Teens teamed up to make their stepmom alexis fawx fuck with them

Teens teamed up to make their stepmom alexis fawx fuck with them
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After a night of making love over and over until about 3 a.m. we slept so deeply wrapped tightly in each others arms. You slipped quietly out of bed around noon to prepare the bathroon for us both to shower and then dress for our busy afternoon and evening. As you walk back into the bedroom to wake me- you find me sitting up in bed, covers pulled up to cover my chest- hair in disarray falling around my shoulders and into my face.

I reach up and pull my hair back out of my face as you walk toward the bed- smiling, "Good afternoon beautiful." You join me on the bed, your knees on either side of my thighs. I put one hand behind me to lean back, the other still holding the covers to my chest- the weight of your body on the covers will not allow them to move with me as I lean back- the covers slide down my chest to expose my large soft breasts.

Your eyes drawn to my breasts big wet butts sarah banks my nipples harden slightly with the chilly air.

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Moaning you reach with both hands to grab my neck- your thumbs caressing my cheeks- tipping my head back you lower your lips to mine- caressing, tempting, teasing.

Your tongue probes my mouth- my tongue meets yours- soft and willing. Your right hand slides down my shoulder, the slope of my left breast to graze my nipple. I groan and push forward begging for your hand to caress my breast as our kiss deepened. I feel your thumb and finger pinch at my nipple as it hardens to a tight nub and my body melts at your touch. Your hand leaves my breast at the same time your lips leave mine- pulling away you goran as you take my hands, pull me up and out of bed- leading me to the bathroom for a shower.

Not wanting to stop what we started in the bedroom I quickly pull you into the shower with me, wrapping my arms around your neck and pressing my body against yours. My tongue flicks out and caresses your nipple.

"Oh no you don't, not yet baby." you tell me as your hands slide up my arms taking both my hands in one of yours- putting them high above my head- the next thing I hear is the gentle click-click of your hand cuffs closing around each of my wrists.

You have me cuffed to the shower bar and as the water flows down over my body, you ass sex rosi mom xnxx for my vanilla scented body wash and sponge- pouring a generous amount onto the sponge you begin to run it over my body- paying special attention to the sensitive spots of my body- my neck, the small of my back, hips, breasts, teasing- tempting- my body so hot I can not stand without your arms around me.

Your hands caressing my body with every movement. The shower rinsing the soap from my body your hard cock pressed against my stomach you slide your hand between my thighs- feeling more wetness than just the water- I moan and press my body against your hand- hoping for some kind of release.

You lower yourself to your knees. I look down at you, "I want you now. I want to feel you inside of me." As you lift my leg over your shoulder, "Soon baby, very soon." I rest my foot between your shoulder blades as your finger finds my clit and your tongue finds my wet hole- as my head falls back "God don't stop!" Your tongue slides up to find my clit as your finger slips inside me. Your tongue against my clit teasing, sucking, tasting my juices as you fuck me with your finger.

As you feel my body start to tighten around you, you slowly pull out of me and slide my leg off your shoulder. Your hard cock throbbing.

The look of pure frustration on my face as you stand up- reaching for the key to your cuffs- as you unlock one side I take the free hand and hit your chest with my fist "Why did you stop?" You wrap my arms around your neck- reaching down you grab my thighs lifting me up and wrapping my legs around your waist, turning around to face the wall of the shower you push me hard up against the wall as you slide your cock deep inside me.

"Is this what you want?" "YES!" I lean forward and press my lips to yours as they meet your tongue slips into my mouth as you pull back thrust forward with your cock again and again and again. I pull my lips from yours "Don't stop, I'm gonna cum." "Cum for me baby." You whisper in my ear as your thrusts become harder and faster.

"Don't stop!" As I bounce with each thrust on your hard cock. "That's it, come on baby, cum for me. Oh yeah that's it, cum on my cock- oh yes!" Hubby beside her while she rides her bull you whisper in my ear my body explodes into multiple orgasms- cumming all over your cock.

You reach under my legs bracing your hands against the shower wall. "Oh God fuck me!" You start to pound my pussy with your hard cock. With one hand I reach down and rub my finger against my clit. As your thrusts become faster I know that you are nearing your climax.

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"I want you to cum in my pussy." I say before I capture your lips with mine- hearing you growl and thrust deeper I can feel my next orgasm fast approaching. I continue rubbing my clit as I feel your first spurt of warm cum deep inside me- it triggers my orgasm and as both our bodies release each other of our sexual frustrations- we both lean spent against the shower wall, kissing softly, your hands pushing my hair back out of my face as the warm water gently washes the sweat away.

I pull back slightly "We are so late." We clean each other up, get out of the shower, getting dressed and head for the BBQ we are supposed to attend as a part of the reunion. We each leave the hotel in our own vehicles.

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I make a stop so we won't be seen arriving together. As soon as I arrive at the park and start saying my hellos, I feel your eyes on me. I turn to survey the crowd, looking for other familiar faces- as I spot you in the crowd I act surprised to see you. Knowing that some of these people know that we met several years ago- I smile at you as I walk over to say hello and give you a hug. Not wanting to draw any suspicions we tried to stay away from each other for most of the day.

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The occasional touch or glance across the park told stories of the things to come that night. I had returned early to the hotel to wash the grit from the park off my body and to climb into something more comfortable- for pajama night party- I had brought my blue negligee- it is lp officer plow jessica jones pussy doggystyle short with lace bra cups and a slit up my thigh.

I was only wearing a black lace thong under it and was brushing my wet hair when there was a knock at the door. I set down the brush and touseled my hair a little for the curls to set, walked over to the door and opened it. There you stood- knowing the effect that my tiny nightie would have- I raised my arm and leaned against the door, my arm dude gets cock tormented by hot mistress at the elbow, my hand playing with my wet hair.

"Well good evenin' my sexy cowboy." As your eyes followed my nightie to the bottom you could see my thong- you growled as you stepped into my room grabbing me into your arms and kicked the door shut behind you. You pulled me close to you- running your hands through my hair- grabbing handfuls and pulling my head back as your lips crushed mine in a passionate kiss.

After several moments and my weak knees causing me to lean into you for support, you pull away- telling me how badly you wanted to do that all day. How it drove you crazy to see me laughing and hugging on other guys at the park- wishing that it were you I was hugging. I wrapped my arms around you and put my head against your chest and told you that I didn't really want to participate in the evenings events- "Stay with me." I said as I pulled away and walked to the door, opening it just enough to put the Do Not Disturb sign on the outside door knob.

Closing the door I made sure to double lock it. As I turned around to walk back over to where you were standing- our eyes met and the look of pure, complete desire in your eyes took my breath away. I reached for your waist and grabbed hold of your t-shirt puling it up and out of your waistband- sliding my hands under your shirt my palms flat, spreading my fingers- running my hands up your chest, sliding your shirt up and off your body.

Letting it drop to the floor. I love the feel of your body beneath my fingertips- the way your skin feels, your muscles flex when my nails graze your skin. Your arms wrap around me and your hands run up and down my spine.

You lower your lips to mine- kissing me passionately, your hands slide down the curve of my butt and pull me tightly against you. I run my nails softly down your back- you arch against me. My fingers at your waist band unbuttoning your jeans, sliding them off your hips, turning you so you can sit on the end of the bed as I move your jeans down your thighs and take them off of you.

Standing between your legs I look down at your hard cock "Is that for me?" I ask- teasing. Your hands run up the back of my thighs as you grin and continue to slide your hands up to my waist and turn me around, sliding your hand between my thighs from behind me- your finger slipping inside my wet pussy "Yes and I want you to ride it good baby." As your finger fills my pussy bubble gazoo acquires banged hard hardcore russian pull your hand back and slip two fingers inside my pussy.

Moaning I reach back and push you down against the bed, putting my legs on either side of yours I grab your cock and lower my wet pussy onto it. You cock feels so good inside my pussy. With your cock buried deep inside me I rotate my hips back and forth, you sit up and pull me back against your body. Kissing and biting my shoulders and neck, one hand caressing my breast- pinching my nipple, the other hand finding its way to my clit. Your fingers rubbing it furiously as I continue to grind my pussy down on your hard cock.

I begin to whimper and moan as my climax begins, my pussy juices flowing down your cock and onto your balls.

I scream as my body explodes, shaking and trembling- my head falls back against your shoulder. You gently slide my legs together and help me to stand- turning me to lie on the end of the bed, you grab a couple of pillows and slide them under my hips.

Pulling my legs up and putting both my feet flat against one shoulder- bending my knees- you slide your cock into my swollen, wet pussy and begin to fuck me-slow and deep at first, building momentum as you begin to pound my pussy, Pulling out of me and flipping me onto my stomach you pull my ass up in the air and holding onto my hips you begin to fuck me doggie style.

"Oh my God, YES!" I slide my hand between my thighs and reach to massage your balls as they slap against my clit, hearing your groans of pleasure I know that it won't be long untill you bury your hot seed deep within my wetness.

You grab a handful of my hair and begin to slam into my pussy. I feel your balls tighten as your climax ascends on your body and I begin to rub my clit, I am very close to cumming. With one final thrust of your hard cock you pour yourself into my body as my climax hits me and my pussy contracts around your cock. We colapse onto the bed and you brush my hair out of my face, kissing my lips so softly, returning your kisses I know that we are not done for the night as we lay there in each others arms regaining control of our bodies.