Mariarsquos big tits need a big bra

Mariarsquos big tits need a big bra
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I married my high school sweetheart in 1969. She was a cheerleader, named Kay, and I was on the football team, my name is Tom. We were the perfect mid-western vanilla couple, young, innocent and in love. I was still in college when we were married but graduated the following year.

I took a job with a major advertising agency and began working my way up the corporate ladder. Kay graduated nursing school the following year and went to work for a nearby hospital.

For a while we were like a pair of rabbits, screwing each other whenever our hectic, and often conflicting, schedules allowed. We were both a little over sexed, but in pieds dans la cul lesbian beginning, just enjoyed the usual fucking and sucking that most of middle classed America engaged in.

We worked hard, spent little and in two years, bought our first house. It was a modest three-bedroom ranch, and we both loved it.

I guess it was in our third year of marriage when the boredom began to take its toll. We began to argue more and sex became an occasional thing. It was Kay that first complained "You never eat me any more, Tom" she spat the words out without any warning.

I just looked at her, I guess I had a sort of What the fuck look on my face.

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"That's right lover boy, all you do any more is stick it in, pump it a couple of times and get your nuts off .it's a bunch of bull shit". Kay moved to the end of our bed and sat down. She was only wearing a robe and she pulled it open revealing her nude body.

Spreading her legs she screamed "Get your ass over here and lick this.Right now!" I remember thinking "Cool" as I knelt in front of her crotch. As I began to move my head into position, She grabbed me by the hair on the sides of my head and pulled my face into her very moist, hot cunt.

She groaned a little as my tongue made contact with her clit. I licked it slowly wanting to give her pleasure. Up and down each side, under her clit right on her urethra, I bit her now swollen clit with my teeth and began sucking the whole apparatus aggressively. Gros gode pour grosse chienne hardcore blowjob hands were very forcefully pulling my face against her. I reached the point where I was being smothered, having to struggle to breathe.

She was masturbating with my face. Finally, she had an earth-shattering climax. I was really into pleasing her and was caught a little off guard as a little pee squirted into my still sucking mouth. God what a thrill that was. I was on fire as I swallowed her liquid expression of lust. She lay back onto the bed and put her right foot against my slimy face pushing me to the floor, hard.

"How'd you like that, asshole?" she said matter-of-factly. I just lay on the floor trying to catch my breath. Once I regained my composure a little I noticed my raging hard-on; iron hard. I got up off the floor and knelt between her legs getting into position to fuck, but she kicked me off the bed again.

"Fuck you" she shouted. "You want to fuck, you are going to have to work for it.

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Starting right now you will have to earn it". "Come on Kay", I begged, "I'm horny as hell. I gave you what you wanted, how about me?" I got up on my knees and crawled to the edge of the bed. Kay rolled over onto her stomach and scooted back to the edge of the bed. She got onto her knees and raised her ass into the air.

"Now eat my asshole, and do it real good". She wiggled her ass back and forth and then reached behind her with both hands, spreading her cheeks for me. I had never done her anus orally, but I was really hot. I moved up behind her and began to do as she wished. It had an unfamiliar taste, but I could tell that she had washed it recently. "Stick your tongue into the hole dick head" She demanded. I hesitated. She moved back pushing her ass into my face.

"Do it now, or I won't let you fuck me for a month". I began to work my tongue into her puckered hole. It was a hard thing to do, but after a few tries, I got the tip into her butt hole.

I just needed to loosen it up, but once the splincter relaxed it became easier and I was able to get a couple inches of tongue up her ass. I was actually able to fuck her butt hole with my tongue. After ten minutes or so, my tongue got really numb, it was all I could do to continue pushing into her. Fortunately she had another climax. She fell forward, rolling over spreading her legs immediately.

"Now fuck me". I had a tremendous spontaneous orgasm almost as soon as I entered her pussy. My whole body shook when I climaxed and I collapsed onto her chest. She pushed me off and onto my back, kali kavalli can t get enough bondage got up, leaving the room. In a couple of minutes she was back.

I was still in the same position.

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She had a drink in each hand, a couple of shots of cognac. She gave me one, "Drink this Tom, we are not quite finished'. She gave me a couple of seconds and climbed up on my chest, sliding up so her still oozing cunt was hovering over my face. "From now on, you will lick my pussy clean whenever you finish fucking, starting immediately!" She lowered her crotch onto my head, grinding my ejaculate and her juice into my face. "Get to work stud!" she was laughing, but I obeyed.

I strange wave-like feeling came over me while I submitted to her kinky demand, I was thrilled beyond belief. "You're really enjoying this, Pig, aren't you?" All I could do was nod my head as I licked her. She patted my head as I ate her, "From now on Tom, everything is going to change". She stayed on top of my face for about twenty minutes, getting off a couple more times.

Finally she got up and went into the shower. I fell into a deep restful sleep. When I woke up I could smell something cooking. Kay was standing at the foot of the bed. "Get up and shower Tom, you're a mess" She turned and bounced out of the room. I could tell she was happy. I shook my head remembering what had happened. I was happy too. I got up and took a quick shower, dressed and headed for the kitchen.

The smell of fried chicken was wonderful, I was ravenous, I had not felt this good in years. She was dressed in cut off jeans and a tee shirt; I was wearing sweat pants and a tee shirt. Kay was pouring some wine. "Sit down big man" she laughed, "I'll bet your still hungry". She looked me in the eye with a knowing smile on her face "Pussy isn't very filling, even when it's full of cum." I hung my head in embarrassment.

We ate without speaking much. Occasionally Kay would look at me nodding her head and smiling. When we had finished, I started to get up, Kay raised her arm and stopped me from walking past, "From now on you are going to do our dishes, Tom" I looked at her "That's right, From now on I cook, you clean." She gave me a hard look, "Get it into your head, you are the clean up girl, In here and in the bedroom." She threw a towel at me "Get going, I don't want to wait all day, I sunny leone xxx story sex stories 2019 jabardasth another surprise for you".

I began to clean up the table and prepare the water for the dishes. She sat in her chair watching me; "I have been frustrated for a long time, Tom. You have not been taking care of me properly. I have been sexually frustrated for way too long.

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After a lot of thought and conversations with some of our friends, I realized how much I have been missing out. I made up my mind to change the way things work around here." She got out of her chair and walked up behind me. "I don't want you to say a word Tom. Just listen." She reached around in front of me and began to pinch my nipples. I felt a noticeable shudder ripple through me. She began to roll my nipples between her thumb and forefingers, gradually increasing the pressure.

I groaned as she applied more pressure. My nipples hurt, but it felt wonderful. I always had sensitive nipples; she had pinched them before, but never like this. "The pain turns you on, doesn't it?" I took a deep breath and opened my mouth to speak. She put her right hand over my mouth, "I told you not to speak, Tom.

Do not talk until I tell you to. Just shake your head yes or no, I have a lot to say tonight." I shook my head, yes.

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"I have been talking to Carol and Dan about you, and I, us, and our sex life, or lack of it." Kay began pinching my nipples again, as I continued to wash dishes.

(Carole was a psyche Nurse and Dan was a shrink.) "I told them about some of your quirky habits, Like how you enjoy your nipples being pinched, and how you sit to pee".

I jumped from embarrassment, Kay laughed in my ear, "That's right, I know a bunch of your dirty secrets." She stuck her tongue into my ear as she began to twist my tits really hard. "I know that you have been jacking off every day, even while I have been starving for sex." She unbuttoned my pants, letting them fall to the floor. "You won't be needing these in the house any more". She rubbed my stomach aggressively. "I'm not going to let you deprive me of this thing any more"; she grabbed my cock and pulled on it, really hard.

"I installed a computer detective program, you know, like parents use to find out what there kids are doing on the Internet". I really tensed up, hearing that. "That's right, I know about your fetish fantasies, BDSM, Femdoms, Strap-on's, Shemales.

Why didn't you ever tell me what was going slutty mature amateur fucked by the cameraman in that warped little brain, Tommy? Were you afraid that I would think you were disgusting? Were you afraid that I would not understand?

Were you afraid that I would tell on you, rat you out to your boss or secretary? You never thought about my needs, What if I wanted to experiment with some kink? What if I wanted to assume the Dominant role in our marriage Tom?" I was speechless, but I relaxed and leaned back against her. "From now on, you are going to exist to please me sexually." I remember thinking to myself "At Last".

Tears welled up into my eyes as I gave in to her; I turned and sank to my knees, put my arms around her waist and hugged her really hard. She patted my head and rubbed the back of my neck. I bent to the floor and kissed her feet, I wanted to show her how much I loved her. God I did love her. "I've been blind for so long, I'm sorry Kay". She backed up and slapped my face, hard. "I told you not to speak" She grabbed me by the hair and dragged be into the living room.

She pointed to the couch, "Lay over the arm of the couch, and shut up!" She walked out of the room while I lay over the arm of the couch with my ass in the air. She came back in a minute with a riding crop in her hand. She was swishing it back and forth. "Now I am going to teach you who is really in charge around here." The pain of the first blow was shocking.

I jumped a foot. "Don't move or we will be doing this all night". I tensed up, waiting for the next blow. She did not hit me, rather stroked my ass with the leather tip of the crop. "Simple disobedience will get you ten strokes with this crop as hard as I can swing it.

I want you to count backwards from ten. Make sure I can hear you count, or I will start over." Whack, it was all I could do to remain still, I forgot to count. "Well Tom, we will have to start again" Whack, the pain was intense.

I counted all of them. My ass was on fire when it ended.

"I remember all of my fantasies about being whipped. I never imagined the pain. Christ, it was intense." She asked me if I wanted more, or if I would obey her. "Ill obey" I did not have to think about it.

The words popped out before I had a chance to think about it.