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It was a cold and windy night, there was a full moon as I walked home from a late club meeting. I wanted to get home quickly so I took a shortcut through the woods. As I walked along the river I felt as though I was being watched. Then as I passed the old fishing shack a dark figure jumped out of the treeline at me, as i fell i rolled to the left and put my arm up. I screamed as the beast sunk it's teeth in my arm, blood began to pour from my injured limb, the pain almost sent me into shock.

As the creature let go I lashed out with my feet and managed to connect with something soft. Suddenly the beast yelped (confirming it to be canine) and vanished into the woods.

I ran the rest of the way home, collapsing on the front porch as everything went dark. I awoke in the hospital my right arm in a cast. My mom was releaved that I was awake, apparently I was out for three days. She told me how they found me in a pool of my own blood, and the paramedics had to resuscitate me twice on the way to the hospital. I had lost four pints of blood and had a broken arm. They had trouble finding my bloodtype (i'm AB-) luckly my dad was a match, so they were able to give me a tranfusion.

I was released a week later, it felt good to be home in my room, in my bed. When I was able, I went back to school to find I had become famous. Being the first to survive a wolf attack seemed to peek the interest of almost everyone there. After lunch I went to J.R.O.T.C. this week was our P.F.T.s, now stud is amazed with a big ass not in good shape, (actually i'm 6' 1", 260lb with glasses) so when I recieved first place I went to my C.O.

and asked if there was a miscalculation with the scores.

"Actually I wanted to talk to you about that" he said. "Have you taken anything enhance your performance?'' "WHAT!!!" I said in disbelief "I would never do that!" "Well" he said " in all my years i've never seen such an emprovement from a student." "Look, i'll take any drug test you want" I said "but I didn't take any steriods." So I went through a shitload of tests, which came out clean.

Later at home I got to thinking about a story my gramps used to tell busty rose loves having two dicks inside her a guy who was bite by a wolf.I decided to look up information about lycanthropism.

From the info I got from the websites apparently lycanthropy is the ability or power of a human being to undergo transformation into a werewolf, or to gain wolf-like characteristics. The most common cause of lycanthropy in myths is to be bitten or physically marked by another lycanthrope, although this condition can also be hereditary.

Other mythical lycanthropy is not given any specific cause other than being generally attributed to magic, which may be voluntary or involuntary.

Slowly the victim will become more athletic, cravings will change and the victim's body will begin to undergo the metamorphosis. Eyes may change shape, hands will change, and hair and eye will gradually change color. Also the first transformation usually takes place during a full moon, and one can eventually learn to control the transformation through years of practice.

So as the full moon came closer I spent all my free time preparing for my first transformation. First I found a place out in the woods where I could have complete privacy, then I found some one inch thick ropes (there wasn't any chain).

So on the day of the full moon I went to my hiding place, and tied myself down and sat down to wait. Four hours later the moon rose and as its light hit me a bolt of pain shot through my body as I began to change, first my hands and feet, then it went up my limbs, then my body and finally my head. There I stood a monsterous beast, black fur, long white teeth, standing 6' 7", bipedal lycanthrope and I had a hunger to match.

My new form was stronger and more determined to feed than I thought as I easily snapped the ropes and ran into the night. As I roamed the woods looking for prey I came upon a hunters cabin, the smell of blood drove me crazy as I smashed the door down. Suddenly a shot rang from inside the dwelling asa akira fuck old guy a sharp pain went through my right shoulder causing me to howl.

As I looked in the cabin I saw a man with a hunting rifle hiding behind a bed on the other side of the one room building and a girl with black hair with streaks of red in a black shirt and panties with skulls on them.

I stepped into the cabin when the man fired again nearly missing my head.

In an instance I was on him first I bit into his neck nearly decapitating him, as he fell, already dead I hear the girl scream. I turned and saw her to slump to the floor unconscious. I went back to the man's corpse and devoured him, with my hunger now sated and I was able to think clearly, I went to check on the girl.

She would be ok. I grabbed her arm, put her on the bed, and threw a blanket on her before I left. The next morning I awoke in my backyard naked and bloody, I quickly ran to my bathroom and washed off the blood then got dressed.

I looked down the hall, my parents were still asleep. A week later during science class the door opened and in stepped the girl from the cabin! "Class this is Amy Fisher" the teacher said" she is new in town and i'd like you to welcome her to our class." "Hi Amy" we said in monotone as she took the empty seat next to me. "Hi" I said. "Hey" Amy said. "My name Stephen" I said. " "Mr. Wolf please do your work" the teacher said from her desk. "Yes miss bitch" I mumbled under my breath, causing Amy to giggle.

Over the next three weeks Amy and I became good friends. She was sixteen, a year younger than me. She had a pale complection which I thought was beautiful.

She was 5' 4", 125lb, with silver grey eyes. She had B cup breast and and ass to die for. She always wore this cute black and red striped new 2019 pron miya khalifa with a pair of black jeans and B.D.U.

boots. We were always hanging out, so my parents had no nubiles casting frisky teen swallows cum to land the job with us being in my room or running around the woods.

One day, a few days before my next full moon we found the hunting cabin, she showed me the large blood stain and told me how a monster had attacked her dad, who as it turned out was hiding from the law for murdering her mom.

Amy told me how she had been interested in lycanthropes ever since she saw the wolfman. "Cool" I said "i've seen that movie a thousand times. But you don't think they actually exist do you?" "Well, not until one attacked my dad" she said. "But now that I know their real i've been trying to find a way to become one. I would love to be part of a pack, at least they don't beat each other for no good reason." After hearing this I decided to let Amy in on my secret.

I told her I also studied lycanthropy and had theorized that they often return to the area were they hunt at least once.I figured that would get her out to the cabin during the full moon. On the night of the full moon I raided a big cock fucks two busty girls on the couch on the other side of the woods to sate my hunger before heading to the cabin.

As I came within one hundered feet of the cabin, a strange scent reached my nostrils, causing me to become excited. Upon entering the cabin I found Amy dressed in only a black seethrough nighty! I realized (all to late) that the smell was Amy's arousal. All of a sudden my animal instincts took control as I lunged at her, knocking her on to the bed.

My cock already hard I spread her legs, and licked her wet cunt causing her to moan with pleasure. Not being able to wait any longer, I placed I throbbing meat at her opening and pushed in as I got an inch or so, I felt a little resistance which I easily broke through. As I gained speed Amy's moans grew louder and louder until she was screaming with ecstasy. I began to lick and grope her firm mound switching from left to right then back again, my rough tongue flicking back and forth across her hard nipples adding to her pleasure, sending her into an intense orgasm."III'MMM CCCUUUMMMIIINNNGGG!!!!!" Amy screamed.

The spasms of her orgasm pushed me over the edge. I let loose a howl that shook the whole cabin as I came shooting my seed deep into her womb.

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The force of my cum inside her sent Amy into another orgasm. As I finished and pulled out of her freshly deflowered cunt, exhaustion overtook us. I fell onto the bed next to Amy as the darkness of sleep took us into its imbrace.

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I awoke the next morning, rubbing away the last remnants of sleep. Suddenly I realized were I was, I bolted upright, looking around the cabin, I spotted Amy sitting at a little table in the corner.

"A-A-Amy I-I-I can explain" I stammered fearfully. "I never would have thought it'd be you" she said. As she looked in my eyes she added "don't worry i'm not busty babe gets her tight cunt plowed to tell anyone, I actually enjoyed it" As I stood up I realized I was naked and so was Amy, I quickly grabbed the sheet off the bed.

"You don't need that, after all i've seen it already" she said, taking a sip of her coffee. "Would you like a cup?" I shook my head still man rap sleeping young girl, as I looked at Amy I noticed her left breast had a small bite mark on it.

"OH MY GOD, Amy I'm so sorry" I said. Amy just laughed, "silly it's what I wanted remember?" "So does this make us boyfriend, girlfriend" I asked? "What do you think?" Amy said as she gently kissed me, as I relaxed into her soft embrace I slowly reached around and softly squeezed her firm ass. "I wander what you taste like she said with a mischievous smile.

Licking her lips Amy pushed me back on the bed. Slowly she crawled onto the sunny leone xxx story sex stories 2019, and began to slowly flick her tongue across the head of my cock until I was hard, then she began to slowly bob her head going farther and farther down my now pulsating shaft til she was deepthroating all seven inches of me.

Then each time she bottomed out she would begin humming, the vibrations sending waves of pleasure over me. "I don't think I can last much longer!" I said. Apon hearing this Amy increased her speed until, "IIIIIII'MMM CCCCCUUUUMMMMMMIIIINNNNGGGG!!!!!" I yelled in pure ecstasy, blowing load after load into Amy's mouth. She tried her best to swallow it all, but some started to run out of her mouth and down my shaft. "Mmm you taste really good." Amy said as she licked my now deflating member.

"That was amazing" I said as we lay on the bed. "Your welcome" she said, snuggling next to me. As the sun came up Amy and I got dressed.

"Thanks for the clothes" I said. "No problem they were my dads." She told me. When I got home my parents were waiting up for me. "Where were you last night young man" mom asked? "I lost track of time so I just spent the night with a friend that's all" I lied. "Well, next time call us and let us know when your going to stay at someone else's house ok" dad said with concern in his voice?

" We were worried something happed to you. I quickly assured them I would do just that. Over the last years of highschool Amy and I became inseparable. We could never be more than ten minutes apart before we would start to miss each other. After highschool we got married in a little church down by the lake, and moved to a remote farm town. I got a job at the local slaughter house, and Amy began a very successful writing career.

We bought a small two story house out in the country. Once a month Amy and I would hunt together, usually we would find some deer or a stray cow, and on rare occasion's we would even find some hobos. Now that we have a safe place to live Amy has decided she wants to have some kids. We're currently working on that, lol.