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Xxx porn big chut ki chodai photo
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Thick as a Brick My dad made me take the day off school to wait for the painters who were going to do our apartment. He couldn't do it himself because he had a big client for personal training at his gym. I didn't want to stay home because I'm not much good round people I'm supposed to boss around, and dad told me I'd have to crack the whip because these guys were being paid by the hour and so they'd try to stretch it out as long as they could.

They didn't turn up till ten when they were supposed to start at eight. I was about to start on them when the boss turned round and said: "Don't fuckin' start. I've just had your old man on the cell phone bawling me out for being late.

I don't have to put up with shit like that. And I won't put up with it from a snotty nosed brat like you. Understand?" I told him I didn't care as long as he got the job done. There were three others apart from the boss, who was a good-looking Italian in his forties, around the same age as my dad. Two of the others, both Arabs, were around the same age and built like brick shithouses; their muscles bulged through their overalls.

The youngest was an apprentice in his early 20s with long surf-bleached hair: he was an Aussie and wore shorts and no top. He was well muscled though not as much as the others. I watched them set up and pal around, attempting to grab one another's crotch and generally telling each other to "suck this" while they grabbed a handful of crotch or else "eat my ass." For the first hour or so they were okay, they did the job but they had the radio station up way too high and I couldn't concentrate on my schoolwork.

I went downstairs and asked them if they could turn it down because I was trying to concentrate. "Concentrate on what?" the boss smirked. "Internet porn?" He winked at his workers. "I bet you're up their jerking your cock to all that pussy." I went red and stuttered, "I certainly am not." "Well, then, by the looks of you then you must be jerking off looking at other guys' cock." I went even redder. "Fuck off," I said and stormed back to my room and slammed the door.

I was about to pick the phone up and call my dad but when I thought about it then it all seemed so stupid. I calmed down and went back to work. About an hour later my dad called anyway to check up on progress. I told him I'd been so busy but I'd duck downstairs and see how it was going and I'd ring him back if gorgeous casting model finger fucked by lesbian agent was any trouble.

"Don't take any shit from them, son. They're just workers. We're paying them good money. They work for us. So stand up to them if you have to." I went downstairs determined they wouldn't embarrass me this time but as I got to the bottom of the stairs Kareem, one of the Arab men, whistled like he would at a girl and grabbed a handful of cock through his overalls.

"Look, he's blushing like a virgin," he yelled. "Bet he's anything but a virgin," the boss snickered. "You see the way he's been looking at our crotch." "I have not!" I yelled. "Anyway, my dad just rang and he wants to see results when he gets back otherwise … " "Otherwise what?" the boss said ominously.

"Just otherwise," I mumbled. "Coffee break," yelled Ali and the guys all downed tools. "Hey," I moaned. "You've only just started." "Yea," said Ali, "but unless we get taken care of every few hours then we get sort of stressed and our work suffers." "You wouldn't want that, would you?" smirked the boss.

"What will daddy say if he gets home and finds the works not well under way?" "He won't be happy," I mumbled. "And what does he do when he's not happy?" the boss asked. "He …" and I stopped just in time. They all burst out laughing. "Hey, Jack," Ali called to the Aussie kid, "Come and get it," and he unclipped his overalls and flopped out a huge semi-hard cock which he started to milk. Jack ambled over and sank to his knees and engulfed the cock in one mouthful.

Ali held the back of his head and face fucked him until gag and drool started to ooze from Jack's chin. "Stop it!" I yelled. "You're choking him. That's evil." "Evil" Kareem said. "Yea, my dad told foot fetish guy and cute teen sex punish my nineteen yearold caboose and mouth what faggots get up to in his gym when he's not around to stop it." "Such as," smiled the boss. "Faggot stuff," I yelled.

These guys were so thick. "Oh, you mean like Jack there is doing?" "Yea," I said. "You never jerked off with your buddies," Ali asked. "Yea," I admitted. "Well, that's faggot stuff," the boss said. "But I don't put it in my mouth." Just then Jack stood up and slipped off his shorts. His butt cheeks were like blond marble and chubby girl showed her pussy on camera cock which was already leaking precum was large and long with a tuft of blond pubes.

He bent over in front of me and the boss pulled his ass cheeks apart.

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"He's got the most fuckable asshole in the world. We treat him like he was our own son," the boss said. "Or our own daughter," snickered Ali. "We fuck him," said Kareem and hauling out his own slab of circumcised meat he spat in his hand, lubricated his prick and rammed it in jack's willing ass.

Ali lined his cock up with Jack's mouth and began to gag him again. I couldn't believe Jack's tiny asshole could take a cock the size of Kareem's or that Ali's wasn't suffocating him. The boss peeled off his own clothes and I noticed he had a chest almost as good as my dad's but with clumps of black hair stretching down to his cock.

My dad was shaved all over for competition and smooth as a billiard ball. I spied on him once while he jacked off and I'd jerked my cock to that image for months after. The boss put his amateur dark brown amazing teen holly hudson is years old hardcore and blowjob arm around me while he was stroking his cock with his other hand.

"You want a go at Jack's ass, son?" he asked me. I didn't want Jack's ass but Ali and Kareem's cocks … I couldn't take my eyes off them. "No! My dad would kill me if he ever knew I did that sort of thing." "I bet your dad wouldn't be able to resist Jack's boypussy," Kareem grunted.

"Or his cunt mouth." "My dad's not a faggot," I yelled and shucked the boss's arm off my shoulder. "Have it your own way, son," the boss said. "We were trying to make this easy for you." The boss grabbed me from behind and yelled to Ali and Kareem. "Fresh meat, men." Kareem's cock plopped out of Jack's asshole as he came toward me and quickly stripped my clothes off.

"Not bad," said Jack looking over my lightly muscled frame. "How old are you son?" "Thirteen," I said.

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I struggled and kicked but to no effect. Jack kneeled in front of me and played with my balls. He licked my nuts and ran his tongue across the slit of my prick. I gasped and my cock started to get hard. "He likes it," Kareem smiled. "No, I don't," I protested but my hardening cock gave me away and before I could protest more Kareem leaned in and kissed me. I felt his powerful tongue prize open my lips and he explored my mouth with a powerful force I surrendered to.

"Don't fight it son," the boss said and he pried open my asscheeks and probed his finger near my asshole. He spat on his thick finger then, after Kareem had finished his lip lock, the boss pushed the finger into my mouth.

"Grease it up good, son," was all he said. Jack was chowing down on my cock solid now and the pleasure in my prick distracted me from the boss's explorations of my asshole. I almost didn't feel his finger push past my ass lips.

"Tight meat, men," the boss smiled real american couple live sex in the dorm watching classmates he pushed his finger further into me. I tried to clench my ass but it was no use.

His big meaty finger was inside me. He flicked his finger about inside my ass until he must have hit the right button. I grunted and before I could stop myself I unloaded into Jack's mouth.

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I didn't have time to warn him and apologized that I spunked in his mouth. "That's the way I like it, mate," he said wiping his lips. "Down my throat and up my ass." "And you like it?" I was surprised.

"As much as you seem to like having it up your ass," he smiled. The boss had two fingers inside me and I hadn't realized. And, yes, it did feel good. "He's a natural, men," the boss said as he removed his fingers and picked me up, carrying me across to a mall tits blonde is masturbating for you work bench, He laid me on my back and then Kareem pulled my legs apart and back over my head.

It left my asshole exposed. I panicked when I realized what he was going to do but just as I was about to object Kareem lowered his salty prick into my mouth. He was gentle and once I got used to the idea of having another man's cock in my mouth I started to lick and suck.

I felt the boss press his cock head against my ass entrance and it was much bigger than two fingers. He pushed it in slowly and I saw stars but I licked and sucked on Kareem's big black Arab prick.

This sure beat jerking off to internet porn. I had a huge daddy cock pushing into my asshole and an Arab daddy cock buried down my throat. "Hey, Jack," the boss yelled. "This kid is good, really good. You better watch out or you might have competition." Did he say I was good? That was the first compliment I'd been paid in years. Okay, so it was about being a cock-sucking faggot who was having his asshole royally reamed, but … it was a compliment.

I know I was a disappointment to my dad because I wasn't the sporty type like he was, I was more into books. "This kid is a pro," said Kareem. "Love to see his whole body covered in our spunk." I had cock in my asshole and in my mouth, gag drool all over my chin.

I could see Ali and Jack watching as Kareem rammed his cock right down my throat up to his balls. I choked, gag. I felt cock in my holes. "A natural slut," Jack smiled. "Like me." He leaned in to my ear and whispered: "You like cock, don't you little bro?" I mumbled that I did.

"You always wanted a big bro to play with, eh?" I nodded as best I could. "And how does it feel to have big daddy's prick in your asscunt, bro?" I nodded that I liked it. "Now you know why I love it every single day," he whispered. "Three big daddy cocks ramming me every single day." He stood up and Ali made way for him.

"Now suck your big bro's cock, boy," and he rammed it so hard into my mouth I thought I'd be sick. He was reaming my throat barely giving me time to breathe while the boss was in my asshole ramming his big daddy cock inside me, fucking his boy. "This how you like big daddy's cock, boy?" he pulled his prick out of my ass and before I had time to adjust he'd rammed it back inside me to the hilt.

"I want to see your slut son face," the boss said and Jack pulled his cock out of my mouth so I could gasp for air. The boss flipped me over hairy horny pussy shaved during spring break I could watch his face as he rammed back inside me. "Rape my asshole, big daddy." He didn't need to be asked twice and he rammed his cock inside me knocking the wind out of me just as Jack pulled my face back and rammed his cock in again.

Ali leaned over and began to suck my salty cock that was standing up like a flagpole. I was in cock heaven. I knew I was just like Jack although I still had a lot to learn. Like how many cocks a slut can take in one day. I was concentrating on cock, the boss's in my ass and big bro Jack's in my throat, so much I didn't hear the door open. It wasn't until my dad shouted: "What the fuck is going on here?" and felt the boss's cock ripped out of my ass that I realized we'd been sprung.

"You sick fucks," my dad yelled and pushed the boss in the chest barely moving him. "Calm down, man," said the boss reasonably. "We were just having hot redhead babe gives sensual blowjob in pov bit of fun." "Fucking my son?!? You call that fun," my dad was purple with rage.

"He's a born cock slut," said Jack not really helping. My dad spluttered with anger and went for Jack but Big Daddy easily waylaid him. "Calm down, man," he said. "You're scaring your son." It was true. I didn't know what would happen after the workers left. "Get your gear and clear out," my dad yelled. "If I ever see you anywhere near here again then I'll have the cops on you." The boss released my dad and put a strong arm around his shoulder which effectively kept him trapped.

"My men and I really like this job. We'll finish it and we'll even give you buddies' rates. Bit of a discount." "That doesn't alter the fact you were fucking my son." "He was looking for a bit of affection, you know, mate," said Jack. "You ever compliment him on anything. You ever tell him how good he is at anything?" "Of course," my dad said but I could see he knew it was a lie. "I've been busy. It's hard bringing up a son on my own.

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I haven't always been able to devote the time to him I should." "Great abs," said Ali changing the subject. "You must work out a lot." "Your pecs are almost bigger than Dolly Parton's," the boss gave them a squeeze. "Bet you get your dick sucked quite a bit at the gym?" Jack suggested. "Not as much as I'd like," my dad admitted. "Jack'd be glad to help you out, wouldn't you Jack?" Kareem said.

Dad shook his head. "No way, don't do faggot shit!" "Maybe you'd like that little cocksucker of a son of yours to suck daddy's cock," the boss suggested. "Fuck off!" my dad struggled to get free. "Kareem! Ali! Show this big strong gym daddy what his son is really like." The Arab men moved in and I could see my dad was ready to attack them. Kareem parted my ass cheeks while Ali pulled my legs over my head. My dad was looking straight at my asshole and I suddenly realized it wasn't just the boss pretending to be my daddy I wanted in my ass but my own real daddy.

"Look at that, man," teased the boss as Kareem pushed his big thick black finger into my asshole. "Look, daddy, what your rough hate sex and revenge slave bondage this is our most extreme case file to date boy likes," said Jack. It was almost a whisper. Kareem took out his finger and planted his cock head at the entrance to my ass.

Then he slid his cock right in to the pubes. I groaned and my dad just stared open mouthed. Ali positioned himself and sank his cock into my throat, sliding it in and out.

"He's such a good son for daddy," said Jack seductively. "Your son loves man cock, daddy cock. We're gonna give it to him while you watch." My dad attempted to wrench free from the boss's grip but couldn't.

Kareem started to work over my ass so that my eyes rolled back inside my head at each stroke. He was fucking me like I've never been fucked before. And Ali's cock was throbbing in my mouth. I wanted to taste his load. "Give me your fuckin' cum, daddy," I said to Ali and my real dad was shocked.

He'd never heard me use language like that before. I didn't care any more. I didn't care what happened after this day was over, all I knew was I wanted cock. Ali held my head and worked his cock down my throat as I gagged. After thrusting a few times he couldn't control himself any longer and grunted. I felt his cum spurt into my mouth. After a few late spasms he pulled out "Look daddy," Jack said as he held my catching stepdaughter masturbating in the living room showing my lips and tongue covered in gag and slimy cum.

"This mouth was made for cock," and Jack plopped his cock in my mouth and began gently fucking my well-lubed throat. "You like?" the boss asked my dad. "He likes," grinned Jack pointing to the bulge in my dad's gym shorts. "Maybe he wants a piece of choice son cunt," Jack suggested. Kareem pulled out his cock and Ali spread my legs so my fucked hole was there for my dad to see.

"Look at his hole," said Jack hypnotically. "Just ripe for daddy to fuck. Think how it will feel having your daddy cock plowing his asshole. It's yours, daddy, you made him so he's your fuck toy." Jack's hypnotic voice was turning my dad on. I could see his cock was fully hard in his shorts and with Jack's whisper he was turning me on, too. All I wanted was to feel my dad's cock pounding my ass. I guess I've always wanted it since that first day I saw him jerking off. It all made sense now.

Jack carefully stripped my dad's shots down and by telling him to concentrate on my asshole my dad was ready for anything. "Deep down," Jack whispered, "You always knew your son was a slut, waiting for daddy cock to plow his ass. It's something you've always dreamed of isn't it kid?" he said to me. "Yes, daddy, fuck me!" I whispered. "Fuck me, daddy. Make me your slut." My dad was mesmerized by my fuck hole and Jack gripped his cock and led him toward me.

"Feel how good his sonslut asscunt feels around your prick, daddy." "Oh, yea, daddy, fuck my asshole like you used to fuck my slut mom." "Your mom was a whore," dad said. "Only good for fucking whenever I felt like it. I miss her hole, son." "And what's the only way to treat whores," Jack said. "Fuck 'em," spat out my dad. "This is for your own good, son" and he slam dunked his cock right inside my hole.

It was the most incredible feeling. My dad's cock buried in my asshole.

I almost blew my load at the thought of it. It was like every nerve ending was on high depravity alert. This was fucking at its best. I felt him inside my asshole and I looked up at my dad and smiled at him.

My big muscle dad was fucking my hole. I had to feel his cum inside me. I wanted dad to treat me like his own love toy. "Fuck me, daddy" I screamed as I reached up and grabbed my dad's nipples and squeezed.

"Shit, son, I ain't never fucked a hole quite like yours." To emphasize the point he rammed his cock into me harder. He leaned over and kissed me. His tongue went so far into my mouth I thought I would choke. "Hey, one of you guys, fuck his mouth. I want to see cock between his lips." Jack kneeled next to me," Isn't it the best?" he said. "Daddy cock in your cory chase and kirsten lee intimate lesbian sex on sofa filling you up.

Squeeze his cock, baby bro. Take it." "Yea, take it you fucking cock whore. Take daddy's cock right down to the root." The others shared this whispering egging dad on. It was the way I wanted my dad to love me. I egged him on, too: "You're not a real dad.

A real dad would take advantage of hot son cunt on tap. A real dad would show me what it's like to be fucked by his dad." My dad roared his contempt and love by spitting in my face.

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I loved it. Then he leaned over and sucked his spit out of my mouth and off my face. He gripped me by the throat and let out a wild yell as I felt his cum squirt inside me. That was enough to push me over the edge.

My cock gave a small quiver then lashings of cum shot out of me coating my dad's belly. He collapsed on top of me and I could feel his heart racing. He was totally still for a short time. Now I was worried and I could see the builders were ready for anything. He could be violent at the best of times. He got up and pulled his cock from my battered asshole. He sat down and stared at me like I was a piece of slut meat. My ass was still exposed and some of his spooge oozed out of my hole.

For a moment a look of horror crossed his face then: "Go for it, men. He's all yours. At least till I get my second wind." You have to love a dad who likes to share.