Saxy story fill sex stories jabrdsti

Saxy story fill sex stories jabrdsti
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Am a 10 year old fellow, with some good looks, a very pleasing behaviour, that is to the public, in all am taken for a good kid.

This is for outward appearances, but inside me am one of the worst, nobody knows anything about my fantasies or the sort of things I have stealthily seen and the things I yearned to do and of course the things I did. I wouldn’t have become such a freak, I it hadn’t been for my cousin brothers, who showed me nude pictures from wanking mags, they never gave these to me, but I always remembered the pictures in it, I guess it were these pics and my curiosities that led me to become such a person.

I had begun enjoying the female body, and considering my age, I had easy access to it. Mostly mature women, say from the age of 34 or something to very old ladies who had to peer so much through their glasses to see anyone.

I never were interested in old ladiesbut I did like the looks of my aunties who are only in their 30’s and of course my mom, her friends, then rarely some of my cousin sisters who showed a lot of concern for me. I don’t know whether everyone remembers having an erection at 10, but I used to have it since a childI knew that from an aunt who used to bathe me as a child, and I started ejaculating at 10.if u ejaculate into a ladies palmsis it really losing your virginity, well am not sure.

This happened when I was still 2 months away from my 10th birthday and till then it was my mom who used to bathe me. My mom was 36 and has a nice curvy body, dark brown hair, black pubic hair, 2 spongy breasts and tight buttocks and lovely thighs. It was one of those weekdays when your mom hurries to the office early and you are left alone at home to smell her panties and bras and read some really exciting books like harrold robbins again and again. But today was different, because mom had had blonde housewife jolene gives a cum swallowing blowjob sprain on her angle had made up her mind not to go to the office, so after phoning one of her friends to tell the reason, she came and busty asian slut tigerr benson intense domination with anal close to me on my bed.

It was early morning, about 6 or something, I was lying awake with the blanket still over me and my hard onI always do while waking up. Mom snuggled close to me and gave me a hug. She was wearing only a black short nightgown, I knew she had nothing underneath itb‘cos I have seen her bend once showing her puffy cunt lips She innocently placed her left leg over the blanket. The villain I were, I tried to catch her thigh as if playfully and she smiled and lifted it a bit higher, and moving over my peeboner in the process.

I sort of squirmed and in order to hide it, turned to my side, facing her. She seemed to notice that I squirmed and asked, what’s it big boy, did I tickle you and playfully tickled on my stomach. I giggled trying to suck in my erect penis, fearing it would touch her gown. She said, “ do u wish to sleep a bit more, I will be home all day long, am taking a leave dear”. Oh boy now how was I going to read those books or smell her panties, but her presence seemed to satisfy me, so I just said yes and closed my eyes.

Mom now moved a bit more closely and hugged me and closed her eyes. I tried to remain calm with my eyes closed, and in a few minutes I could feel my mom’s hot breath on my cheeks. She was fast asleep!

Oooh baby I couldn’t believe it, your half nude mom is lying near you with her bouncy breasts and her soft thighs are atop your tummy.

Go man go, I urged myself, I slowly as if I sleep moved my arms onto her thigh resting on my tummy, it kitty langdon does the black zilla pussy yoga stretches soft and the fabric of the night gown had slipped away from it that I felt like moving my arms all over her legs, I slowly pressed her thighs and tried to move my arms a bit longer to touch her buttocks, but I couldn’t.

I felt like going mad and I pinched her thighs hard, this woke her up with an ouch and I closed my eyes quickly, I heard her murmur, “ohh something bit me, damn mosquitoes”. I heard her rub her thighs and she pulled away from me, she straightened her gown and snuggled into my blanket and l as if in sleep moved a bit onto my side of the bed and lied with my back to her.

She moved and turned, and finally it was all quiet again, I waited blaming myself, for being so hasty and scoffing myself to be a bit more soft in handling her next time. I waited, for her to begin her rhythmic breathing again and as soon as she did turned as if in sleep swinging my arms, hoping it would fall on top of her.

Well it did. She was lying with her back to me now and I could smell her dark brown hair, I always liked this smell, I opened my mouth and tried to get a bit more air, b’cos the whole feeling left me out of breath.

I moved the right hand now resting on her waist a bit more downwards, casually hoping not to wake her up, and moved a bit more closer to hermy penis was turning hard again, so I caught it and placed it between the elastic of my pajamas. I moved my right arm further downwards and felt for her buttocks, but the material of her night gown was in between, so I slowly lifted the night gown ever so slowly and tried to touch her butts again, but I couldn’t so I hastily pulled at it and of it came up to her waist, I quickly withdrew my hand and waited for a movement from my mom.

she didn’t move, now I could see her glowing body in the darkness of the blanket, I felt like cupping her buttocks and running my tongue over her long legs.

I moved my arms over her buttocks, it felt hot, I bend to move it downwards and touched her prickly cunt lips, may be she shaved it and it was growing back and it was so prickly I felt like rubbing my nose onto it. I tried to enter my fingers into it, remembering my cousins say about the movies they had seen, I licked it and tried to force it, but it won’t, my mom turned all of a sudden and was now lying with her face to me, but now she opened her eyes and stared at me, she asked, “what r u doing Johnny”?

I didn’t have a n answer, I just hoped the bed would suck me in, she got up and took off the blanket from over my top, I felt I was caught, I was doomed, but my mom just folded the blanketand placed it on the bedstead, she said, “Johnny, go and brush your teeth”. I just obeyed meekly.

It was then that I noticed that my peeboner was down, so maybe I wasn’t caught t all. So I felt a bit relieved and walked to the bathroom to brush, while I was brushing mom came in, with a towel she smiled at me and took of her nightgown, I felt my penis spring to life, she got into the bath and started the shower. She didn’t put the curtains and began to shower and called out to me, “hey boy wash your mouth and get off your clothes and get into the tub.

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My mom used to bathe me, almost on all days, but then she was always dressed, this was new to me. I got excited, but didn’t know how to take off my pajamas, it was up!!!!

Mom noticed it, and sprayed the shower onto meI backed upbut still got wet, she yelled, “young manI have seen bigger ones” and giggled. I tore off my pajamas and got in the tub, she sprayed the warm water on me.

She got me to stand on the tub with her, I reached upto her waist, I felt the wet pubic hair inviting my mouth. She let the warm water trickle from her body to mine, she placed the faucet back in its holder and directed it to fall onto our body. She sat down in the tub and caught me by my hips and moved me near to her face.

She looked at me pornstar honey gets her butthole reamed with thick dick smiled “wow is this lollypop for free”. I was enjoying it, I wasn’t sure whether it was a dream, I said “oh mom can I take a picture of yours”.

She laughed at this and said, “Well am going to be with u always, any plans to run away, hanh”. She took my penis in her hand and said “darling its delicate, never let anyone do this, you haven’t grown up, enough, and never talk about these things to anyone”. I nodded wondering whether I would ever. I couldn’t believe it as she stuck my 5 inch penis into her mouth( now its 5 ¾), she sucked it looking at me and I smiledshe took it out and said ,” what do u feel”.

I said, “I feel there’s a sort of vacuum in my throat”. She smiled and caught my arms and placed it over her breasts, and I tried to press it and felt the nipples, and again pressed it, I don’t really remember. suddenly I felt as if I was about to urinate, and told mom, “mom I need to pee”. She said what, “ really, I think ur going to cum”. I didn’t understand that. But mom now started to fondle my penis with her wet arms she squirted some soap into her hands and began rubbing my penis with it, I felt like in heaven.

All of a sudden I felt weak and it came, white curdy looking semen, and so this was the milk like thing which my cousins said would come out the hero’s penis when the heroine licked it. My mom’s body was all over with my sperm, I didn’t know what to do. She smiled at me and said, “Darling, you have turned into a man”. Thus began my lovely life and the rest is another story. [email protected]

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