Awesome cutie rayna get fucks by her boyfriend big dick

Awesome cutie rayna get fucks by her boyfriend big dick
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They went through Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day and his birthday together. they were still the happy couple they always had been. everyone envied what they had. Time seemed to fly by when all of a sudden it was spring. then it was April 25th. their 9 month anniversary. it just so happened to be a perfect day. about 75 degrees, sunny and beautiful. Josh told her he had a surprise for her. he told her to be ready by 1 o' clock. and when he came to pick her up it was exactly 1 o'clock.

she wondered what he was up to. he came to the door, gave her a kiss, and told her he was taking her somewhere special. they got in the car and drove about 30 minutes. they then came hot blonde desiree corrigan got asshole destroyed by bf fingering and hardcore a beautiful clearing.

off the the side started a forest. he helped her out of the car and blindfolded her. "omg Josh, what is this?" "youll see." he led her to her surprise. "ready?" "yes!" he took the blindfold off and she stood there amazed.

her jaw dropped and her eyes bulged. there before her was a blanket on the ground, and tons of food placed upon it. a picnic. it was gorgeous. she looked around, a few yards away there was a babbling brook.

sun shone down through the trees giving everything a heavenly affect. she almost cried. he stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her. she fell back against him and rested her head on his shoulder. "its so beautiful baby." "youre so beautiful." and he kissed the top of her head.

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"i dont deserve this Josh." "you deserve the world." she turned around and stared at his chest. "why are you so good to me?" "you deserve to be treated with respect and love. i promised you i would never hurt you and treat you better than anyone could. and i always will Shay." he lifted her chin and saw that her eyes were full of tears.

"you make me so happy." "and thats all that matters." he said smiling. he walked her over to the blanket and they sat down. he had made sandwiches, brought chips, and cookies, and made pink lemonade for her. (it was her favorite.) "so how did you find this place?" "i used to come down her by myself and think, or alone. seems like im the only one who knows about it. ive never seen anyone down here." "well, i really like it here." "im glad." after they ate he cleared the blanket and they laid down together on it.

he held her close to him and they stared into each other eyes. "have i ever told you that youre the most beautiful girl on earth?" "only a million times." they laughed. she snuggled her head into his chest. he ran his hand from her head down to the small of her back, over and over. it felt good to her. he told her before that he liked touching her like that because it made him feel like he was taking care of her and making her feel safe. and it did. he kissed the top of her head and pushed her closer to him.

their legs were intertwined, their hips touching. she rubbed up and down on his muscular arm, making her feel even more protected. she nibbled and licked on his neck, knowing how much he liked it. he put his hand under teen ebony noemie bilas loves a deep interracial anal fuck back of her shirt and started rubbing her back. she put her hand under the front of his shirt, feeling his 6 pack and well defined chest.

she pressed her hips against his. his hand slowly made its way to her round ass, he squeezed gently. she was wearing a cute little cami and a flowing skirt. he wore a t-shirt and baggy jeans, the usual. they had kicked their shoes off earlier which lay a few feet away from the blanket.

he rolled over on top of her and started kissing her jawline and neck. she let her hands roam around his back and arms. he stopped and gazed into her eyes. he smoothed some hair off her face. "i want to be with you forever." Shay's eyes lit up. "i want to be yours forever." they smiled. he slowly began kissing her neck again, going down a little further, to the top of her shirt. she pushed him off so they laid side by side looking at each other. he took her hand and kissed it then placed his hand on her hip and pulled her closer.

she raised his shirt up a little, then started to take it off. she admired his chest and stomach, kissing every inch. his body had begun to sweat but he still smelled so good. he lifted her face to meet his and kissed her. she bit onto his bottom lip and pulled. she gazed mysteriously into his eyes. she pulled herself even closer to him. her hand slowly made its way down his stomach to his pants. she slid her hand inside to find him already slightly hard.

the more she touched and stroked it the harder he got, and the more aggressive. he lightly tugged on her hair and groaned slightly in her ear. she quickly took her hand out and placed it on his arm.

she looked at him then at the ground. then back up at him. she hesitated. "Josh.make love to me." his eyes widened for a moment. he seemed shocked and taken aback.

"are you positive thats what you want? please dont think you have to. ill wait forever babe." "no, i want to. we're in love right?" "yes." he smiled at her and touched her face. "i love you so much Shay.

nothing will ever change that." "and nothing will ever change the way i feel about you either." they began to make out gently at first, then more passionately.

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he groped her ass and squeezed her back. she ran her fingers through his hair and over his arms and chest. they both alternately took breaks kissing and sucking each others necks. Josh slowly slid the straps off Shays shoulders exposing her beautiful breasts. his mouth went immediately to a nipple. he sucked and licked them delicately. she tried to unbutton and unzip his pants as he played.

he had to help her a little by sliding them off. he laid on top of her and kissed all over her upper body. he made his way down to her belly button. he looked up at her. she urged him to continue. he slowly slid the skirt off her hips, over her ass, and down her legs. she was now only wearing a seethrough white g-string. it turned him on even more. he began kissing her toes, then oiled up orgy outside near the pool, then calves, then her knees.

he spent a little extra time on her thighs knowing how much it would turn her on. he slowly slid the g-string off her, but she closed her legs a little. ".you sure you wanna do this, Shay?" "yah.just a little nervous." "i should be the nervous one.just relax baby ill take care of you." with that her legs relaxed and she showed herself to him.

he had never seen a pussy in real life. hed fingered a girl before but never got to look at it. he touched it and explored it. he realized how wet she was. her juices were all over her clit and vagina, not to mention a little on her legs. he wanted to taste her so badly. he spread her legs more and knelt down between them to where his face met her clit. his warm breath on her skin sent shivers up her spine. he began licking and sucking on her clit being as careful as possible not to hurt her.

he loved hearing her voice moaning for more, her hands on the back of his head. he plunged his tongue as deep inside her as possible. he loved the way she tasted and how he was pleasing her. she was moaning loudly with her head back and eyes closed. she looked like a goddess laying in the sunlight. his penis was rock hard and aching for her touch. he got up and slid his boxers off and laid on top of her. she could feel how hard he was and that made her even wetter.

he tried to hold back his urges but couldnt resist so he began grinding his hips against her.which rubbed his dick all in her juices. she clutched onto his back and gyrated her hips in rhythm with his. as he did this they made out passionately and he kissed her neck and breasts. "baby i need you to fuck me." Shay whispered. they stopped moving and looked into each others eyes. Shay looked a little scared but he soothed her by whispering in her ear that he would be gentle and take his time.

that he loved her with all his heart and wanted this to be special for them. she smiled and they kissed. Josh sat back on his heels as he lifted and spread her legs a little then he positioned his dick at the entrance of her soaking wet pussy. he could only imagine how awesome this was going to feel. he very slowly inched his way inside her, stopping every so often to go in and out then in a little further.

she was clutching onto the blanket, eyes shut, biting her bottom lip. "does it hurt baby?" "a little.but im just not used to it yet." "want me to stop?" "no, keep going." he was still going very slowly but was almost all the way inside her. it took a lot for him to keep from pumping in and out hard and fast. then Shay said, "go a little faster baby." so his dick began sliding in and out faster. Shay began moaning loudly, telling him not to stop. he was groaning a little and loving how good it felt.

he loved being inside Shay. he felt so close to her. they were sharing something beautiful hot milf alana seduced by hot alison rey for lesbian fuck. he laid over her, covering her body but not squishing her. he grabbed her hand and held on tightly. he kissed her neck and face as she clawed at his back. they way she was moaning in his ear made him go faster. "ooohh Josh, baby that feels so good." "you feel so good." he responded.

he sat back up and gyrated his hip in circles into her pelvis. she was moaning so loud now, she was close to screaming.

"Josh! im gonna cum soon!" he started going faster, he wanted nothing more than to please her. after another minute her back arched and head tilted back, like it always did when she had an orgasm.

her nails clawed into his arms and her voice repeated his name several times. she laid there for a few seconds before sayin "baby that was so good, now i want you to finish. would u like for me to get on top of you?" "i would love that." he laid down and she positioned herself on top of him. she slowly lowered herself down onto his hard dick. he was thrilled with how good it felt. even better than when he did it.

she started out slowly then became faster and faster. he placed his hands on her hips but moved them around occassionally to her ass and breasts. "youre body is amazing Shay." she smiled. he had a good view of her pussy and his dick and he was mesmerized that it felt even better when he watched his dick plunge into her pussy.

she began pumping harder, wanting to sucking dudes male dick makes angel hungry for plowing his warm cum deep inside her. "baby i want you to cum inside me." "but." "no, baby, its ok, i want you to." "yes mam." she went as fast as she could, rubbing on her clit and massaging her breasts to stimulate him more. his grip tightened on her waist as he yelled "baby im cuming!" he gritted his teeth and pushed himself deep inside her.

he loved the way her pussy felt when his dick pulsed as he came inside her, and it felt equally good for her to have his warm juices inside her.

she collapsed onto his chest. he hugged her and kissed her cheek. he rolled over so they were both laying on their sides.

he lightly traced her sides and hips with his fingers. "i loved that so much baby," he said. "me too. im glad we did it." "im glad i did it with you." they kissed and laid there for a while longer before getting dressed and packing up. before they drove away, they marked into an old oak tree, "Josh and Shay, Always and Forever."