Stiff dick moving between shaved nub lips

Stiff dick moving between shaved nub lips
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Daniel Wolf Chapter8 Part 5 All participants are over 18 years old Chapter 8 Part V This teen rough sex with old man xx part on sluttyteencamcom been a long day, It had been all we could do not to drop everything and just fall on the floor and screw like the town dogs.

But we had refrained since we didn't really want the city elders to die of embarrassment. But now as the door closed between them and us clothes began to fly. At first it seemed that the clothes that were flying belonged to Marlu.

Daniel was almost frozen in time as he watched Marlu disrobe. As each bit of skin became unclothed Daniel drooled all the more. Marlu struck a pose glorying in her nakedness holding Out her arms " Well." Daniel glanced down at himself to find he was still dressed.

He began tearing at his clothes while his eyes were riveted to Marlu's tantalizing body. When they both were nude they came together and their lips met. Their first kiss. Daniel could feel Marlu's ½'' nipples boring into his chest. He slipped his hand between them and stroked her breast and pinched her nipples. Daniel ended the kiss and lowered his lips to her other nipple and sucked it inside.

Marlu felt a strange sensation and Daniel made a strange noise both had a strange expression on there faces but not a an unpleasant one. They had just learned how the Jessup cats could join in hard gloryhole cock for a busty stunner. Tiiup had taken Daniel in to her mouth and sucked him into her throat.

Oeiip had slipped his 4'' tongue into, first curling around Marlu's clit then into her depths where his tongue seemed to pulsate. Daniel and Marlu hugged and caressed each other and let the Jessup cats do their thing as they pleased them. Both their bodies were inflamed Daniel's lips again touched Marlu's and their tongues seemed to be doing battle with each other. They were nearing their limitations their bodies were coated in a sheen of sweat. Daniel skin seemed to be tingling he could hold it no longer and he released down Tiiup's throat.

She drank it right down. Oeiip was working over Marlu's tender pussy he was able to inflate and deflate his tongue. He pulled his tongue out, slurped his tongue around her clit Then rammed his inflated tongue into Marlu's depths. He was rewarded by Marlu bathing his mouth with her nectar. The Jessup Cats moved aside to allow Daniel and Marlu to come together. Daniel slid up Marlu's body his cock coming in contact with her velvet glove he slid right into her burning hot pussy. He slid into her depths.

It was a slow and tender dance that they did. The jessup cats had done their duty now they turned to each other.

More than one seed came together that night and all of the bed was in use. ******* A few months later, after a bath and a hearty Breakfast. I continued to listen to the daily reports.

One report caught my interest. One of my woodsmen scouts had seen a group of Mages and assassins they had been seen along the Quarran Mountains trail. The Quarran Mountains splits the border between Reynard Land and Torrent. The Scout, Will, who brought the information said he followed them for three days until they entered a cave and disappeared.

The area he described was directly behind our town.

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I listened to other reports but none, other than Marlu's report on the poisoning, gave me food for thought. I decided we needed to investigate our Mountains.

Soon the noise was deafening Until Morse banged his Gavel loudly for order. Most of it was because I decided to lead the party.

Many, had things to say but it fell on deaf ears. I had made natural teenie opens up soft slit and gets deflorated virginity pounding my mind. I felt myself to be the best qualified. For one thing the only guns other then mine were old flintlocks. For that reason alone I felt my chances to be better than anyone else. Marlu was upset when I told her she was needed in Fox Wood. Oeiip informed me that He and Tiiup could communicate from that distance.

He added that he was not absolutely sure but thought they could. Marlu gave me a spell book to look over while on the trek. I gathered my Arms master Avril and 10 soldiers that he recommended and set them to gathering what we needed and be prepared to leave at first light the next morning.

I also planned to take a Horse Wrangler. This was one of those just in case things. If we decided to enter one of the caves. I was prepared to have him wait for three days then to return to Fox Wood with the horses.

The next morning while we were making our final preps for leaving, Morse was fluttering around like a bird with a broken wing all because I was not taking a tent and he said it looked like rain.

While dealing with him I was still able to dispatch Woodsman Will and Woodsman Leaf, a Tannic Elf on loan from the Home Tree. I noticed Marlu and Tiiup in deep conversation when I felt a tug on my leathers I leaned down and Oeiip said, "Don't worry about Marlu I will guard her with my life. And Daniel you are wrong. She should be going with you, she now carries your child." Not a may be carrying, but a firm she is. The Jessups seem to know more than is good for me.

I looked at Marlu and Tiiup who were staring at me, Marlu and I had said our good byes in my room this morning. Their eyes were burning holes in my tunic.

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Then they smiled and hugged each other, Then Marlu departed. Tiiup came toward me, she would be riding behind me, her choice. By the time Morse got through with all the papers I had to sign,The Wheels of Government turn slowly.

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It was Mid Morning. I spoke to the Sheriff and informed him he was in charge and to take no crap from the Council. He saluted and stepped aside.

Tiiup was quite erotic girl is gaping yummy hole in close up and having orgasm we departed.

Chapter 9 Woodsman Will and Leaf slipped out before dawn they already had their orders. Will related his earlier story to Leaf. Leaf said,'' I have heard of the caves in the Quarran Mountains. My Father says they are ruled by Demons.'' "Then we must be careful," was Will's reply. Hence forth their communication would be non verbal and animal calls.

Their scout would be large figure eights where they would meet in crossing they passed on what they had encountered. On the third day and at the center of an 8 they heard voices.

They settled to watch, an hour passed. the speakers entered the clearing they were observing. In sign, Will spoke, " The Duke is not going to like this." Three Torrent soldiers two assassins and captives, a.

family of four, a mother father and two teenage daughters. From the way the women were displaying their charms it was obvious they were not being treated very well. The girls were well endowed and they swung as they walked their mother being older had started to sag but was still a nice hand full. The bruises on them attested to the bad treatment they had received. Will signed to wait.

He could tell they were taking a break. The soldiers were beginning to molest the females. Will signed again. they loaded their bows. The soldiers were occupied with the females and never even noticed when an arrow sprouted from the assassin's necks and they toppled to the ground The next shot took the soldiers in the back that were atop of the girls, The Father was no fool as soon as the assassins body hit the ground he had his knife and was cutting the throat of the soldier on his wife.

Will and Leaf walked into the clearing. "I am sorry ladies that we have no extra clothing for you, Will told them'' " If you will remain in this clearing the Dukes party is about twelve hours behind us.

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I am sure he can assist you." Leaf asked, "How did you come to be their prisoners?' ******** The family Moses The Father speaks while his wife blonde teen dirty talk and monster cock threesome older gentleman and his princess to patch their dresses enough to cover the substantial boobs of her and her girls. she was failing miserably. ''We had left the village Cat Iron in southern Reynard Land, It is a small village.

We were on our way to DeWolf town. I had heard there were jobs available. Our second day out we were attacked by Torrent soldiers. We had nothing to use to defend ourselves.'' 'The assassins showed up the next day we could tell they were in charge. One of them near on to 7' tall and only one eye was the leader.

They were to take us near Fox Wood then the Assassins were to kill us and hang our bodies outside the town." Momma took up the narrative. "My Girls are of Marrying age but I never expected they would be raped in front of me'' "The first day the assassins held the Soldiers back and all that happened was pinching and groping. By the end of the first day our tops were ripped and our tits were hanging out." "On the second day all bets were off they raped us for breakfast. Every time we stopped for a rest they would rape us.

''The assassins raped my Husband. he hates to admit it they raped him bloody. At first we fought but they beat us to the ground." After we just lay there and let them do their business.'' The girls echoed their mother :"They were cruel, mean and evil.

We feel dirty." There was a small creek running through the clearing the girls and their mothers were stripping off what clothes they had.

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They entered the creek and began to wash. It was difficult not to watch … the girls were beautiful and their bodies were ripe. Later the women walked out of the creek they seemed to have a glow about them. The girls walked up to Will and Leaf They smiled and made no effort to hide their bodies in fact I would say they flaunted their attributes. They put their arms around the necks of the scouts and moved closer til their nipples were against the scouts chest.

Mother spoke, "Gentlemen my daughters has a request. They just washed their bodies and now feel clean blonde beauty double fucked by black men the outside but In the inside they feel they need your help to feel clean inside will you screw them.

They are begging you." Amy the oldest daughter at 19 lowered her hand and grasped the growing length of Leaf's cock. Leaf glanced toward Will just in time to see him lower Alice to the ground. Mother and Father was trying to re connect as well. Leaf didn't need to think. Amy was beautiful, he lower her to the ground and his lips met hers. She didn't break her lower connection. For the next hour the sounds coming from the clearing were grunts and moans and a few that were indescribable.

Will was the first to stand up, Alice was trying to pull him back." Leaf and I are on a very important mission sadly we have to leave you. I am writing a note to the Duke. When he gets here don't hold anything back tell him everything. Either he or his lady can ensure you are not pregnant. Also there is a note for Woodsman Strong Oak. He will show you my quarters you can stay there till you find a job and can afford a place of your own. Also Alice we will need to talk." "Leaf looked at Amy We will talk also, What Will is trying to say is we want you to be with us don't leave before we get back." With that the woodsmen disappeared into the woods.