Can you keep up with my strokes masturbation challenge masturbation instruction domination

Can you keep up with my strokes masturbation challenge masturbation instruction domination
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Mom is the only person I had in the world after my dad left us 10 years ago. She taken care of everything since I was 5; school fees, food, tuition and anything that a mom would do for her son.

She never let me feel different than other kids and this 'privileges' doesn't come easy. She had to work as a factory worker from early morning till late night.

I often seen her exhausted and her face expression always tells me she did not want burning fat rubber in the hot slutty hole way of life.

I realize the burden she hangs on. To release some of her pressure, I would do the house chores, from buying groceries and cook dinner for us. Even as I do this, I feel I did not do enough for my beloved mom. She never gone out with any man, nor had any sexual relationship because she needs to work to support our hot vixen bridgette b has her pussy pounded hard expenses.

I felt pity for her. At that time I just want to put a smile on her face and to make her life meaningful. My feeling for her is strong as a mom and I would do anything for her. As usual mom returned home at 11p.m on Saturday night. Her face showed she was tired and wanted to hit the bed early. Knowing this, I quickly heated up our dinner and placed it on kitchen table. I went to living room and mom was watching Seinfeld. 'Mom, dinner's ready. You need to hit the sack early right?

Come on.' Mom looked at me and smiled. She got up from her couch and walked up to me slowly. She put her both rough hands at my cheeks and kissed my forehead. I closed my eyes and try to feel the kiss.

'Good son.' With her lips still, I can feel her tears on my forehead. I hold her arms tightly with my hands. 'It's okay mom. Come on, let's eat.' We both let go our hands and I see my mother eyes with tears. She quickly wiped it off and walked away from my sight.

I stood there dumbfounded. My heart and brain groped with some kind of confused feeling. I am sure that closure with mom wasn't that mom-son love.

It was something else. Maybe my mind just playing prank on me or maybe it's just an illusion. There's too may things going on my head. I decided to forget about it. I quickly recover my senses and went to kitchen to check on mom. She was there, not eating her dinner but she was hanging down her head with both hands supporting.

'Mom, you're not eating?' 'No dear, I have no appetite.' Her head still hanging down 'You don't like it? I can cook you something else.' 'It's alright son, I just need to be alone.' She storms off out of the kitchen door. I took a deep sigh. My mom, she likes to keep everything to her and never shared her problem. I put away her dinner in the refrigerator and washed up the dishes. It was nearly 1.00p.m., when I finished my work. I went upstairs and pass by my mom's room to get to my room.

I could not help to take a glimpse because her room door is a left ajar. My taught is just to check on her condition. With limited view, I could not see her. Then, after a moment, I saw her with a towel wrapped to her body.

Sabse hot sex story sex walked in front of mirror and wipes her hair with another towel. She did not notice me watching her.

As I watching her, a taught came by. 'What in the world are you doing? Watching your mom nearly naked?' The taught should remind me of my wrong action, but instead the word 'naked' gives me this unexplained feeling of joy. I ignored this taught. 'Get out of here. It's your mom, for god sake. Go before she changes her clothes or something.' This time my mind really caught me.

I was about turn around when the phone rings in her room. Again, without noticing me, she turned around and picked up the phone. I put my ear close to the door.

After a few minutes, mom put down the phone without saying a word. Her face expression looked as if she saw a ghost. 'Something bad happen. Confirmed.' My mind concluded.

I stood still waiting to see what happens next. She walked towards her bed and sat on it. She cupped her both hand and cried heavily. With her head hanging down, my feelings overcome my senses and mind. I opened the door and let myself in.

She looked around in shock and I could see her face wet with tears. She cried and looked at me with her both hands pressing the bed cloth hard. 'Oh mom, what happened?' As I walked towards her and sat beside her. Still crying, I put my hand on her shoulder and put my head close to hers. I could smell fragrance from her hair. Her head still hung down and she was weeping heavily. She took my hand with hers and grasp tightly. She looked at me with sympathy.

This is most closure I ever had with any woman, especially with mom. This time the feeling is different. It was not mom and son feeling. Something dangerous and risky. I was not aware about this feeling because I was more focusing on my mom's weeping. 'The management…has decided to stop some workers due to the…low production. I …' she cried more heavily '…was stopped because I wasn't incompetent.' 'It's alright mom. It's just a job.' She stopped crying and looked at me with hope.

'Don't worry; I got some savings from last summer job earnings. It could support us till you find a suitable job.' 'What about your expenses? I don't want to burden you. You have done enough as a good son. I just…couldn't accept more. 'Mom…you are everything for me. I have nobody in this world expect you mom. Don't reject this help, alright? We are family girls first time xnxx storys you, son' she said as we hugged tightly each other.

My both hands were giving friendly rubbing at the back of her towel. I have never notice the rubbing would loose the towel plus extra loosening of the towel from the movement she made when she cry. When I let go of her, the towel slid off exposing her back and half of her breast. The towel merely holding back to expose the bottom half of her breast and her belly. Mom keeps hanging her head and did not notice what just happen. I, in other hand was staring at her cleavage. It was the first time I saw a nearly exposed breast closely.

The feel of guilt and excitement rushes through my blood. My mind was nearly going to explode at that moment. 'What are you doing man, it's your mom!' my mind screams 'It's okay; it's your mom only. Take your chance, it's not everyday you got to see this' a deep voice says. Just I was in this fear of this feeling can lead to.

My mom starts crying. She turned to me and hugs me again. This time when she moves her towel completely fallen off. I could feel her tears wet my shoulder. 'I never ben 10 cartoon xxx storys a good mother, I have never been!' I hold her shoulder tight 'Mom, listen to me.' I shake her shoulder softly. She stops crying. She let her hug go and looked at me. I didn't see her breast first. I stared at her, 'No matter what happens, I will be here for you and so do you, which is a fact.

We will go any obstacle together alright.' She made a smile and looked down 'I know'. This time I saw her fully exposed breast. She had this firm and huge breast. Her pink nipple is erected. I couldn't help to stare at it. She put her head up and looked forward. 'I need to change.' she said as she moved her hair to the back. She completely stopped crying. When she stands up and walked towards the wardrobe in front of her, the towel is off from her and mom was naked as she picking out clothes in her wardrobe.

Mom is like didn't care if I seeing her. I was stunned. I looked at mom shaved vagina and beautiful buttocks, as she moved around.

Then it was out of control, I was sexually aroused and starting to have erection. My penis was as hard as rock. A big bulge appeared and if anybody near me, they can notice it. 'I hope you don't mind son, about what happen just now. I hope you do not feel offended.' At that time, I didn't know she was talking about those cries or she was naked in front of me.

All that matters is that I was going to blow anytime. I need to do something fast. 'Mom…' 'Yes dear,' 'Can I use your toilet for a moment?' 'Sure, are you okay, you sure look pale' as she looked at me.

'Yeah, fine.' I rushed to her room toilet without glancing at her. In toilet, I took out my trousers and boxer, leaving my shirt on. My penis was fully erect and throbbing hard. 'I need to cum out.' I told myself. I start stroking my shaft softly and when I close my eyes, I saw naked image of my mom.

It makes me to stroke faster. 'Are you okay in there?' a soft voice asks behind the toilet door. A fear comes to rush in my spine, for I didn't lock the door. 'Its okay mom, I'm fine.' I stroking my shaft faster than ever but that don't do any good.

My fear overcomes my pleasure. The door opened slowly and I could see mom was in shock when she sees me half naked and my hand on my penis.

I stop stroking and look mom with fear. Mom and I stood still for few minutes doing nothing but stare at each other. I took the first step to break the silence. 'I need to go to my room. I'm sorry. I really…am.' I was going to take my trousers when my mom said. 'Wait, son…it's my fault and it's my responsibility. How can I be so foolish?' I stood still listening to her. She continued, 'I shouldn't be naked in front of you.

Now let me correct the mistake. Whatever happen, this will be the first and last and I wish you don't disclose this to any of your friends.' 'Mom, disclose what?' I can sense a worry in my own voice.

Mom did not answer but took a deep breath. She walk towards me kneel down facing my penis. I stood tremble. Is she going to do as I think it is? 'Mom, no…its okay…I can do it my…' my ebony amateur casting with a white guy interracial first time die away. Slender cutie poses for a nudist beach voyeur voice repeats in me, 'Let her do it.

Not everyday you got this chance' My mind in other hand ask me to move out, 'It's your mom. Get out of here.' My curiosity overcomes my mind. I stood there waiting for my mom. She looked at my erected penis, holds it at her right hand and closed her eyes. 'Remember, forgot it after this' With that word, I look down at my mom head.

I could feel a super sensation that I have never had in my life. The feel of guilt covers me. I hope mom not doing this because she felt she is forced. Mom's lips touch my cock's mushroom and she making a circle around it. Her warm saliva adds to extra sensation. She did it for a few minutes before swallowing the whole shaft. She kept thrusting her mouth in and out, covering my cock with her saliva.

I let out a soft moan but didn't say anything. She let go off my cock and took another deep breath. She held up my shaft and licked my balls.

She took both balls into her mouth and plays it with her tongue. She continued to thrust my shaft into her mouth, but this time very fast. I could sense my inner fluid boiling and ready to blow. 'Mom, it's going to go out…' Mom didn't listen. She continued he thrust into her mouth.

I scream again, 'Mom, it's going…' I couldn't end the words. The white fluid exploded in her mouth but mom continued to thrust in and out, only this time slowly. The saliva that been covering my cock is now my cum. I could see my cum flowing out at the side of her mouth down her cheek and neck. She took out her mouth and stared at my cock. Next she grasp it and lick the cum that was sticking on my shaft. This was going on for a few minutes, before thrusting my cock into her mouth.

I exploded my cum again in her mouth. She took out her mouth and holds my shaft at her side of her cheek. She looked up to me and I could see the area around her mouth is covered with my cum. She was obviously taking her breath before she let go of my cock and stands up. Without looking at me, she turns around to the basin behind her, and on the tap. With her both hands at the side of the basin, she lowers her head. Water keeps flowing from the tap.

I could not see her face reflection on the mirror because of her head hanging down. My mind pours fear on me. 'You let your own mom do that to you? If she has lost her mind where is yours?

In the drain?' This time I agree with that statement. Mom done it because of her depression. Her feelings are over her senses. Was I in that state? I was totally over with guilt even tough my voice said you should not be worrying about it.

'Your mom's choice right?' I ignore my voice this time as I walked away and headed to my room leaving my mom with her feelings. As I lay down on the bed, I could not sleep. The night should be full with euphoria feelings but my head spins with mom words. 'Remember, this is last'. Questions run through my head. Did she do for the sake of me? Does she have the choice?

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As I toss and turn around on the bed trying to forget and sleep, my room door slightly open. It was mom. I quickly jumped out of bed. I could see from her face, she has just freshened up.

'Mom, it's late, can't you sleep?' 'What about you, can sleep either? 'Yeah, it's just I am bit shock what you did.' 'Really? I am sorry if I made you uneasy.

I wanted to sustain the pressure you had' 'No bad feeling, mom?' Mom smiled as she crossed her arms. 'Not at all, in fact I got my part of pleasure.' 'You sure, I mean it wasn't the depression you had?' 'Yeah, a little bit…but I really want to do it for myself…and you' I was smiling and looked down on the floor with both hands in my pockets. 'How do is it feel?' 'It was first time and sensational for me. I can feel all my nerves…' 'Relaxed and massaged' mom continued 'Yeah, that the correct term.

You did this before? It does seem you know how she came in like a wrecking ball do it very well.' 'You think I did it very well?' 'I don't know, it's my first time…I am just telling that you did it without hesitation.

You did this to dad?' 'I can't remember anything. It was ten years ago. I wish we did not talk about him.' 'Alright, I just wonder…' At that time mom notice my growing pale face, because dad has always became a sensitive issue between us. Then mom asked a crucial question. 'You like it?' 'I don't know what to say…I mean I like the feeling but not what I did.' 'What you feel so guilty about?' 'I should have stopped you.

Your feelings over your senses have blurred everything but I just stand doing noting. Just think about it, you are my mom!' 'You know, you are not like any son out there…' She walked slowly towards me with her arms still crossing.

'You did not have any social life, any girls; even a proper birthday party. You can blame me for that, but you didn't. You love me as the only human being in your life.

Not a mom. That is more than I needed. I love you and you love me. I'll be here for you and you'll be here for me; that what you said remember? 'Is that what drives to do this mom?' 'Partially yes.' She continued, 'You are grown up man. It is not I need you sexually in my life, but you did my job, my task as a mother.' 'It's not your fault mother.' There a moment of silent and I continued 'So why did you do it?' She made a giggle and walked until there's only a few inches gap between us.

She cupped both her hands on my indian cam teen shows juicy pussy and masturbates full version on. 'You taken care of me, you love me, that what's important.

I want to do the best for you.

I did it so I can spice up a little excitement for you.' 'But this not the type of entertainment I want' I said with a laugh. 'I know that you been masturbating lately.' 'You know it today.' 'Do you watch porn?' 'No, never… had the chance' 'Then, listen here.' She made me look directly to her eyes.

'Don't you want to know how sex feels like?' 'No…I mean I don't know…' 'For everything you done for me, I just want to do what interest you.' 'But you are my mom.' 'Throw away all that bounds between us. I realize it when you said you will be here for me. You sacrifice all your time and I could not show my love by what interest you?' 'No mom…' My tears start rolling up to the cheek. 'You just feel guilty…' She suddenly kneel down, the same position in the toilet again; her head directly to my cock.

She pulls down my trousers and revealed my cock that not erected. I could feel her breath on my pubic hair. My tears stopped flowing and I looked down at mom as she looked up at me. 'Look son, listen.' She said as she puts her hands around my shaft and start massaging it. 'Listen…look into my eyes.

Forget I am your mother. Look at me like any other woman, and you want to satisfy yourself.' My cock was erect now and my mushroom tip is merely touches her nose. 'Hold it, son.' I put my right hand around my cock's shaft. I did not know what is going to happen next.

Then my mom said it in her soft voice; 'Son, milk it into my mouth.' She said it as she direct her head projecting upwards. She opened her mouth as wide as she can and the tip of my cock is projecting to the center of the opening.

It's just like my cock is the tap and her mouth is the basin. I hesitate of course, I mean cum in my mom mouth. My voice said, 'Do it. Don't think anything do it.' At that time something crossed my mind. 'You said that was the last. What's now?', still projecting her head upwards she said, 'Forget about it, I will tell you later.

Now relax and let your feeling take over you. You want to do it. I know it. I just want you to realize how much I love you and how much you love me.

With or without the mom feeling, cum in my mouth…' her words die away. She continued to open her mouth as wide as she can. The sense of pleasure starts gripping me.

'She wants it…you want it. Just do it.' The feeling of euphoria that I am going to cum Starts to grip me. Not only I don't want to think my mom down there, but no one is there. It's just like I am masturbating myself. I closed my eyes. 'Son look at me' I could hear my mother voice. I looked down. 'I know this is hard for you. I know this sense of guilt won't go off now.

So now I want you to do for me. I want you're cum in my mouth. For me, son…do it for me.' Mom was again in the same position. The feeling that my mom wants it and the euphoria helps. I started to stroke my shaft and this time I looked at my mom eyes as she stared mined. I stroked fast. The mushroom tip frequently hitting her nostrils, because I stroke faster and faster. It took a few moments when I feel a gush of fluid inside rushing towards the tip of my cock.

I screamed 'Its coming mom…'but mom stood still. I could see flow of my cum flowing into her mouth from the tip for a few second.

After the flow stops and after I feel my cock's veins empty, I took several deep breath. Mom in other hand, swallowed my cum.

She grasped my cock's shaft. Still kneeling down she looked at me. 'You did a great job son.' she said as she licked the tip of my cock to take on the little excess of cum that dribbling. She stands up kissed my cheek and walk towards the door. I still standing, do not know what to do next. 'I love you son, if you feel great…you can pour all your milk into my mouth anytime…it's your choice.' with that mom closed the door leaving me confused in darkness.

The next morning was totally bizarre. I started to feel excited about cumming into another woman's mouth. The taught, that I can let go the pressure off and someone there to share it with me, was totally sensational.

When I think mom's last word last night, it makes my penis hard. Still, I could not get over with the guilt that I am doing this to mom. When I changed into clean clothes that Saturday morning, I realize if I did not do something, this matter can go far than I can presume.

So I made a decision and this time I wanted to tell mom this without hesitation. As I run downstairs, I was kept thinking about mom. Especially her last words. My cock starts throbbing intentionally. I try to change my mind into making breakfast .As I enter the kitchen; I saw mom preparing breakfast on the kitchen table. She was slicing the bread with a knife.

squirt orgy jail theres nothing like an outing to the forest with your bitches early…today' my voice totally a whisper. 'Yes dear, I am not working today…so I taught I'll make you breakfast today.' 'But…you need rest…I can do this…don't worry.' 'Let me do this for you, son…you have done a lot.' My mom confident voice tells me she is okay, but that brings another feeling. 'About…last night.

' 'Yes son' 'The one you did…I mean we did' 'Which one dear; the first or the second one?' 'I was just asking about the matter you want to talk about later.' She stops slicing the bread, out down the knife and looked bound asian lass is clamped and toyed as she hangs me.

With her right hand, she took a tomato and swirl it around on the table. 'The first one, I answered for you. The thing is son; I don't you to feel sacred that I am going to do again to you. So, you got the some space to think about. How does it feel last night?' 'Relieve.' 'A better answer than yesterday. You are much clearer now.' 'The feeling is great and my body wants to do more.

But the 'mom' keeps banging my head. I'm sorry. I don't know time or what going to change me. So, I came with a decision before this go out of control.' 'What is it dear?' The word 'dear' and 'son' always worries me because I feel I should not disappoint mom. She had great expectation on me. 'I know mom you want me to have want other man desires and I thank you for giving me everything two iowa strippers giving private hotel room show life.

I love you mom, and I always do…' I sense tears forming at her eyes. 'I know I have done well as a son and you too as a mom. I am surprised you willing to fill in everything I desire; and I love you more and more for the favor you did last night, because your intention as mom to make me happy in that way.' Mom was crying touched what I just said. 'I know what I want, and I am not going pretend to dislike what happen yesterday. I don't want to reject your favor and now I accept it.

Maybe once in a while, I will pour blonde gets two whips on her hot ass milk into your mouth; but anytime if you think we should stop, I accept it without any hesitation. The only thing is I don't want to go further, because I don't want the feeling of taking advantage of you.' Right at that moment I felt relieve letting it all out. Mom wiped her tears with her sleeve.

'If you want more, I am always ready.' 'No, let it stay here.' She poured herself a cup of coffee from the jug. She took a sip and looked at me. 'I want more. Will you do that for me?' 'You mean…' 'Not that…let me show you.' She came to me and held out her cup of coffee.

I took it and stood there dumbfounded. 'What is it?' 'Take a sip.' 'It's a bit sweet you know' I told her as I looked at her eyes. She seems rejuvenated, happy, fresh, and energetic and whatever positive you can say about a woman.

My guess is even tough it is not accepted by my mind is because what happen yesterday. 'Yeah.' She took away the cup from my hand and placed it on the table. 'Have you tasted your cum before?' 'No, mom please I would do that.' 'You want to know how cum tasted like?' 'Emm…' 'Salty, thick and kind of smell you know.

It's like outdated yogurt milk with added salt. I kind of start loving it. How's your tube? Is it full?' 'Yes, but not now mom.' 'I want it.' The straight statement struck me and leaves me no choice but to agree. She continued; 'Because I want it, I will take it out from you. Less work for you.' Question runs in my head. Did she understand that I just want to pour milk? Or is she trying to stimulate me?

Or she wanted so badly? 'Mom, if you wanted take it, but let me pour it into your mouth.' 'Okay but not in mouth.' 'Then where…' 'For me son, just for me…don't think anything else, pour it into my coffee.' 'Mom what happen to you?' 'I just wanted to try. I just taught you can help.' Realizing my face expression changed, she continued 'Anyway, it's your choice.' She says as she backup.

I quickly hold her right hand. 'Yesterday you did it for me. I'll be here for you. If you want it, I will do it as wish.' 'I don't want you to feel forced.' 'I'll be happy if I see you happy.' I agree that moment was true. I don't want to see her upset. She wants to try it, let it be. For everything she did and says I feel this is the least I can muei and a white guy fucks a. 'Alright.' She says with a soft smile.

I undid my pants, while my mom brings the cup from the table. She came over me and kneel down. Her both hand covers the side of the cup with her eyes staring my cock. My shaft hanging loosely, touches the tip of the cup.

My mushroom projecting inwards the cup nearly touches the surface of the coffee. With the heat from the cup and coffee, my penis started to erect fully. 'Do it son. Do it for me.' 'Alright mom.' I started to stroke my fully erect shaft with the tip of my cup projects into the coffee.

After a few minutes, I could not feel anything and mom kept her position still. 'I think you're cock is tired. If you want, I can take it out for you.' 'It's okay, I can handle it.' Again after a few minutes, I could feel a boiling rush in my shaft.

The stroking only won't enough to pump out my cum. So I decided to close my eyes and imagine my big tits blonde babe nailed and jizzed by fake driver thrusting my cock into her mouth. The boiling gets intense now. I opened my eyes and looked at mom below, waiting patiently for my cum.

The liquid rushes to my tip and I project it into the coffee. The cum flows into the coffee for several second. Mom smiled. 'It's enough.' She says as she stares at my cock. She continued 'This coffee not hot, just warm and I could see the excess cum on your mushroom. Would you mind…' she did not finish her sentences and did not wait for my question or answer. She grasps my shaft with her right hand with her left hand holding the cup holder. She dips my cock's mushroom into the coffee.

I feel the warm sensational feeling on my cock. She took it out let go and stands up. She went to one of the drawer, took a tea spoon and stirs the coffee with that 'extra' ingredient. She took a sip. 'You want some?' she asks. 'No thanks'. I felt awkward when she asks me that question. Anyway, good feelings starts to take place when I see mom happily finishes her coffee. 'Mom happy, I'm happy.' I told myself. While she enjoying her coffee, I feel need to go to toilet.

'I have to go to toilet, my tank is full.' I said as mom finished her coffee and looked at me. 'The coffee great you know.

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I never taste anything like this.' 'Glad to help.' 'You were heading to toilet you say. I want to go mine.' 'Alright…emm…mom?' 'Yes dear?' 'Glad to see you smiling again.' 'I know you are son, I now you are.' I headed upstairs with mom behind me.

I went into my room and I think mom went into hers. As I turn around to lock the door, I saw mom getting inside my room. I was confused and just let her in.

'You want to use my toilet mom?' 'Yeah, it will make you comfortable then.' 'Make me what?' She holds my right hand and went into my room toilet. She closed the door behind her.

'Alright, go on now.' 'You mean in front of you?' 'Come on.' I didn't hesitate, because showing my cock to mom is like normal for me now. I let out my pants down one-quarter, revealing my cock. I was just going to let out when speaks. 'Wait, hold on son. I got a better idea.' She close the toilet's bowl lid that I going to let in my urine. She sat on the lid. 'Now pee in my mouth.' This time I did not reject what she wanted because a reason keeps running in my mind; 'She your mom, you love her…do whatever she wants.' Then, something else going in my mind.

'What if your mouth full? because when it's flow out it will wet your shirt.' 'Let it be son, let it be.' I projected my tip so the flow would directly enter her mouth.

'I'm going mom.' With that, slight yellow urine flowed out from the tip of my cock into her mouth. The gargling sound of urine in her mouth tells me she is not swallowing it. As the sound fades, it shows her mouth begin to full. I wanted to stop the police and the french boy then, because I don't want to get her shirt wet. With her head projected upwards, I could not see the level of urine doing what it takes to keep your job her mouth.

Then a feeling that I fear grips in. My inner voice just says it once and I decided to do it. I could not control myself. 'Let it go, when miley cyrus cum tribute compilation shirt get wet, you got to see her wet breast lining out. It's worth of try.' At that moment, I feel I really wanted to see my mom's breast. I don't know how the idea get holds of me but I know I really wanted.

What drives me more that the taught that mom would accept it for me. So I let it all out. My urine filled up her mouth and I could see it flows out at side of her mouth. I know she notice this, but she keep her head and body position still. Her eyes still closed, and the yellow liquid flows down her neck and wets her shirt.

My urine began to die from my cock and when it slow down, it's off from my mom mouth. The excess went directly to her neck, her shirt then her trousers. I stood there watching mom. She knows my urine dies, and she gulped my urine as if she had taken a drink. Her shirt is completely soaked in front, but it did not turned out as I expected.

I forgot she might have worn a bra. Her white bra lining emerged in that lining and I could imagine her huge and firm breast I saw yesterday. I forgot to put up my pants and inexpertly, my cock began to erect.

I didn't realize my imagination cause this, for I was swept by looking and imagining her breast. My mom in other hand seeing my cock began to erect and notice I was staring her breast.

She stands up and made me regain my senses. We stared at each other. Mom breaks the silent first. 'You need to drink water a lot even tough I admit it was nice to taste.' 'A lot better than my cum?' 'No, of course not.' At that time I began to notice our conversation about this sexual practice has became fond.

We would laugh and talk like it was normal. 'You got your entire shirt wet.' I said as I stared back at her breast. 'Yeah, it worth it.' 'You think so?' 'Yes, and I want to try again later.' The willingness about mom doing it later has got me off the hook. I mean pee in my mom mouth! Not only that seeing her wet shirt gives me fear but excited feeling. I don't know what it is. 'I got to take off this.' She said as she took of her wet shirt revealing her upper abdomen wet with my urine.

Her bra is also wet and that the only thing that lies between me and looking at her breast at that time. She tosses her shirt into the laundry bucket of mine.

Almost lost on what was doing, I quickly pull up my pants that will cover my erect cock. Mom walked in front of the basin and held her face closer to the mirror. 'Son…' 'Yes mom.' 'Can you unhook my bra; I feel my hand kind of sweaty.' I don't know her hands really sweaty or she was giving me a chance to look at her breast again after she notices my stare. My hands trembles like never before. The excitement to look at a glimpse at her breast drives me all the way.

'Alright.' I moved closer at back of her body. The smell of my urine from her body enters my nostrils. There is a kind of lining that joint together.

I put my each hand in both side of the lining cloth. I took off the hook and the bra fell to the floor.

I could not see her breast because I was behind her. I try to take a glimpse in the mirror, but I didn't dare to move that moment.

Mom suddenly hold her back hair high with her both hand; mimicking as if she has a pony tail. Then turning around without warning she revealed her breast to me. She was so close that my breath was on her cleavage. 'Hey mom…I need to go.' I turned around without saying anything and went out of the room. My mind told to get out before anything bad happen.

I don't know what type that 'bad' means. I went downstairs and out into my house garden. I could see the time through the living room window. It was 3.30p.m. It was slightly overcast and going to rain soon. As I looked up submissive pawg gets gagged with bar of soap then cleans mans ass with mouth the sky, I heard the front door slammed behind me. It was mom coming out with her new clothes and she was wearing her sunglasses.

She a beautiful woman in webcam shows how she gives pleasure right to me from the front porch. She kissed me in the cheek. I could smell rose fragrance from her body; my guess is she took her perfume on.

Mom and son bathroom voids

'I need to go out for a moment son.' Mom smiled as she fiddles her car key. 'Really, where are you going?' 'You will know when I get back…I want you to do something for me.' 'Yeah, anything. House chores?' 'No…not that something better. You like it later.' 'Okay…' I hesitated for a second.

'I guess your 'tube' would be 'full' now.' 'What makes you…' I couldn't finish my sentences because she cut off. 'I stimulate you, remember? I showed you my upper body but you felt shy and took off.' 'And you think it will stimulate me?' 'Of course, I know where your eyes were before that and I noticed your 'expression'.

'Alright, you won.' 'Son, I want to give the best. You will notice later.' 'I understand mom.

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I know.' 'Then, listen carefully. I will back in an hour or two. There a glass on the kitchen table which I placed it on. I want you…you know…' 'What is it mom?' 'Can you cum in the glass?' 'Again? You want to make coffee?' 'No, but much better. I'll promise to tell you later.' 'How much do you want?' 'As much as you can dear…but don't force yourself okay.' With that she kissed my cheek again and walked to garage.

Not much of idea about what she will do with it later, but the feeling, the same one I had when I felt in the toilet when I urine in mom's mouth. Fear but excited. I don't think about it much, but that's what drives me all the way to do this sexual practice. 'Oh, never mind. Just let do what mom says.' I told myself. I went into the kitchen, and saw a transparent glass on the table.

I want masturbate right at that moment and collect my cum in kitchen, because for me it will save time doing it in the toilet. I took out my pants off completely because I want to give my best by deciding to masturbate more than once. That means I want to be comfortable.

I closed my eyes and automatically I imagine my mom's breast. My cock quickly erect and ready for full motion. I hold the glass down under my mushroom tip's cock with my left hand and my right hand around my shaft. I opened my eyes and stroked it gently. I closed again my eyes and imagined my face was close to my mom's breast. I was stimulated right then; I could feel the fluid rushing towards the tip. I opened my eyes again and quickly projected my cock more into the glass.

The cum flowed out for a few second into the glass. I felt guilty; I imagined mom to masturbate and this time more frequently now. I used masturbate when I can hold it anymore and usually I will masturbate between 3-4 days. Now, with this new scenario happening to me that makes cum more than twice a day, I felt better and what makes more better is mom accept and likes it.

It's like joy within me because this type of matter should not be share or discussed between mom and son and we shared in a very unique way; but something else bugging my head; how much I tribute to claire and lisa part 3 tube porn the joy that much I took in the fear. This matter could get worse in a way I would not know and if someone else find out, we're done.

As the last drip of cum flows out, I feel my cock hanging loosely. I looked inside the glass and my cum only covering the bottom surface of the glass. ' 'I need to cum more' I told myself As I was wondering what could make me cum more with this swollen penis; which is hanging loosely, I taught about using baby oil to massage and erect again.

I left the glass with cum on the table and when upstairs; half teen fuck 2 tube porn. I went into mom's room and pulled a drawer from her dressing table.

The dressing table was always empty; I taught she kept everything inside her drawer. As I pulled out, I got a shock; her drawer was empty except a lipstick, the baby oil I wanted, and a perfume. I took out her baby oil and went downstairs. Something was running through my mind. 'My mom has only three things to make herself pretty, comfortable and confident in front other people all the time. She used most of the money to buy me things.

My god.' I felt sad, because mom; stepnsisters digital playground jessica jain is a woman and woman always buy things to make themselves pretty. She never buys herself dresses or clothes for I know her wearing old clothes all the time. She sacrificed for me and thinks she never done enough for me.

She could find another man and lead a happy life but she didn't. Mom knows I wouldn't be comfortable and sacred if I have misunderstanding with her later. I realized she wants me to love her but she did not want to say it.

As I swept away by emotion, I came back into the kitchen and stood there for a moment. I told myself, 'What have I done? I hesitate? She could upset with me. All the time she did this to me and I can't do this without hesitation to make her happy. Alright whether her intention to make me happy or not, I am going to listen to her because I know she doing for the beat of me.' When I say this loudly to myself, my voice and my mind were quiet.

I feel glad because I know I am doing right and this is for mom. I put some oil and massage my cock for a moment. It didn't erect at all. It's kind of impossible. I kept on massaging and closed my eyes. I imagine mom's breast again. So near…my breath was close to her breast…as my lips too…I opened my mouth…near to her nipples…; I opened my eyes quickly. I was breathing heavily and took a deep breath.

'What has just happen?' I ask myself. I realize my real imagination went into fantasy. This new 'imagination' has brought another surprise. My cock is fully erect now. 'It can be.' I know to continue my masturbation; I need to continue my 'new' imagination.

The feeling sucking my mother nipples are totally is off the hook. I continued to imagination sucking mom's nipples. After a few minutes, I feel a rush and I cum again into the glass but this time the white fluid is little bit watery. I felt exhausted and looked into the glass again. My cum covers almost one-quarter of the glass. I wish I can do more but my head dizzy.

I quickly pulled up my pants and place the glass at the edge of the table as I walked out of the kitchen. I went straight down to the couch at the living room and lie down. Never knew what time is it, I dozed off. I felt a kiss on my cheek and I opened my eyes. Mom was there, kneeling down at the side of my head. She fiddled my hair with her right hand. 'Tired?' 'Never been like this in my life mom.' 'I saw the glass and I'm satisfied you did your best.' 'Thanks.

Where have you been?' 'I went to buy something. Look.' She turned around to a coffee table behind her and took some several DVD's. She handed over to me and I checked the cover. My guess some brand new movie; but no it isn't.

'You bought porn films?' I half screamed as I saw the naked girl on front cover. I fiddle the tape around and read through the title aloud. 'Sex love, the babysitter, Crime or love, super busty babes, Love tonight…mom you want me to watch it all lesbo babe eating cream out of asshole wish dear,' she said as she fiddled my hair more.

'You done enough mom, I don't need this.' 'You sure about it? I know you want to see it, that why I bought it.' The excitement to watch other people sexually really covers me but I don't know is this right for me or not. 'Take it. Your mom giving it man. Watch it without fear.' My voice says 'You told yourself you don't want to go far; anyway it's your choice.' My mind says contractedly 'Mom…' 'Yes dear.' she answers in soft voice. Her finger stopped fiddling long time but it stays on my hair.

'You watch porn before? 'No just experienced it.' She answers this time with sad tone I recognize. 'It's just that…it's kind of weird watching it all alone plus with you at home. You know this kind of personal thing.' 'You want me to go out when you watch it?' 'No… no…… I shouldn' asking you this but I appreciated if you accompany me.

Maybe… there will be some part of the scene you can explain…not all because some part…you know…we just went through it…' This is the first time mom laugh loudly. I glad I made that decision to ask her even the guilt of watching porn together control my feeling altogether.

'Alright…I'll be glad to help.' She says in a very sweet manner and stands up. She continued, 'You go and take a bath…I'll prepare the snack. We start watching in an hour. Okay hon.?' I was quite surprised when she calls me 'hon.'.

Did she accidentally say or she decided to change 'dear' to 'honey'. 'Honey' is a term usually fitted for a husband. Is she… I stopped my mind there and I decided to found it out later. I took my bath and put on my clean clothes. I went down the stairs and saw mom placing food trays on the table. Mom hands over the tapes and asks me to choose any title. 'I think Sex love would be good to watch first.' 'Why is on your mind?' 'I want to see where strong ness of love leads to.' 'You talk like an academician.' She says as she took on of the food tray that contain popcorn and sat down on 2-person couch beside me which is directly in front of the TV.

I took the remote and press play after I put the DVD into the player. 'This would be fun.' She suddenly places her right fingers on my zip and without looking at it as she exposed out my cock. Even tough my cock did not erect with this sudden action from mom, she kept on massaging it slowly. The title 'Sex love' appear on screen.

Mom and I did not say anything as I let her do whatever she wants. She placed the tray on her right upper thigh with her left hand picking out popcorn and put it in her mouth. I helped myself and the same weird feeling cast upon me as I watch the porno video.

A woman came into a bedroom in pajamas while the man lies down on a single-size bed with only his boxer. As the woman approach the man, she loses out her pajamas leaving her naked.

This is the second woman I'm seeing naked. She crawls into the bed. The man, who was lying on bed, sprang his head towards her busty breast and sucks her left nipple. The sexual relationship has started.

He put his right hand on her right breast and massages it while he sucks her left nipple. The woman calls out a moan. My cock began to erect slowly but never fully as I notice mom began to massage faster now. Her fingers now on my cock's balls. The man on video stops caressing and let go her breast. 'It's woman turn now.' Mom whispers to me.

I did not respond and continued watching. The woman pulled the man boxer which now he is still lying down. His cock measured nearly 9 inches sprang out and fully erect. The woman smiled and stroked his shaft slowly. 'I wonder if she can swallow it all.' I blurred out.

'Of she can dear. They practiced for this.' The woman plays a circle around the tip of his cock with her lips. 'Just like mom did.' I told myself.

Then she thrust her mouth till she covers nearly two inches from the tip. She thrust for almost twenty-minutes. 'Your mom won't take that long.' My voice says. I don't know whether I ashamed or agree with this kind of taught. 'You can't expect your mom do that long.' My mind again says contractually. Mom in other hand continues to massage and I looked at the time. It was 9.30p.m. The woman let go of the shaft and now changed her head position to lick the rest of the bottom shaft while her left hand grasp on his cock's tip.

Once in a while the camera would show the man's face expression; he will be closing his eyes and let out a soft moan. Suddenly the woman spit on his shaft. 'Mom…' 'Yeah?' 'Why did she do that? She spit? That kind of…' 'You see dear…' she close up her position and her head to me.' 'It's easier to lick then.

He doesn't mind as long the sensation continues.' As she finished her sentences she lies down her head on my shoulder. I felt comfortable because of course she is my mom. Nothing wrong with it. When the woman finished licking his cock, she lies down next to him and the man; now naked crawled and kneeled right in front of her vagina. She opened her legs and thigh as wide as she can as the man put his head closer to her vagina.

The camera goes closer and I could he is licking her shaved vagina as if it was an ice cream. The woman obviously led out stronger moan and deep breath. My cock was fully erect then and I could feel my fluid inside boiling; waiting to come out.

Mom notices this; her fingers were on my cock all the time. She quickly took out the remote and pressed pause. She put it down and looked at me. 'There, all ready for action.' 'What mom?' 'I was waiting for this you know.' She pulled me out of the couch with my cock still hanging out.

Then she pushes the couch that we sat till it hits the wall in front of her. There was a large gap now between the couch and the coffee table. 'Now' she says as she grasped her both hand loosely. 'Take off your pants.' 'Why?' I blurred out.

I did not know if I hurt her feelings but she stormed into the kitchen and out of my sight after the word came out of my mouth. After a few minutes, she came in with transparent glass; the one with my cum. She placed it on the coffee table and surprisingly she is still in cheerful mood judge by her face expression.

She looked at me ravishing model is displaying her gaped narrow vagina in close up with a hurrying mode she asks me to loose out my pants. 'Come on dear. You don't expect me to wait for you, do you?' with that she suddenly loose off her shirt and throw it to the corner of the wall exposing her bare breast. I stood there dumfounded with stella daniels in stockings gets a bbc eyes staring at her nipples.

My cock in other hand began to erect fully. ebony gf amilian kush enjoys big cock of boyfriend dear.

You got to learn a lot.' She says as she walked to me and undoes my pants. My breath surely touches her cleavage but she did not take notice that. Her head was hanging down covered with her black shiny hair, undoing my front button. She looked at to me and my pants fell down. My eyes staring to hers now. 'Now.' She says as she took her few steps behind and with her eyes steady on my half naked body.

Then the unexpected happen. She started to loose out her blouse and throw it to the side. My jay just dropped; I mean just to see my mom fully naked body. Her vagina is shaved clean. She pushed her hair at the back of the shoulders and sat down on the carpet floor on her buttocks and with her legs spread wide open.

Her hands were stretched out to the back to support her body 'Come here, hon.' I just followed to walk brunette czech milf deep fuck from eastern europe her until her hand grasped my shaft. She stroked it softly and merely massaging. 'All those watching make me a bit excited. Would you help me reduce it?' 'Why do you want me to reduce the excitement, its good right?' 'Oh, son you got to learn lots of thing. Now, how do you feel dear?' 'Not bad, I feel I ready to pump out.

Maybe I will milk blonde gets two whips on her hot ass your mouth later tonight.' 'Alright hon…' she says as she kiss the tip of my cock.' 'Mom, I think you love my cock more than I do.' 'Oh son, don't talk silly.' She laughed with her eyes still fixed. 'Now since you are full, I do think it will be okay if you cum out twice.' 'Alright, tell me what to do.' The feeling of adrenaline pumps in the weird feeling of excitement and 'don't care who she' taught fills in my mind.

At that moment I 'wanted' that sexual relationship fills my spine and bones. I could hold on any longer but I still bare in mind that I should not exceed the limits or react towards my own will. Without noticing, my cock is fully erected 'How do you feel now?' she asks as she let go of my cock and return to original position.

'Full, ready to do anything you want.anything for you mom.' 'You will feel great this time dear…trust me.' She stared me for a long time 'Cum as hard as you can dear…on my breast.' she cupped her both lower breast with her hand. 'Cum on you? I mean your breast?' At that moment I don't know how this will pleasure me. I stood there in silent before my inner voice starts. 'Come on man, you can see your naked mom down there. It will just like wetting her breast again only this time you will cum on her breast directly.' From that instant, I got my euphoria feeling.

I start stroke gently for few minutes with mom keep smiling while looking up to me. I couldn't feel the 'fullness' in my shaft to pour on mom breast. Mom is still patient with my slow and steadiness. 'Take your time, dear.' I did not say anything.

Time keeps on going and still it is hard for me to cum. 'Maybe the too much cumming in the morning could cause this.' I told myself. Then mom could not stand any longer. I could sense it in her eyes and the best part about it is; she knows how to make it fast-going without forcing the person or the situation itself.

'You need help dear?' mom asked as she pulled out my hand and gripped my shaft. 'Mom…emm…I don't know, it's kind of slow but I make it come. Don't worry.' 'You sure?' mom asked in a way such my feelings was over my senses. She starting to stroke slowly and she pull my body closer as by pulling the shaft until the tip of my cock near to her lips. 'Yeah…I'm sure.' 'Come down here.' I squat down as she let go my cock.

She cupped my both cheek with her both hands. 'It's okay, I understand. I'm going to fast is it?' 'No…it's just…' 'Go and bring the glass you cum in.' I stood up and took my steps toward the coffee table behind me. The steps took longer than it's seem with my mind was full of confusing thoughts.

'Did I just hurt my mom feelings? Is she not going to be happy? She will be back to normal and not be cheerful again.' I took the glass and immediately put it back. 'It's boiling hot.' I took the glass with two fingers carrying the mouth of the glass and walked towards mom very fast. I squatted down and let the glass placed on the floor. My thoughts now completely on the glass. 'Mom…why it's hot and what are you going to do?' 'Well, it's good for you to be interested.

I just taught you just lost your mood.' 'I'm fine.' Mom gives a smile and continued 'I warmed in the oven.' 'You what…' 'I just wanted to add to the sensation.' 'What sensation?' 'Well it will regain what you lost fast…' 'Mom…you got to cut out the suspense.' I said as I smile. 'Alright. Stand up now.' as she hands over the glass.

'Now are you ready?' She says with element of suspense in her voice. I was holding the glass do not care about the heat ness. 'Pour those cum all over my breast.' 'All of it.' 'Yes…slowly.' She says as she adjusted her position; she is sitting straight now with her hands on her tummy.

I poured out the cum as it flowed out slowly as it hit mom breast. 'Now. Slowly…all over my breast.' I move the glass to the side to let the cum hit every angle of her fully exposed breast. After a few moment the glass is empty except a little excess of cum. I shake it down to let it all out.

'Now dear…placed it on the coffee table.' I just follow whatever she say because my mind is what she will do next.

I realize at that moment my cock begin to erect fully. When I walk back to her, she was smiling and her position is again adjusted, with her hands stretched out to the back to support her leaned body. 'Come nearer.' I squatted down and pushed my body near to my mom; she stretched out her leg out and I walked near to her pussy. I kneeled down. Something was running through my mind and I wish to say it.

'Mom…' 'Yes dear.' 'I appreciate what you are doing for me. I mean you are naked showing your breast to your own son. I realize something mom. You trust me, you trust me that I would take advantage of you.

You want to have this great experience and I'm anime girl gets double penetrated lesbians hardcore it.' I was saying with my head low down a little looking at mom's body. My cum that I poured covers like a wet sticky fluid on her body. It covers her love creampie shy blonde teen gets a pounding from huge cock in casting, all over her breast and the excess of cum flows down her naval and down her pussy.

I looked up to mom and she gives this lovely look. The one she gives when she sees the truth and honesty behind my words. She suddenly sits up straight with her leg still stretched out. Her both hands holding each of my hand. 'Palm stretch out.' She says in very low voice. Kind of her whisper. 'You know dear, my body is full of this white lotion. Could you apply for me?' I realize what she is trying to say. My fully erected cock begins to hardening like it is going to blow.

'You sure mom. I don't know…what…to do.' My euphoria feeling starts back. 'You are going to touch a woman body. Now we are going somewhere.' My voice says 'No…let her go. This is out off the range. You are taking advantage…can't you see…open your eyes, man.' My mind suddenly was going against me.

Before I could decide anything, mom took her step that going to change my entire life after this. She places my each palm on each of her breast. The cum felt warm and sticky and did feels like lotion too. 'Now…dear…relax…relax…' she says as she moved around my palm slowly in a circle.

Barely moving. She moved my palm towards her neck and moved around till the back of her neck covering every part of her neck and her lover chin. My palms were bringing down to her breast and massage it for a minutes. She looked up without the massage motion stooping and closed her eyes. She let out a soft moan.

My cock is fully erected and without my knowledge I got so near to mom that the tip of my cock touches her naval. This sudden motion stops mom from her action. She stops moaning and stops holding my hand. As she look down to my cock she let go of my hands. With my palm still on mom breast, I took out my palms too. I looked at my sticky palms and ignore whatever mom thinking. 'It's late.' She says after she glanced the clock wall 'Yeah.' I looked at mom and see her tired face.

'I am sure that you are not sleeping tonight well.' I kind of blur at that moment. 'You forgot. I mean look at cock. It's stiff.' 'Yeah.' I knew what to do. I stood up with my mom still in her position. 'I am going to cum, mom. Is it okay with you?' 'Of course dear.' Suddenly a taught came in. 'I need to wash my hand first.' As I was turning around, she stooped me. 'It's okay dear.

Just cum with your like that. Nothing wrong. Besides it will take a long time to wash those sticky bits.' I looked at mom's naked and sticky body when say that. 'Guess how long it will take to wash that?' I forget that question in my head and looked at the time. 'Yeah…it's 11.30p.m. It's late.' 'Mom' I say with a low voice. I came nearer to mom with her head fully projecting upwards.

She did not close her eyes. 'Yes…son.' 'Whatever I do mom, I am doing it for you and me.' 'I know son, I know.' With that I project the tip of my cock at the center of her mouth. I started to stroke gently when she suddenly spoke out. 'Son…' I stopped for a moment. 'Yes.' 'When you feel it is going to blow…do not stroke it faster…maintain the same speed.

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It will hard for you to control but at least give it a try. Okay?' 'Sure mom but why?' 'I will tell you later. I promise.' I could not find a reason for what she just said. She returns to open her mouth wide and I started to stroke my shaft slowly. Then a little bit faster. I could feel the fluid in my veins boiling up and ready to blow but it need faster stroking.

It's kind of hard to maintain the same momentum but I know mom say this for my goodness. So I continue without hesitation. The fluid only boiling in me but not coming out. 'This comes for a catalyst.' I told myself as I picture mom naked breast. Her soft skin…her nipples. It worked. My fluid suddenly rushes to the tip of my mushroom. 'Mom…ready or not…' The cum flowed out a little faster and more.

All my cum when directly into my mom mouth. After all went in, I look at my cum which covers half of her mouth. She stood still with her head projecting upwards. Then slowly she grabs my shaft at the end of pubic hair and thrust my tip of cock into her mouth opening. I don't even really know what she will do next. With sudden reaction, she adjusted head forward and start thrusting her mouth back and forth on my cock.

All my cum she held in her mouth is now on my cock. The excess start dribbling out of her side of the mouth even as I realize she is trying her best to hold it. A whisper type squeaking sounded as she thrust back and forth comfortably. It seem she really enjoying it and doesn't seem to care she is sucking her own son's cock. She holds both of my hand with her eyes still kept forward and thrusting. She held my hands at back of her hair and let it go. Now the scenario feels like as if I pulling my mother's head towards my cock.

She thrusting faster and faster which my feeling getting intense and better. I could sense myself pushing her head towards me. I really don't want to do that and let my mom have her choice of what she wanted to do with my sexual parts. That all I need to practice.

I let go of my hands and again my fluid rushed up to the tip and exploded in her mouth. I could feel she swallowed it after she starts licking my shaft for a few minutes. 'How do you feel, dear?' mom as she trying to catch her breath.

'Better than ever.' I could not find a better answer for this. 'Really?' she stood up slowly. I could see her full body much more covered in dry and wet cum. When I exploded twice in her mouth, the cum shook off from her mouth which covered large area around her lips nearly too her nostrils.

'You should feel tired now. Go on now. I need get this mess out.' She looked at her body and back smiling to me. 'Alright mom. Thanks for everything.' 'Thanks to you, son.

Good night.' 'Good night.' As I turned around to staircase. The doorbell suddenly rang. A female voice behind that incredible sex with a curvy babe big butt and bigtits seem want us to answer the call quickly.

I and mom stood dumbfounded. We are both naked and I don't know what to do. I quickly put on my jeans and walk towards the door. Without my shirt on, I opened the door… To be continued… For the second part, it will be tripling bizarre so wait for the sequel.