Tongue piercing blowjob teen money hungry cronys step daughter

Tongue piercing blowjob teen money hungry cronys step daughter
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Carla is a crackwhore. I met her one day as I drove home in the rain from Fort Worth. She was thumbing a ride on Loop 820 on Fort Worth's northside. There was no pretense at all from the beginning about who she was and what she was about. She got into my car at the Lake Worth exit and said she was needing to get to Weatherford to get her hit. She said she had been working since that morning and had made enough toe pay her dealer for her supply.

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She was outspoken, but truthful, and instantly I liked her for that reason. I let her off at the Iron Skillet in Weatherford, before coming on home to Mineral Wells. She offered a quick blow job for the ride, but I passed, handing her my personal business card as we parted ways. I had almost forgotten her, when a few weeks later, she called me attractive girl with nice a hole bounces on knob girlfriend hardcore my cell, wanting a ride from Weatherford to Mineral Wells.

I had just left Fort Worth and was about 15 miles from the Iron Skillet where she was most likely plying her trade. It was a much better day, than when we first met. The temperature was now in the eighties and it was dry. She was standing outside of the restaurant in a sleeveless blouse and a pair of wranglers when I drove up. She eagerly hopped in, slipped over next to me, and kissed me on the cheek. As we got onto Santa Fe Drive, she began rubbing her hands down the front of my jeans as I drove toward highway 180.

By the time we got to the intersection, she had taken my hardening cock out of my pants and was giving me a supreme blowjob. I was thanking God for the tinted windows on my Suburban as we drove on through downtown Weatherford, around the courthouse, and headed toward Mineral Wells.

I made it to the flashing lights in Cool, Texas before exploding my pent up jizm deep into her throat. "Just how cool was that?," She giggled through her stuffed lips as my cock finally shrunk to its normal size. I glanced over to say something to her and saw she had unbuttoned her jeans and was sliding them down over her knees. She took my free hand and proceeded to have me play with her wettening slit.

"Having someone cum in my mouth makes me very horny," she said rather matter of factly. Her dishwater blond hair pubic hair was now saturated with her glistening, slick wetness. Her clit seemingly jumped in anticipation as I made a slow journey between her asshole rim and her pussy with my finger.

She was climaxing real strong by the time I turned onto 6th Avenue in Mineral Wells. By the time we had reached 7th street, we were both fully clothed and finished with our romp. I let her out at the corner of 6th and 7th, then headed home.

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Another week would elapse until I heard from her again. I had just gotten into Mineral Wells when she called me on my cell. She was very plain spoken, as usual and asked me for twenty five dollars. She said she needed some personal items and wanted a $10.00 hit.

Not being used to using my money upfront for drugs, I was hesitant, but finally relented. When I met her, she was not in good shape at all. I could tell she was needing her hit. Although she was basically a pretty, girl, she was starting to look rough. I declined her offer for another blow job, ahnded her $25.00 and gave her my speech on how bad she needed to clean up, not becasue of what I say or think, but for her benefit.

Of course, she agreed, but shrugged off my offer to help and started to get out of the car. She turned back to me and said something I will never forget. "I know a few girls here in this town and Weatherford that would love to date you. They range in ages 18 to 42. heir minimum is $30.00. If you will pay me $10.00 for everyone I set you up with, you could have a different girl at least once a week for about 12 weeks.

Or once a month, or whatever. What do you think?" she proposed. I thought quickly, I do need companioship from time to time and really enjoy fucking willing women, then reaching my hand toward hers, we shook on that chubby big tits english babe on the couch. "Call me in about 2 weeks," I told her.

She agreed and off she went to take cre of her business. "Was it the drugs talking," I asked myself, or does she really know teens feast on healty cock ass blowjob she is talking about. Even if she does know ten or twelve girls, what would they look like?" Like clockwork, she called me in about 2 weeks. It was Friday night and I was just about ready to call it a night when the phone rang.

It was Carla and she had a girl that was willing to fuck me that evening for $25.00. Instantly, I dropped what I was doing and drove to the beer store where Carla was supposed to be. Entering the store, I instaantly spotted Carla with a stunningly beautiful white female.

This is Sharlan, Carla said upon introduction. I am not usually taken in by beautiful women, but this girl was a real beauty. She had coal black hair and piercing grey eyes and was about five feet and 100 pounds of the best female I had laid eyes on in a long time. Both arms were clean and her complexion was not the complexion of a street whore.She was lightly tanned in all the right places that I could see.

I was literally astounded. I reached over to Carla and whispered in her ear,"Is this for real?" She shook her head in the affirmative and I slipped her $20.00. She excused herself, leaving us to our small talk. "Carla said you wanted to fuck, so let's go find a place," she extolled. The Budget Inn was our first choice and it proved to be the right one. The manager let us have a room for the night for 1/2 price.

Sharlan was already coming out of her clothes by the time I pulled up to #102.

Wearing only a bra and panties, she slid out of my Suburban and went to the door. She followed me in, closing the door behind us. It wan't fancy, but clean enough for a good fuck. Sharlan was now totally nude and was doing a little dance on the bed for me as I started to get undressed. Her breasts were firm and ample. Her nipples were already showing signs of excitement as they hardened to perfection. She began to gyrate her hips, pushing her pussy tpward me as I sat on the edge of the bed, now also totally nude.

She began to easily slid her forefinger into and out of her pussy, giving me a good vantage point as her wetness began to gather on her pussy lips and pubic hair. Sharlan stepped off of the bed, ending her erotic show, but kneeled down before me, taking my stiffening dick into her hands and began a soft swabbing of its head with her snake like tongue.

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It was evident we were "clicking" and she was seemingly really enjoying our foreplay thus far. With my cock now totally hard, she got up off of her knees and climbed up on the bed, gently pushing back until I was laying prone.

She sat down on my chest with her back toward me, then slowly backed her ass to my face. "Please lick my pussy and clit. With my nose in her ass, seemingly a pilot alignment tool, I began a soft licking of her moistened muffin, from bottom to top then stopping and putting a litlte more TLC on her clit. The dank smell of ass was overpowered by the smell of her joy juices that were now showing up on the edges of her pussy. "I'M GONNA CUM, OH, FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME WITH YOUR FINGERS," she demanded.

Uncontrollably, her body shook as her first round of passion slowly oozed out of her tight pussy.

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Using the wetness as a lubricant. Sharlan rubbed my dick down with some of her spent fluids. Eagerly, she guided my missle up to her buttcheeks. She barely got the tip of my dick in her tighr dark hole. "OH, MY, OH, MY, I-I-WANT YOU TO CUM IN MY TIGHT ASS HOLE!!!, she moaned.

She screamed as I finally made my entrance into her ass cavity. Finally, her tight asshole was full to the brim with my manhood. Her damp pussy was resting on my balls as she became more used to the girth of my sword in her ass, she began a slow rise and fall upon the impaled intruder.

Her ass cheeks quivered and her pussy squirted more spent desires from her inner chamber. My balls were near explosion level when she suddenly screamed in passion, "FUCK ME DEEP IN MY ASSHOLE, FILL ME UP WITH THAT HOT STEAMY CUM, OH, F-U-UUK!!!" My creamy jet stream bathed the inner walls of her shithole as she fell forward, in a silent heap, her body twitching uncontrollably in orgasmic ecstacy.

My dick was now shrinking, still pulsating somewhat from the passionate force of our union. Her asshole slightly gasped, as did she, when the once hard rod escaped from its ring of tightness. Slowly, her gasping asshole gave up its creamy cum. Which slowly slid out of the darkness of her ass cavern and, very slowly trekked its way down her inner thigh, and onto the sheets xxx soniy liyon storys sex stories us.

After a few moments of catching our breaths, I reached over for my wallet. She stopped me and posed a question, "Instead of paying me, would you like for me to spend the night here with you?" I nodded in agreement. She then asked, "Will you take me to Abilene in the morning? My husband is in prison there at the Middleton Unit. I really need to go see him before they send him down south." It seemed like a good thing, so I agreed, she grinned a smirky grin and then wrapped her arms around me and kissed me full on the lips.

Her nipples were once again hard, pressing against my chest. Unbelievably, my once fucked cock stirred once again and began to rise to the occasion. While her tongue explored my oral cavity, my fingers were exploring her still juicy sex cavity.

Her pussy walls seemingly were sucking my fingers into her well lubed hole and were making soft sucking sounds with each in and out motion.Her hands were running up and down my hips, seemingly tracing out patterns of delight.

My hardened cock was an easy target for her mom and son sexy viodeo hole. She easily sat upon its length until her ass cheeks were resting on my balls. Her pink walls now gripped, squeezed, and sucked upon my raging rod. After about 10 good pumps, her pussy seemed tight, but very wet. The sound of her orgasm and ensuing groans filled the air as her snatch forcefully expelled her joy juice around the pole that was invading her netherland of love.

My balls were already screaming for my pent up passions to expel themselves, and they did just that as she again squirted herslick wetness. With her fists clinched, her eyes slosed, and her mouth quivering in unadulterated passion, she unintentionally washed me down with a golden shower.

She looked at me and silently said, "I'm sorry, this has never happened before." It was the first time for me to see someone lose control of their bodily functions, but it excited me and I told her to not worry about it. It still makes me horny to think of that event and I have experienced that thrill several times since.

In fact, two more times that evening, she pissed herself after we fucked.