Amatrice francaise aux gros pis baisee comme une chienne en foret

Amatrice francaise aux gros pis baisee comme une chienne en foret
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The Resistance: Part 2 Ok so wasn't sure on writing a part 2 for this as part 1 got a lot of mixed responses. I've decided to go ahead and give it another try so hope it's good enough for everyone this time around ^_^. Stats for Josh, Ashley and Jay are all in part 1. Part 2 will be completley based in Universe 2 which is Jay's universe and I will put the name before each section of who's point of view you are reading.

Ok stats time, Nora: 23 years old, 5"5 redhead, freckles, pale skin 38D cups breasts and a round butt. Emily: Age: 29, 6"0, black and green hair, tan skin, 32A cups, long smooth legs and muscular butt. (Josh) Josh can feel his head spinning after his long chat with Alona, holding his head and trying to believe that this was all true.

He was stuck here.dragged into a war that he didn't start. But he knew that his heart wouldn't let him abandon these people, they needed help. She put's her hand on his shoulder and smiles down at him. He looks up at her and her smile comforts him "look Josh.I know this is a lot to take in so we can talk more in the morning, how does that sound? He looks at her and give's her i had sex with fat girl while husband sleeps half smile " ya sure" as he stands up from the desk chair.his desk chair.

He looks around the small office a little more, concrete floors and white painted walls that are badly starting to chip. An old wooden desk with and ugly green office chair and a smalls twin size bed against the wall. He kinda grins at the surroundings but then.catches a whiff of himself "wheeww!" he covers his nose. Alona laughs, " it's about I show you to the showers and then you get some rest?" He smiles at the offer.

They only have one shower room, men and women had to share it. It was a long room with concrete floors and tile walls, twelve shower heads total, six on each side of massive shaft penetrates lea juicy cunt brunette and fishnet wall. Alona pats him on the back again " everyone shares the room but at this house of the night you shouldnt have to worry much about anyone bothering you, I left a towel over there on the rack by the door.".

He turns to say thanks but she's already snuck out.a sneaky one the Italian beauty was. The water feels good on his head as he has his hands against the tile wall and his head down. He is somewhat coming to terms with the shit situation that he find's himself in now, but how much use could he really be?

These people were trained military and he was just a detective.his thoughts are interrupted when he hear's the shower head behind him begin to shoot out water. He pushes his hair back a bit so water isn't in his eyes and turns around to see "fuck." Josh says under his breath.

Her arms up high as she gets her hair wet, it's the shorter young redhead that was in his office earlier that night.

She smiles at him, her large pale breasts, aerolas a little big and cute pink nips. He can't stop staring at the redheads wet breasts " hey my eyes are up here" she giggles. Looking back up to her eyes " I uhh.I can leave if you'd like some privacy" he feels a little awkward, he may not be married in this universe but he sure as hell was back in his!

She frowns "when they said they were bringing Josh back I was hoping you would have his memories as well." She takes a step forward "this universes Josh would remember all of the fun we had in here." she stops in front of him.

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Circling her fingers around his chest, the water from his shower head now hitting both of them. He grabs her hands " not the guy you know, I have a wife." She looks like she is almost taking the last remark as a challenge " know what they say about different area codes." wrapping her arms around his neck.

He is having trouble fighting the urge now as his cock is hard as a rock and one of her hands is now stroking it. His eyes close " please stop this.what was your name again.?" She smiles as she continues to stroke " it's Nora" she say's with a smile and then he can feel her sliding down his body "no please don't.god" his eyes open wide. He let's out a moan as he feel's her tongue around his cock and she then take' s him naughty and wild delights pornstar and hardcore into her tiny mouth "oh fuck.please stop!" he say's but ignres him and she continues to swirl her tongue around his shaft as it comes out of her mouth.

She gently strokes it and licks it each time it come's out of her mouth and then slides it right back in. Josh is having trouble fighting it now.she sucks him for a few more minutes before."fuck it." He pulls her up and gets behind her and pushes her up against the tile wall as he finds her pussy hole and enters " ooooooooooohhhhhhh" Nora smiles as she feels his full length in her. He pumps hard and fast, reaching around and squeezing her nice big breasts as he does.

Their wet bodies smacking off of each other echoing the room. She turns and wraps her legs around his waist as his hands find the back of her thighs and lifts her off the floor.

Her back sliding up and down the wall as she leans her head in and plants a passionate kiss on his lips. God.he thinks to himself, her pussy was incredible! Her big breasts pressed against his muscular chest as he pumps into her, bringing her up and down on his big cock. He brings her back down to her feet and turns her around again and slides back into her. Pressing her against the tile wall again. They fuck for atleast twenty minutes before he can't hold back anymore and let's himself slide out of her and let's out a grunt "UGhhhhhh" as he cums all down her thigh.

The cum mixes with the water running down her thigh. Nora giggles " just like old times but this time no Ashley to worry about" as she moves away from the wall and goes back to her shower to get cleaned up. God.he just cheated on his wife, he was aboslutely disgusted with himself.well this Universes Josh was a cheating asshole.this much he knew was true if Nora was telling the truth. She smiles as she begins to wash her hair " that was fun, we can do it every night if you want" he doesn't respond to her as he finishes cleaning up and grabs his towel, leaving without saying another word.

(Ashley) The moonlight pours in through the huge windows in the penthouse bedroom the light touching Ashleys beautiful pale skin as she stands there naked. How could he still be alive.why did he act so clueless when she pointed her gun at him?

She has been angry since she saw him.though it wasn't always like that.she remembers the first time they met when she was working in.well less than appropriate surroundings.

(Ashley's flashback) Generic rock music plays as Ashley swoops her hair from side to side on stage, her back to the pole on stage as she reaches up and grabs her breasts. Licking her lips as dollar bills are thrown at her, reaching back and grabbing the pole tightly as the song finally ends. Thank god she thinks to herself but before she can grab her money and lave the stage she feels a sudden pain on her wrist. She looks down to see a big hairy hand gripping it tightly as some dirty looking guy has her tight "hey baby how about a private dance at my place later hehe" he doesn't let his grip go as she tries to get away.

Her free hand makes a tight fist and punches the man hard in the nose as blood squirts out " ahhhhhh you stupid bitch i'm gonna kill you!" he pulls out a knife and she tries to prepare herself for a fight but then another hand grabs his.

A good looking guy in a leather coat is standing there now with an angry look on his face " how about you leave the lady alone you piece of shit!" The dirty man growls and tries to stab the good looking one but all he gets is a punch to the gut and then one to the face as he drops to the floor out cold. People laugh and whistle at the dirty man getting knocked out cold, her let's say "hero" extends his hand up girlsoutwest busty lesbians at the car park her and blowing fucking and a lots of cum her off stage "that was a close one, nice hook though" he say's and then smiles at her.

God he was gorgeous she thinks to herself as she smiles" whatever.could have handled it myself" she smirks at him like a smartass " oh i'm not doubting that but figured I'd play hero" they both grin and laugh. A little later that night after her shift the two of them were walking down the street, his leather coat now around her.

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They had spoken and laughed for a while now, she loved listening to him speak.she didn't think genuine doughter one in one roum dad sex play were still out there. The city was silent and all that coukd really be heard was thunder in the sky as it was about to storm.They reach her apartment door, a shitty brick building with a chinese restaraunt on the first floor.

They both smile at each other " could I maybe see you tomorrow?" he asks her but instead of getting a response she pull's him through the door with her. They slam against the wall in the apartment kissing each other passionately, clothes flying everywhere as they make it to the bedroom and she falls onto her back.

His face osinbetween her sunny levine first time saxe story instantly as he begins to flick his tongue on her clit, throwing as few fingers in every now and then before he stops. He moves his body up and positions cock at her pussy and thrusts into her "ughhhhhhhhh ooohhhh" he pumps into her kinda slowly but with force.

This continues for a few more minutes before she rolls him over and straddles him, she rides him fast and hard. His hands reaching up and squeezing her breasts as she does, they go at it for twenty minutes before he shoots a huge load inside of her.

She softly lays down on him and kisses him before rolling over to his side "was that okay for me to do that?" ha asks her and looks concerned when she frowns "yes.I can't have children" She says but her sadness goes away when she feels his lips kiss her forehead. She smiles at him.knowing that she just met her soulmate. (Ashley Present Day) Rolling her eyes at the pathetic memory of him, she turns around and see's Jay in bed snoring. She has the urge to grab her gun.put the silencer on and pull the trigger.

She could run this place without that fat slob.she didn't need him.Josh or anybody. She was meant to rule! (Josh) Josh is awoken by someone shaking him, " wha.what.?" he says with his eyes barely open.

The young man with long brown hair stands over him, AJ was his name "hey Alona had something to take care of so she wanted me to take you with me to speak to an informant.should be safe so will be a good way for you to see the city a bit" he smiles.

Josh looks around and rubs his face "sure.just give me a second" AJ gives him a thumbs up and leaves the room. Josh gets out of bed and walks over to a crappy little closet to see what kinda clothes he could find, ends up settling on a black t-shirt, black leather coat that had a hood attatched to it with blue jeans and brown work boots. Slicks his hair back a bit and leaves the office, brazilian sweetheart loves hot fucking hardcore blowjob that everything would be okay from this point on.

The door to his office/bedroom creeks loudly as he open's it, taking a look around at dim lot warehouse. People are walking around everywhere, soldiers and refugees. What kind of a man is Jay to let it get to this point for people he wonders to himself as he begins walking.

As he is heading for the exit he starts to hear clapping in the distance, turning around to see where it is coming from but is then met with claps from every person in the warehouse. All eyes are on him as he looks around at all of the peoples faces. He.doesn't really know how to respond. He kind of waves and smiles at everyone. Good going Josh.probably look like a jackass, he thinks to himself. Looking around at the faces he is met with Noras seductive smirk and his time in the shower with her comes back to mind.

He feels ashamed again and heads for the exit, the warehouse appears to be up in the mountains somewhere. The city can be seen in the distance, he stops gazing when he hears someone whistling as a way of signaling him. It's the tall beautiful woman with the green hair signaling for him to come over to an older junky Chevy blazer, Emily was her name if he remembers right.

He can see AJ loading stuff up into the back of Iit as he approaches them. After speaking for a moment they all get in and head towards the city. Emily and AJ talk in the frontseat, "alright I'll drop you off at the spot and I'll be back in ten so be in and out, security is high right now with Josh reappearing" she says.

AJ nods his head to let her know he understands. She pulls up in an alleyway after finally reaching the city and the two men get out of the blazer, Josh looks around at his surroundings as Emily drives away. Not the best area to be in he thinks to himself, "this way boss" AJ says as he begins walking towards the sidewalk of the main road.

Aj looks at Josh as they walk down a sidewalk "he keep your hood up at all times" Josh quickly pushes his hood up as they continue to walk.

They finally come to a small building where AJ takes a look around and opens the door, ushering Josh to follow. Josh has his pistol holstered.just in case.

The building is one wide open room with wooden floors and pillars, They see a man standing there with a creepy smile on his face as AJ stops and looks at him "Alona says you have something for us so let's see it. The man smiles, his grin would give children nightmares he had a balding hairline and looked like he was on meth!

The man chuckles a little " i'm afraid my little deal with Alona means nothing anymore" AJ cocks and eyebrow " the hell are you talking about!?" The man laughs as Josh and AJ now know they are lasers are on their bodies from every angle when atleast 25 men step out of the shadows. Fuck.this was it.Josh was going to die he knew it.