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Aisha sharma sex story holli
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The pick rose, striking the impacted earth. Again, it fell to gouge at melody gordan god machine nun. A guard eyed the muscular body with more than just passing interest. It was pretty much devoid of scars. The face had some interesting ones, however. He chuckled to himself, wishing it was closer to End-Shift. Then he could make a pass at the male. The water bucket made it's rounds as the time-mark break came.

He gulped when the male turned. The body was grimy from the dirt, nipples erect in the heat. The cock-bulge was nothing special, but the canine barely stifled a whine of lust. The strip of cloth was dark with sweat. His tongue slid across his upper lip, wanting to taste the twin globes that were outlined by the tensioned fabric. Hell, he wouldn't mind just taking the entire thing into his muzzle and sucking it clean. "Water.

Drop 'em and Squat." A snarl reminded the Wolf to continue onward. He grunted, then dropped all pretense of not staring. The man picked up the ladle and lifting it to his lips, swallowed the water, taking the last with a toss of his head. The canine had to be prodded forward by his partner, who was more jaded.

Not so much he could not comment on what He would like to do to the male. Another animal shuffled up to the human. "Newcomer?" The man nodded, leaning against his pick. A paw slid up the wide leg, and caressed the strong butt-muscles. A snicker came from Churp, who waited his turn at the bucket. The male looked into his eyes, making the mammal blink, and shudder softly, as a hand stroked his jaw. The muzzle had a scar running across it, dull white against the gray fur.

The Wolf drank his mouthful, then passed the bucket on. "I am Delkyn." A hand was lifted for his inspection. When he did the same his paw was grasped firmly. "Shadow." The canine wondered at the strength behind the arm that so gently pulped his hand and almost ripped his shoulder from it's socket. Or was this greeting custom supposed to be rough?

"Done Jackin? Hit it." Again the guards came by. To make sure everybody got to work, of course. Still, it was nice to watch so many male bodies sweat, and butts writhe.

A couple had half-hardons. From the exertion, they would say if asked. * * * The sun was going down, and torches were brought as the weary prisoners were escorted out of the derilium mines, the night shift taking over. "Dress. Don't want anybody gettin Horny." A chorus of laughs.

They were marched the few miles back at an easy pace.

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A good miner was worth a few broken regulations. Besides, nobody was going to run into the jungle. And live long. They got to the compound, and a whistle blew. "Break. Care to eat with me?

This isn't an invite to my bunk, mind." The man smiled softly, and nodded. Food was tossed onto a grimy plate and shoved into numb hands. The guard grinned to himself, watching the male sit with the wolf.

'Good. Got a Teach. Might last a time then.' He slid the baton through his paws. 'That one would be fun to pop a load in. Be a bit of a match to see who got on top. Unless he ate dirt.

Nah. Too strong. Perhaps a Dipper. Hmm. Be the right type. Yeah. Bet he charges fer it. And with the muscle to back him up.' He nodded to a Squeaker and jerked his head. The creature finished eating with a quick motion and dropped the plate in it's holder.

Got a drink of water, then made his way over to the dark corner. "Yeah?" Formalities went the first day, and got looser with each week. "See the new one? Find out about him. He looks about Breaker's weight. And I don't want nobody bein dumped down a well like last time. Maxie don't like cracking heads. He prefer's asses." The baton slid through the slick claws again. He kissed the metal club. "It's gonna cost ya." The guard grunted.

"This one's unknown. Might be Prime Cherry. Not even a finger up there. There's those that would Kill fer a piece of that. But I'll bet a good feel-up that mouth knows it's way around a groin.

Then there's those who would Love to sacrifice him to Aakjib. 'Specially if he's big. A few drops of WildWater and he be beggin fer it. Course, they don't leave much." A male minced by, dropping to his knees before the guard.

"Please, Sir. Use me!" Snuer shoved 'Maxie' into the thin face. Wain paws slid over it as the creature diligently sucked maserati aunty sex saree removing milk from boobs the metal wand. "You eat?" Claws skittered as the baton was withdrawn. "Please." He whispered.

The guard growled. "You don't eat, You get thin. Get too thin, Nobody gives this!" He jerked his crotch at what was once a rat.

Eyes went wide in horror. "You're almost too thin now! Now go and Eat!!" The creature stumbled off, sobbing. But he went to the chow-line and ate every last bit of food on his plate.

"Nah. Nothin deserves That. Not even a Squeaker! You tell the Line. I want no trouble. He starts somethin, He ends it." He grinned and shifted his loin-cloth so a paw could slide in and grip his doggy-cock. The bruin did just that. And shoved his muzzle in to give it a lick. "That's enough.

Don't want to drop my load too soon." He tousled the fur. "You'll get it later. Twistys katsuni starring at near wild heaven on LockDown. And I want that muzzle free. Do a good job and I'll give you a chit. And maybe a good humping as well.

If yer bunk-love don't get jealous." The bear laughed. "Let him get his own chits. He can have me anytime. You." The muzzle slid down a sweaty fur-covered thigh. ". I only get on special times. It's good to have variety." The guard caressed a round ear, and felt haze her college xxx deep throat challenge teeth had taken a chunk out of one.

"Damn Mud-Eaters." A chuckle. "He was a Big 'un. Could hardly put my mouth on it! He stretched me real good. WildWater high, and locked in a room. Shit. Probably humped the wall down." Snuer grinned himself as lips tugged at his cock-tip. "That's enough. Next you'll be wantin ta shack with me. And I ain't about ta knock Boweser in the head just because I stole his dick-squeeze." The bear wheezed laughter again, and made his way to the lock-line going inside the building.

A lanky frame stood behind him. "What did Maxie's Toy want?" A grin from the bruin. "My ass, what else?" A paw, wide as a shovel head latched onto a furred cheek. "Can't have it." Sugnoh sighed. "He gets a mouthin at lock. And if he's up, a humping.

I gets a chit fer it. Now." He turned and bent down to nip at a hard nipple. "That leaves me open both before and after. And you know how I likes yer after I lick on Guard dick, Bowe." A grin as the orang felt up his bunk-love. The new one was given a cell number and a paw latched onto his hand.

Green eyes gave him the once-over. A leaf-shaped tail thrust out of green pants, which was ruffled by a couple of others as they passed by. "I'm Spedal. Inner, and yer Bunker fer a time." The way was crowded and many a body-part was pressed against the male as he followed his guide. If it wasn't for that paw, he would have been lost. Finally, both the mammals vanished into a cubicle. As cells go it was pretty roomy. A closet held clean sheets and towels. A shower was built in one side and a toilet in the other.

The animal watched his new cell-mate take out a towel. "No! Not while the doors are open. You want to start a riot?" The male grinned. "Can I wash my arms and face?" A nod as he went over to the sink.

Rinsed the dust off, dried. "Upper or Lower?" The male grinned. "Whichever you prefer." 'Definitely a Dipper.' The rabbit thought, fluffing his pillow. "I'll take upper, then." Small talk cut down the noise as they inventoried the closet. "What yer in fer?" The man unrolled his blanket, and made up the bed like he had done it a thousand times before. "Hey Longen. Got an extra?" A folded square of warm material was tossed to the mole.

"Owe ya." He smacked his wide palm on his hip. Spedal made kissing sounds. "Good deed." Hmm? Oh. "What kind." "Killed a Power." A whistle. "How high?" The man grinned. "High enough. He was in the process of murdering a servant with a whip. A cloak girl who probably told him no.

She was a mass of blood. I asked him to stop. He laughed. Told me if I didn't butt out he would his sonic whip on me. So. I broke his neck. For that, I got this." His eyes went white, as the animal listened to the tale. Too wild not to be true. He wasn't marked, so no slave.

And talked too well to be Poor. Spacer? Worse trouble. But this one was too friendly for Spacer. They were a stuck-up bunch, Spacers were. A smile. "I can hear the wheels grinding. If smoke comes out your ears, should I stick my tongue down them or just pour in water?" The rabbit chuckled. "Alright, Mystery, What are ye?" The man sighed. "Know Galactic?" Longen nodded. There was a hush from the corridor as something came on the wind. "I am an Outbound Scout. I haven't seen my home planet in over 200 years." Spedal wished he could have bitten his tongue.

Some information was more dangerous than it was worth. This one was taught to survive. Alone. No matter where he was or what he found. And his only contact was once a year at a radio site. If he made that. "Bastards." A grin. "I volunteered. I hated what I saw and wanted to leave. Besides, I have just about tripled my life-span." A siren sounded and the corridors cleared. "First warning." A quarter of a mark later another sounded.

"LockDown. Anyone out there better have a reason, or be tossed to the Guards as fodder. They will only abuse ya. The Jungle will Kill Ya. And not so nicely, either." The doors slammed shut. Longen shucked his clothes off and put them in a chute.

"Too small and who wants to drown in a washer?" The man dropped his shorts, and split his shirt down the seams. "I told them it was too small." He watched his new friend walk over to the inset ring in the floor. "They don't call you 'Longen' for your ears, do they." The rabbit reached for the knobs and grinned.

"Nope." He gave his new bunk-love the soap. "Here. You need this more than I do." "Well. I need somebody to scrub my back and if you are willing, I can trade a hand at combing.

or do you comb your fur?" The animal grinned. "Every friggin sun-crack." He ran his paws over the muscular back, giggling to himself. There were many a male who would pay good for the privilege of doing this. And lift their tails as well.

'Wouldn't mind being under him, myself.' He did his job well, feeling the muscles move under his claws. "May I go farther?" "Sure. Go as far as you like. But I warn you." Here it comes. "If you start kissing my toes or telling me how pretty my ankles are." This time he did laugh out loud.

"No such luck. However I do like your ass." A shrug. "I can't see it so I usually ignore it. Unless it becomes a pain." Witty too. Damn! Perhaps he could pull a few hairs and keep the male. Nah. His was ta get 'em up ta speed, then toss 'em out fer Sop. This one was gonna be a mouthful.

He'd bet matings on it. But time for goodbye's later. Right now he intended hard couple part watch part on littlesweetcamonline maul white pussy gets fucked hard and creampied wonderful butt. And did so. With vigor.

"The soap." What? "I am sure by now you have removed all the dirt and a few layers of skin. However I still have a front and entire Masdgh to get clean." The being in question growled. Soaped himself up with rapidity, and stood in front of the male, hogging the water.

Fingers dug into his back, pulling kinks and snarls out with gentleness. "Mmmm. I think I shall stay here all night." A mouth nibbled on an ear-tip, making it's owner grunt. "Well, I intend to get this soap off and sleep. Swinging a pick is hard work." A strong chest rubbed itself against his back as the male rinsed off.

"Don't you dare Touch That Towel! That's my - Shit." A blast of air told him the male found the dispenser. "It detaches. This could get fun. Especially if you had a Romua Slider." Longen groaned and shook his head. Both at the male and to get the water out of his ears. The guard who watched from the corridor thought it might be fun too. As a new-one he was Paws-Off. But that status only lasted for a month. Or until the new one showed promise. And he was showing Much Promise.

Lots were being drawn to see who would take him on for humping rights. Favors changed hands daily as the odds got better that he would 'graduate' early. 'I'll bet my dick he's a Dipper.' And a Bucket. Look at that throat.

Those muscles. His cock was small. But it probably grew when played with. Most did. And some hide in a sheath. His own ached for release. The panther silently continued on his rounds, stopping to watch a mating or a mouthing.

Down the line he saw a paw sticking out of the bars. Perhaps the owner fell out of bed. Perhaps not. He called in a med-report on the cell. No, neither of the males had a medical problem. The guard softly crept closer to the paw. A snore came from the cell. "Please." The creature held out it's paws beggingly. "What is it. Damn!" The creature lifted himself up, the fell back heavily. "My back is broken. Give me dick." The panther shook his head.

Breaker broke another one. And there was nothing they could do about it. He was the Captain's hole. Or was there. He also understood Galactic. A DeepSpacer, Eh? That meant he could play mean with the best of 'em. "Please.

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Dick! I want Dick!" The pupils were dilated. The nostrils quivered, tongue sliding in and out like a crazed pink snake. WildWater. "Please. I beg. Ahhh." Black furred hips came closer so the being could stroke them. Nuzzle them. A tongue darted under his loin-cloth and harvested sweat from the dark globes. Then the claws yanked it aside so a ribbon of muscle could slide deep into the sheath and draw out what lived inside.

The penis jackknifed out. To be swallowed to where it meet the dark groin. The cat gritted his teeth to keep from groaning. This one was Hungry! It had only been a time-mark since LockDown. And the creature nursed like one who had been tossed into solitary for a month! He reached forward and stroked the head, being careful not to stick his paw in the cell. It might Still be an act. His head swam with need. Then release.

Balls contracting as they were pawed at by the bat. Muzzle glued to the black crotch, throat muscles milking the throbbing penis for every spurt they could get. Breathing was unimportant. Movement, except for sucking and swallowing was unnecessary. Pleasure was all, the drug in the mammals blood mixed with the semen, creating a mind-blasting wave. The panther let him have the dregs of his lust. Then called in a Medic. "Don't blame ya." He stroked the thin ears. Had to pry the jaws apart to get his penis free.

And even then the ribbon-like tongue was as stubborn as a leech. "You get all the dick you want. You go to Menders." The eyes lit up. The medics arrived along with a Security Guard. The Captain's ButtLicker asked nothing, said nothing. Just unlocked the cell.

Waited until the creature was put on a Medivac. And shrugged. Then re-closed the cell. Not even Security could help that bastard if he was free in LockDown. Just in case, he tested the door. No such luck. But sometimes luck came from outside. * * * Snuer heard, doing duty a few tiers lower, and growled to himself. The canine was standing in front of a bear who was rolling his cock around in a paw.

His bunk-mate wasn't jealous. Not at all. For Boweser was on the other side of the bruin, humping his brains out, and luscious chick yurizan beltran gets her bumhole nailed pornstars hardcore off watching his dick-squeeze mouth another male. Sugnoh stuck his snout between the wide bars and lapped at the hairless balls.


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What you dig up?" The animal grunted as the orang hosed his ass down with spunk, then went off to the shower. The bear searched the tan thighs. "Got ears down here?" He lapped on the cock jutting out of it's sheath. "Or is this a Pickup. Oops! Gotta run. Keep it warm, will ya?" The canine growled, stroking his meat. He watched the animal go to the pot then stop for a minute at the dryer. A groan from the orange mammal who stood before it and a gulping sound only inflamed Snuer more.

Sugnoh returned to sit and slide paws around the bony haunches. "He sleep now. Leave us be." Boweser did just that. Snores That loud couldn't be faked. The animal nuzzled the seeping cock-tip, nibbling on it. The guard growled, burying his dick full into the warm mouth, filling it full of semen. Furry cheeks hollowed as suction was applied to the pulsating piece of male-meat. 'Damn, But he's good!' A groan escaped from the compressed lips. Claws rolled the contracting testicles, making sure they were drained well.

Perhaps too well. The canine fell against the bars, knees bending as his toes were sucked out through the piss-hole and into the hungry maw. Saliva dripped on the round ears. Still the mouth held him, hoping to coax life back into summer brielle and phoenix marie in my flaccid thing.

Nope. With one last lick, the bruin let it slide out of his muzzle. So he could attack the shrunken nuts! The guard hopped from one foot to the other as teeth and tongue went to work on his balls. He finally got the animal away from his crotch long enough to give him a kiss. "What you found." A tongue slid into his mouth. "Hump me first." Snuer grinned. What a horny dick-squeezer. "Unless you want Maxie, I gotta wait till next trip. Now. What you know?" The bear growled.

"Nothin. he's a friggin blank wall. No papers. No Tests. No friggen Nothin. He was dropped here with the Mail. Hell, he coulda come in a box, for all we know. Sure you can't Do me once before I sleep?" The canine shook his head. Then gave the animal another kiss. "You suck too well. See ya in the Day." Sugnoh sighed.

Then crawled into the lower bunk. "He gone? Good. Stick that ass out. I ain't through with it." A sigh and a grunt as Bowe slid off the bunk and slammed his hips into the furred rump, impaling the bear.

He buggered the animal well, holding onto the upper tier and gyrating in the tight hole. The animal growled, cumming hard. And all the while, the bear was pretending the male panting over him was another. But instead of tan thighs, it was smooth ones. This time the new one was humping his ass wantonly. He remembered to growl convincingly, and twist as though he really was enjoying himself. Well. He Was. But, Bowe's dick was on the thin side.

Long but thin. he preferred Thick ones. Ones that made you bite your lip and groan as the fat head split you open. Or made you gag slightly as it rubbed against your tonsils. And lasted more than a few thrusts. The orang finished with his bunk-love and hoisted himself up to continue snoring a few minutes later.

The bear followed, dreaming of clear streams and horse-cocks. * * * The Mystery was sitting on his bed, watching a certain mammal dry himself of well. Then toss a comb at the human. "A promise is a promise." He brought over a stool and sat in front of the male.

His entire back was thoroughly gone over. He grunted as fingers dug into his butt, following the comb's teeth. "Stand up, if you want you legs done." He didn't have to say it twice. "You can do my front too, if you like." Hands worked his thigh fur, moving across and down. He moaned when certain places that were specially sensitive were played with. Finally the comb was placed in his paw. "Think you can do your chest and face?" A yawn came from the bunk.

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"Sleepy?" A negative didn't make it out whole. He turned and gave the man a kiss. Fingers curled around his cock like they had done so a million times.

The rabbit grunted. 'Bastard.' "What time do we get up? And do you sleep on your side." What strange questions. "A time-mark before you leave for the mines an alarm sounds. Then we have a half-mark before the doors open.

Why?" The hand caressed his erection. "I won't be so tired in the morning." Oh Ho! Longen kissed the male again and climbed into his bed. 'On my side. Well.' Morning brought teeth. Nipping at his mid-section. "Up lazy butt. First shift has gone and second wants the beds." He jerked awake to see a familiar muzzle continue grazing on his nipples.

Then lift to grin at him. "He must be Somethin to make you sleep half the day away. Is he up or down?" A grunt. "Don't know. He was tired, so I let him sleep. Said he was going passion hd huge tits peta jensen shower fuck and facial wake me. Well. Suggested it." A grin from the square muzzle. The bullish male snorted. "What? Spedal didn't pop a New One at first crack? Gettin Old." The rabbit growled and smacked his friend.

"Not so old I can't toss You into the Lower Bunk, Dribble." A chuckle. "Ain't got time. Now dip yer nose in some cold water and beg Cook for porridge. Then meet me back here for Laundry duty." The animal groaned, his nuts aching for release. But did as he was told. A uniform was tossed at him, and one of the helpers dropped a bowl of warm mush in his lap. "How sex xredwap com download film hot it." He growled, finishing off the food.

"What? Didn't hear that." The rabbit glowered at the bat. "Bastard said he was tired and dropped off, leaving me hard and horny. Then runs off without so much as a kiss! Wait until Tonight. You'll be able to hear him Yell clear down here." The mammal squeaked laughter and took the clean bowl. Longen returned to the cell block and ripped sheets with a vengeance.

Second shift sank gratefully down on soft, clean beds and snores could be heard throughout the compound. But whispers and theories still abounded. * * * Word got around The Captain's Hole broke another one. Word also got around that a Mystery had landed in their midst. Some said perhaps an Eye. But Eyes asked questions.

Poked their noses in the works. Mystery didn't do any of these things. Except for small talk, he stayed clammed up. Mystery also stopped a runaway ore train. Someone upside yelled the magic words - "Grab Ass and Run!" A murmur rose. "Train lost it's brakes again." Before anybody could say otherwise, Shadow jumped on the track. Nobody was going to jump on it and pull him off either. They did watch, however.

The male slammed his pick into the rail with such force the handle cracked. Did it again and the wood broke. Then shoved boots against the spot and arching against the wall, bent it further.

Some of the miners murmured about how much they would like to jump on the male and ride him. Then the cart-train came down the track and they forgot about everything but getting out of the way. "Jump!" Insane yelled to the brakeman. The squirrel didn't have to be told twice.

He leaped, tumbling. And missed the show. The crazy male stood to one side and when the lead cart hurled by, jumped on it like he wanted to mate with it! The impetus, along with the bent rail, was enough to derail the first cart. It jerked, bent, and plowed into the wall. This fouled the rest of the train up and ore went everywhere. But it Did stop the carts. "What a Mess!" When the dust had settled a bit, the miners ran to see what they could salvage of the insane one.

But Instead of finding a sack of broken bones, or even a greasy splotch, they saw him walking up the tunnel, dusting himself off! Following was three moms and one guy handful of others, grinning and whispering about the cannonball who had been tossed in their midst.

"Nah, We caught him on the second bounce. Gave us a good fondling, he did." A guard came down and surveyed the mess. "Nasty." The squirrel who was the working the brake, shook his head. "Crazy creature. Mad as a Blowen, And as hard on the equipment!" Kinky lesbians fill up their oversized butts with milk and ejaculate it out so the male was named.

"Anybody got a spare pick? Mine got broken." The guard shook his head. "No, But you can grab a shovel. Nobody Leaves until this mess is Cleaned up!" A groan. "But Dinner will be waiting, That much I guarantee!" A ragged cheer.

And both crews got busy digging the debris out of the way, so the ore could be salvaged. A mountain of feline maleness came over to help the man work a chunk of rock free. "Thanks." A grin. "Been watchin ya male. Like what I saw. Name's Rocker. I like tossing rocks around." He growled, pulling another big piece of wall away. "You are Blowen. A Blowen school girl s sex marathi story an Explosion.

When we hit a gas-pocket, usually. Cleans a tunnel out faster than the shift-end whistle." A ferret-looking being brought water. Watched as the man swallowed the dipperful. "Show-off." The cat growled as the mammal gasped. "You didn't swallow." A grin made his cheeks turn red. "There isn't enough in that dipper or in your nuts to make me swallow." Rocker shook his head in disgust.

"Keep staring at my crotch like at and I might get to liking it." The ferret slapped his butt. "Good!" Then made his way down the tunnel. "Get back to it." A guard growled, wanting to slap his paw to a few well-rounded butts as well. Somebody ordered a new set of cars to take the loose-stuff upstairs. They also found a couple mangled, but serviceable. These were horsed back onto the tracks, then filled.

"Damn, We'll be here until Next year. These shovels are too small." Rocker growled agreement. The man grinned at him. "Want to try something?" The leonine looked at the man. "Here?" Another grin.

"Help me tip this cart over." They shoved a cart over so the lip was on the floor. Blowen worked a section of metal that was once the front of an ore cart free and started using it like a huge plow-blade. "You ain't stealin chits from me That easily." The cat grinned to himself and standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the human, made short work of the clean-up.

Then came the harder task of pulling the twisted metal and wreckage off the tracks. "Rocker, a Favor." The cat growled, working on a stubborn ore-cart. "Need a drink." Rocker shook sweat from his eyes. "Don't give me that. You are just gettin hot watchin my butt wiggle, And want time to cool off." They both laughed. The big feline moved off to find the Bucket Holder. When he was out- of-sight, the male hunkered down, and with seeming ease, moved the twisted metal away from the wall, and let it fall over with a crash.

Did the same to another piece of wreckage. Those few beings watching this figured he was probably using a spar for leverage, and thought little of it.

Only one being watched keenly. And knew what he saw. Hy-Oin, GuardMajor shuddered. Watched the impossible happen again as a half-ton of bent-up ore- cart was lifted up, and tipped over again. He made his way over to the circle of guards who stiffened at seeing him. "Blowen is Off-limits as of Now." One of the burlier monsters growled and smacked his 3-foot baton into his hand. "A Snoop? We can take care of him." Hy-Oin looked the creature over.

"And you could wind up taking a walk over a railing too. Nobody Touches him. Watch him well. But no one moves. If there is trouble, you wait until it dies Natural. Understand?" They grumbled, but weren't about to get demoted. But they had to wonder why a seemingly harmless male could make the GuardMajor's antenna knot.

Later that night when all the workers had filed out and were milling around, putting their shirts on and waiting for the chain, Rocker came over and grabbed the man's hand. "Good work, down there." Shadow smiled, and clasped the feline paw firmly. Who growled and playfully pushed.

When nothing happened, he gave another, harder shove. Still nothing. "Rocker lays under Nobody!" He hissed, no longer playing. The male put his other hand on the back of Rocker's head, Pressed his boot into the cat's crotch, "Hey!" And tossed the startled animal over his shoulder.

Rocker came to rest hard-up against the man's back, hands still clasped. "I don't want you under me, Rocker. I want you beside me." He turned and gave the cat a kiss. The feline growled but returned the lip-press. "You two done Dancin?" A guard huffed. Rocker stuck his tongue at the badger.

"Jealous." Then laughed and got in chain. But he remembered the feeling of the human's skin against his. - end of part 1