Horny diana fucked homemade amateur big tits

Horny diana fucked homemade amateur big tits
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Fucking must feel good to God too, and are we not created in his image?

Maybe he even watches us fap in solitude because he's omnipresent. Oh well, but it isn't what this story needs to be on. It's not about love either, it's about lust that many people believe that it's love. It was the first day of college at the university and like everyone, Arnab was excited how his life would turn out to be on first day.

Little did he know that he'd come across the horniest, yet non slutty girl in the town.

The young folks gathered at their opening ceremony and there were many tiny groups that scattered throughout the assembly hall. Arnab approached two girls, who were holding hands all by themselves. As he was about to break the ice, two guys interrupted and added "Hey aren't you Arnab and introduced themselves as Ishan and Anobik.

And the girls as Kritika and Shana. They talked about the courses they had taken up and the future that laid ahead for them.

The classes started the very next day and it was no coincidence that they had three classes in common. Arnab kept staring at Kritika, who wore a black glass that covered half of her brother spying step sister masturbating. His eyes glanced towards her bare shoulders that showed bit off her bra. He was desperate to see what lay inside but he couldn't.

Shana whispered into his ears "She's got no tits but she might make you cum here in the class." to which Arnab turned red. During the lunch break, Arnab couldn't stop thinking of her and to his surprise, he saw Kritika with a 6 feet tall guy who kept touching her and her avoiding it.

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The guy said loudly "I need to go to the loo. Be a good girl and gimme a hand." to which Kritika yelled him to fuck off. Later in the class, Arnab saw her sitting next to the tall guy who's backpack had personalized name. "Aishwin" on it. As the professors delivered their lectures, Kritika slid her right hand inside Ashwin's pants and then turned to Arnab and winked at him. Ashwin could feel the warmth of her hand on him like the God of sex delivering grace.

Kritika pinched his erect member and then started flicking with her thumb and before he could explode, she pulled her hands off his pants and wiped her hands off with the tissues.

Arnab couldn't digest the fact that she just gave a BJ in a class.

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Before Arnab klara new wife fucks while cuck watches think of anything more, he felt something inside his pants and as he started breathing heavily, the professor added "Everything alright, Arnab" to which Shana replied "He's not used to these situations, sir." while her left hand stayed inside Arnab's pants and right hand inside Anobik's.

Anobik too slid his left hand inside her skirt and started rubbing her clit. She was quite wet as both her hands laid on the two natural teenie opens up soft slit and gets deflorated virginity pounding who wanted someone else, but could easily had the shadow and her hands blowing one another.

Soon Arnab and Anobik came and unlike Kritika, Shana couldn't pull off easily and her hands were dipped in semen from both the guys.

Arnab hadn't jerked off for ages and even his jeans turned wet from his shooting. However, Anobik had received a BJ from Kritika the very morning along with Shana and it was Kritika's idea of giving hand to the dicks without getting their hands dirty.

Kritika dropped a piece of paper in Arnab's pocket and left the classroom. Knowing that their pants had a wet spot, Arnab and Anobik waited till the coast got hot japanese busty wife cum her vagina. Arnab opened the paper which had one of his friend's address.

He soon changed into his casuals and headed to Somesh's house. Kritika introduced Arnab to her friend Somesh and his elder brother, Mickey, a professor at their university.

Soon Mickey handed a glass of vodka to Arnab and before Arnab could reach it, Kritika grabbed the bottle of beast and gulped it halfway down before her tongue found Mickey's lips. Somesh started drinking from the same bottle and by the time he took a couple of sips, Kritika alternated between kissing either of the guys.

Mickey was around 5'7 And Somesh 5'5 and both were average build. They both donned a tee and jeans. Kritika soon unzipped either of their pants and both the brothers found themselves soon in their birthday suits. Kritika shared a kiss together with both And Arnab was getting uncomfortable in his chair with his bulge starting to rise. Kritika looked at Arnab and grinned and then started kissing Mickey's erect member.

Somesh started pulling down her skirt and panties while her tee remained intact. Kritika started blowing warm air over bother the brothers and soon alternatively kissing one another's shaft. She held Mickey's balls in left hand and Somesh's in right hand while she wet their cocks intermittently. Soon Somesh jumped to the couch and Kritika hopped over him.

She then grabbed his tiny 4" shaft with her right hand and lead it into her vagina that was already so soaking wet that it literally made Arnab unzip his pants and touch himself. As Kritika hopped up and down with Somesh's shaft inside her, Mickey too wanted to join the party. Kritika expery put a condom on Mickey's shaft while Somesh was still inside her.

Soon Mickey too joined Kritika and Somesh and started thrusting Kritika in her rectum. His shaft went in and out of her butthole while his brother's went out and in. Soon Somesh too put on a condom and lifted Kritika in his arms and started thrusting his shaft in and out of her vagina. At that same instance, Mickey too started thrusting his shaft in and out of Kritika from behind. "Fuck yea! KRITIKA. You're so fucking hot." moaned Mickey before he shot his cum inside the condom he wore. Arnab, who was enjoying they whole thing had just started ti roll vaseline all over his shaft.

Soon even Somesh came in his condom. Kritika then headed to Arnab and pulled him on the couch. She then buried his head below her butt. She started kissing Arnab's shaft and started rolling her tongue all over. Then she started sucking it. Arnab too started biting her clit and started licking her from her clit to her vagina. Both enjoyed their 69 while somesh kept filming their entire sex. Soon Arnab came inside Kritika's mouth and she licked the entire cum off.

Even Kritika had her orgasm when Arnab licked and kissed her genitals wildly.