Brett rossi teases her wet warm pussy to an intense orgasm

Brett rossi teases her wet warm pussy to an intense orgasm
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Fiction COME DINE WITH ME When I received a dinner invitation from an old friend I was only surprised by the request that neither my wife or I have a orgasm for 3 days before the dinner and that we be willing to eat naked. We had both attended swinger parties so we were up for the surprise and when the day arrived we were both bursting to cum as we rang the door bell. There were 3 couples including the hoist and his wife.

We all undressed and went into their living room for a cocktail.

All the men had hard cocks and the women were dribbling from their cunts. A menu was passed round and we saw that there were 4 courses Sweet Pee soup alla anfisa aka dayanna nastya garlic croutons Raw fish Giant sausage Chocolate log with creamy sauce After about 30 minutes we went into the dining room and our soup was already on the table.

My first taste lingered in my mouth and a sweet saltiness went down my throat it was superb. We all ate in silence and when finished our host said that we had just had urine from 12 year old virgins and he hoped we had enjoyed it because it had been difficult to obtain. We once again moved to the living room. The thought of what we had just eaten had made the mens cocks even harder but our host asked us to restrain ourselves for a short while longer.

Finally we returned to the dining room and on the table in front of each chair was a naked girl of about 16, naked their knees up and legs open.

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The fish course, our host said, and we all sat down and buried our faces in the juicy pussies. As I licked and sucked I felt a mouth over the end of my cock. I bent down and saw a young man, one of 6, on his knees with my cock in his mouth. Next to me my wife was struggling not to orgasm obviously she was being eaten out while she did the same to the girl.

I continued eating and I felt my cock go deep into the boys throat then it began a gentle in and out. I could feel my balls, full of cum, throbbing and soon I was on the edge. Just at that moment my girl let out a squeal and she squirted cum onto my face, that was it my balls let go and I felt great spurts of cum shooting from my cock.

I didn't bother to see where the cum was going I was too interested in exploring deeper into the pussy in front of me. All around the table guests were squirming and cumming and the girls on the table were cumming all over. Finally we all were sated and sat back. I looked under the table and the boys had gone and surprisingly there was no sign of any cum.

When we retired to the living room this time we collapsed into chairs to recover our strength. We had more drinks and after another half hour we rose and went in for the meat course. We had all guessed what this was going to be and sure enough sitting on the table as the girls had been were the 6 boys from under the table.

They all had large erect cocks and we all knew what to do. Our host gave us all cut glass goblets and asked us to save as much cum as we could.

Then we began.

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I licked the head of my boy's cock deepthroat big penis and cum already I tasted precum oozing out. I licked whole length and sucked his balls, then put my lips over the end of his cock and slipped it into my mouth.

It went deeper and deeper and I nearly choked but I managed to deep throat him. Then he moved out and in, first slowly, then speeding up until I felt a tension in him, I squeezed his balls and with a shout he filled my mouth with cum. After 2 squirts I quickly spat the cum into the goblet and had my mouth round his cock in time for the 3rd 4th and 5th spurts.

That went in the goblet and I sucked the rest down my throat, I just couldn't help my self. Meanwhile one of the young girls had been sucking me under the table and just as I swallowed the boys cum, I filled the girls mouth with my thick cum after 3 spurts she moved up and emptied my load into the goblet then went down to finish me off. She swallowed the rest, and who can blame her. Around the table everyone was cumming and letting out screams of ecstasy, this was one hell of a fucking dinner.

Again we retired to the Living room and all 18 of us lounged on chairs or on the floor our naked flesh touching those around us, I sucked a big pair of tits while I fingered the cunt of another girl, I saw one of the girls sitting on my wife's face while another licked out her cunt. After another 30mins we were called back to the dining room for desert. In the centre of the table was a silver platter with a perfect brown turd on it, next to it was a jug containing a mixture of cum and cunt juice warmed up as a sauce.

We all cut ourselves a piece of the turd and covered it with sauce. I had never eaten turd before but it seemed the right thing to round off this glorious feast so I gobbled it down and didn't mind the taste at all. I especially liked the sauce, the mixture of cum and cunt juice was lovely and I licked every last drop from my bowl. Our host then said it was a free for all orgy and without hesitation we were at each other.

My wife chubby girl shows her big booty in backstage one of the boys that I had never been fucked in the ass so while I pounded the cunt of a sweet 16 yr old I felt a slippery cock slide into my ass it went on and on and it was wonderful.

Soon he was pounding my ass in rythym with me fucking and as I reached my climax, I felt a hot stream of cum deep inside me. What a fucking night. After that I asked all the guys to fuck me and it soon became a gang bang. As one dumped his load inside me, another replaced him, I was full of cum and the extra was sprayed on my back. Meanwhile my wife was eating a pussy while being fucked by a girl wearing a strap on.

There were all combinations around the room and we fucked and sucked until everyone was worn out and we slept were we dropped.

All our bodies were covered in cum and cunt juice and as I went to sleep I licked a final mouthful of cum from the tits of the girl next to me.

MMMM what a meal and what a night.