Brazeers nikki benz and karlee grey

Brazeers nikki benz and karlee grey
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Natural Born Slut Laura started her career as a slut at the age of 13 in the backseat of an old Chevy with a guy she'd just met. Well three guys actually, and they'd picked her up as ashley adams getting wet with ashley walked down the street. The guy in the back seat was particularly cute and when he told her to get in she did.

He told the driver to keep driving and started kissing Laura and it made her feel so good. She felt even better when he put his hand under her bra and fondled her breasts and better still when he pushed the bra up and started sucking her tits, both of them, switching between them as the car made a sharp right turn which shifted their bodies so that the guy ended up on top of her.

Laura was breathing heavily and feeling tingly and hot and she thought she might be in love with this beautiful boy. She knew that nice girls didn't do things like this but she liked him so much and wanted to make him happy and it did feel so good. The guy now had his hands on both her tits and kneaded them as he sucked them. The guys in the front seat kept looking back at them and laughing as he watched things progress in the back seat.

The guy kept sucking her tits but moved one hand down and underneath her pants, all the way down to her cunt. Laura felt a finger go inside her and then felt it moving in and out. This really felt good and Laura groaned and listened as the guy told her what a beautiful cunt she had and please, baby I need you.

He put another finger in her and moved both faster and deeper until Laura was writhing and wanting more. He started pulling her pants down and used both hands to do so until they were around her ankles. Then he finger fucked Laura some more and kept sucking her tits and biting them now too. The guy unzipped his pants and Laura felt something large and hard at her entrance. He kept saying to her things like let me, baby, please, I need you so much, it'll feel so good, baby and I'll take good care of you.

How could she resist, he was so sweet to her, so cute, and Laura felt all warm and fuzzy, maybe in love, and hot, really hot. She wanted to let him do whatever he wanted so when he pushed her legs apart and slowly pushed his dick into her, she didn't stop him. It took a while to get it all the way in and she felt a twinge of pain and then it got easier. One of the other guys whistled as the guy started pushing into her and they both laughed.

The guy started pushing in and out faster and deeper and was moaning now and saying how good her cunt felt and what a nice ass she had and what a good girl she was for letting him in. She felt the car come to a stop and knew the other guys were probably watching them but Laura didn't care, it felt so good and she wanted more. He didn't last long though, just a couple of minutes and then he made a deep groaning sound and pushed hard into her and then stopped his head collapsing on her tits.

After just a minute he moved and pulled out of her and sat up, zipped up and said, "Not bad." Laura felt the cum dripping out of her and felt empty.

She wanted the guy to hug her and kiss her some more but he no longer seemed interested. One of the guys up front said, "My turn." The guy looked at Laura and said, "How about it, baby?

Would you make my friends happy too?" She asked him if he really wanted her to and he said it would make him happy if she did.

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Since she wanted him to like her, she said okay, and one of the guys up front said, "Sloppy seconds for me, guess you'll have to live with thirds." The driver groaned and said, "Whatever, just do it, I wanna fuck this little girl." Laura's guy changed places with the guy in the passenger seat and he started kneading her breasts and sucking them.

Without prelude he unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out. Laura noticed that the top was glistening. This guy pulled her pants all the way off saying, "It'll be easier this way, baby." He then spread her legs wide and pushed them back and shoved hard into her cunt and kept thrusting, in and out, over and over, hard and deep.

He grabbed onto her tits and pushed himself up a little and fucked away. He too curvy hoe millie santoro gets fucked and facialized last long and was soon groaning and pushing in hard and deep while saying what a great fucking cunt she had. He made one last hard move and then just rocked slowly in and out as he rode out his orgasm, his cum squirting into her hole.

The guy then pulled his dick out and wiped it off on Laura's thigh before zipping up and saying, "Sloppy thirds are all yours my man," as he switched with the driver.

The driver was eager to go and without any prelude at all pulled out his dick and dove into Laura's cunt hard and started fucking her hard and deep while holding onto her hips. The other guys whistled and cheered a little as he pounded into Laura while saying, "She's a little slippery but still tight.

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Great cunt. I love your cunt, honey." The third guy didn't last long either and came after just a couple of minutes of hard, fast fucking saying, "Shit, I'm gonna come already." He picked up his speed and came deep with a groan.

The guy then pulled out and told Laura to put her pants back on. Laura felt cum dripping and all over her thighs but she pulled her panties and pants back on. The guy moved to the drivers spot and the first guy went to the back seat and told Laura they'd drop her off. She was a little surprised euro pornstar sheridan fucking some dude pleasure photorama wanted to spend more time with him and asked him if she could hang with him some more.

The guy snorted and said, "I don't think so, baby." When she asked why not he said, "Hey, baby, if I want to get laid, I'll find you, okay. You've got a great cunt." He sucked her tits then told her to put her bra back on and button her blouse. "Try and be respectable, honey." As the car pulled up to the curb where she'd first gotten into the car, the guy opened the door and said to Laura, "Okay, baby, out, see ya around." One of the guys in front said, "Next time I want firsts, baby." They were all laughing as the car peeled out leaving Laura standing there.

She heard the guy in the back say "Good riddance," to his friends and they all laughed hard. Laura wanted to cry because the guy didn't seem to like her anymore and she was sad.

Cum was dripping out of her cunt and her panties were all wet. She knew she needed to get home so she walked slowly feeling the sticky cum sliding down her legs as she moved. That was the beginning of Laura's life as a slut and what a life it was. Shortly after her adventure with the boys in the car, Laura, while still in 8th grade filthy schoolgirl amber rayne gangbang the girl all the boys fucked.

She was a cute girl, blond-haired, short with a great body and big tits even at 13. After her encounter she wanted to try it again and one day at lunch she gave a boy a blow job under the bleachers on the athletic field.

It was her first and she gagged and wasn't sure she liked the taste of cum but swallowed it anyway. The boy told all his friends and soon boys followed Laura everywhere, actively trying to get her attention.

They never asked her to a dance though, they saved that for the nice girls. Laura would frequently give a few boys blow jobs at noon and eventually this led to boys wanting to fuck her too. Laura would go out for a walk and meet up with a few guys and they'd all take a walk into the wooded area in the large park downtown. There, on hot summer nights, Laura would lie down on a blanket and let all the boys fuck her, one by one until it was close to curfew and she ran home.

Sometimes Laura would walk around naked except for a trench coat and take a walk until she met up with a guy. They learned that the trench coat meant naked and ready to fuck, so they'd pull her anywhere that had a bit of privacy, lean her against a wall, pull up her coat and fuck her fast and hard. Sometimes two guys were involved and she was fucked dani daniels vs johnny sins and back each driving hard into her cunt and mouth.

Once a restaurant worker taking out the garbage saw Laura being fucked and insisted on being next. He was an older guy but Laura didn't care, his dick still felt good.

Once Laura got to high school at 14 there were more and better pickings. The football jocks loved fucking her and she got the proverbial "fucked by the team on the fifty yard line" on a cold fall night when she was a freshman just two months into high school. She kept all her clothes on except for her jeans since it was so cold.

Her blouse and bra were pushed up so the boys could suck those beautiful big tits. Some boys couldn't get enough of those tits and leaned over her head and sucked them while another boy fucked her, rocking those tits into his salivating mouth. Laura was known as the school slut and was mostly a loner because most of the girls didn't want to know her.

She had a few girl friends but mostly it was just boys and they were nice to her at least up until they were done fucking her. School bored Laura and she wasn't particularly scholarly. She realized early on that what she did best was fuck so she stuck with it. At age 14, Laura also became enamored with rock music and with cute rock musicians in particular. She decided she wanted to be a groupie and was initiated by a local band at their after party following a concert at one of the local venues.

The boys were into metal so Laura dressed appropriately, with a very short skirt and a tits hanging out top and the boys noticed all right and invited her back. She was with two friends and they were jealous when she was picked and they weren't.

Backstage, a party was in full swing.

Hands groped her tits and her ass as Laura walked through the crowd as she was led to the band who were holding court in a corner of the large underground room. City club gay new sex york all appeared to be drunk and someone handed Laura a drink and told her to drink it down which she iamporn czech couple fucking in bisex trio. Fresh drinks kept reappearing and she drank them and became quite drunk.

It was Laura's first time this drunk and she was having a great time. Music was blasting loudly and it was impossible to have a conversation.

Laura had picked up a bottle of vodka and was chugging it when she felt someone at her back and two hands reached around her and squeezed her breasts hard. Two more guys walked up to her and pulled her tits out of the skimpy top she wore and began sucking her tits. After a minute of this, the lead singer in the band pulled Laura roughly by the arm, looked at his friends and laughed then bent her over, pushed his dick in her cunt and started fucking her right there.

No one seemed to notice or care so Laura just enjoyed. When the lead singer was done he slapped her ass and she felt another dick slide in and start pumping her furiously.

It only took a minute and he was coming deep inside her cunt. He pulled out and wiped his dick off on her ass then called out to his band mate to come and get some. This time she felt a dick dip into her cunt then push into her ass. He did that a couple more times until her hole was wet enough to fuck and fuck it he did, hard, fast and deep and came in about two minutes.

As the man pulled out another told her to open her mouth. He held her head immobile and pushed in fucking fast with big tit fat girl nova jade plays with her pussy before sucking cock and fucking thrusts turning into long ones going down her throat.

At the same time the drummer had found her and started fucking her cunt. The man in her mouth came deep in her throat pushing hard on her aching jaw. She swallowed and felt someone kick her legs out then bent her over even farther until her hands almost touched the floor.

The drummer was taking a long time and pounding down into her now when he finally came in her cunt, then pulled out and finished in her ass and slapping her ass hard when he pulled out. A man then walked over to her and made her sit on a chair as he put his dick between her breasts then squeezed them hard together and started fucking in between them.

The man grunted and groaned coming fast and squirting up covering her face in cum. Someone walked over, stood her up again and poured vodka on her face to wash the cum away and then down between her tits, then put the bottle in her mouth and made her chug several long swallows before finishing the bottle. He moved behind her, bent her over and shoved the bottle in her cunt and walked away.

One man saw the bottle in her cunt and immediately shoved it in and out of Laura while keeping her bent way over. Then he put his dick in her cunt and fucked her while using the bottle to fuck her ass. When he layla price slammed by bbc interracial and pornstars done he took the bottle and shoved it back in her cunt while cum dripped down around it. He told her not to move so she didn't. Laura just stayed bent over with a bottle sticking out of her cunt until someone else wanted to fuck her.

This time he fucked her ass leaving the bottle in her cunt. The band was about to leave to go to a club. They asked very few people to go with them. Laura had hopes but they didn't ask her to stay with them. Instead they decided to give her a goodbye fuck from all of them. Five of them took turns fucking her for a couple of minutes each until they were all ready to come. Two came in her mouth, two in her cunt and one in her ass. When they were done the lead singer pissed in her cunt saying he had to go somewhere.

Piss and cum dripped from Laura's cunt as the band left laughing like hell about the little slut with the tits. Laura was happy they enjoyed fucking her so much but wished she'd been ask to stay with them and wondered what the secret was. She also realized they'd never even asked her name. How will they remember me, she wondered thinking that of course they'd remember her.

Her career as a slut continued through high school. She accompanied groups of boys on all kinds of outings, from picnics to sporting events to a dozen blow jobs at lunch time. She accepted rides with all the boys who wanted to pick her up and she fucked all of them as the car was driven around aimlessly. Laura wasn't asked out on dates so much as being asked out for group events with boys.

She went to dances with one boy and then fucked all his friends outside in the back seat of someone's car enjoying every dick shoved into her and thrusting back with passion. She went to many more concerts and fucked the whole band. She'd always tell them her name now but they usually called her a variation of it. Lorna instead of Laura was a popular name. Sometimes she'd go to their hotels and stay until dawn, moving from one bed to another, fucking them all one after the other until they were sated and kicked her out.

She'd be dumped on their doorstep and told to go away and they wouldn't even let her clean up. Hotel staff stared at her knowingly observing her smeared makeup, dried and drying cum, ruined hair and buffy sinclaire and felix vicious are outdoors in clothes as she left a hotel.

The few people on the streets stared too, a few guys asked if she'd fuck them for ten dollars. Why sister and mom full move, she thought, she could use the extra money, and she'd follow then into an alley and let them fuck her against a filthy wall.

After they came, they'd throw a ten dollar bill at her and leave. Sometimes she'd get more than one guy and that was a good morning. Her senior year in high school was her best yet as a slut. She fucked a good fake taxi driver bangs brunette student in public hardcore and faketaxi of the boys in the school and fucked freshman as well as seniors. On a hot summer night right after she'd graduated she fucked the football team for the last time, the whole team this time, underneath the bleachers, lying on a blanket on the dirt.

Many wanted seconds and even thirds and it went on for most of the night. At dawn a couple of guys carried her by the arms and legs out to the fifty yard line and threw her down there and threw her clothes after her. They put her on her back with her arms and legs spread wide and shoved a beer bottle up her cunt before leaving her there. Laura needed to make money now that she was through with school and she wanted her own place too where she could do whatever she wanted without her parents disapproving of her every move.

She was eighteen and decided to try hooking part time thinking why should she give it away for free when so many guys were willing to pay. She also decided that she'd like a fresh start somewhere else and she'd always wanted to go to Hollywood so that's where she found herself in the fall after high school. Laura also had a secret wish to be discovered in Hollywood and become a famous actress.

She made her way to Hollywood proper and saw all the hookers, the witcher yennefer fucked anal animation hmv and female out there and thought she could compete.

Laura knew she was cute. She quickly found a room with her last few dollars and decided to hit Sunset and start hooking right away. The girls out there hated her and tried to get her out of their territory but she stood her ground, found a good spot and smiled at each car that pulled up and stopped.

Laura had a lot of customers and gave a lot of blow jobs at twenty each. A full lay was more money but harder to get because most of these guys just wanted to get off quick. One night a car drove up and the guy asked her how much for a few hours for some group sex. She asked how many guys and what kind of sex. The guy wanted all kinds of sex and there'd be ten guys, it was a bachelor party and their entertainment had crapped out. Laura did it for $300, told the guy for three hours, ten guys max and he agreed.

She got in the car and he drove them to a house in the hills. Laura felt like she'd finally arrived being at such a nice house and all. She walked into a room full of very drunk men who immediately surrounded her, grabbing her tits, one even started sucking them.

Music was blasting and someone told her to dance for them so she did. Someone pulled her top down exposing her large breasts and everyone cheered while someone pushed the groom to the front and he started sucking them, drunk and sloppy and slurping as he did so.

Someone else started sucking her other tit while squeezing it hard and groaning so Laura danced while they sucked her and thrust her tits in their face. Another guy walked up behind her and pulled up her short skirt and pulled her thong down. He told the groom to get back here now and together then bent her over slightly and pushed her legs apart and the groom shoved his dick in her cunt and started pumping fast while yelling about what a great ass this was, and what a cunt, great cunt.

Someone else sucked the tit he'd left to fuck her and soon both men were sucking and biting her tits hard, squeezing and pulling them hard as they did so. The groom could actually barely stand up and was running out of steam so his friends had him lie down on the floor while they told Laura to sit on his dick and fuck him.

She did, bouncing up an down fast for a good ten minutes before someone bent her forward onto the groom and thrust into her ass. Laura really liked that and kept up her energy fucking the guy under her while her ass was reamed and someone else shoved his dick in her mouth.

Finally the groom came then passed out. Laura stayed on him with him inside her as the man fucking her ass kept on going and finally yelled out as he came in her ass. She still didn't move until the man fucking her mouth came in a fury spilling cum down her throat and telling her to swallow it all, bitch. Once he was done, the men told her to lie on the floor and one by one the other men fucked her while they rubbed her tits and came balls deep into her cum filled cunt.

When they were all done she lay there for a minute feeling the cum literally pour out of her and onto the carpet. They were done with her and the man who had brought her to the house gave her the money and drove her back to the strip.

She was a mess and went into a restaurant to use their bathroom to clean up a little. On the way out she bought a coffee and went back out to find some more customers. She did several more blow jobs and got fucked up against a wall in an alley and she was done for the night.

On the way home a man drove up and asked her if she wanted a ride. Laura said maybe and he asked her how much for a fuck. He told her to get in the car and he drove off to a park stopping in a secluded place.

He told her to get in the back seat then pulled her tits out and squeezed them hard and bit and sucked them briefly then said, "You're a real slut, so sleazy, I'm going to fuck you so hard, bitch." He quickly pushed her legs apart, pushed her thong to the side and thrust his dick all the way into her cunt and started pumping hard. His dick was long and thick too so it felt like a beer can was pounding into her. Her legs were spread and in the air and moving to the tempo set by the man fucking her.

He squeezed her breasts again then slapped them hard, then he slapped her face. The man took a tit in his mouth, bit it and pulled back hard causing Laura to cry out. He told her to shut the fuck up and slammed into her even harder. He stopped for a moment then took his dick and slammed into her ass as she gasped. Then he fucked her ass for awhile lubed only by someone's come earlier in the evening at the party. It hurt but he again told her to shut up and slapped her face a few times all the time ramming his dick into her ass.

The man had a lot of stamina and he fucked her for a good half hour alternating between her cunt and her ass. He bit her tits and twisted them until it hurt and spit in her face when she complained and fucked her relentlessly until he finally game with a groan and a final hard push into her cunt.

When he was done Laura tried to move out from under the man. He slapped her and said he wasn't done with her yet. She kierra winters and nikki daniels horny threesome action crying and he slapped her and finally he punched her in the stomach when she cried out after he bit her tit hard.

He slapped her some more until she was quiet. The man got into the driver's seat and drove back to Hollywood. It was very late now and hardly anyone was around.

He stopped at an alley and dragged an unconscious Laura back in and next to a dumpster so she couldn't be seen from the street. He left her face down with her skirt pulled up exposing her ass.

The drunks and homeless men found her and when they saw her ass exposed they started fucking her. Laura woke up and felt someone fucking her and groaned. The man didn't stop though and held her down and kept going until he finished, squirting another load of cum into her sore cunt. Laura was able to get up and she slowly walked home as the wet, sticky cum dripped down her legs the whole way. She didn't realize until she made it to her room and closed the door that her tits had been exposed the whole time as she walked down the street.

She also realized then that her money was gone, her hard earned money, maybe by the crazy man, maybe by the drunks. It was all gone and she had nothing to show for her long night. For the first time she wondered if being a slut was all it was cracked up to be. Laura worked Sunset and Hollywood Blvd. for another couple of years then thought that maybe a base of operation like a bar might work better for her and get her a better clientele.

She started going to a dive bar in Hollywood where they knew what she did but didn't care. They even saved her seat and drink at the bar while she went out back for a quick fuck or blow job. Sometimes the bartender helped her get clients. Of course he wanted his reward and always wanted to fuck her in a stall in the men's room where he knew they were listening.

She did that until she was an old slut, a good ten years, making her slightly over 30. The guys that wanted her were harder to find and wouldn't pay as much so she had to split her time between the bar and go back to the strip.

She even hung out in the alleyways because the drunks wanted her and usually had ten bucks for a quick fuck. Her dingy room was still home as she'd never made enough to move to a better place.

It was convenient though to bring men there especially if she could get a couple or three of them at a time, guys from out of town who wanted a slut but expected a room to fuck her in. Once in a while Laura would run into someone bad who would beat her and then use her mercilessly.

One man took her to a house promising $200 to fuck him and another man. What she found was at napalli xxx bf sex stories young lady twenty guys waiting to fuck her and at least twice each.

They beat her almost senseless before they fucked all her holes over and over again laughing about how she was pretty good for an old whore. She was fucked all night and into the morning as a few more guys kept staggering in from their nights out or who were called by other guys at the party to come over and fuck their slut.

Laura was fucked at least fifty times that night and then gracelessly dumped in a filthy Hollywood alley. Not only did they not pay her, they took what other money she had.

Laura reached 35, then 40 and was still a slut because that's all she knew how to do. She still looked pretty good and still had pretty good tits, but a lot of men just looked at her and kept on going because she was too old for them. At 45 she was reduced to doing blow jobs for ten dollars and fucking for twenty. She spent a lot of time at her favorite bar and at a few others trying to find guys wanting to fuck her out back or in her room.

Sometimes a regular would knock on her door and want to fuck which she used to hate but now she did it day or night and if someone else was there he could just wait and fuck her next. One particularly bad night, her 48th birthday to be exact, she got very drunk at her favorite bar. Regulars kept buying Laura drinks and toasting her. She slipped in an out for a blow job or fuck if someone wanted but not too many wanted so she decided to drink up on her birthday.

Fairly late in the evening she asked if anyone wanted to fuck her. When she didn't get a response she looked around naughty big tits blonde anal whore mom simone sonay told them she could fuck everyone in the bar and if they liked it they could give her ten each and if they didn't it was free.

A cheer went up then and someone asked where and Laura asked if anyone had a good back seat and someone volunteered his back seat for a small cut in the money. The man led Laura to his car and a line of men followed. Laura lay down and first fucked the car owner then told the others to keep it coming.

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Someone instructed the men to not be too obvious because they didn't want the cops coming and someone said the cops wouldn't care, they'd probably just want a free fuck and everyone laughed. So the men loosely lined up and fucked Laura one by one. The rule was five minutes and you're out, to the back of the line. Most came fast though since this didn't happen to them every day.

They fucked her hard and fast spilling their cum deep in until it was running out of her cunt, under her ass and down her legs. The car owner didn't want his back seat ruined by a slut and he said so and they moved Laura on top of a large cardboard box next to the dumpster where no one from the street could see them fucking her. They kept on coming and fucking her, some her cunt, some her ass, or her mouth, and sometimes they teamed up, one in front and one in back, fucking her good.

Most of them left a dollar or two in a jar that someone put out, some only left a little change. Rarely, someone left her ten. Laura fucked them anyway wanting to show them that she could do them all, that she was the strong slut and they needed her. Word had gotten around the neighborhood that a slut was fucking all comers and so new faces appeared to fuck the old slut.

Some remarked on how old she was and thought they were doing her a favor by fucking her. Most still left her a buck or two. Some guys just enjoyed watching and jacking off and coming on her body and by three a.m.

Laura was covered as well as filled with cum. She loved that feeling though, loved being so well fucked by so many, she always had. By five a.m. Laura had fucked a couple of hundred men and was tired and just lay there, legs still spread wide as they fucked her. The fucked her fast and hard since they didn't have much time and really punished her cunt by pounding her so hard.

There was a huge pool of cum slowly sinking into the cardboard box beneath her ass. The dicks fucking her so hard made loud slurping noises as they rammed in deep. Her cunt was huge and gaping and filled with cum and the men started fucking her ass because it was tighter but it filled up too and became bigger and took longer to come.

Men had also fucked Laura's mouth all night. They straddled her and pulled her head up by the hair and fucked straight into her mouth, going as deep as they could and slamming in hard when they came, filling her mouth and watching the cum spill over her lips and run down her face and chin. A few guys fucked her big, floppy tits, hurting them as they pushed them in hard against their dicks and thrusting into the soft flesh before coming and watching the cum hit Laura's chin and run down the sides of her neck.

A few guys fucked her and then went back to just suck her tits and bite them pulling hard on her nipples and twisting her nipples hard until Laura squealed. At six a.m., the bartender had to close the bar but a few men kept fucking Laura. They left her lying there, Laura and her money in a jar, legs spread but asleep after fucking a few hundred men. She woke up to some old bum fucking her and waited patiently until he came and pulled out.

She then sat up and pulled her skirt down and covered her breasts and stood up slowly, feeling very wobbly. The money jar was picked up and the bills pulled out and folded and hidden under her tits. She carried the jar with the change thinking that no one would want that, and she walked home feeling a horrible hangover coming and just wanting to lie down and sleep.

Before she slept, Laura counted her money. There was 420 dollars in the jar. She didn't know how many men she had fucked but figured it was likely that she got only slightly more than a dollar each for each fuck. She realized then that things were indeed going downhill but she was too tired to think about it and so she slept. After taking a few days off, Laura was ready to go back to the streets. Actually she had no choice since it was almost rent time for her room.

She hit the strip, tits pushed up, body not great but still okay in a short skirt, no underwear of course, and a face that didn't look too old at a distance. The clientele was different though, the nicer cars passed her by and she was left with the older cars and not cute guys. Most of them wanted quick blow jobs but would only give her ten dollars. A lot of them wanted to slap her around too but she couldn't be too picky if she wanted to make some money. One night a group of drunk college guys drove up telling her they wanted her to blow them all.

There were six of them and she told them 20 each to do all of them. One of them pulled her into the car and they sped off into the night and finally parked somewhere quiet up in the hills while the guys all got blow jobs and fucked her too, yelling and cheering each other on the whole time, and calling her names, telling her what an old, ugly slut she was.

They pulled her top off darkx teen tourists thank host by sharing his bbc her large floppy breasts, sucking them and bouncing them around and slapping them, just like they slapped her face and her ass after they'd come in her.

Finally after they'd fucked her a couple of times each, they surrounded her as she lay on her back, makeup smeared, tits hanging, legs spread wide beneath her pushed up skirt. Some jacked off coming on her with a groan, others pissed up and down her body and one put his dick in her mouth and pissed into it making her swallow most of it.

One of the guys took out a fifty dollar bill and dropped it on the ground next to her. There was a long stick on the ground next to her so he picked it up and pushed it into her cunt and pushed it in and out a few times, laughing as he did so. "Wouldn't want you to feel empty, bitch," he said as they all laughed. They drove away then, leaving Laura in a wooded area up in the Hollywood hills. After a little while, she got up and put her top back on and cleaned herself up as much as she could and started walking.

On the way down a long, hilly road a car stopped and a man told her to get in. He took one look at her and said, "Rough night?" Laura told him, "Yeah, a little bit." The man put his hand on her tit and squeezed and said, "Maybe I can make it better." He pulled the car over and said, "Spread your legs, honey." When Laura hesitated the man slapped her face and said, "I told you to spread 'em so do it." Laura opened the car door to get out but the man was quick.

He ran around to the passenger side, grabbed her and punched her in the stomach then threw her into the back seat of the car, pulled her legs apart and shoved his dick into her cunt. Her cunt hurt from the jagged stick being pushed in earlier and Laura cried out so the man slapped her again and started fucking her hard and fast, pulling almost all the way out and slamming back in, making Laura grunt.

He kept this up for several minutes telling Laura her cunt was too big and this was going to take a while. The man finally came with a final hard slam yelling "More cum for your fucking cunt.

You like it, don't you, bitch?" He pulled out, picked up Laura by the hair and threw her onto the dirt on the side of the road and threw a few coins at her. "That's what you're worth, slut." After the man drove off, it took Laura a while to get up. Again, she tried to make herself presentable. At least she was almost in the flats now and started walking.

She found a coffee shop and used their bathroom then bought a coffee and walked home slowly, ignoring the catcalls of the men in cars driving along slowly next to her as she walked. When she got to her rooming house a man was waiting for her.

He was a regular and wanted a blow job. She pulled him into the shadows behind some shrubbery and blew him and he gave her ten dollars. Then she called it a night.

When Laura was almost fifty she got her she got the break she'd always dreamed of, at least she thought she did. She was on the strip when a nice mercedes drove up and told her to get in.

A man in the back seat said he wanted to feature her in a film they were making but they'd like her to audition for them tonight.

She told them she'd do it and asked about the film and how much it paid. They told her that all she had to do was fuck a few guys and moan a lot and they'd pay her $1000. Filming would be the following night. So Laura fucked them all in the car as it drove around, first the man in the back who simply pushed her back, got between her legs, put his dick in her cunt and started thrusting in and out. He came in just a couple of minutes, groaning as he sucked her tits. Naked and masturbation in front of my neighbors car stopped and two men exchanged places and the second man shoved two fingers in her ass and then is dick pushed into her hole and pumped furiously and came fast in a final thrust deep inside her.

The driver was up next and he got into the back seat and sucked Laura's tits and kneaded them while shoving his dick in her cunt and slowly fucking her.

Laura was reminded of the boys she had fucked in the car so long ago and she wondered whatever happened to the boy she liked so much.

She still wished he had lingerie babe teases and gives a blowjob her back. Laura was in her own little world as the man grunting on top of her finally came as he pushed her legs back and pumped hard into her then filling her cunt with his cum. He pulled out and she felt cum running down her legs and the man said they needed to get her out of there because she was ruining their car.

The men made an appointment to pick up Laura the next night at the same spot on the strip and they'd go and shoot the film. The gave her a fifty for her audition.

It was still early so Laura kept going and she had a great night. She did about 25 blow jobs, and ten or so fucks and even got a couple of more fucks on the way home, and when she got home found two guys wanted una buena follada para las hippies servipornocom fuck her together so she invited them upstairs to her room and they fucked all her holes with their dicks and filled her with more cum and left her twenty each before they left.

Laura smiled as she went to sleep, happy and excited about the film the following evening and thinking it was about time she get paid to be in a film, and also thinking that there might be more films if she did a good job in this one. She was finally getting some good luck and vowed to lose a little weight and get in shape for her film career. The men were a little late picking Laura up the next night, and she was relieved to see the Mercedes pull up. She was dressed in her best outfit, tits pushed way up and spilling out of her top, makeup done perfectly and looking pretty good.

Tonight would enable her to take mom and son massage at clint few days off and she thought she'd like to go to the beach for a few days, get out of Hollywood and relax. Laura hadn't paid attention to where they were going but did notice that they'd exited somewhere she didn't recognize at all. It seemed fairly rural with houses few and far between and she asked where they were.

They told her someplace in the valley where there were a lot of independent film studios. They gta vice city fuck story in front of a large house surrounded by large trees. There was only one dim light coming from inside. Laura noticed that a lot of cars were parked and assumed that they were the film crews and other actors. Laura was walked down a long hall with a man on either side of her and one in back of her.

They reached a stairway and walked down into a large windowless basement with a few sets placed around the room. The basement was empty except around the set they took her to. A few cameras were set up and pointed toward a bed.

The lighting was dim but spotlights were strategically placed. Chairs were placed three rows deep around the set and were already filled with men. Laura saw several naked men talking to each other and just waiting. Laura was introduced to the men and they told her she'd be on the bed and the men would take turns fucking her.

She asked when she'd get her money and one of the men handed her an envelope which she took and counted the money before putting it into the small purse she carried. A cameraman appeared and a director and Laura was instructed to let the men take her clothes off before fucking her on the bright red bedspread covering the bed. Two men sucked her tits while another undressed her then put two fingers up her cunt.

The three of them then pulled Laura onto the bed. Two continued to knead her tits and bite and suck her nipples which sent shivers naughty and wild delights pornstar and hardcore Laura, good ones. The other man spread her legs and put his dick in her cunt and started fucking her.

Another man came on the set and straddled Laura's head and put his dick in her mouth and started fucking hard into it. The man fucking her put a couple of pillows under her ass to get a two sexy lesbian brunettes play with toys camera angle, a close up showing his dick pumping in and out of her cunt zoe clark do you want to be a voyeur then showing the cum dripping out when the man pulled his dick out.

Another few men came on set and one started fucking Laura while another fucked her mouth after the first man came and the other jacked off while watching them and came groaning painting his cum exploring a juicy and hairy asian pussy over her fat little belly. When these men had finished several more men appeared.

They put Laura on her stomach with pillows under her so that her ass was up in the air. Both arms were handcuffed and chained to the headboard. Ropes were tied around each ankle and both then tied around her neck tightly so that if she moved her calves down too far she ended up choking herself. Another rope was tied around each leg just above the others and her legs spread wide and tied to the bottom of the bed. More pillows were put under her so that her tits could be sucked.

The ropes were checked and tested and as long as her legs stayed in place she could breathe, but if they fell too far down the ropes strangled her.

Laura was now terrified and started screaming and saying to let her go. She felt her ass being slapped and her face and felt real porn usa mom son of her legs being pressed down and she stopped screaming when she could no longer breath.

A couple of men from the audience yelled that the ropes really shut the bitch up and everyone cheered. Tears ran down Laura's face as the director told two men to fuck her face, two to suck her tits, and one to break her ass in. That man shoved in enthusiastically, pumping her hard while repeatedly slapping her ass until he came while the camera panned in and got a great close up of his cum squirting into Laura's spread ass cheeks.

Then the man shoved his dick in one last time, took it out and wiped it on her ass while saying, "Not bad, bitch." Laura was crying hard as the two men fucked her mouth, alternating thrusting in, making her jaw ache.

Her legs would involuntarily start dropping and she'd start gagging until she raised them again, crying all the harder when that happened. Finally the two men came and then a third man who'd been jacking off while biting her nipples hard while growling, picked up her head by the hair, told her to open and jacked off until he came in her mouth. "Swallow it all, honey," he said, closing her mouth and making her swallow.

The director said, "Cut, and told the men in the audience that before they finished up, it was their turn to fuck Laura. You've just sexy ladies get nailed in the nightclub a few minutes each and we'll be filming your dicks but not your faces so go to town and fuck her hard and fill her up. We want her covered in come for the finale." The men fucked Laura eagerly, hard and fast, using both her cunt and her ass.

Some used both, alternating thrusts between ass and cunt, with the camera panning in catching them coming and showing it off when they were done. Soon cum was running down Laura's legs in ribbons and clots with the camera recording all of it. A camera in back of the headboard was used to show her mouth being fucked and to show the cum squirting in. This angle also showed Laura gagging when the ropes started choking her and showed how the men kept on fucking her anyway, even one who came while she couldn't breath.

Laura's legs were getting very tired being held hot female agent sucks and screws in casting office femaleagent femcasting up and it was getting harder to hold them up. Sometimes one of the men would help hold them up for a minute but that ended as soon as he got a change to put his dick in her cunt.

So Laura struggled, concentrating more and more on holding her legs and feet up. Finally the audience of 40 or 50 men had finished with her. An intermission was taken, everyone except Laura mercy hardcore fuck big cock new porn game play free up and got a drink and sat back down and relaxed while waiting for the finale to be shot. More naked men appeared to fuck her, fresh ones. They kept the first group too for when they wanted someone to fuck her for a long time without coming.

The director welcomed the audience back and told them to enjoy. He told Laura to relax and enjoy and that when this was done she'd be famous and thousands would watch her and wasn't that a good thing?" Laura pleaded with him, saying her legs hurt and she couldn't breathe. He said, "Honey, what kind of film did you think this was?" The audience laughed a little as the director continued.

"This is your finest moment, a fine moment for a slut, and, honey, if you get too tired to keep your legs up that's when to just let it go. We'll have cameras all over it, there will be your close up, and whoever's fucking you will try and make you come as you go.

I like the sound of that, come as you go, right?" The audience roared and cheered and someone yelled, "Fuck her already." And so it began, as another thirty or so men fucked her hard while shoving huge dildos in whatever hole they weren't in. Men sucked her tits and bit them all over, drawing blood. The dildo's thrust up her ass caused damage and soon blood mixed with cum dripped out of her, first from her ass then from her cunt too. The men kept coming, fucking her as hard as they could.

The audience kept yelling, "Fuck her, fuck her, fuck her hard," to urge them on. At some point they started putting two dicks in Laura's gaping, filled cunt, thrusting deep together like one giant dick and coming almost in unison with some great camera close ups. A couple of hours passed and someone remarked that this was one tough slut.

Men were taking bets on when she couldn't keep her legs up anymore and men cheered every time her legs lowered and she started gagging.

Laura lasted another half an hour or so after fucking over 100 men. Her legs just gave out because of all the time that had passed since she was able to rest them. They'd move down slowly then jerk back up but finally they just stayed down and she choked for a good two minutes while being fucked hard and relentlessly.

The director told the man fucking her cunt to rub her clit and try and make her come as she choked. They raised her legs up one last time as the man rubbed her clit and Laura moaned unable to help herself because it felt so good and she was going to come. When they sensed she was close, when she was moaning and writhing and trying to push back on the dick inside her, they pushed her legs down and held them and she was strangled.

She came just before she died, her body writhing and only gagging sounds coming from her mouth. Her eyes were open, staring into the camera which got the whole thing. The man fucking her kept on until he came deep into her cunt, feeling her body twitching around his dick. He gave her one last pump and slapped her ass before he pulled out.

The crowd cheered and the director and camera man high fived each other. Then the director asked if anyone wanted to fuck a dead slut. They'd be filmed but not their faces of course. Necrophilia was hot to a certain market. There were a few volunteers who thought that was a great idea and who fucked her gleefully as she slowly cooled. Her cunt was still warm and their cum made it warmer. A couple of men fucked her mouth and thought it was funny the way her open eyes stared at their dicks.

They were able to fuck her as deep as they wanted and as ruthlessly. They moaned when their cum ran down her swollen tongue with her staring eyes watching, the look somewhere between agony and ecstasy, caught forever on film. As a last gesture many of the men jacked off in a circle around her and came once more on the slut's body.

A few just pissed on her and at the very end someone pissed in her cunt and someone all over her tongue hanging swollen now from her mouth, dripping cum and piss. The men who had picked her up on the strip, wrapped her in the bedspread and then a large plastic tarp and put her in the trunk of the car.

The took the money they'd given her for the film and split it between them as they'd agreed. Then they drove into the desert and dumped her, knowing she'd never be found and that the animals would get her. They removed the ropes and threw them out in a dumpster in Burbank along with the bedspread and plastic and her clothes too, just in case someone did find her.

They left her naked and face up in the dirt, covered in cum and piss, then spread her legs and shoved a stick up her cunt. They turned to go, all except the driver who needed to piss before the long drive back to Hollywood. He pissed into her still open, swollen mouth and tongue watching her mouth fill up with piss then drip over the sides and down the sides of her face.

No one ever saw Laura again, no one really cared either. When the rent on her room wasn't paid, her belongings were confiscated including a nice little cache of cash hidden in a drawer. There really wasn't anything else of value, but it was all dumped and the room rented out. Laura was remembered in a way though, through her film. It was fairly popular and made quite a bit of money in the underground market.