Milf blackmailed pay son debt

Milf blackmailed pay son debt
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" Sex is simple - Sex is discovery - love is painful. " It's late at night, Sunny is totally exhausted from her long day and it's time for her to relax. She took a nice, long warm soothing shower. The warm water easing her tired aching body. She retreats to her bedroom and toweling herself dry, I look out the window, noticing a full, silver moon. Its soft glow shining down making the night almost like day.

I decide to open my window to share my evening with the warm summer wind. As she stood there, naked, letting the warm air finish drying her, I look outside. My mind begins to wander back to the night she spent with me, the image of me mounting her starts to form in her mind and she feels a warm rushing tingle begin to form in the depths of her loins. Sunny calls me asking if I would come over to see her again.

After she hangs up, just thinking about being with me again, she unconsciously begins to caress her breasts in a soft slow cuckold by phone sofie marie alex legend motion as her nipples become erect.

Her pussy aching as she thinks of my massive cock inside her again, she slowly, caressingly, slides her hand down to her mound, her fingers trailing softly down her body until they gently brush her pubic hair.

Then they begin burrowing, to expose the moisture starting to pool between her legs. Her excitement increases as she opens her drawer and exposes her 8" vibrator, almost as if unconsciously, she picks it up and begins to insert it inside her wet pussy. She slowly slides the humming missile in and out, as she dreams of licking and sucking on my hard cock. Her orgasmic hips arch high as she buries the missile deep inside her and she moans in ecstasy.

She eases it out, bringing it to her mouth where her tongue licks it and her lips surround it, tasting the tangy tart juice from her own loins. Suddenly startled, she freezes! She becomes aware of a rustling noise from the hall outside her bedroom.

She glances up and notices me glaring at her from the door way.

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My face is real incest lesbian mom daughter anal in the shadow, but she sees my hand as I reach to my crotch and rubs the long thick bulge of my hard cock.

She stands there frozen, she still has the dildo at her lips, her hand still squeezing her breast. I step forward, almost touching her and my eyes seek hers. Our eyes lock and she sees the hunger, lust, desire and craving need in mine. " Don't stop" I say, as I unzip my jeans and slowly pull my bulging cock from inside. She lowers her eyes to my cock, her eyes opening wide at the sight of my huge manhood, I become even harder and more erect, my hand ever so slowly stroking it, up and down.

Her mouth goes dry, then she begins to salivate like a dog, the need to suck my huge cock overpowering. She closes her eyes and begins to seductively suck the vibrator into her mouth, imagining it's my throbbing cock. She glances at me again and my eyes are staring intently at her face, watching as she devours the dildo, listening to the wet slurping, sucking noises her mouth is making.

Slowly teasingly she pulls the vibrator from her mouth and traces it down her chin, around her nipples, down her body, finally easing it inside of her, until it is buried in her warm, wet, grasping pussy.

As I lick my lips and stroke my cock, I glance back into her eyes and whisper " please." Without thought her hands begin their work again.for me. This time she squeezes her breasts, harder now, kneading them roughly. Pinching and pulling on her nipples, stretching them as far and long as she can. The hand holding the dildo begins thrusting it rhythmically in and out of her sopping cunt.

She spreads her feet wide apart, to expose herself as fully as she can to my hungry eyes. It's not enough, she looks around, a chair is there, within reach.

Letting go of the dildo, she drags the chair over, in front of the door and sits, leaning back, legs spread wide, feet up on the edge of the chair. Now she is tilted back, her breasts thrust up and out, toward me. Her pussy spread wide, open for me. Her cunt, her ass and the dildo fully exposed to my burning eyes. All the while I'm staring intently at her every move, licking my lips and growling, like a starving wolf. I ease closer, pulling my shirt over my head, unsnapping my jeans and letting them slide to the floor.

The head of my cock has pre-cum on it. " Do it," I growl and she begins again to fuck her dripping pussy. It's so wet the insides of her thighs glisten, her hand is covered up to her wrist with her juices, and with an ever increasing rhythm she fucks herself with the big fat dildo. Watching my every move. I'm steadily stroking my cock, keeping rhythm with her thrusts of the rubber phallus as she is shoving it in and out of herself.

She sees my hips plunge forward with each stroke, my cock is straining to get to her soft hot wet pussy. The head thrusts into the air, she hears an animal sound, a deep guttural groaning. Then she realizes, it's coming from her. Her mouth is open, wet, empty, her tongue is licking and thrusting, reaching, needing the hard cock which I'm stroking furiously with my hand. " Harder, bitch! Faster.come on, fuck that cunt for me" I growl at her. Like the lust crazed animal that she is, she spreads herself even wider, placing a foot on each side of the bed, opening herself to my hot, rabid, glaring eyes and starts ramming the cock deeper and faster into her aching, throbbing pussy.

" Oh God, please! Stroke Your cock for me.

Ram it, pump it, like You're drilling it deep into my wet sloppy cunt" She moans to me. And I growl an awful animal sound and grunt loudly as I pump even faster and harder. " I'm gonna tear that pussy of yours apart. I'll bury this thing so deep up inside you.My cum will pour out of your mouth.bitch.

You want that, huh? Do you cunt, tell me? What do You want?" With that, she throws her head back and teen pussy and ass fucked hardcore couples " Yes, oh God it. Fuck me, give me pain, give me cum, hurt me, fuck me, use me like the cock hungry slut that I am." Looking back into my eyes, she yells " Do it NOW, fuck me pleeeeease.I need to cuuuuummmm." I grab her pulling out of the chair, pushing onto the bed on her back.

I spread her legs wide and climb between them. My huge cock head sticky looking, moves across her wet mound like flaming torch, sending burning sensations through her. Oh God, what kind of woman am I?

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she thought, as she begins to move her pelvis up and down against my cock head. She is so hot that it didn't really matter as long as I made love to her.

My long nine inch cock as thick as two soda cans with a large ball of muscle at the base. God John is so big. Bigger than her puny ex-husband.

" Oh baby you're so beautiful.Oh God, baby what do you want me to do?" She cried out as I poked her repeatedly with my cock head. She wanted my cock inside her so bad. My tongue trailing over her small breasts making her shudder ebony hoochie nikki ford is boned by a big black cock pleasure as she reaches down to rub her clit.

She spread her legs wider knowing that this is a signal to me to proceed. Permission to fuck her. My big cock pushes against her wet open cunt, sliding partially in making her groan in pain from its size.

It is too big, I will hurt her again, but I'm insistent, I want this hot female. I thrust into her, sending my large cock deeper; stretching her wider. She cries out when my cock slides completely inside her wet cunt. It hurt and she tries to push me back but my rapid thrusts begin to loosen her up.

Black guy and girl jungle sex is beginning to feel pleasure from my brute force and she stops trying to get me off and now is beginning to move with me, following my rapid thrusts. She is so filled with cock that she shudders, almost out of breath and in ecstasy. My cock plummeted deeper making her cry out in her first orgasm with my animal lust. " Ohhh god John. don't stop. ughhhhhhh!!" She cries out as I fuck like a machine.

She feels the large ball of muscle banging against her outer lips and I'm trying desperately to get it inside her. She brought her legs back feeling my cock even more as she came again and again. Wet sloshing sounds emanated from her pussy at each stroke from me. My efforts begin squeezing the ball of muscle slowly into her tightly stretched cunt. She grunts and cries out but I'm determined. I push and push till she hears a pop of wetness and a fullness she experienced the first time I knotted with her.

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I stop fucking and she feels me cumming over and over, filling her with cum. It is too much and she begins to cum along with me. Both orgasmed over and over, our bodies quivering in unchecked animal lust. Finally I pull back, my entire knot and cock sliding wetly from her drenched cunt. A river of cum dripping from her as she lay totally satisfied. I return an hour later, I yank the blanket off her.

Again she is fully exposed to me, I push her legs apart, then settled on top of her. I feel a big rush when my hot cock again touches those soft cool legs. I had to fight to keep from spurting right then. She clamped her thighs tight as soon as she feels my hungry cock, eager to penetrate. The little bitch, she wasn't making anything easy.

" Whats the matter, Sunny? Don't want my seed inside you again." I growled at her. I ran my hands down between her thighs and tried to pull them apart. For a few seconds we fought, as I work on prying her young shapely thighs apart again. Finally I force them open and shoved my cock inside her. It feels great being between those thighs, even if they are still resisting me.

I push hard as she squirms a few inches and so I miss my target. We did this several times as I gradually inched her thighs wide apart. Finally, I'm again at her slit. She thrashes and squeals, it is great seeing her sexy body twisting on the bed, her long blonde hair spread out in a fan behind her. She is still so tight like a eighteen year old virgin even after having a baby six years ago.

I was the first man in three years, I knew once she experienced my cock a week ago, I knew she'd be converted for life. She is so tight, I keep pushing harder. " God John.not again!" she panted. Our bodies twisting and turning as she tries that beauteous babe gets pussy massaged hardcore and blowjob get out from underneath me, while I held on and pushed again and again, harder and harder, in a breeding frenzy.

Her eyes stared into mine, her little mouth working, as she sees the animal lust in my face again. She is disgusted with me, I knew, but that was just tough shit.

I was going to have her many times tonight, no matter what she had hoped. With a vicious thrust, I open her. She gave a girlish squeal, that special sound of a young woman being ana foxxx dripping the ball defiled. I'd heard it so many times, but never got tired of hearing it.

Her eyes are wide open and she is writhing under me. I push her back into the bed and thrust harder. I force my way deeper inside her twisting hips, pushing past her conquered gate. " Oh Jesus!" she squeals as I drove my shaft home. Inch by inch I forced it into her, impaling her on my huge manhood. She struggles and thrashes, as I forced it in. In a couple seconds my cock has completely disappeared between her cool thighs. Even now she continues to fight, but it no longer mattered. I'm in and her resistance just made things better.

Her legs are kicking. Her small feet fluttering around me. She twists and turns on my cock. What a fighter! Most girls give up at this point, but Sunny just keeps struggling. But now it is too late for her, no matter how much she fought I have her. My cock is wedged between her young hips again, doing what it is designed to do, fucking her into the bed. I begin thrusting in-and-out.

Her pretty blue eyes looking desperate, as she realized that now it is happening again: she is getting defiled a second time. With each thrust she twisted, moaned and squealed. It is something, seeing this thirty three year old beauty squirming on the bed, getting forcibly fucked for the second time tonight.

I tried to take my time, but there is no way I can keep my load inside. So I increased the pace and begin slamming into her. After five minutes, I feel the surge growing in my balls and then traveling down my long shaft. I can tell that she feels it too, she is gasping, kicking and struggling even harder. She knew what was going to happen next and is again trying to fight off that ultimate conquest. The slap off my balls and her panting filling the room, and then I exploded inside her.

Like an animal in heat, I forcibly plant my seed in her again. " Oh God John," she softly whispers. Her eyes got really big and a creamy look filled them. I knew she feels my sperm gushing into her, like an army invading a defeated city. She realized that it is all over. She has surrendered, defiled again and there is no longer any reason to deny me access.I fired my seed again and again, planting it deep inside her bruised body.

I thought it would never stop, as I triumphantly mated with this beautiful woman again. She moans and sank back into the bed, and her whole body shuddering as she is again forcibly converted from a divorced woman to a fucked woman, owned by me. Finally she went limp and submitting to her fate.

Her sweet body lay there on the bed, legs spread, allowing me to do what I pleased. I dismounted as she just lay there, whimpering on the bed, her body glistening with our sweat. I'm still hard and very horny, I grab her rolling her over. " Get on your hands and knees.I'm going to mount my bitch." I growled in her ear. Sunny is so emotionally and physically exhausted half of maid in lace stockings works two hard dicks wanted to resist and half of her wanted to give in so it would be over.

She moves into position, I move in behind her. I lean over the top of her, she feels my chest hair on her back. Then I cup her breasts and rub my hard cock against her ass. I pull her hips tightly to me, letting my hard cock press along the length of her crack. When grinding against her isn't enough, I begin dry humping her the way you see the dogs doing in the yard.

I'm humping her as a male dog would a bitch in heat. " Oh, John, please not again," Sunny said. Shhhhhh, quiet, I know this the third time tonight.I know your exhausted and sore, I know it will be will soon rest," I whispered. " Don't pull away from me, Sunny.Don't you ever hold yourself from me." I said menacingly.

She lay there whimpering quietly, she lowered her head to see my hard thick long, extremely hot cock shooting disgustingly copious amounts of pre-cum all over her, giving little jumps when it squirts directly onto her pussy or her exposed tightly clenched anus, again.

She briefly thought about the feeling of the hot powerful squirts. She watches my cock slip and miss many times, trying to anticipate my next move so she could deftly shift her hips away from my intended target or worse, her ass. Sunny is afraid every time I penetrate her, she had never experienced having sex with a man that had a insatiable sexual appetite until she met me.

She also had not had a cock this big and she had never seen a cock with a knot at the base. Sunny grimaced as I finally found my mark and my cock head impaled her tight pussy. " Oh god John.'re hurting's too big.too big," She whimpers when I push my bulbous, purple cock head deeper inside her.

Oblivious to her pleas, I hold her hips thrusting into her, my long thick cock filling every inch of her. Her vaginal muscles involuntarily clenching down on the invader. Sunny is now consciously clamping down on the invader to prevent further penetration, hoping I would quickly become dislodged, discouraged or quickly get off from just the shallow penetration, then she feels it go deeper.

" Let Me Go You Bastard!" she yells. Then Sunny realized there is no getting away since seven inches of my cock is now in her pussy: I'm holding tight to her hips to where she cannot move, and it is just a matter of time before her muscles tire from clenching. Sunny then realized I'm still shooting copious amounts of hot precum into her.

She feels the hotness migrating deeper inward, then starts feeling her pussy stretching as my thick cock slowly slips in deeper. With a sigh of resignation, she tentatively begins to relax her muscles as much as she can and she spreads her legs further apart, Sunny then feels the massive cock sliding all the way in.

My cock is seesawing back and forth, each thrust causing friction against the tender vaginal walls, then Sunny lets out a shrill scream as the massive cock head invaded her cervix, to a depth and breadth she has never experienced before with such brute force and suddenness. She feels nothing but the massive cock that completely filled her insides then the little humping motions grew into powerful thrusting strokes. SHIT!

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Sunny thought " I don't even fuck myself this hard with even one of my dildo's." She is struggling to get away from the massive tool being driven to depths she has never experienced. Feeling the warm sensation of Sunny's tight pussy is now massaging my shaft's full length, I begin to saw my cock in and out of her. Tears rolling down her face as I savagely fuck her, as she has never before experienced.

She looks between her swaying breasts to her widely splayed legs to see the massively thick cock appear, then disappear, appear, then disappear into her pussy with loud squishing noises, fluid spraying from around the massive shaft with each stroke, fluid coursing down her pussy and rolling off her exposed clit.

Even with all the precum lubrication, the pain from the massively thick and long cock in her tight passage is excruciating and she bites her lips as hard as she can because she didn't want to make any more noise.

I'm thrusting hard and fast for what seems like forever when it has only really been ten minutes due to the time dilation from the huge adrenalin spike coursing through Sunny's body.

Sunny cannot believe she invited me to come over again, allowing this to happen, that she was so horny and craved my cock. Involuntarily, and as bad as she didn't want it to, the pain of getting fucked by me is subsiding.

Small waves of pleasure washing over her as the massive cock saws in and out, making loud lewd slurping noises with each hongkong mother sex with his son pornhub sex. After another five minutes, she is moaning, she is so scared of her little boy waking up. She is pushing back a little at me, in part rationalizing that it will make me get off faster and shorten jessie wylde panting in public experience but ignoring the fact that she is getting pleasure from it.

Without quite realizing it, Sunny is soon thrusting back against my cock trying to match tempo. The pleasure however starts to turn to pain again as at the base of my cock, my ball begins to swell and is trying to enter her pussy, battering away at her tight portal, but as with all portals, it gradually begins to fail.

Sunny feels her pussy begin to painfully stretch little by little and then the battering ball begins to edge in with each thrust, withdraw, and then feel it go a little bit more in with the next thrust.

Soon she feels like she is going to be split in half, never has her pussy been opened this far before even during her annual gynecological exam with the speculum. She remembers the other three times I forced my knot into her and the excruciating pain. I'm slamming into her even harder as I instinctively wanted to make sure this gorgeous woman is flooded full of my cum and none of it will escape her womb, as I have done many times.

I pushed hard and the knot slipped in. Sunny's eyes popped as it went fully into her stretched pussy. Amazingly the knot still had not swelled to the point of no return and the battering had exhausted the muscles of her pussy entrance.

The knot, not fully swollen yet, is now being rapidly thrust in britanny shae ride her pussy on top of tonys cock back out of her tight entrance, Sunny moaning, feeling the exquisite sensation of the ball like knot rapidly passing in and out of her tight entrance but soon the thrusting tempo begins to slow as the swelling knot grew in size as it became more difficult for it to be withdrawn and then thrust back in.

From long experience with many women and instinct, I knew now is the time to make sure my knot stayed in and with a final thrust the knot is in and then swelled to the point where we are tied together.

With this final thrust, the knot inside now starts to rapidly swell forcing the cock to become embedded deeper. Sunny is silently screaming as she feel the cock slowly push past her cervix entrance as the knot swelled and than begins to be seesawed in/out of the entrance slowly advancing up her cervical tunnel with my now small humping motions, with shock Sunny feels the cock reach and then seesaw within her womb, the tip of my cock well within her womb, pain once again gives away to pleasure from the small in/out thrusting and feeling the initial powerful hot squirts directly into her womb jetting and needling the walls of her womb.

A sudden warmth in her womb begins to blossom and spread. The stimulation of the cock thrusting in and out of her womb is leading up to intensive multi-orgasmic periods. Sunny is experiencing the most intense repeated body racking earth shattering shuddering multiple orgasms, she has ever experienced.

Being a combination of big balls slapping against her hard swollen protruding clit, a G-spot orgasm from the pressure of the large knot embedded within her pressing and rubbing against the G-Spot, combined with the cock going deep inside up into the cervical tunnel and feeling actual thrusting into her womb culminating in feeling the hot cum explode directly into the womb.

A explosion of a very large copious quantity of fluid far more powerful than the precum ejaculations. Feeling each ejaculation jet and needle the walls of her womb and then physically feeling the hot warmth spreading as well as the fluid pressure building up in the womb from the copious quantities being explosively and powerfully ejaculated.

It went on and on, for a full three minutes of continuous and voluminous ejaculations that then very slowly tapered off. The knot and my penis are now rubbing portions inside her pussy she never thought possible, none her ex-husband ever touched, none she had certainly reached while fingering herself or with her dildos.

Her G spot is being intensely stimulated as she shudders with an overwhelming involuntary orgasm, the likes of which she has only experienced with me. Sunny feels my swollen knot throbbing against her G-spot, she feels me slow my humping as powerful squirts of cum blasted her womb like a fire hose squirting hot water, completely filling then swelling her womb with an intense pressure and warmth, the back pressure of the fluid flowed back along the massive invader and squirted out of the constricted entrance of sex com xxxx story sex stories new from chanel preston 2019 pussy where it overflowed and ran down the back of her legs and poured over her pussy and clit.

Another shuddering orgasm shattered her to the core with an intensity she has never experienced… She wonders if this behavior is normal, mine, and hers. I had released her hips and due to my immense size just stood there straddling her back with my knot tightly locked in her for what seems like an eternity. Sunny begins to hump back against it, addicted to the feeling of having the deepest portions of her pussy rubbed by my cock and the feeling of the swollen throbbing knot stimulating her G spot.

A feeling begins to swell in her belly and she humps faster against the cock.

The feeling of hot copious cum still being shot into her pussy and still coming out of her and running down her pussy and dripping off her clit onto the bed, for some reason feels amazing to her and she continues to rock on my knot. Finally, her entire body is shaking as she orgasms again. After 20 minutes of being tied to me, I begin to dismount from Sunny, figuring I had satisfied my new mistress as I wanted to do.

Sunny feels the unfamiliar sensation of the cock being slowly pulled out of her now soaking, sore and used pussy. As Sunny tenses from feeling the knot trying to come out, the knot once again hung up at her entrance and then first one side of the knot and then the other side slowly eased out then with a rush pops out.

Feeling the knot reemerge, Sunny lets out a low moan and then a long sigh as the rest of the long and still massively thick cock slowly slithers out. As the still swollen cock finally withdrew completely, a mixture of blood and cum gushes out and runs down her pussy and fell off her clit cutie babe nozomi gets gangbanged and fucked from different positions a long stream forming a large puddle on the bed.

She is spent physically and emotionally. She looks over at me and is astounded at the size of the cock, she had just been fucked with in three sessions, never could she have imagined taking something that size!

From tip to beginning of the knot is more than nine plus inches! Then she realized she had to add the additional length of the inserted length of the knot itself and the size of the knot! She wondered how big it was when it was inside her! The swell of emotions is too much for her and she begins to cry. She slowly got up, wondering what I will do next. She rolls over and walks to her bathroom and gets in the shower, letting the hot water wash mycum off me.

After about 10 minutes, she gets out and walks back to the bedroom and finds me asleep, not having moved since she got up. She silently crawls into bed, curling up in the fetal position. She is becoming aware of the soreness between her legs, she is shaking as she drifts off to sleep. 4 am Sunny has no chance to scream, before I push her hard into the wall and said between clenched teeth, " You're mine, Sunny?" She moves away from me, but I went after her and just when she thought she would get away, I caught hold of the back of her negligee and with brute strength tore it off her.

I spun her around and slam her against the wall. Stunned and scared, she stood there motionless as I pinned her arms above her head. " John, stop," She cries, tears streaming down her face. " Shut up!" She stood there as I push against her, my knee forcing her to spread her legs apart. I grab my cock roughly stroking it until covered in a thin, sticky film.

When I'm fully erect again, I shove my hard hot cock into her small tight opening. For a moment, a look of surprise flickers across her face and I stop.

I looked down questioningly into her wide, terrified eyes and then with a smirk, deliberately tore through her tightness and mercilessly thrust up into her until I spasm and spew my cum inside her. " Oh my god, oh my god," She kept repeating while I held her there against the wall continuing to slam into her until my cock softened and I withdrew.

I released her wrists, my thick cum slowly dripping out of her, becoming cool and sticky between her bruised thighs. I look down at her and said with contempt, " Will see you this afternoon, Sunny, I'll fuck brit milf fingered and fucked in elderly trio harder and longer." I bent down and kissed her hard and painfully before turning and leaving her in the bedroom. Sunny got up and stumbled to the bathroom becoming more aware of the soreness between her legs, and their shakiness when she walked.

Her tears starting again when she looked down at her clothes and saw them not only torn but also stained with her blood and my semen. She is still coughing and breathing heavy. Molly entered the bathroom, and rested her hands on the sink, and stared into the mirror.