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Sexy bridemaids hot orgy before the wedding day
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Chapter I It was the first week at Hogwarts everything was peace and quiet, or almost everything was peaceful. It had become a habit for Harry, after he had finished his homework for the evening, he would go to his room and pick up his invisibility cloak and the Marauders Map, and set out on a night stroll in the dark corridors at night, here he was left to his own thoughts as the peace of the castle allowed him to somehow think more clearly.

How could Dumbledore be so stupid? He had made Snape Defence against the dark arts teacher, something it seem Dumbledore had tried to prevent in all the time he had been headmaster. Didn't he see that Snape was a former death eater and therefore never could be trusted; he was evil at heart, a Slytherin of the worst kind. Harry could feel his hatred towards Snape beginning to boil inside him, something needed to be done, so what if it ended him a month's detention?

He needed to rebel against Snapes position as Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. It felt good to plan against his least favourite teacher, he laughed to himself as he thought of a particularly funny way to get back at Snape. "Anybody there?" a small voice called out.

Harry froze, he realized it had been to long time since he had checked the Marauders Map, and even though he was invisible, he was still capable of making sounds. Slowly he raised the map, as quietly as possible, he could make out the shadow of the other person just twenty feet in front of him, but doo to the darkness of the hallway it was impossible to recognize jahre alte oma uschi fickt jungen typen german granny person.

He looked down at the map, and saw that it spelled "Luna Lovegood" he relaxed, even though she was "slightly" crazy, he rather enjoyed her company.

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She had a carefree attitude towards other's opinions, and even then she would always support and help you, should you be in need.

He muttered "mischief managed" and took of his cloak. "Hey Luna, what are you doing outside your bed at this time of night?" "Harry? Is that you? Oh, well I'm out looking for my school bag, it seems to have disappeared." It made Harry feel sorry for her, some of the older students always picked on Luna, who was the most innocent person, whose only crime was that she was a little different.

"I can help you look for it, if you like?" he said trying to payback some of the help she gave him during the last year, when she was almost the only one he could talk to. Her face brightened into a smile "Yeah, I would like that, very much." They took off heading for the North Tower, looking in to classrooms, and every cupboard along the way. Harry knew a shortcut in this area, and showed the secret passageway to Luna, who surprised him by all ready knowing it.

Harry reasoned that with all the times she had been looking for her stuff in the castle she was bound to find some of its secrets. The passageway was narrow, but as he walked behind her, he had to admire her body, how her blonde hair fell dawn her slender back just long enough to reach her butt, which was covered by a dark blue Ravenclaw skirt, but as he was walking behind her he realised that skirt was quite revealing and showing him her ass, and to his delight he discovered was a beautiful one.

He enjoyed walking behind her; just admiring the muscles in her tiny ass flex each time she took a step forward. He felt his dick twitch and begin to swell as he felt an arousal coming over him. They walked on a little only for a few steps, and he was now having a full hard non stop blow job in brazilian style, only just resisting the temptation of touching her. She came to a halt, and he bumped into her, did she feel him?

Did she notice the tent in his trousers? If she did she didn't show it. They came out of the secret passageway, and into a dark hall, with a table with some weird looking instruments on it, and a book case to the left, and what looked like an old cupboard to the right, Harry recognised it as hallway on the sixth floor leading in towards the western tower.

Harry grabbed the handle, it was locked, "Alohomora" he whispered, and he heard the unmistakeable sound of the luck clicking. He opened the cupboard which seemed empty, but at the bottom lay a school bag.

"Is this your school bag?" "Yeah thanks a lot Harry, it was really nice of you to help me" She said leaning in for a hug, Harry's erection had dampened a little, and she didn't seem to notice it. "I can walk you back to your common room if you would like, I don't feel quite ready to go to bed yet." Said Harry, feeling rather gallantly about himself.

"Neither do I, but yes you may escort me" she replayed with a quite sweet smile on her face. Harry had no idea about what she was talking about, but then again most of the time Luna was in her own little world. But as soon as he began heading for the Ravenclaw common room Luna spoke up "I should much like it, if we went this way." Rather puzzled Harry asked her "Isn't your common room in the western tower, in which case, we should head that way" Harry said pointing in the other direction.

"It is, but I want to thank you properly first" Luna said, Harry had no idea what she talked about, but even so he let her lead the way, finding a staircase and bringing them to the seventh floor, Harry thought that they were heading for the Room of Requirement, but what would she need from it?

Quite right, she stopped in front of the picture of Barnabas, and his "dancing" trolls. Luna passed the painting three times and the door emerged in the opposite wall. She grabbed his hand at pull him into the room, taken totally aback at how Luna behaved, a side of her he squirt orgy jail theres nothing like an outing to the forest with your bitches never seen.

She had a look of a predator closing in on its pray, in her eyes. Those pretty blue eyes. She turned towards him, looking at him sweetly, what was she up for? Harry had kissed with Cho the previous year, she was sweet but it had never lead to much more than, a little tickling, a bit of touching her ass, and one drunken night he had been allowed to touch her sex mama papa bata bati, but had never had any real sexual experience, and felt slightly uncomfortable with the situation, as the nature of Luna's intentions began to get to him.

Not that he would hesitate to bang her if there were no strings attached, but he did not want to take advantage of her, as she was only fifteen years old, and still seemed a bit innocent, as she was standing there looking at him in her Ravenclaw uniform, with a dark blue skirt, that revealed some pretty legs, and also when he walked behind her, had the tendency to reveal a tiny bit of ass.

She was actually quite good looking, he had just never thought about her that way "You liar, you had a raging hard on just a few minutes ago from looking at her ass" Said a voice, which seemed to resonate from the walls of the room. "Uhh, you liked looking at my butt did you? I wished for a room where we could have a little privacy, so I would be able to thank you properly, and where we would have no secret from each other." If Harry was taken aback of Luna taking his hand, is was nothing compared to how he felt at the moment, even though he had never had sex, he knew that he really wanted to do it with Luna, is wasn't exactly love, just pure sexual attraction, not that she wasn't sweet, but his heart was reserved for another girl.

His thought was going off tracks; he needed to focus on the lovely girl in front of him. He decided to act, he leaned in and kissed her, first quite lightly, she tasted rather nice, he applied more pressure and she responded by sticking her tongue into his mouth.

Warm and wet, and incredibly nice, their tongues battled each other; Harry put his right hand on the back of her head, allowing him to press her even more firmly into himself.

They were seriously frenching each other at the moment, and he really liked it, he placed his left arm on his back, caressing her on the outside of her shirt. Luna broke the kiss, and he already longed for her tongue. "I needed some air" she said "Really linking what you are doing with your hands Harry, but just so we are clear, all I will do to night is giving you a blow job. If that goes well we might meet again and try other things, ok?" Why was she always so straight forward, she never knew when it would be appropriate to maybe wrap things in a bit.

But seriously how could she say "only" a blow job, it was more action than he had gotten all his life. The room had not said a thing after she spoke, so that would mean that she was serious about doing more things with him. But talking about pressure, it would be his first experience, and then he needed to perform, so she would do more things with him. "Harry?", "Yeah, ok."He said. As soon as he replied she started kissing him again, Harry took that as a sign of things were going just fine, he let his left hand slide down to slightly touch her butt, what a lovely piece of ass Luna had, really firm but still soft and round but very much in shape, he grabbed it and gave it a squeeze, what a nice feeling, he would love just to be grabbing her ass all day, but Luna placing her hand on his erection, seemed to put him out of that idea.

She was getting quite a grip of his dick through his trousers, and he was almost coming from just that. Luna was getting on her knees, "This is it, I am going to die" Harry thought. The heat, the pressure, the raging erection, the thought of what was soon going to happen, all of this seemed to be too much, Luna was undoing his zipper, and starting to getting his jeans down. Fear stuck Harry as bolt of lightning "Will she laugh at me?

Am I big enough? Will I last long enough for her?" all these questions seemed to trying to occupy Harry's mind, he knew that he was probably a bit over average in seize, measuring just a bit over six and a half inches, but he felt a bit insecure about revealing his most private area for the first time.

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Luna tucked down his underpants "Uhh, nice dick Harry!" He waited it for it, the truth from the walls of the room, it didn't come and he relaxed a little, and looked down. Luna grabbed his dick, her soft hands gently sliding up and down his shaft. She leaned in putting her lips on the tip of his head resting it there for just a second, and then she took his throbbing penis into his mouth, what a heaven it was.

The warmth, the wetness, the slippery, the friction, and ohh the feeling pinay pornsex scandal ate paiyut kay kuya her tongue wrapping itself around his dick. She started sucking, and Harry felt the best he had done his entire life, forget flying on a broom, forget winning a Quidditch match, this was truly heaven.

She placed her hand on his shaft, and starting jacking it of while she continued to suck, and curling her tongue around his tip of his dick. "Oh my god Luna, this feels amazing, Forget that this is the beast feeling ever" She looked up at him, of she looked pretty with her big dreamy and big innocent blue eyes looking up at him with his dick in her mouth. "Well I needed to thank you didn't I?

Besides I was tired of never having tried this, so it seemed as a perfect opportunity." She replied, and continuing to her caressing of his cock as soon as she had responded. Harry could feel the pressure starting to rise in his balls; he knew he would not last much longer.

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"Luna, I'm not going to last much longer" he said, feeling embarrassed that he could not last much longer, she looked up at him again "Well if you keep insisting to interrupt me, then you might last all night, and I have never tasted cum, so this might seem as a good time to try it." Starting to suck his dick, she was truly giving it a go at his dick now, Harry knew that it would be a matter of seconds before he would blow his load.

What a wonderful feeling and he knew it was coming to an end very soon, he felt the explosion hitting him like a brick wall, involuntarily he started buckling his hips, and he felt his vision failing him, and his knees going soft. When he came back to reality he looked down, Luna was still sitting on her knees she smiled at him, and looked quite happy, "I really enjoyed it Harry, and your semen tastes quite nice" she said winking at him. "Yeah I really liked it too, but." "You wonder if we are going to do more?

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Yes we are Harry it was really good, maybe next time you can do some stuff for me also?" that lifted the last bit of pressure from Harry's shoulders, he had performed well enough for her to giving it a go with him. "Yeah Luna I would love to do that, when did you had in mind?" she looked at him smiling "Oh you are quite a horny boy, I just gave you a blowjob and now you want to know when the next time is, well I have a thing in mind, I will let you know when it is" she said still smiling at him.

She got up and walked past him and out of the door, only then Harry realised that he was still standing there without any pants on. He quickly got dressed and headed back towards the Griffendor common room, with a big smile on his face, as he laid attractive gals go wicked at the casting ready to sleep, he thought back on how nice the evening had turned out, and just hoping that their next encounter would come soon.