Teen couple cam show stealing for the fuck of it

Teen couple cam show stealing for the fuck of it
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We had moved to Aunt Cathy's house. I was given the apartment above the garage. I was the only male at a house with five females, my mom, Aunt Cathy, her daughter Cris, and her fiends from school Julie and Megan. I wasn't happy there but Hanna was at college, so I had to buck up and work through it. I hadn't seen Cris for a few years, my mom didn't want to travel with me. Cris was almost a full grown woman, like me a senior in high school.Her body was good but not great.

Her tits had grown to small melon size, so my interest was getting keener.

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she was a blonde like all the girls in the family. She was about five foot six and getting wild. Her friends were living there til after school was out, they were not twins but both were seniors too. On night I looked out my back window and saw the three girls out at the pool. They sounded like they were having fun, so I went out to join them.

Julie and Megan were swimming topless. They asked if I minded and ,of course I said no. Mom and aunt Cathy had gone into town for dinner so the girls helped themselves to the liquer cabinet. I found a beer and sat down next to Cris and we started talking. We went over all the old stuff and arab dance sex mia khalifa tries a big black dick caught up with ourselves.

Megan swam over and sat on the edge of the pool. She was a pretty brunette, good body with smallish tits, Julie was taller but tits were about the same. Megan came over and had me move over on the chair so she could share it with me. Julie climbed out of the pool, went to the coler and brought me another beer. She sat on Cris's lap and they started to cuddle. Megan reached over and placed my hand on her tit and asked if I wanted to get out of my things and get comfortable. I was naked in less than five seconds.

I sat back down and began licking her tits. I sucked each nipple into my mouth and ran my tongue over them and nipped on them. Megan untied her swimsuit bottom and put my hand onto her pussy. I gently played with her lips down there and when she got moist slid my finger into the warmth of her pussy.

Megan reached down and wrapped her hand around my pole. I worked two more fingers into her and rubbed her clit with my thumb. She was moaning and starting to fidget so I put the back of the lounge chair down and pulled her on top of me. She slipped down my body til she was between my legs andlightly licked the pisshole of my cock.

I gabbed her and brought her up and around so she was on top and I was looking into her wet pussy. I bi fellows for one beauty hardcore big butt her down onto my face and starting licking inside her.

She took my pole in her mouth and took me all the way in to the base. Her breathing on my hair was great. I slid a finger in her again and took her clit into my mouth. As I nibbled and chewed I work another finger in.

Before I knew it she was coming and filling my mouth with her.

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After she was finished and had gone back in the pool I looked over and Cris and Julie were kissing and feeling each others tits. Megan swam back and said we should go up to my room.

Aunt Cathy didn't say when they would be back. I filled a cooler with some beer and the girls put in some wine coolers and we went back to my room. Megan and I didn't waste any time getting into my bedroom. We took our clothes off again and laid down on the bed. I took the nipple that was closer to me and started sucking and flicking my tongue across her nipple, she reached down and gave a couple of tugs on my dick.

I pushed her tits together and got both nipples into my mouth, I scraped my teeth on her nipples and she moaned and played with my nutsack. I put my hand down and seperated her lips with my fingers and slid two of them into easily, I rubbed her clitoris with my thumb and played til her juices began running down my hand.

I rolled onto my back and pulled her on top of me. My dick was sliding across her lips and just teasing her clit, which had poked its head out of its hiding place. I clifted by her hips and slowly sank my boner into her. The warmth and smoothness cradled black guy girl xxxxsex six black guy xx six dick and I began stoking short slow strokes.

She put her legs up over my hips and brought me in deeper with each stroke. In no time my balls were slapping her ascheeks on every down beat. She was getting wetter and wetter, and when she came she dug her heels into my butt and I had to finish with short hard pumps.

I yelled that I was going to come, she said she wanted me to come in her mouth. I pulled out and she pushed me onto my back and took my prick into her mouth and sucked and swirled her tongue over the head. She work down on me til I was in her throat. I could feel the come start to boil, I grabbed her head and started pumping as fast as I could.

As I started to come I held her head tight so her nose was on the base of my cock. She chocked once but swallowed all that she could, it flowed down her chin and onto her tits. She got up to go to the bathroom, thats when I noticed Cris and Julie sitting next to the bed, they were both naked and had been watching the whole time. Cris said she had never been with a guy, but her and Julie did each other whenever they could. When Megan came back the other two girls spread her out on the bed and licked all the juices they could find off and out of her.

I was getting hard watching those two licking Megan clean. They played with themselves as they licked Megans thighs, then Cris slid her tongue into Megans pussy and started sucking out what was left. Julie got behind Cris and worked her fingers into Cris's pussy, I noticed that the girls had shaved their pussies and the juices were flowing. I moved around behind Julie and ran my fingers over her ass and down her crack.

I bent my head down and gave her asshole a kiss.

She pushed it hard into my face, so I licked her crack and stuck my tongue onto the rim of her asshole. I worked two fingers into her pussy and moved them back and forth in and out. She was starting to really flow, I pulled my fingers out and wetted her asshole and stuck my tongue back in. I pushed my tongue as deep as it would go and wiggled three fingers into her pussy.

She came so much that my arm was soaked to the elbow. I kept my tongue in and stoked it and twirled it as best I could in her. She fell to the bed and moaned that it was more than she could handle and then fell asleep.

Cris had gotten Megan to come again and she was out of it too. Cris got up and got a wine cooler. She laid down on the bed, took a drink of the wine cooler and then shoved the neck of the bottle up her pussy.

She let some run, pulled the bottle out and asked me if I wanted a drink. I fell between her legs and covered as much of her snatch as I could with my mouth. She put her legs over my shoulder and I plunged my tongue as far in as I could go. The wine seemed to make her come faster because I was barely started when she came and gushed juices and wine into my mouth.

She got up and took the bottle and poured some onto my dick, she made sure that some got into the pisshole. She then started licking my shaft like a lollipop. Up one side and down the other, then reverse direction and do it again. She took my ballsack into her mouth and gorgeous brunette vixen has her pussy drilled it clean.

She went back to the head of my dick and sucked on the pisshole and then tried sticking her tongue down it. She tried ghetto babe gives head and nailed by nasty pawn keeper take it all, but she gagged about three fourths of the way, she didn't give up, but just put the head into her mouth and sucked and swirled her tongue around the rim of the head.

She wrapped her hands on the base of my cock and stroked in in time with her sucking. I was ready to come and I told her to get ready for it. I blew my load into her throat, then she took it out and I came all over her face and hair. She crawled up my body and laid down on top of me. I kissed her and tasted everyone she had that night. She said that our moms would be back at any time because the bars were closing.

We woke the other girls up by playing with them. Julie came again when Cris rubbed the wine bottle against her. They gathered up their clothes and were back in the house ten minutes before the moms got home. Then the shit hit the fan.