, my sweet sister, yes!" "Look at them," giggled the redhead.

"Just a pair of horny, human sluts. Eh, Midnight?" "Mmm, and twins," laughed the dark-haired faerie. "Blossom, this is hot." I ignored them. I didn't care about them I suckled on my sister's breast, my hand roaming her body.

My tongue played with her nipple ring between sucks. Our pregnant bellies rubbed together. My pussy was so hot.

Burning for her touch. Her hands stroked me, finding my tits, squeezing them. "I need your milk," moaned Aoifa. "Move, sweet-sister. Let me suckle from your tits, too." Still sucking, I maneuvered around her, working across the stone floor of the mine. My breasts were so swollen, so aching to nurse. I gulped down her milk as I dragged my breast across her cheek. My nipple found her lips. My twin sister suckled. My pussy clenched. Juices dribbled down my thighs as we suckled at each other's breasts.

We both moaned about the other's nipple, gulping down the creamy treat. It was so amazing. My nipple tingled as the milk squirted into her hungry mouth. Every suckle shot pleasure to my cunt. My hips wiggled. It was so amazing. "Just a pair of hungry sows," Midnight chortled. "Just pigging out on each other's milk." "And look at her cunt," Blossom said.

I shuddered as a hand dragged up my thigh and reached my wet pussy. "Her pregnant pussy is dripping with passion. She's getting off on it." "How long before they eat each other's pussies?" I suckled hard, my pussy clenching.

I moaned my disappointment as the faerie's fingers withdrew. My eyes looked down my sister's body. Beyond her pregnant stomach was her pussy. She would taste so delicious. I could lick her. She could lick me. I swallowed a final mouthful of cream. I swished it through my mouth, loving the taste. My pussy needed satiating. And I knew my sister's did, too. Her thighs swung open and close as she squirmed on the rocks. My mouth popped off my sister's nipple.

She suckled hard on mine, gulping down my milk. I screamed out, "Sixty-nine!" Aoifa released my nipple. "Yes!" "So spicy honey gets cumshot on her face sucking all the cum laughed Blossom as my sister and I moved. "So easy to control by lust." "Not that warrior," Midnight said. Warrior. Seamus? We were here to.save Seamus. I had to focus.

We were. And then my face was between Aoifa's thighs. We were on our sides, our pregnant bellies pressed into each other's tits. I hugged her, gripping her ass as I bent around her pregnant belly to bury my face into her pussy while she did the same to mine. I licked my sister's shaved cunt, gathering her tart juices, and moaned.

Her tongue lapped through my hot cunt. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Seamus The pain surged through me. I had to stop her. My fingers were in her cunt. I could feel her hot passion about my fingers. She had been close to cumming when I broke free. Her flesh was on fire. So wet and silky. I pumped my fingers in and out of her, staring down at her face.

Her blue eyes widened. Her blonde hair spread out from her face while pleasure shuddered through her. The pain lessened as I fingered her cunt. A smile crossed her lips. "Mmm, yes, make me cum," she purred. I pulled my fingers out of her cunt. I stared at them, realizing something. The agony still surged through me, aching every part of my body. But I resisted it. "You must really want to cum." "So badly, my pet," she moaned, wiggling beneath me. "I love cumming." "And I'll let you cum," I grinned at her, rubbing my fingers together.

"I'll let you cum on my cock. I know that's what you want." "No, no, you're my pet," she objected, confusion flicking across her face. "I command you to make me cum." The pain flared through me.

I snarled and smeared her pussy juices on her lips. I slutty teenie is taken in anus madhouse for painful treatment my head, pushing my body away. The purple energy ran across my skin. I rose on shaky legs, my muscles trembling as the agony ate at me. But I was a paladin of Gewin. The god of war girded my limbs with iron.

"No!" I growled, staring at the cave. Moans came from there. "What are you doing?" she asked as I took a step for the exit l. "I want to cum." "Do you?" I growled, staring down at her. She reached out, grabbing my dick. She stroked it in her hands. I was hard, aching. "I want to cum so badly.

So make me cum." "Then beg," I said, seizing her hair. I held her in pained fingers. My body shook. The agony burned through my body. My bones rattled as her purple energy danced over me. "What?" she blinked. "Beg for my cock," I panted. "Say, 'Master, let me fuck your huge dick so my slutty pussy can cum.'" Her eyes were wide.

A tremble shot through her. Her breasts quivered. "You're not like Blossom and Midnight," I continued, the pain lessening as her brow furrowed. "You don't like giving orders. You were <em>begging</em> me to be your slave. You didn't seize me, you were pleading." She shook her head. "You're my pet." "Really?" I pulled her lips closer to my dick. "Then why would you do this?" I yanked hard. Her mouth opened as she gasped in pain. My cock rammed into her mouth.

The faerie's blue wings, dotted with red, fluttered behind her. Her mouth was so warm and wet on my cock. She moaned about it. The pain dwindled. Less purple energy crackled across my muscular body. "If you were strong, if you were a dominant faerie, then why would you let me do this?" I gripped her blonde hair in both hands now, fucking her mouth down my cock. "Why would you surrender? You beg. You plead.

You cajole. That's how a submissive acts! That's what gets your little faerie-cunt hot and wet." I ripped her mouth off my cock. She gasped for breath, droll dribbling down her chin. "Isn't it? Your pussy has never been hotter." She tried to look down, but I yanked her head up. Her blue eyes were so wide. "Answer me!" "Yes," she whispered, squirming her thighs. "Now say it!" I shook her head, her eyes flicking to my cock. "Beg!" "Master, can you please my pussy and make me cum with your big cock." The pain vanished.

I let go of her hair and she fell onto her back, spreading her legs. Her hairless pussy was a tight slit weeping juices. She shuddered, her small breasts rising and falling as I fell to my knees between her thighs. "Grab my cock and bringing it to your faerie-cunt, slave," I growled. "Yes, Master," she moaned, her entire body shaking. A smile touched the corners of her mouth. Then she grabbed my dick and brought it to her pussy. She rubbed it up and down on her hot flesh. She shuddered, her eyes widening.

Then she found the entrance to her pussy, staring up at me with those sweet, submissive eyes. "Fuck me, Master," Cherry moaned. "Please! Please! I need you in me!" I rammed my cock into her pussy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fiona My tongue flailed through my twin sister's pregnant snatch. Her tart juices stained my lips, coating my cheeks. Pleasure rushed through me. Her tongue caressed through my folds and brushed my clit. I shuddered every time, rubbing my pregnant belly into her pillowy breasts.

It was so hot. It was so wonderful. I devoured her cunt. I was out of control. I needed to make her cum as badly as I had to orgasm. And her delicious tongue built the pleasure in me. She whipped it through my pregnant cunt, teasing me, driving me wild. "Aoifa, you wonderful sister," I panted, shuddering. "Yes, yes, yes, eat my cunt." "Make me cum, sweet sister," Aoifa moaned, her fingers digging into my ass. "Make me cum," sneered one of the watching faeries. "Look at the sows just rut and feast.

They came here to save their husband." "But now they're our slaves, too," laughed the other. "Ooh, we're going to make you watch as he fucks us.

As we whip him." "He'll call you filthy cunts. Ugly teen college coeds partying in blowjob dorm reality amateur words angered me, which made me eat my sister's pussy harder and harder. There was a part of me that wanted to lash out at them. Seamus would never say those words. He loved us. He was too strong to be their slaves.

He wasn't a weak sow like I was. I pigged out on my sister's cunt. I devoured her tart juices. They were amazing. Wonderful. They coated my lips with creamy delight.

I moaned, my every breath full of her sweet musk as I squirmed against her. My nipples throbbed on her swollen belly, aching with milk. My pussy clenched as her tongue swirled through my depths. I came closer and closer to cumming. My fingers dug into my sister's ass, pulling her pussy so tight against my hungry lips. I shoved my tongue into her cunt's depths, swirling around, making her groan into my snatch.

She found my clit, sucking on it. "Aoifa!" I gasped, my orgasm hurling closer and closer. "I'm going to explode." "Pair of Saphique-cursed lesbians," laughed one of the faeries. "They just love pussy." "They're going to eat each other's cunts until they die," giggled the other. "While their husband fucks our bodies and makes us cum and cum!" "Disgusting dykes!" I shuddered, the humiliating words shooting through me. My pussy clenched. My clit throbbed in my sister's mouth.

I came so hard. My pussy spasmed. Juices squirted out of my snatch as I heaved and moaned into Aoifa's cunt. Her lips released my clit to drink down the flood of my cream.

Wave after wave of rapture washed out of my pussy and into my mind. Ecstasy inundated me. It swirled through my mind, washing over my thoughts and making me squirm and moan.

I sucked on my sister's clit hard, making her buck as the pleasure consumed me. Stars danced before my eyes. I moaned out my pleasure. "Aoifa, I love your mouth! Such a wonderful sister!" And as I screamed, the ecstasy did something else.

It washed over that part of me enchanted by the spell. The part making me so horny and out of control that I didn't care about the horrid things the faeries were saying. How they would make our husband fuck them while we had sex until we died. How squirt orgy jail theres nothing like an outing to the forest with your bitches would insult us.

How he would be their slaves. I had a moment of clarity. And I used it. "Spirits of dispelling, cleanse the foul lust from our minds," I moaned into my sister's pussy. My will surged out and seized the spirits. The faeries were still laughing about us. They weren't paying attention. They were being pleasured. They had the village men fucking them from behind, ramming cocks into their pussies while they moaned out their demeaning and insulting words.

Aoifa shuddered as she was freed, too, from the lust enchantment. She froze for a moment, but then she kept licking me, tonguing me. Keeping up the charade. "Yes, yes, yes, now make me cum, whore!" moaned my sister. "I want to cum so hard! You are such a lesbian whore!" "Lesbian whore!" laughed one of the faeries as my sister's hand moved from my ass.

She was up to something. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aoifa My sister was so smart. I don't know how she fought off the lust long enough to dispel it. I was lost to their spell.

I didn't care about anything but eating Fiona's pussy and having mine eaten. But now, my thoughts were clear. Mostly. Because Fiona still sucked on my clit. And that was making my pussy boil. I was so close to cumming. But I had to act. We had to subdue these faeries now. They were distracted. This was our chance to defeat them. My hand slipped into my pouch. It contained all manner of items. Including my maidenshair rope, made from the silkiest of Tuathan hair.

It was so fine and supple. And it was enchanted by my sister. I pulled it out as I humped her mouth. "Yes, yes, yes, you're going to make me cum ,you lesbian whore," I moaned, knowing the faeries would love it. "Spray your cream all over her face," laughed Midnight as her pale body writhed in the embrace of the dusky-skinned, Hazian man. I threw the rope at her and sprang into action.

As I gained my feet, my twin sister's pussy juices dripping off my face, the rope hissed through the air. It crashed into the Midnight and the man she was fucking, wrapping about them both. It bound them together.

Her eyes widened in shock as I drew a dagger and seized her hair, yanking her forward. She fell to the ground, the man fucking her grunting. I straddled her waist, rubbing my hot pussy on her thigh as I leaned over and shoved my nipple into her mouth.

I put my knife to her throat, knowing she would be afraid of steel. "Suckle, bitch," I moaned. She did. I smiled. "Mmm, Saphique's virgin cunt, but that's nice." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Seamus Cherry's pussy sucked at red and blue suit lesbians dick as I reamed it in and out of her.

I held her ass with my left hand as I plunged over and over into her pussy, her small breasts jiggling. My right reached down her body, seizing a nipple and squeezing hard.

Pain and pleasure crossed her face. Her cunt clamped down on my dick as she moaned and trembled. Her wings, spread out like a cape on the ground, fluttered ever so slightly as she whimpered and moaned. They had hurt me, and it had been exciting. They had whipped me, inflicted pain on me, and it had made my dick throb. I plunged my hips faster and faster into her cunt. My balls thwacked over and over against her taint. "Yes, yes, yes, fuck me, Master!" she moaned. "Spill your seed in me!" "Because you want to pleasure me?" I growled, twisting her nipple.

"Yes!" she howled. "Yes, yes, yes. I want to pleasure you, Master!" Those words set her off. Her pussy spasmed about my dick. I groaned, her hot flesh writhing about my plunging cock. I pulled on her nipple, stretching out her breast.

Her face contorted with rapture as she humped against me. Her moans sang through the cave, her thighs so tight about my waist. She milked me, eager for my cum.

I could see it in her face, in her eyes. She burned for my cum spurting into her depths. I growled, plunging my dick faster and faster into her pussy, my heavy balls thwacking her taint.

The pressure built. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fiona As Aoifa sprang away from me, I acted. She threw her rope at Midnight, so I went for red-haired Blossom. She was cumming hard, her head thrown back, her breasts squeezed by the hands of the Hazian man plowing her cunt from behind.

"Spirits of restraint, bind her and bring me my sister's dagger!" I shouted, forcing my will outward. The blue abjuration spirits acted, surging under the control of my will.

They fought me, but my will was too great. Blue energy wrapped about Blossom, yanking her from the man fucking her. She spasmed, moaning, as she crashed to the ground at my feet, her arms pinned to her side, her legs sealed tight. Angry eyes stared up at me. "You Las-damned sow, I'll—" The other abjuration spirits brought me one of Aoifa's throwing daggers that lay scattered through the tunnel.

Blossom's eyes three hot chick get fucked by a stripper as I fell to my knees, my pregnant belly swaying. I grunted, planting the dagger against her throat. "Yes, yes, yes," Aoifa moaned in throaty, orgasmic pleasure. "Drink my milk, faerie-bitch! Drink it all down." Blossom trembled, her throat fluttering as I loomed over her. "P-please, don't hurt me." Tears fell down her cheeks. The haughty cruelness had vanished. "W-we weren't really g-going to kill you.

W-we would have freed you." "But kept our husband as your slave? Along with all the other men?" I looked around. "We gave the women, gave you, new men. In your bellies." Anger surged in me. "Whose sons? Who is the father of my child?" "Your husband. Seamus." She shuddered. "All the women carry the sons of their husbands or lovers.

We wanted to compensate them." I looked around. "And this was all so you could have slaves to mine for gems?" "They're pretty. And it's so hard to do it ourselves. Human men are so skilled at labor." Blossom shuddered. "Please don't kill me." "I want your word," I hissed, "that you will free all the men, including my husband, that you'll let my sister and I go, and you and your fellow faeries never cause problems to humans again." "I p-promise," she said.

"I want you to say it." I pushed the knife tighter. Such anger boiled through me. Keep my husband! "I promise!" "Say it once more!" I snarled. "I p-promise to free all the men, including your husband, that I will let you and your sister go, and the me, Midnight, and Cherry will never cause humans problems again." Faeries were devious creatures, but they had to hold to their word given thrice.

A red conjuration spirit appeared, forming a four-leaf clover speckled with silver. It floated in the air before me, spinning around. "My token. My promise," Blossom said.

I seized it and released her. "Take me to my husband." I shouldn't have been shocked to find Seamus fucking the third faerie. He pounded her cunt, her blonde hair flying about her head as she moaned and orgasmed, begging to be flooded by his cum, calling him master. "Gewin's mighty cock," my husband groaned, his fiery hair swaying about his rugged face as amethyst banks in a gem of a pussy buried into her, flooding her cunt.

"Yes, yes, yes, Master!" moaned the faerie. "Thank you for using my pussy." I arched an eyebrow. "Master?" Aoifa gave an appreciative, purring giggle. She, clearly, approved of what our husband had been up to. Seamus looked up. I gasped, seeing the welts crisscrossing his chest. He had been whipped. But he just grinned at us. "Had to tame her blond milf wants to be a pornstar pussy.

I see you dealt with the other two." "They have given their word that this is done," I said, rubbing at my pregnant belly. His jaw fell. "Fiona. Aoifa. You're." "Pregnant," I beamed at him.

"You're going to be a father soon." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Seamus Tuatha Valley, Lesh-Ke Mountains, The Kingdom of Haz It was strange being in our home. Since our marriage, we'd visited only twice. We spent our time wandering the mountains looking for adventure. And hot women. Not that I would tell Fiona that. We were home because Fiona wanted to give birth here.

I squeezed both my wives breasts, bringing their nipples to my mouth. Their tits rubbed on each other's, Aoifa's so big, but Fiona's so firm. Milk squirted from their nipples and landed on my tongue. I groaned, savoring the mix of their creamy milk.

"Seamus," squealed Fiona, kneeling beside Aoifa on our bed. "Mmm, you just can't get enough of our milk." "He's ravenous for it," Aoifa giggled. "It's so good," I moaned before engulfing Aoifa's nipple. Her piercing made it exciting to nurse, her milks squirting in a wider spray, bathing across the inside of my mouth.

"Better drink up," Fiona said, her hands roaming my muscular body. "Once we give birth, it's all for your sons." "And they'll be so hungry," groaned Aoifa. "If they're anything like their father." I popped my lips off Aoifa's nipple, grinning. Then I leaned over and suckled on Fiona's nipple. She gasped, her tight stream of milk squirting into my mouth. I loved how it splashed against the back of my mouth before spilling across my tongue.

They both tasted so creamy and delicious. Aoifa was sweeter and Fiona's richer. But they both were amazing. I gorged on them, moving back and forth as my hands slid up and their thighs, reaching for their hot pussies.

I slid through Fiona's silky curls and Aoifa's smooth folds before I found the entrances to their pregnant pussies. They both moaned as I penetrated them. Their flesh was so hot and tight about my fingers, clenching down as I probed into them. "Oh, yes," Fiona purred as I latched onto her breast again, suckling hard. "Mmm," moaned Aoifa when I switched to her nipple, batting her piercing before I suckled and gulped down her milk.

My dick ached as I drank more and more of their milk. I fingered my wives so hard, jamming into their depths as I went back and forth between them. I loved their nipples, their milk.

It was so exciting to feast on them. They both moaned and gasped, twitching, rubbing their pregnant bellies together and into my stomach. It was so exciting. They were both so radiant, glowing with the new life. It was such a shame the spriggan seeded my wives and not me. But at least it was with my seed.

"Seamus!" Fiona gasped, my thumb rubbing hard on her clit. Her pussy tightened on my fingers. I leaned over and latched onto her nipple, suckling hard. Her hand seized my hair, holding me in place with a death grip. Her sweet moans sang through our small home as she gasped out in orgasmic delight.

Her pussy spasmed on my fingers, juices flooding out around my hand. "Oh, my wonderful husband," Fiona moaned, rubbing her swollen belly against mine.

"Oh, yes, that's amazing. Keep nursing!" "Stop hogging him, sweet sister," moaned Aoifa. "I'm so close, too." "Fine," Fiona moaned, letting go of my hair. I didn't fight as Aoifa yanked my head over to her breast. There was something exciting about letting her guide me, moving me. I latched onto her nipple, suckling so hard while my body remembered the kiss of those whips. How exciting that was. Aoifa's sweet milk flooded my mouth. My fingers curled in her pussy, rubbing at just the right spot.

To make her go wild. She screamed out in bliss, bucking so hard, her fingers tearing out my hair as she came. "Gods, you are such a stud, Seamus," Aoifa moaned, her pussy spasming about my fingers. "Oh, yes, yes, yes!" "Mmm, he is," Fiona groaned, her voice so throaty as her orgasm died. Fiona's hands pressed on my chest, pushing me back.

I didn't fight it. My mouth got cutie mother on sexymilfdate net join free off Aoifa's nipple.

She kept spasming, her orgasm burning hot through her body. Her juices coated my hand as I stretched out on the bed. My fingers slid out of their pussies. "Mmm, someone deserves a reward," grinned Aoifa, her hand touching my cock. "And you have your own cream to share." "So salty," Fiona purred, pressing her cheek against her twin sister's face. They weren't identical, but they did look like sisters, the same cheekbones and noses, their eyes the same blue.

I was so lucky to have them. Their tongues lapped up my cock together, traveling to the tip. My dick shuddered as the twin sisters sucked on the spongy, pink crown of my dick. My balls tightened. I brought my fingers to my lips, licking off their tart and sweet musks, savoring the delight mixing with the aftertaste of their creamy milk. Their tongues swirled on the tip of my dick., meeting and brushing as they pleasured me. I groaned, my chest rippling.

The welts had faded in the week it took us to reach home. I groaned as Aoifa's hand scratched at my chest, leaving bright, red lines. My dick throbbed. "Pater's cock, yes!" Fiona's blue eyes flashed up at me. She smiled, her hand massaging my balls.

She sucked on the very tip while Aoifa's tongue lapped at the sensitive part where the helmet met my crown. She circled it, making me tremble. My balls boiled. "You two spoil me," I groaned. Aoifa grinned at me. "You're just lucky we let you fuck all those women." Fiona's mouth popped off my dick. "Let him?" Aoifa giggled and moaned, "You <em>could</em> stop him, sweet sister, with your powers." Aoifa engulfed my dick, sucking hard.

Fiona flushed before she nuzzled back at my dick, sucking on the shaft. Her fingers massaged my balls. They boiled. I grunted, twitching as Aoifa sucked so hard, her cheeks hollowing. The pressure built and built, eager to explode out and bathe my wives faces.

My hands shot out, grabbing their hair. I big booty blonde slut krissy lynn gets fucked hard in her ass Aoifa's black silk and Fiona's auburn locks. I lifted their faces, pressing them together. Aoifa's hand stroked my cock, aiming it at their faces. "Gives us your cream, husband!" "Yes!" I groaned, eager to obey. My cock erupted. Their mouths opened. My cum splashed across their lips, painting them with white.

Their tongues flew out, gathering the jizz. I grunted, spasming with each blast, loving the sight of my cream landing on their chins and lips, dripping down their faces as they turned, kissing each other.

Sharing my cream. I grunted, the pleasure burning hot through me as I watched. Their pink tongues flashed, passing back and forth the salty cum. It was so deliciously wicked to watch. I took a deep breath, savoring the joy of having two pregnant wives. Then Fiona's eyes widened. Pain flashed across her face. She bolted up, her hands going to her stomach.

Her face twisted. She let out a groan. And then she fanned her face, hissing out breaths through clenched teeth. "What's wrong?" I asked. Aoifa eyes widened. "Oh, you have got to be kidding." She sat up, clutching her own belly. She let out a grunt. "At the same time?" "What's at the. Gods, you're both going into labor?" "Yep," Fiona nodded. "You're about to be a father." I grinned at them. Excitement surging through me.

"I am about to be a father." Aoifa rolled her eyes. "You're already a father, Seamus. How many women have you knocked up over the last few years? How many bastards of yours are out there?" Fiona's eyes hardened. I shrugged. "No idea." My hands went to their bellies. "But these are <em>our</em> children." That made Fiona smile. Until she groaned again and screamed, "Get our mother, Seamus! Don't just sit there like a useless lump on a fallen log!" I grinned broader, nodding my head.

I was about to be a father. Gods damn, that was remarkable. The END