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Russian amateur teen will a long penis
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Fuck me! 7:00am and the alarm is going off. My head is pounding and every muscle in my body feels like I just ran a triathlon. I may be almost 40 but today I feel almost 60 until I look over and see you sound asleep with a subtle smile.

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The night was amazing and we barely slept. You flew in last night and once we started we couldn't stop until our bodies gave out. Kissing your forehead, I get out of bed and get ready for the day. Shower, shave, get dressed and make a strong pot of coffee and an ibuprofen. Daddy mothers and son xnxnx storys com sore and incredible fuck for a wicked beautiful cutie hardcore blowjob as a clam.

I walk back into the bedroom and kiss you softly letting you know that I have to go to work and that you sleep as long as you want. "Message Daddy when you get up." You let out a very tired "Yes Daddy." I kiss you again and off to work I go. As the morning goes on I begin to wonder how you are doing.

It's almost lunchtime and I haven't heard from you. The boss comes rings my phone and tells me he wants all the managers to go to lunch. There goes my idea for nooner, but I quickly adjust and make a new plan. At lunch, my phone goes off and I know it is you without even looking. Messaging you at lunch is tough but I let you know about my day and find out that you are as sore as me except for the part where Daddy left marks on Little's ass.

You send a picture to prove it which makes me very happy. I instruct you to enjoy a quiet day and be ready for my next message. As always, I get a "Yes, Daddy." At my afternoon break I instruct you to be ready to go out at 5:30. You protest as you are feeling very little today. You relent after I threaten a punishment with a very meek "As you say Daddy." Before leaving the office, I message you to be standing outside the hotel in 5 minutes.

You do not disappoint. I pull up to find you in a red sundress. Your long black hair looking perfect and makeup showing off those eyes that drive me wild. Hopping out of the car to let you in I steal a kiss to you giggle and say "Hi Daddy! Do I look nice?" You don't need an answer to know that you did. Off to dinner we go, a nice restaurant overlooking a local lake. Enjoying drinks, good music, and an excellent view.

I scoot you over closer to me and slide my hand under the table. Pulling up your skirt my hand finds your bare thigh. You gasp as my fingers slide over your pussy. "Daddy?! Here?!" You ask. I slide in two fingers and you know your answer. Your hand finds my bulge as I continue to slowly finger you under the table.

Your breath racing. Your pussy squeezing my fingers as I bring you to the edge. "Daddy?! I am going to cum.", you whisper. "Not yet Little One.", as I remove my fingers and clean them off with my mouth followed by a quick deep kiss just as our meal arrives.

The waitress notices us and your collar. How your face is flushed and we know she knows the dynamic and gives us a wink.

Admiring watching her walk away, you squeeze my cock and say "Not this time Daddy. You are all mine tonight." Our meal was excellent. I pay the check and guide you out to talk a walk around the lake. I love it up here and you immediately understand why. It's not too hot, not too cold. Sail boats are making their way back into the marina for the night as the sun goes down.

Walking hand in hand enjoying the scenery and conversation. Once in a while kissing quickly and then continuing our sunset stroll. After our walk I take you downtown to my favorite spot. A whiskey and cigar bar. I have a smoke and scotch as you sip on an adult beverage. You love the smell of my cigar even though they aren't your thing. Letting me enjoy myself and relax.

You immediately understand why I like this place. After my second scotch I notice you getting antsy.

"What would you like to do next Little?" A fire enters your eyes, you look around before leaning in and biting my ear as you cub my balls and whisper in my ear that you want me to bend you over and have my way with you. Never to disappoint we are back to our room in no time. I instruct you to go to the room and get your leash/choker. You giggle and happily do as you are told. You present yourself in front of me. "Kneel." Without hesitation, you obey.

I place your leash on you. Stand you up and kiss you. "Take off my belt and put it in my hand." As I take off my shirt and step out of my shoes you do as you are told. You sexy model gets sperm shot on her face sucking all the jizz nervously excited as you pull my belt of and hand it to me. "Turn around.Now!" "Yes, sir." I unzip your dress and it falls to the floor.

With my hand, I smack your ass as I bend you over the table. I spread your legs apart to reveal your glistening pussy. I remember something and order you not to move. Before you know I'm back and you feel my thumb rubbing your asshole. "Daddy?" "Shhhh." You feel me rubbing a liquid on your asshole just as I slide in a buttplug gently.

"Ohhhh yes Daddy!" "Did you behave while I was at work?" You hesitate and I know the answer. My belt strikes your ass and you yelp. "What did you do Little Rapunzel?" I strike it again as I pull on your leash and you whimper.

"Daddy I played with your pussy." Another swat. "Did you get permission?" I ask. "No Daddy. I'm sorry Daddy." You sound so little. So meek and ashamed for disappointing me.

I'm rock hard and excited. I love having your trust and control. "Did you cum?" I ask as if disappointed. You nod. "I'm sorry Daddy.", you say as I whip your ass again harder. Your head laying on the table. You are panting a bit and your body is beginning to convulse. "Daddy, I'm about to cum" I lay the belt across your back gently. I step out of my pants and boxer-briefs and kick them aside. Kneeling down behind you gazing into your glistening pussy and your butt-plug I can't stop myself for devouring your pussy with both hands on your ass.

Just as you are about to cum I pull off and let you come down a bit while rubbing your ass. "Are you ready to cum for Daddy?" I smack your ass with my bare hand. "Yes Daddy! Let me cum please!" "Will you break the rules again?" I smack your other cheek harder.

You let out a whimper as you raise up on your tiptoes. "No Daddy. I'm sorry Daddy." Massaging your ass with one hand I play with your butt-plug with the other. Turning it. Pushing it in and out. Listening to you moan and whimper. Suddenly you feel a vibration inside you and you know what is in your ass and you scream "Daddy PLEASE!!" I stand up and enter your waiting pussy, while pulling on your leash.

Fucking you deep and hard. I can feel the vibrations against my cock. Your juices dripping down my balls "Daddy?!!" "Yes Little" "Daddy?!!" "Speak. Use your words" "Fuck me harder, I've been soo bad and don't deserve you." "Cum for your Daddy right now." Your body lets loose and cums so hard it pushes me out.

I shove back in spanking you at the same passionate blonde loves to suck and fuck. Fucking you harder You keep cumming over and over as wave after wave goes through your body. I feel myself getting close and am doing everything I can to hold off.

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After last night I know it is going to hurt. There won't be much in there. I pull out, grab you by the back of the head and make you kneel in front of me. "Open your mouth, Little" Your eyes go wild. "Feed me Daddy! Please feed me your cum!" Stroking my cock with the head on your tongue I explode into your mouth where you eagerly drink me up and suck me dry.

When you are done you take a drop of my cum that is on your chin and move it to your mouth and lick it up as you stand to me. Wrapping your arms around my sweaty body you kiss me furiously and thank me for a wonderful first date.

The first of many more.